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  1. Weird bug

    This is true. Something has been changed in movement/dagger stabs without further notice. Sometimes I use stab and miss like if I was a archer missing a arrow, movement is weird. This is not the previous melee attack delay we had, this is worse. Please fix. Melee classes unplayable atm.
  2. Aden Siege - Crest bug

    Anyway despite the bugs i really thank you emerald, siege is very nice now.
  3. Aden Siege - Crest bug

    Also another bug is when u get cancel the buffs dont come back
  4. Aden Siege - Crest bug

    I sent u pm ingame when tried to crest.. anyway was good preview lets hope next ones have more ppl

    Couldnt use seal of ruler but it was a good preview.. i imagine how it would be if siege was like this since start...
  6. Upcoming Aden Siege changes

    Very nice, greetings emerald! My dream come true
  7. Epics are too cheap and to easy to get.

    damn archers why u pot so much...
  8. Dressme / Costume / Transmog

    I would love transformation assasin on dagger..
  9. Make Olympiad great again!

    1st solution posted as agreeing with Emerald could be a good thing. As I see here from many people and from my younger self, its very easy to find perfect solutions for stuff but those require so many changes and information spam that can be even negative than the previous scheme. Anyway, for me what is more depressing than staying 4 hours in Olympiad NPC is staying 2 hours on a giant field fighting 9v9 (aka Aden Siege), I hope this is the next focus of problem solving brainstorms...
  10. xXGatosxX no 1 troll player, all he can do in ovc is troll , he don’t know how to play decent. I will be fair: gatos way of playing is not a punishable offense but still a offense. All he does is exploit objetive maps with his tank, it’s not against rules since everyone can do a tank and camp pony for example. Still, he deserves all the hate community can give for playing like this. Ty BB
  11. This is LOL i wont even refute Clan academy is working good so far, at least from our side. We already have 1 graduated newbie and people in clan are helping without the need to say. Should already be enough to give the initial boost for newbies. The thing is, I see few clans are doing it. Cmon guys, its 3 extra slots in clan not that u have to take a member out to invite a newbie.
  12. Shop Scam Problems/ Possible automatic solution

    Also, if u click on the name of the player in the npc chatu get /target /attack to shop directly
  13. Heya, ive seen announcements and theres one thing that could solve it easy without need to be everyday checking by administration part. Tbh, the solution is a NPC. A npc that have all buy/sell that are currently on private shops, sorted by equiment/ consumables/rec etc.. and then ordered by price. Like this I want to buy a BEWS - Npc chat (click) -- Enchants (click) --- Blessed Enchant Weapon S Grade (click) ----- Blessed Enchant Weapon S grade. Player : Gamenboy; Price: 20 Quantity: 1 ------- Blessed Enchant Weapon S grade. Player: Mrrapolas Price: 25 Quantity : 10 -------- Blessed Enchant Weapon S grade. Player: JayCutler Price: 30 Quantity: 20 In my honest opinion OFC setting buy shop that actually sells and the opposite is deserved ban, but setting a high price and shop is up to each one. Also it would optimize market efficency. TY.
  14. BadHombres

    Recruiting 3 skilled rank 1-2 players to clan academy, pm "Lesley or "maze IG