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  1. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    you are idiot...this is a faction server... meaning pvp=adena.... but not even that now........ this is l2 not treasury hunt game... lets wait 1-2 weeks and we will see what will happen.....
  2. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    he doesn't care....
  3. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    you really don't want to understand.......... please LOCK the topic
  4. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    so now, we can't buy enchant scrollswith adena but only with AA, enchant scrolls from pvp are not exist... and AA drop are 1-2%?
  5. First day Drac Bow? :D

    donate style, and is only the first day......
  6. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    Sorry, but the drop rate Sucks.....Everyone agree with me.......
  7. Drop Rates & Adena Rates

    I know it's been 3-4 years since i played in server, But i think the Drop Rates and Adena Rates SUCKS!!!!
  8. expert skills question

    Hello mate, so does the base class matter or not? because before you had to exp your base class 3 times to 80 lvl.... how it is works now?
  9. expert skills question

    Hello guys, Ihave a question if someone can help me, With the rebirth system; the based class was important because need it to go until 80 lvl... with the expert skills,is important the based class? I was looking into forum about more information, and how the expertskills works but i couldn't find something... Thank you.
  10. Sub Question

    Hello Everyone, I have a question if anyone can help me, I haven't been on server for 3-4 years, and I want to know if Iam Based Class Sagg can I do sub GS here?? Please only 100% answers. Thank you.
  11. crit error

    dc every 2-3 min...
  12. Back in Town

    Hello everyone Ihope Iwill see again a lot of my old friends/ enemies again Cuy soon By. xKOKOMANx
  13. Accounts

    Can you make and wipe for accounts??? For example I played in the server one year ago and now i cant remember the pass or username, Iam trying to make new account but the system says that is already the name in the server.... Thanks!!!
  14. Here we are

    Hello everyone. Ihope Iwill see again a lot of old my friends- enemies again :-) Cuy soon By. xKOKOMANx