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  1. about population / future steps

    Also makes no sense giving adena to votes since people will vote anyway for the buff, you are just increasing the distortion between olds and youngs long term edit: now pls give money for this free consulting
  2. about population / future steps

    Why dont take off donator discount npc which grants unfair abitrage and make daily/weekly/monthly login rewards? Is such easy to think out of the box
  3. about population / future steps

    Not if u make a mix of interesting short term and long terms goals that are very clear since the beggining. Why does S grade have to come 2 weeks later? I mean, couldnt it be just locked for the 1st month? Why grand bosses (which is a major thing in the retail game) have to spawn randomly? Why dont make 1 each day of the weekend? There your have the 1st month granted. Why siege have to be on damn sunday? Why there is only one castle avaliable? Limiting all small clans from the fun. Etc... The pretty source of unbalance and this never-ending fail circle you mention can be the community, but the community is only reacting to some poor incentives which are structural to the server. The appearance of scammers, failure of clan system and mainly objective-abusers is surely community fault but theyare no more than the expression of thisfailure in structural organization.Its such small things that matter in this case. I have to say tho, already said, many improvements have been made and i really appreciate all you guys work. But now is time to think different or stay like this forever, you cant just blame the community and everything is OK.
  4. about population / future steps

    I think its is time for emerald and developers really thing about a major change in game structure, since despite everything we have done these years and specially to interlude which is the "main" run have really increased the overall quality of the server, I mean, for all old players is clearly noticeable that server has been greatly improved along these years, but still, if this is not working, maybe the issue is somewhere else?
  5. about population / future steps

    Sure these things can be tested in beta but beta here, andanywhere probably,is never fully accurate. The dynamics of server is completely different when u start with 20 people or 500, imo .
  6. about population / future steps

    So my bet for this is : rework on prices, rework on raid bosses (make it really a determinant),rework on sieges (take it off from sunday, increase incentives for non-participating clan and clanless people to go, make solo objectives like if it was a map), rework on enchanthing (there was a good topic about this linking enchants with pvp kills). Take off donations from 1st week (big determinant, if u thing in economics side maybe u get a huge load of money in it, but if u thing long term these returns can be compensated with a more time of a competitional season happening, which will then increase donation returns). Lower donator arbitrage from discount npc (even more). Honestly everything that tweaks the economy the way it shouldn be will take off the link between the nominal side and the real side, which in turn will lower server lifespan. About gameplay i said already above, i think 30 - 5 - 30 - 5 schematic is a two sided gun, when its crowded its awesome. when server gets off pvps gets boring, objective- abusers start to show up, elo system bugs and u have 10 hours of waiting, etc...
  7. about population / future steps

    I think reaching low population is inevitable somewhow. By all years i have been here this is a process that sometimes takes less, or takes longer, but it happens anyway. I always come with the same suggestion and they are pretty much ignored, basically one of the issues imo is aden siege. Sieges and olys are indicator of server well being, and for newbies is "motivating" somewhow to see that there is competition going on, and he wont waste his time farming in a dead server. This season we had at 1st siege (1st one, not 4th one) 2 clans fighting for it. Despite clan shop is good, its not an incentive to early clans leader since the prices of the enchants is always lower in the market at the 1st weeks. Imo also PVP in our server (which is pretty much well developed and for me its reaching its "end developement stage" in interlude) should be integrated with some kind of PVE. If we want to dream big, imagine how awesome would be having our server in a open map, which means no need for this 30 minutes event. just a straght open map of pvp mixed with pve and objectives going on throught all time. The "events" we have currently could be transformed into real events, for the sake of the word, things that are special and happen occasionaly. I hope other people come with suggestions, being it good or not, cause as i see the "good" suggestions that got into "accepeted" thing didnt really change our deal, only postponed it.
  8. about population / future steps

    also big issue highlithed by our contemporany philosofer yamada, which is when A grade got free many people quit. My suggestion is make the price on items static. Make special discount, or even coupon later on when newbies reach rank 2 or so
  9. about population / future steps

    imo just delete gatos from game, 99% problems solved. ty
  10. Honest Suggestions

