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  1. Hello, Im not sure if this is a bug or not, but as I remember blinding blow didnt used to take a buff slot in IL. https://i.imgur.com/tO4fe8V.jpg
  2. Same lel 1 euro = 5.71 brazil coins LMAO
  3. Yeah guys chill, u have to understand that there are people that put alot of money in game.. if u can sell 500k FA in a day its obvious there will be some super chars around but thats how it is server has to pay the bills and time of devs... come back #404best
  4. I tell you something i did and fixed a little for me, despite the DDOS lags that are happening today. Open device manager (windows + R then write devmgmt.msc or put on search "device manager") select ur network adapter go power options > disable "pc can turn off this device for energy" then go advanced and turn off power saving mode, energy bla bla bla also interrupt moderation disable idk what it is for sure but fixed for me
  6. #404SQUAD me and rhaegar confirmed, we will destroy haters
  7. ++ sometimes useful for olys too
  8. Dear administration and forum warriors, after all the money lost in stock markets this week I finally come to conclusion that now is the best time to open new season! thank you!
  9. Lesley


    Lol is there any suggestion u actually support? 2 weeks here saying criticising eveyrone let them be...
  10. Lesley


    HAHAHAHAHAHHA rofl are u blind? Indeed getting funnier every moment with ur victim appeal. btw I have no personal objections against rhaegar, I even talk to him on disc sometimes. its all about the decisions u guys made and the way u act around it.
  11. Lesley


    ROFLMAO I am so grateful I lived to see the day MW cries in fórum about ZERG! Despite many talks and many times I come here to forum almost begging for them to do 1 clan only cause of server balance. Now that they felt the taste of their own retardness they come here cry. Really????
  12. Lesley

    Season Conclusion

    About MAPS and POPULATION > Map selection could be improved, some maps could be even deleted, other could be improved hardly cause they are good and can be even better. (Make some kinda of historical vote-stat for maps to see which maps people really like or which ones no1 never votes) Another thing that could go better is the pools of maps when there is low and high online. (Make at least 5 pools of maps according to the distance between faction spawns) It is sad for everyone who dont play on main EU gmt with the giant maps when low pop. This is where fail starts.. people logging off cause they make 5 pvps in 30 minutes. Also, i dont know how its working right now. BUT in case it is the way i think it is, when people vote, the chances should be ponderated. 3 maps, 15 votes, map a has 7, map b has 3, map c has 5, A has 7/15 chance, B has 3/15 chance, C has 5/15 chance. Its working like this right? BB
  13. Lesley

    Season Conclusion

    ((Going deep in my OPINION (this case) dont hate me support players)) Since we are in a PVP server, it is unacceptable for me a support or CC class making more adena in a map than a TOP DD of any class, which happens most of the time with the new system. A S grader doing 50 kills should make more adena than any support or CC with any gear difference. #polemicstarts 😅😅 Maybe the best way to calibrate gear balance is make a sense of bottom side and upper side of the %'s, which is not easy, and dont throw a number and go trial and error.
  14. Lesley

    Season Conclusion

    Imo since gear balance had been implemented, server lived a bit more, emerald could get more bucks from adena scrolls without having to sell full s grade at 1st day and so on.. im already seeing the returns in server quality from many stuff made in the recent past. So.. things got better. The thing is since now everything is interconnected (the money earned, which affects the choice of pvp classes, which affects the pvp, which affects everything) administration should work in making the incentives less distorced as possible. Warlods just happened now, but this could happen to any class with the wrong input. People cant feel "omg i just found a way to make super money with the less effort as possible", cause everyone will do it and there is no mechanism here to correct when the stock is going way too up.
  15. Lesley

    Season Conclusion

    Yeah i'll give my 50 cents on this since ive lived this update from discussion (about progressive) For those who dont remember before the items used to go free, and then this was switched after sometime for a gear balance that makes the gameplay balance between players endogenus to the model (it is a variable determined by our own progress as we buy items) instead of items going free after 1 week (exogenus, arbitrary) The idea came when me and @Silence played some other server i wont mention, that to be honest didnt lived well enough as ovc (if we think at least 1 mo of game in IL seasons) BUT had some nice ideas we could bring here (or at least try) IMO since the beggining of the implementation of the system here it wasnt to be working perfect.I t was expected (at least for me) that there would be some flaws, since its a new system, and the only way to calibrate it is taking observations from LIVE season. As we saw from this season it is very easy and gamebreaking/annoying to exploit the system with warlords in low gear (c/b) to get the maximum boost. U would die few, get tons of money from assists while server dies cause pvp was sucking. For me its a correct move limiting it from -200% to 200%, and tbh i would suggest incorporating the gear system and server items development (by drops in pvp) in PHASES. At start, for 1st week, gear balance goes to -50 from 50, 2nd week -100 to 100, and so on till it reaches the limit on 200%. This could be possibly managed together with selective drops, changing accordingly to players development. Thank you for reading Cya nabs
  16. fix faction balance and wait coronavirus do the job
  17. Lesley

    Outdated shops

    There was a very good NPC in a server I played in the past that separates items and sort by lowest price. If u click on npc u get auto target to that shop ezy
  18. Lesley

    Balance on team

    She deserves better treatment... 🐱
  19. Saturday is much better. Example for me server used to open Friday 10 am, worst timing ever. U guys have to consider server have population from all of world (evident with the 6 flags there on ovc.com) Sat is fair for everyone. If u can play at Friday u can play at Saturday, at least most of the normal workforce doesn’t work on weekends.
  20. Brazillian Stock market Santa Claus also gave me a good gift which in turn became pc gear lets see if I can get that +1 fps I was needing
  21. Just check char, have buff? ban.. have buff? ban have buff? ban You can have your opinion, and I respect that, but in my world that is not really fair for those who spend alot of money and time here. (which happens to be not my case, for good it seems)
  22. Im not even playing bro, i have no idea of that bug or whatever happened around that in game I just find it funny that the bug was there already. How emerald differentiate who played 1 event and picked that char out of a 30 char list and happen to be with the buff or someone that constantly pick that char just to exploit bug? I doubt he took matters on this for more than 30 minutes.
  23. @offtopic the past couple of seasons not only population were dropping hard but also a gigantic amount of ppl getting banned everyday i cant believe this is the best way of solving stuff, mostly considering those abuses were not fully players fault. is not like they are using some 3rd party program or stuff. of course there is a rule of revealing bugs 1st moment they are discovered, but do u expect everyone to have a active forum account or smthing? there are people here that dont log in forum for nothing! also the offense, lol... really....