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  1. Just check char, have buff? ban.. have buff? ban have buff? ban You can have your opinion, and I respect that, but in my world that is not really fair for those who spend alot of money and time here. (which happens to be not my case, for good it seems)
  2. Im not even playing bro, i have no idea of that bug or whatever happened around that in game I just find it funny that the bug was there already. How emerald differentiate who played 1 event and picked that char out of a 30 char list and happen to be with the buff or someone that constantly pick that char just to exploit bug? I doubt he took matters on this for more than 30 minutes.
  3. @offtopic the past couple of seasons not only population were dropping hard but also a gigantic amount of ppl getting banned everyday i cant believe this is the best way of solving stuff, mostly considering those abuses were not fully players fault. is not like they are using some 3rd party program or stuff. of course there is a rule of revealing bugs 1st moment they are discovered, but do u expect everyone to have a active forum account or smthing? there are people here that dont log in forum for nothing! also the offense, lol... really....
  4. Cause u can enchant skills to - penalty and have a advantage over npc buffs probrably
  5. Lesley


    Best clan, raping everyone from europe to korea
  6. Another stuff that could be further developed is the main objectives of game progression. In OvC the main objective is to craft items and boss jewels. And after u done with that, its over. What I learned from L2 M is that you dont really need to give everything easy to keep the player-base. TBH, its the exact opposite. The game is hard as FK: 3 days farming for a "deadly blow" and so on. OVC should start making new long-term objectives besides being full gear with enchanted jewel set and skills. Or change the way in which those are obtainable more than just making X pvps in order to get adena.
  7. I did some models of OvC economy in the past, mostly to explicit the need of stop making items free after some time. Emerald did agree with the idea and changed it, and now we have gear progression based. (Tbh we also got this idea from some other server we played) IMO what we need now relative to that is a even SLOWER progression. (Considering that H5 have attributes, the progression curve relative to a new char is even faster comparing to IL) About your point, I kinda stop going for them mostly cause we need to understand that H5 is still a client in development and its very far from interlude. Its pointless, IMO, to come up with one hundred new features and suggestions while the CORE build is still far from interlude level (note that im not saying bugless, just far from IL). H5 still misses all the stuff IL was missing (geodata, melee delay) AND sums with other problems which are mostly around class balance, class skills, char progression, and know who what else bug there is. I know that asking for a development level close to IL its hard, but I hope at least the development is FASTER. I dont want to have another 1 year of tests seasons to have some fun at last. TY
  8. Lesley


    I'll recruit everyone that knows how to make derivatives and integrals
  9. Lesley


    Nah u can just make another one
  10. Lesley


    Get ready for the zerg nabs
  11. Lesley


    Im actually counting we gonna have 6 clans atm. 3 mine, 3 mojo.
  12. Can u give more details if this was a visual bug or not, if this affects other toggles or not Cause today I was watching a stream guy with 4 vicious stance, 3 focus skill mastery. TY
  13. Lesley

    Return once

    I will call you so we discuss about this, mkay?