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  1. Return once

    I will call you so we discuss about this, mkay?
  2. Interlude Season

    IL can be made more long lasting just by making some simple switches on map design: Some examples: Make a smaller size of domination zone and split it in 3 or so zones so fights are diverse and split around the map. In fortress escort maps, make it possible for fights to happen outside the fort. With the way it is now, with spawn close to entrance, ppl just camp the walls and pony stays there for 30 minutes stuck in entrance. Make epic bosses spawn in a organized way on weekends at least for the 1st month Make item progression slower, starting in C or Bgrade with S locked for at least 2/3 weeks. Add bigger restrictions to the number of healers/wl's/tanks/domis etc according to the size of the map, type of objective, and number of ppl online(tvt = bigger restricion for these classes, domi less, and so on) Establish clear rules that is not possible to make more than 1 clan, or enable ally ( limited to max 1 clan) so people dont zerg the server without thepossibility of competition from others. Add a zone for low ranks, where they can PvP between each other for some time while they dont gear (They would have the free choice of going to normal zone aswell - if u go newbie pvp zone u get lesser reward but fair fight, if u go normal zone u get no fair fight but alot of adenas according to gear balance) Others to come...
  3. Small fix

  4. Small fix

    Thats a good way of starting it. I agree with this sentence i quoted and also I will give you "Yamada's Blessing" buff which increase +1 on topic chance by 70% GL
  5. 召喚petのbuff

    はい、山田は正しいです あなたたちはみんな敗者です ありがとう
  6. CC

  7. Remove clan leader when Banning characters

    Do u have any proof? Im sorry bro, honestly as I rememberdidntsaya single thing after siege. I also dont even know who you are. I heard you've got banned for being toxic, so watch ya saying?
  8. ''hate''

    But obviously that would go for future seasons since u could just get 60 members in now
  9. ''hate''

    Honestly this came in the middle of war but its not bad idea at all. Player base has increased, I see no reason of fixing clans to 15 people. Emerald said on that post that " The point of reducing clan slots is to make it hard for people to open a 2nd clan, but if they want to they can still do it, ofc they have to pay x2". Having fewer slots will notpush people to do a second clan? Aint the exact opposite?
  10. ''hate''

    What is not right, is being forced to spend alot of adenas in another clan just to have a fair fight on numbers.
  11. ''hate''

    Thats the whole purpose of the post before. Why i focused its not personal reason and most logical reason. If that is true, lets make a clan with 30 slots then. Its better for me, better for you, and fair for everyone. What i write there is written, i wont write it again. But is pure logic. Either go enable ally, either increase slots or block from having more than 1 clan.. simple.. its not focused at u at all but u were the sheep.
  12. ''hate''

    In the world where theres just me and you playing this server yes. But dont forget we are not alone, what about all the others that want to fight fair 15vs15? Or suppose every clan should find a ally now just cause of your decision of having 2 clans?
  13. ''hate''

    So you know your are fcking it in a way or another. Why still do?
  14. ''hate''

    Like if the balance was perfect and u and others zergslet other faction do objetives just to abuse god buff....