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  1. Next Season?

    Once i was also against progressing to older chronicles not because IL is the most stable and well known version of ovc, but bc the viable alternative was GC which was bugged as fuck and in the end it was just an extension of OBT phase Now I really make my vote for making something else that doesnt limit the development of new features for the server. Also IL is alteady overused. L2 players tend to think that anything besides IL is deepshit. It may be weird for some in the begenning specially because there are many skills and item paths to try. This increasedcomplexity is that IMO could make seasons last longer, if the progression from gameplay is made correct. If not, season would last even less. If the gap from IL vets x newbs close in X time (time where newbs have no chance To start against stacked pjs) gc gap closes even faster so emerald would have to tweak it
  2. A happy new year

    can you ship whatever u use to brazil // itwould be gr8
  3. Coming up next...

    bery bery nice also last changelist
  4. A happy new year

    !Target is >>> Yamada <<<
  5. LF competition

    what a pro
  6. LF competition

    are u @Luffy's son?
  7. Next Season

    i see only core empire there. im scared
  8. Next Season

  9. [FR] Cherche Partenaire(s) Particulier(s)

    yes good player recruit
  10. Next Season

    28 rank hero listen to him
  11. Next Season

    wanna play smthing that have shadow step
  12. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    Thanks I really appreciate your words of wisdom 2pac
  13. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    he's 2pac now he can only play l2 and spam on forums since no 1 knowz hes alive
  14. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    as long as it doesnt turn into cs 1.6 deathmath or x5000 baium wings pvp server like spamming spree streaks every second,is a good idea
  15. Change Leader Of Clan

    yes i tell u mayhem and wipe cannot be in the same phase emerald set a bot insta delete topic if that happen