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  1. And by that we come to the discussion if ovc should follow retail like terms and try to set the balance by shadowing retail or develop its own balance
  2. Lf clan

  3. Lf clan

    no tyrant can be better than jaycutler
  4. sLcO no fake

    u know math?
  5. Info

    also do not mark my words but u taking 15% of a bigger thing which is back dmg and increasing 30% in a smaller thing which is front dmg percentages fool ppl result may be same as prv season ig with some minor reduction imo
  6. sLcO no fake

    drip/dyou > 1
  7. Info

    anyway even if we get more dmg after all lethal will hit less than back, and the nerf in speed rebirths are compensed by a little more dmg on back. sounds fair for me
  8. Info

    agent didnt you know this month theres a party called daggerfest
  9. Russian Kingsta takeiteasy

    i always wondered how ruskies aoe zerg parties would performance in ovc hf ;D
  10. Info

    Did blow land rate was also cut to half? ( aka focus power +60%) @Emerald
  11. Info

    Nice. Thanks
  12. Info

    I hope this info comes out before the opening cuz is very decisve for those who keep playing or planto reroll to dagger next season. Cmon is not that hard... @Emerald@Ruby
  13. Info

    So after this dagger nerf i would like to confirm how the focus buffs stats are working I found this on retail Focus death: Critical -30%, Blow land rate +60%, Critical Damage from front -30%, Critical Damage from back +90%Focus chance: Critical Chance from front -30%, Critical Chance from side +30%,Critical Chance from back +60%Focus power: Critical Damage from front -30%, Critical Damage fromside +30%, Critical Damage from back +60% Is it possible to do same scheme of how is it working in OVC atm? @Emerald@Ruby@Chevignon
  14. thank you

    how long u been in narnia?
  15. thank you

    daggers nerfed, u the next!!! spawncamp counted days