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  1. Youtube Event

    Here we go! My attempt at this competition! Good luck everyone! :))
  2. Official Giveaway

    Hello, streamer here. Wanted to say thank You to OvC admins for allowing me to do this giveaway. First wantedto apologize for being really slow with the giveaway. Tried to make it more entertaining and give more, but ended up wasting allot of peoples time. Still hope some people enjoyed it Winner clip, You can watch the hole stream on the channel: Again: Thank You OvC <3
  3. Streamer Topic

    Hello Streaming on Your wonderful server <3
  4. First Server Antharas

    Did not get the boss jewl but had fun and also old school player got it ^__^ Enjoy!
  5. Streaming this wonderful Server <3

    Day 2! Let's continue grinding!
  6. Streaming this wonderful Server <3

    16 hour stream. FeelsGoodMan . Time to sleep and repeat! ^__^ Thank You for anyone who came and said hi!
  7. Hi :] Come say hi. Don't want to post in general chat, people are mean
  8. Shelfish Question ^__^

    Hello :] Will streamers get benefit from streaming Your server? And or can You subscribe to my channel with amazon prime? Thank You and goodbye! ^__^
  9. Raid Boss'es ?

    Anyone seen grand raid bosses spawn recently? :? p.s. Not streaming. Full time YouTubing <3
  10. Song: for more stuff like this
  11. Suggestions for future.

    Then You will lose the 50% 50% lose the battle for the boss. Targeting titants it's like taking candy from a baby.. Who's sleeping... In a wheelchair...
  12. Suggestions for future.

    After playing kinda allot (not really, maybe) I want to suggest some things: During early times (less people) raid boss fights are 0 possibility to take the boss. Happened to me 3 times ( Baium x2, Frinteza x1). Would be awesome that boss would be have less hp or more time when there is less people on Selling in GM shop. Now I am stuck with 120 items in my inv. Trying to sell mats and other stuff for 1 adena for the past week. Would be easy peasy if we could just do it in GM for 1 each. OR make the mats like Orihahsdasd / thons / puruti (and others)be more used in creation of items. and.. I suggest follow for quality content Kappa.
  13. Ant Queen Drop Reaction

    Someone wanted to see the reaction! ^__^ Got super lucky! Thank you to JayCutler and my healers who kept me alive!
  14. I got 3hats from 1 event. Next event got another one O__O WHAT?! Shot00026.bmp
  15. L2 OvC Reward Streamers !

    MrRapolas = MrRapolas