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  1. So guys as previously announced Ihave some shots from 1st week of server which now grateful to myself getting out of job will be turn into a beautiful piece of art just like the last one! I say to all fans wait a little more and ur expectations will be fully met! BB
  2. H5 Recruitment

    Imo 1st question we have to ask about class balancing is : we want to make classes similar to retail or balanced in ovc pvp world? Maybe these are not convergent things for all classes. I mean, maybe making it more close to retail makes it way useless or way too strong. Lets not forget GC mages how stupid was it...
  3. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    news about lel i had a shitload of test (econometrics 2, macro 3 and some goverment accounting) so it didnt progress alot last week. this week probably i'll finish putting it together...
  4. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    last movie i had 50gb + of content to use 2 days rendering
  5. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    tldr i'll try make this one look like a real movie even without alot of fraps to use
  6. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    i wish i had frapsed more than the 1st day, but thats gave me the good idea to make somehow a movie of everything that have been done by everyone.. youtube, twitch clips etc i had my research done you'll all be part of it after that will be my clip from pvps from 1st day as normal with some kewl music, also some contextualizing of politics but i dont rlly wanna hurry it so im still planning stuff and cutting parts, taking ideas etc. what i can say it will be worth the waiting! lel
  7. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    Guys here is the much expected list of stars participating in this coming movie, hope u like it! "We thank ovc for offering us a stable and fun server and we happily accept the appreciation people showed us on this server every day. To all the enemies; we came here to teach few things people still haven't learnt, pulled few aces off our sleeves and achieved the inevitable.Accepting defeat will never be a sign of weakness for those who fought." Famous Writer, 2016. Starring: Lesley Maze Prevy Cnig69 Kat Reese Rine Dedication Greeks Latinos and many others!! In Association with: MrRapolas xZergSide Sponsored by: L2 OvC Retirement Fund Lel, The Movie! Feat xZergSide lel
  8. H5 Recruitment

    gratz for decision best wishes from now on
  9. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    soon you'll know that
  10. L2 on Mac?

    Rly guud program
  11. L2 on Mac?

    Use Parallels at least that what i used to do on my hackintosh
  12. Maybe it's the time to do it.

  13. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Let me come back from uni this night and 'll make a $1 million ms paint bussiness sketch for your better understanding
  14. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    The season we talking about is end of 16'. It succeeded simply because the faction were balanced enough to have challenging sieges and oly and flames and competition for 2 weeks straight also a good mass of randoms who later on when clans quit helped to make it last longer. At that time server had 2000000000x less improvements than today even myself when i see my video there is alot of things that have been improved and i gratz emerald for that. Maybe if we had this year same community as 16' server would be good by now. But many of the recent improvements made to desperately bring more players has been tested and proved as inefficent, instead of making it last longer make it quicker. So my point is no matter how good your server is, you need to work on the community side and bring big clans before opening. Big clans dont like l2j. big clans dont like server tweaking in middle of season with major impact on economy (mostly to fix new things that didnt get proper test). Step 1. Decent Beta Step 2. Adv., build sides Step 3. Full info how its gonna be, detailed info and proper advertising of most sucessful events Step 4. Paid sieges, twitch streamers, video rewards, top pvp rewards, top classs rewards WHAT EVER. Step 5. Decent community support especially to donators. no douchbagging treat your clients how you want to be treated Step 6. Fix eventual bugs with minor impact Step 7. Chill and enjoy money dropping in the bank
  15. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Are we playing half life or cs 1.6? U get my point? L2 is dead, mods to dead games arent the more skill based and less gear based u make it, more it will last
  16. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    also limit enchants, we already see the effect of -1 +1 and golem stoneheart and is OBVIOUS that in a way or another it makes season end quicker
  17. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    infinite ++, would also add live changes to season. hire a indian community manager for 1$ hour to deal with player support. stop offering unfair market advantage on donate shop (imo stop fckin with server economy) . stop offering full donate for S grade items and boss jewels 1st day, boost drop xp sp runes instead and make leveling very very hard starting from 7X level. make sieges something different where everybody can participate and get a reward according to their purpose (clans > dominate caste, solo players > help clans in their faction) idk there are many many things that could be done all it takes is a little bit change of mindset. 3 years and same thing still happening, i remember some of my 1st posts close to 2016 where i told emerald that progression is still very early developed. if u dont want to stop with live changes at least create yourself some limites, cause honestly the reason for server short duration is always the same and always will be. server has a shitload of good features but with all respect, no incentives at all for the avarage player who cannot play all day and eventually just become fishfood for veilside rats thats my 50 cents bb
  18. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Is this it? No fix for OvC bb shutdown forever cause community sucks? quit drama pls
  19. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    So what? U guys repeat this non stop from 2 months from now. I agree with that but repeating this over and over adds nothing to this thing
  20. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    fu the flames i wanna play crowded ovc lets talk about how we can do it better so we dont end up in sh1t mode again
  21. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    sup? i logged these days and... u all know what is going on. so any plans from emerald??
  22. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Only available at the best movies in town, coming soon.. http://imgur.com/pzV1vjU
  23. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Our movie company has taken your bad and good opinions and decided to release a NEW blockbuster! Easy, The Short-Movie. Coming Soon. lel edit - will be only available in the best movies around the world, which does not include USA ones that blocked our last film cause of music copyright issues.
  24. Balancing

    xZergside Ok he already owns chaos anyway, but luffy as leader of order kkbbthx