    I think we should leave progressive discount model and make open map events no more rb jews on shop, timed raid boss events no random spawn
  11. Trouble opening the game

    open l2 many times
  12. Trouble opening the game

    lol i had the same issue right now fucking weird.. its works after some minutes
  13. It’s not about milking u expect leader to spend full clan skills alone? Makes no sense. You join the clan, you see it has few skills, leader asks you money, next day you have more skills. Else, join clan, check skills, full skills, leader asks you money, you say what for?? Do I have to teach you how to brush your teeth also? About deleting clan skills are you serious? Since they are available for everyone to purchase how fair would be in the opposite side for people that spend 10x the tax you paid in it? (Leaders). I see no logic only emotions in your speech.
  14. Honestly there’s plenty of new players around how hard is it to go on npc create clan and macro recluto latinos in some shortcut?
  15. In my opinion this is not matter for administration to solve, they did the best limiting slots and ally. About my clan is where u mistake, when I had my core members active the point was only to play together and have fun and this is the foundation to any decent clan not only here but everywhere in L2 and in games generally speaking I keep my point that when I’m investing in clan pdef you can invest in better armour. There is no corruption in the system itself but in some of its agents. They explore this market failure in their own benefit just like any irl politician lel. What can you do? 1. Create your own clan 2. Play clanless 3. Find a decent clan gl (:
  16. The did two bad choices/unlucky choices there - joining the clan and having ur items traded like this. The choice to join the clan is yours. You can create your own and buy crp in your god npc to buy skills. Here there is no punishment for these kind of things. It is bad, but emerald cant babysit everyone who get scammed. I took some time to understand that but now i kinda do. It is important for players to really think when joining a clan or rather you can just create one if is all about the skills for you. TBH they are not that much expensive. On leader's side we spend alot of money and in my case much of my own money developing clan (past where many ppl had full A sets and I were still on B grade). Royals and Order guards are fcking expensive and have 1 slot only. So yeah, in this moment where gucci leaders are taking very careful invite choices, bad ones are scamming ppl with taxes. This is not the 1st time Iheard from players this season that clans were abusing with tax payment and kicking people right after or using the money for other stuff.
  17. 10 seconds? Lol dodge is 4 seconds or 3 why ur counter attack should be 10? message to all daggers from all classes: finish qa baium enchant ur skills then start QQ

    Translating for the well being of the nation: I enter the clan Mein and even paid 2k so my friend could enter. I needed to tranfer jewel to another char and asked MDMA (doesnt matter if hes leader) to trade to my other char, when i logged in he kicked me from clan and logged off. Please emerald help me i got scammed. My awnser: MI AMIGO IM SO SORRY PERO TU NO VAS TENE-LOS AGAIN. OBRIGADO
  19. Jaro's Video

    lf gatos tank video
  20. Jaro's Video

    nice editing enjoyed
  21. New (not-so-short) Movie

    Hey, could u tell me the color of the underwear you using on gladi? and what size?
  22. BadHombres

    Not really a surprise but... we'll play here with reduced staff. Everyone who I know from past seasons is surely encouraged to play with us along the season, just drop a pm here on ingame and we'll talk. I (we) expect no more than decent choices from every and other clan, since this time we gonna join chaos and there we will remaintill the end. I wont fck my clan to balance server, this is what i meant to say. Cya soon noobs
  23. BadHombres

    1 slot for skilled OL at least 79 lvl pm in game
  24. BadHombres

    if u promise not to scam the whole group.. yeah.. i like u buddie (:
  25. just some moar stuff. btw for me the best ever moment that happened in this server is this :https://clips.twitch.tv/TenuousAbstemiousLemurRaccAttack ps: this is or was going to be lel artwork.. #nevercomes #will it???