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  1. Suggestions for New Season

    IMO about Castle Sieges : Its time to improve it, as far as I remember there was only one castle to be used so here's my idea 2 order castles and 2 chaos castles Order clan can be "attacker" at chaos siege, cant crest. Chaos can be "attacker" at order siege, cant crest. Why clans would care for this? Make clan skills a little little better and very more expensive. A custom reward system for clan war (like giving more crp to compensate the price high and encourage pvp between clans), and a big big boost on sieges, like 50% more crp idk. Also make small "quests" which give different rewards like "kill 3 enemy healers" "kill 3 enemy archers" "kill ....." so siege gets less boring and people have different objectives
  2. Suggestions for New Season

    Also, make epic bosses special, event it! Dont simply put a antharas a random time no one knows, make it be heard.
  3. Main Town

    i was playing cod on console these days and there was a cool mod like domination, called hotspot. like domination but the areas switch after some time like 2 minutes or so
  4. Main Town

    for me is more important to add new maps and make some only on selected modes. like EG imo should be only domination on center, cuz ctf and tvt gets so dispersed, and so on...
  5. Some suggestions.

    i play melee and indeed its a sad fact that ilude has no gap closer for fighters. make it a rebirth skill maybe?
  6. Hi

    i dont think he's bad player tho, everyone who played last server should get a mvp trophy for standing a reasonable long time though bugs and abuses
  7. Hi

  8. Interlude

    hype should take a loot atgeodata from IL that was a minor issue
  9. HI5/Gracia

    just do something is sad to see the server like this. u guys even care for this?
  10. WTF!!!!!

    countless bugs at start, high amount of donation (which now makes 1000000% more difference than Hawky's draconic bow at interlude 1st day xD), broken reward system which has lead to abuse of tank classes / general unbalance if not for that, server wouldnt be a damn sucess like last year, but at least we would have a playable population. with low population these "errors" are so easy to see. another thing which imo wasnt reallythought about when u decided to pick GC is if it really fits to the faction style of server. the speed characters grow in pos god chornicle is completly different from interlude. Maybe in IL a newbie, at 76 lv could had a chance to kill a 80lv guy, even with rebirths. In GCis almost impossible a 95 guy to kill a higher level one, cause of many reasons. this is a big problem that scares new players to join this server. I remember last server everyday we had new people joining, even christmas and new years we had more people this weekend, for example. i know many that many people already said to make a lower server season, but GC atm is one thousand levels down to the quality of the interlude build. we used to have big number of players, big pvp rolling all day and that was the plus of this server
  11. the system how it is encourage people so much to play support classes (im not saying it shouldnt, but not in this amount). pvp gets boring, people leave, annoying classes remain.
  12. imo its not about who gets top player or not (with the update of top 3 is enough) BUTmore like how healer "kills" are made
  13. FYI emerald top 3 of this pic are HEALERS. Sorry for caps, but does it make any sense??
  14. + the fact that healers are always top with 12-9312-039-12 kills make other people who made the real kills, get few elo. made like my best score todayand got +30 elo. Is pretty stupid
  15. Event Stucks

    infinite ++