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  1. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Only available at the best movies in town, coming soon.. http://imgur.com/pzV1vjU
  2. Reanimate server

    When gc beta?
  3. Reanimate server

    I was just trolling Anyway, my opinion is that we have the same exact server as last year and my question is why admins didnt tried to improve a thing. I mean, ok, u guys fixed reportsand bugs n shit but thats normal. Im talking about new stuff, whatever it would be.Not less important, noone of the main issues have been fixed, saying this about geodata and dagger skills. Also agree with @Scaretacticthat GC was a huge step out of the way. It could have been different, but didnt. Even if you correct everything and make it less crap we wont have a playable player base for more than 1 week. So yeah, gracia final or H5 would be the best options imo. I dont really know if the problem we trying to fight (which is: making server last longer) is focused at the chronicle, it can be, but not completely. What im saying is something is not fully right in the base of OvC server. For me threeare the main problems, one in short term which is making the grand opening boom last longer *why ppl leave so quick?* , and two other ones in the long run about the gap created and how hard it is for new people to join/adapt after ~25 days of server and, in the other side, the lack of things for high-end players to do in the long run - they just get fucking bored break all their items and leave. (retards can say: Oh! Thats good! One less superhero char in the game!. No tards, these people are the ones who make the pvp interesting) So yeah, thats my 2 cents. People are every season getting more and more bored of 30 days of active server, and at the point every year less veterans return, server is lasting less. We had 100 day interlude last year, with maybe ~50 to 60 days of active pvp. See now...
  4. Reanimate server

    also hero chat is dominated by greek... this is the end?
  5. Reanimate server

    when ews price go way too up like now at 400 a players start to leave this is the ultimate law of ovcnomics yes!
  6. Votemanager error hopezone

    ye is what noob said, like yday i could get vote reward np, today i couldnt cuz of hopzone. idk whatssup but fix please
  7. Votemanager error hopezone

    flashbang in this post so they fix it asap
  8. Votemanager error hopezone

    fix fix fix
  9. I can't play HELP!!!

    target is >>> yamada <<<
  10. Hopzone - Vote reward

    fix pls esmerl]ald
  11. Hopzone - Vote reward

  12. Empower chance lvl 10

    sad story
  13. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    Pretty much the same epoxy said already, but this mark idea is very nice. Its sad to see newbies struggling to gear up these days. U can see many Rank 1 around but few Rank 3-4-5-.... cause they usually leave. People still joining everyday so thats not the real problem, the problem is keeping them in edit: for quick solution, maybe adding 1 free rebirth and A gear for newbies? Starting with B today is stupid and dismotivating