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  1. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Im scared. Sorry my mage friends but u already got +1 -1 enchant now dynasty... gimme my interlude shadow step.
  2. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I really agree with this diversity thing, its pretty important. Despite what u say, in my opinion adding dynasty is needed, or at least is worth the test. Im no huge fan of custom sets, but as server grows its very boring to be full S and stuff and have nothing else to do besides enchant stuff. So having a set will make people have objectives for longer. OR S could be just super-duper hard to make at the point people will make overenchanted B's and A's before even gathering the mats for S. As Isaid before, there would be no need to add another "step" (Dyn Set) if u just make progression of existing stuff slower. The introduction of a custom set have to be very careful planned, since alot of people dont like it and if made wrong can even deepen our problems (hi Golem Stoneheart!). Really Ihave my best wishes that this January rebuild will work out, we were needinglong agofor this to happen.
  3. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Finally aden siege will get what it deserves... About progressive I dont know if starting A to Dyn is much different from B to S. I liked starting C grade, the deal back season is items became free way to fast. Guess i'll have to see it live Liked the coin system, the less currencies we have better it will be to regulate the market. Ty emerald for hearing the players
  4. And A Haaaapy New Year

    happy new years all now going to bizness: when new season? enchant will be kept +1 -1? waiting for news!!! @Emerald
  5. Emergency occurs!

    Yes you are right, target is Yamada indeed.
  6. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    There was this faction project I played with some people from here in the beginning of the year that was based mostly on PVE and faction lore. @Scaretactic@Luffy It was amazing in some aspects, ofc the lack of PVP style make it end quick. There was Elven village, and the faction territory and D.Elf village and their territory. Also neutral zone. For a week of PVeing we couldnt really enter neutral zone so we couldnt see people from other faction to see their gear or LVL, or even know if there was any in our level. From that server i have the idea to make open map here. What if PVE zone was actually a fortress in the middle of some territory or neutral zone? What if bosses could spawn there? What if the castle clans fight for is the one in the middle of it? (and controlling it previously gives alot of advantages in taking it - this is where clanless people participate on siege cause in the end, the map is open) This also would be good in the start of season, splitting people would reduce lag etc
  7. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    Wonderful idea. Maybe a cool thing would be making open world. Instead of spawning everyone on schut and make events, put each faction different town and make territories the thing we fight for, instead of winning maps or being top kills In my opinion in the moment the server would be turn into open map with some kind of this "lore" which in my example is based on territory fights between factions most of problems like siege, Olympiad, boss system and progression could be reworked
  8. L2 OvCnomics

    I agree with everything u said mostly. Just to have it as a list: - Improvements that worked out well (2016-2018) - Continuous balancing of classes and PVPrelated issues - PVE Zone, party missions - Limiting of clan slots, not possible to form ally - Improved advertisement and media communication - Small things like adding the multi-kills and better scoreboard - Different maps like Castle vs Castle and MOBA Arena - Better map variety - Objective points and buff - Way to get noblesse / expert books - Fix of death match critical errors and crit errors in general - Limiting donations on 1st days - .... - Things that needs to be improved - Progressive gameplay - Enchant system - Grand boss and boss jewel system - Olympiad / Siege / Territory Status - Faction balance / clan balance - Geodata / FPS Lags / Crit errors
  9. L2 OvCnomics

    Hi there family. I'd like to bring the discussion about the life-cycle of the interlude seasons and the factors the influence it in a positive or negative way. For those who play here a long time, its clear that there is a failure somewhere in the system that makes the population drop hard mostly in the end of the 1st week or beginning of the second. These issues for me are no more than failure in the economic system. Either it didn't got enough developed along with the other things such as class balance, map diversity etc or it was never the ideal setting in the 1st place. Many people have already wrote on these subject along the years, giving suggestions or even raging on forum. Everyone that takes a time in their life not only to play server but to help with its development should be appreciated. For most of the old players, OvC has become a main event along the year, not only because its amazing scheme but also cause of all the friends and funny/amazing moments it creates. My question to all of u: Are u satisfied with the things the way they are now? Is this cycle possible to be broken, or delayed? Things said, the main idea of this topic is to talk about the pros and cons of some server features like : progressive gameplay,current enchant system, relation between clan organization and faction balance and the raid boss/ raid jewel system. Not only that, known server-side issues like geodata bugs, critical errors and FPSlags are obvious reasons behind population drops. - Progressive Gameplay For those who dont know progressive gameplay is a system where the prices of items in GMShop drops continually until becomes free eventually based on the sales/purchases of the next upper grade. Theoretically, it would incentive new players to join cause now they can fight with better gear. I see two failures in this system. 1 - If the grand majority of people will join in the 1st week, and most of the people in L2 world dont like to join a server that has been going for alot of time - being it pvp server or not - the negative effect of break on players past expectations about the gear value makes more people to quit in total than the effective incentive of bringing more people to play. Example: A becomes free, 10 players that had bought A decide to quit, while 5 new players join the server. 2- Despite in the 1st moment it looks like a system to benefit new comers, it ends up benefiting those who already play alot, since they can buy their rbjews and just wait for the items to come free. - Current Enchant System and maximum enchant levels Atm the enchant system based on blessed works like : If u fail, the enchant goes one level down. If u succeed, it goes one level up normally. This was done initially (in my POV) to stop people from quitting because of fail enchants. Despite that, this system created a larger inefficiency than the one it was supposed to fix. For the reasons: 1- Easier enchant system makes people reach their "dream gear" earlier, not only making them get more bored faster but also making their victims more bored faster. Incentive the class unbalance towards those who directly benefit from higher enchant weapons, like mages and archers, making most of people vote in big maps even when the population is low. Sum of this effect is surely to be more negative than 1 or 2 emo QQ cause of weapon breaking. 2- +16 weapon should be a hard thing even for the most skilled no lifers around here, not a thing that is surely gonna be reached in a time or another. People should be recognized for attaining this goal, and maybe applying the retail enchant system from +12 to +16 would already be enough. - Relation between clan organization and faction balance There is a trend among the classic clans here to play on Chaos faction. This is a movement that happened along these years and I cant really explain why. Mostly because from the strong clans we used to have in Order only one remained till today, while many other clans developed and flourished in Chaos in the recent past. In this case, theinefficiency is not created by the server structure but could be avoided by making some Leader access part on forums where clans who apply for it get like idk, lv 3 clan in the season opening but is subject to play in the administration-chosen faction. I dont really have to explain the effects of this unbalance in the server development. You can just check the current wins from maps, bosses and mini to see that clan/faction unbalance is a determinant factor of the server quick population drop. Also in my opinion ELO system should be reworked. It is not providing accurate balance in maps. - Raid boss / Bossjewel system Raid bosses are one of the most important systems in any MMORPG game and in fact L2. Leaving it as a random spawn takes off one weapon of the server administration to control the amount of online people in certain days. Just as I said before, you could leave all epics dead in the opening and manually spawn them on 1st month weekends with correlate advert on forums and facebook page. Only open RB jewels to Gm Shop after all the raid cycle has been completed on the 1st month. TLDR: Anyway, im bored of writing. All these issues are certainly correlated between each other and the message i get from them is pretty clear: we need a slower gameplay progression in order to have a longer lasting server. Thanks in advance! LEL (:
  10. BadHombres

    Gonna play this season everyone who joined before and still dont have discord feel free to pm! lel
  11. elf tank problems

    the guy is a legend. nowhere close to gamenboy level tho
  12. elf tank problems

  13. elf tank problems

    XgatosX the no1 aggrobot!
  14. New Season

    gamenboy the legends liive, july 2018 footage