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  1. Daily Quests

    Very good idea, nice to see it being implemented. As noted, I think there should be different daily for mages/melee/healers/summ when its assists, pvps, mob kills etc. Imo daily quests should be more map oriented goals, like Make daily score X on domination. Capture y flags on ctf. Make X kills on Tvts...
  2. Well done Emerald

    Did never played any l2 besides ovc.. tbh, i started playing this game yesterday you are 100% right!
  3. BadHombres

    Thanks.. I'll release deleted scenes when this one gets 1k views
  4. soe auG

    by far the best augment in ovc, along with fireworks, music refresh, hot springs big head, kiss of eva etc edit: pls nerf
  5. nerfing everything minus archers

    You want facts? I give you. 1. Stop pretending you care for the server 2. Stop thinking you dominated, when u ZERGED. 1st week hero monument. (mid 2019) Rhaegar + Luffy - 30 + in both clans Heroes : Rhaegar - 5 out of 15 Luffy - 7 out of 15 Total - 12 out of 30 1st week hero monument (end 2016) slco - 15 players Heroes: 13 out of 15
  6. Well done Emerald

    Many improvements have been made if u X both of my videos is clear from 2017 to 2019 much stuff has been improved. Crying for changes that benefit only yourself is something ur guys used to do very well my friend @TheStinger, we on the other side spend our free time here to make server better. If no one was on forums we still would have 1 week seasons of people quitting when A grade goes free, golem stoneheart, donation for gear 1st day.... fewer missions.... I cant even imagine. Agree 1000% with this, this season came in a perfect timing compared to the ending of previous season- upcoming seasons should try doing the same. Agree 2000% with pre-defined schedule (yearly or each 6m) already said this some months ago.. gladly u had the same idea. (we are not lobbying) About having small touches during the season I kinda disagree. If it works to fix the problem, everyone stays. If it doesnt work, 200 ppl quit. I rather letting it be and having 10, 15 to quit in this case. Oneexample is summoners in-season touchthat wasnt a consensus at all. What Imean is: better make discussed/troubled/unpopular changes when seasons are off. Ty, BB.
  7. BadHombres

    uppp @yamada @gamenboy
  8. nerfing everything minus archers

    Yes, if u were truly top players u would make 2 clans and fight with twice as much, then as the pro u are u gonna come on forums bragging about your so called domination, when someone a little less retarded comes and tell u daydreaming. oh.. wait.. this actually happened?
  9. BadHombres

  10. Insane lag issue

  11. State of summoners

    I don’t like qq but this is kinda good ideia. Or else, leave it as it is and reduce the last 10% of pet range in relation to summoner position damage by 50%.
  12. Clan Reputation

    Visual bug only dont forget u need the egg too
  13. This should be done a long time ago

    What is really missing from this guys is maturity. The dream is not to build a decent clan with friends whom are skilled, and maybe u will dominate. Dominating for this guys is the beginning and the end, they dont care if server dies as long they got their 5 minutes of attention.
  14. This should be done a long time ago

    Funniest thing : guy from rhaegar clan last week clowing on forum : "so the problem is u not taking any heroes and castles, cause i cant see other reason" see the result tard...