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  1. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Our movie company has taken your bad and good opinions and decided to release a NEW blockbuster! Easy, The Short-Movie. Coming Soon. lel edit - will be only available in the best movies around the world, which does not include USA ones that blocked our last film cause of music copyright issues.
  2. Balancing

    xZergside Ok he already owns chaos anyway, but luffy as leader of order kkbbthx
  3. 'Easy' - The Movie

    Easy, The Movie has just reached 1k views Thanks to all fans, enemies (fans) and fans!
  4. Example - rank changes For me it was good and fair. Many ppl didnt liked it and quit. I rather be rank 4 now with crowded server than rank 7 pvping 20 ppl
  5. Rofl u have short memory. Anyway, u say ALL changes made were effect from last season? I think no. This is not my personal opinion and mostly what people say to me. Live changes suck, even when u do it right people leave
  6. make 1 month open beta if needed but dont touch it after opening
  7. one thing is confirmed maybe emerald should stop appling "live" changes to season
  8. only retards who abuse strider enjoy playing this maps with low pop
  9. Golem Stoneheart

    Kkkk roflmao
  10. or maybe soft version of this, progressive discount from 5-10% depending of your performance on each epic
  11. NOIS É BR!

  12. takes a while to start but its worth it ... listen to the end u wont regret 

  13. Elo System reset after each Server restart?

    Btw u guys should watch player no1 movie very good one.. just left the movies
  14. Elo System reset after each Server restart?

    Its true what hachi ko says, I got my elo reset to 2k many times. Not that I cared enough to make topic about it
  15. Strongly agree with this points, despite the bad externality in everyday pvp quality at least new players have a route to grind against stacked veterans