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  1. Trouble opening the game

    open l2 many times
  2. Trouble opening the game

    lol i had the same issue right now fucking weird.. its works after some minutes
  3. It’s not about milking u expect leader to spend full clan skills alone? Makes no sense. You join the clan, you see it has few skills, leader asks you money, next day you have more skills. Else, join clan, check skills, full skills, leader asks you money, you say what for?? Do I have to teach you how to brush your teeth also? About deleting clan skills are you serious? Since they are available for everyone to purchase how fair would be in the opposite side for people that spend 10x the tax you paid in it? (Leaders). I see no logic only emotions in your speech.
  4. Honestly there’s plenty of new players around how hard is it to go on npc create clan and macro recluto latinos in some shortcut?
  5. In my opinion this is not matter for administration to solve, they did the best limiting slots and ally. About my clan is where u mistake, when I had my core members active the point was only to play together and have fun and this is the foundation to any decent clan not only here but everywhere in L2 and in games generally speaking I keep my point that when I’m investing in clan pdef you can invest in better armour. There is no corruption in the system itself but in some of its agents. They explore this market failure in their own benefit just like any irl politician lel. What can you do? 1. Create your own clan 2. Play clanless 3. Find a decent clan gl (:
  6. The did two bad choices/unlucky choices there - joining the clan and having ur items traded like this. The choice to join the clan is yours. You can create your own and buy crp in your god npc to buy skills. Here there is no punishment for these kind of things. It is bad, but emerald cant babysit everyone who get scammed. I took some time to understand that but now i kinda do. It is important for players to really think when joining a clan or rather you can just create one if is all about the skills for you. TBH they are not that much expensive. On leader's side we spend alot of money and in my case much of my own money developing clan (past where many ppl had full A sets and I were still on B grade). Royals and Order guards are fcking expensive and have 1 slot only. So yeah, in this moment where gucci leaders are taking very careful invite choices, bad ones are scamming ppl with taxes. This is not the 1st time Iheard from players this season that clans were abusing with tax payment and kicking people right after or using the money for other stuff.
  7. 10 seconds? Lol dodge is 4 seconds or 3 why ur counter attack should be 10? message to all daggers from all classes: finish qa baium enchant ur skills then start QQ

    Translating for the well being of the nation: I enter the clan Mein and even paid 2k so my friend could enter. I needed to tranfer jewel to another char and asked MDMA (doesnt matter if hes leader) to trade to my other char, when i logged in he kicked me from clan and logged off. Please emerald help me i got scammed. My awnser: MI AMIGO IM SO SORRY PERO TU NO VAS TENE-LOS AGAIN. OBRIGADO
  9. Jaro's Video

    lf gatos tank video
  10. Jaro's Video

    nice editing enjoyed
  11. New (not-so-short) Movie

    Hey, could u tell me the color of the underwear you using on gladi? and what size?
  12. BadHombres

    1 slot for skilled OL at least 79 lvl pm in game
  13. BadHombres

    if u promise not to scam the whole group.. yeah.. i like u buddie (:
  14. just some moar stuff. btw for me the best ever moment that happened in this server is this :https://clips.twitch.tv/TenuousAbstemiousLemurRaccAttack ps: this is or was going to be lel artwork.. #nevercomes #will it???
  15. BadHombres

    idkk mazerino is tripping on the moon atm, thats why im even more happy to read this