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  1. Clan Reputation

    Visual bug only dont forget u need the egg too
  2. This should be done a long time ago

    What is really missing from this guys is maturity. The dream is not to build a decent clan with friends whom are skilled, and maybe u will dominate. Dominating for this guys is the beginning and the end, they dont care if server dies as long they got their 5 minutes of attention.
  3. This should be done a long time ago

    Funniest thing : guy from rhaegar clan last week clowing on forum : "so the problem is u not taking any heroes and castles, cause i cant see other reason" see the result tard...
  4. 500 IQ

    Finally some smart replies to forum. Anyway, nothing will be enough to fix the damage. Sadly all we can do is prevent this from happening again and use all our weapons to slow down "the loop", as u noticed. Already transfered my clan to order, we are having some issues cause dumb leader clicked the red button without everyone changing, so its hard.. We have to wait random hours in the day that strong orders are offline to change and reinvite people inside. Today when I played with clan parties we could have some balance, if im not mistaken order won 1 ctf by 73 to 72. And won the map after too. OFC saying this is our cause may be a spurious relation, but it seems If order start to organize both chaos that got bored and order that got raped can come back to game and we revive this season. BB
  5. BadHombres

    Recruiting 1 good DD. Order.
  6. 500 IQ

    + for clan hall idea - for hero coin idea
  7. I am looking for members.

    hello anyone have issue logging server? ty
  8. Worst OVC

  9. why not broooo

    Thats what im trying dude.. for 2 days. I wont fck my clan and take em skills in olympiad weekend AGAIN *cause already did it when veilside zerged for those that dont remember*. Pena down = we change next second
  10. why not broooo

    Yes. My clan dominates with 15. Not with 30. You should try it You told me u going chaos? Cmon. Not only lame but lier also. I go have my lunch, won’t waste more time answering someone with this kind of behavior.
  11. why not broooo

    U guys are a damn joke, ruin the server and come here like u doing us a favor. Damn Greek gypsys
  12. why not broooo

    So you are retarded
  13. why not broooo

    Not only fack the server also come here disrespect
  14. why not broooo

    Should remove ur clan from the game