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    thats it boys get your drugs ready for 27th

    nice cars but u guys get rekt for my pegout 206

    I've beenthrough a hell week of tests and prolly other's are doing their irl stuff. About the server, we've been discussing in private chat for long time since 1st day of beta almost everyday about balance future etc and even in general forums this discussion and hate at least kept things moving here (which imo is good) Maybe is way too early cause we dont even have opening date yet, but soon is time to start advertising in other sites and stuff. Admins may hate people glorifying IL season last year but it was a fucking sucess and u can use it to advertise this new one. There's plenty of raw material of last season's out there, across YT, twitch and here. Being GC itself is already a attracting thing (sadly.) Reallylooking forward for the live server.. I really wanna see the effect of all the changes and bugs being fixed
  4. My Desire - INTERLUDE !

    Jah bless interlude
  5. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    this pre god x after god discussion will lead to nothing. honestly, the choice either to play here or not is individual. i set my point before that its better to have 2x players with some balanced shit where everyone agree and enjoy to play instead of having .5 guys who plays only the winning classes. It is obvious that if we have starwars gameplay many people wont stay, not because they dont want to adapt to a new game, but because pvp like this doesnt make muchsense
  6. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    please stop thinking in terms of self benefit and start thinking what could be better for the community as one
  7. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    dude im not pointing you as target. every non-stacked mage can nuke 20k+ easy today. my point is : in interlude we used to have BALANCE. u could see all classes in pvp : spoilers, titans, pony, daggers etc. All doing some relative balanced damage according to their classes purpose. bad thing about interlude is, as emeraldsaid, they are limited in many ways of developing new things. OK, i can understand that and how it shuld be bad for them what we have now : GC is very cool indeed, i have never played it before. Many skills, many new gear and places to make sht happen. What i dont want is to see that amazing thing that used to have in ilude, to see a big variety of classes in pvp and this combination actually being something great, being changed to basic archers vs mages gameplay. This would be the real F1 chronice playstyle.
  8. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    how come? we played 1 day where everyone didnt even had dyes or boss jews, r +95 sets and u nuke 25k with a mage. u trolling with this post right?
  9. Grand Crusade Open Beta

    happy thats opening sad that this is happening in themiddle of my tests... anyone can teach me some econometrics?
  10. when start this server?

    ye but after all of that, i wanna come home and rekk some newbiews
  11. when start this server?

    hope so im bored
  12. when start this server?

    anyone seen this? rofl gamenboy the legendary pony making the movies #1stdayhypepvp
  13. Grand Crusade - Maps

    looking nice
  14. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    good video @climax