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  1. Helios - Maps

    looking nice
  2. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    good video @climax
  3. Video (Interlude season)

    nostalgia seein 1st days and everyone low rank lul
  4. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    any possibility of opening ilude wiped as it is with some minor fixes?
  5. L2control l2ranger and how to be pro

    no need to use programs just move ur char to the side when u going to stab, dont spam the skill like retard
  6. most annoying guy ever he makes t ext like this so no one understands bla bla bla fock you!!!
  7. Season Lineage Legacy

    this looksinteresting for me, but i think the diffculty should be rewarded with something unique.. no idea what. something that will motivate u despite all -- stat and harder difficulty. it is really an issue that when u get 8000, 9000+ pvps all u kinda fight for is for top 10/20 pvp ranking and hero which make the game kinda boring, cuz at this point u are killing almost 90% of the server easily. something to think for at future, i dont know how hard is this to be coded, especially with the --- stat which can unbalance the game itself. but it is indeed a good idea to add something for the late game, or for those who reach some xxxxx pvp milestone
  8. its amazing how u guys cant take it. u got banned for ur own actions and we (slco) orany drug addicts n any other player ofthis server has nothing to do with it. take the consequences for ur own acts, dont show urself 10 y.o kid that try to take every other people to the grave when u got fcked this is indeed my last post to this. learn to loose with honor, either try to win without being a retard forum kid clan bb
  9. bb bois cya next season my deepest greetings to niomode, mrrapolas, tottenham and all slco/da ally! best team ever Shot00018.bmp Shot00024.bmp
  10. Suggestions for future.

    annoying dwarf frenzy bots this is some strong sht u said dude!!
  11. Ant Queen Drop Reaction

  12. Rebirth Reset

    issue solved thanks for the help emerald
  13. Rebirth Reset

    up still looking for solution emerald please....
  14. Rebirth Reset

    need halp
  15. Rebirth Reset

    Honestly its been quite a time i dont have em, so i tried all different combinations u can imagine to fix it