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  1. New respawn system and more town maps.

    we shall not forget the classical phases tho, like "who is agent 002?", "use slow", "yamada <=> b1tch" and similars. Last but not less important the classical emotes :C or C: anyway sorry for having this little nostalgia moment just to say that i miss u bunch of l2 addict noobs to all friends and also to all people who used to play past seasons and are not playing now, i hope u come back and we meet in a future season. cheers
  2. New respawn system and more town maps.

    hows the serba? many time i dont log in
  3. Yamadas macro

    you can always counter it with " yamada <=> b*tch" or similars
  4. Yamadas macro

    this is classic yamada tactic dont feel opressed just turn hv off if u want
  5. Agent001

    you guys are already ready to get married to each other. gratz. please call me for the party
  6. Agent001

  7. olympia

    my purpose is not simply making the "new" old form from what we already have like aden. we are in 2017 and making new things/inovative things is a must to keep a decent player base. is that so out of reality to make olympiad in a different way? siege in a diferrent way? ..... despite we have some changes like the 1hour pve zone, another way to be nobless and shit, the renewable effect of these things are already done. (it worked well in the short term) long term people are already noble and dont give a fck for pve zone, whoever still plays gets bored eventually cuz of non-competitive exploiters (full geared tard with bp aggrobot cpbotpt on his ass focusing lvl 1 ranked niggas to say im da best)and sometimes bad map rotation. im also not talking about implement anything this season, more about future ones.
  8. olympia

    you would be figthing against only titans
  9. olympia

  10. olympia

    next season could be something similar to hero tounrament in sublimity 1v1 matches gm assisted
  11. Overlord pvp

    full stacked hitting 1.6k with FD is also ridiculous
  12. Overlord pvp

    yea that was prollyqa baium with vicious stance +20 focus death hitting on u running (no side lethal) that crited and a 1.6k backstab. The problem is not lethal dmg that is now fixed, the problem is backstab hitting less or same as deadly blow which is ridiculous
  13. unban

    imo each one makes his own strat. ive seen in these years many different tactics, there are people who craft their gear only by setting buy/sell stores with smart prices, others spoils, playing supports, killing alot etc.. now what i say is emerald please create a flame section, sometimes the topics are relevant like bug reports n shit and it ends up in nothing cause people start flaming each other
  14. Overlord pvp

    i have +20 skills and bla bla bla bla and still my backstab hits like if i was 40lvl dagger. welcome to the nerfland my brotha. together we shall spread nerf worldwide until everyone hits 1 damage to each other
  15. unban

    The infamous anti GC revolutionary group?