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  1. 私の父はマフィア

    Thank you Yamada. Liked it! Was u that wrote?
  2. How to fix population drop

    Imo both god motivation and ELO should be fully reworked. Tbh god motivation buff should be deleted. Just as we see in this season that went, if a faction starts loosing objectives for whatever reasons, most of em will just go pvp. (Ok, thats a logical thing to expect if u loosing objectives straight). But with this buff, not only they have incentive to ignore objectives for constantly loosing, they also have a stat incentive to keep not going for it. Its likegiving drugs to someone addicted to it.Another Q: If there is already a balance to join, why would we need to balance again those that are already in? I rather having a single accuratebalance that can mistake 1 time, then having two balances and in case both goes wrong is double unbalance. Anyway, getting in focus of this topic, Ithink there is not a single rework/incentive (aka features) / balance that can make Interlude chronicle to last for a decent period of time. And this is not for bad. I mean, its not OvC only. Besides the famous gve servers of the past, nowadays fewer that openslast for more than OvCdoes comparing pop vs pop. At least all I've tried in 2018-19 meantime didnt go with playable popmore than this season already. So we already going far, from having those 2 weeks seasons and rare 1 month season (in 16-17 period)to always 1 month season and rare knows-who season (now). For me there is two possible alternatives: either to make server in phases as many suggest, delaying S grade and RB jewels. It would be awesome to have that. Not in a random manner, but announced with details with dates and stuff. Starting with X grade, in that phase max enchant is Y, PvP will drop only W grade enchants and so on. For me also raid bosses should not be spawned randomly, at least on 1st month. Why not announce on forum that some raid will spawn that day, or in facebook. Its like a different event that shows there is stuff happening on server and not that valakas will spawn 4.am and there will be 20 people to fight for it. Other point that I see few people talk about is event mechanics. This could be hardly improved, designed, developed to be more dynamic. Why OvC never tried that model of having 2 cities and faction in different cities, and then the "events" are like the objectives in their path? There could be a "siege" for some spot just like normal siege for clans but for the whole faction. Sometimes itfeels the faction is just the color u pick up at start. Anyway, im sure it will get better eventually. It already is. BB
  3. Clan Skills

    Personally I agree, the only problem if it is really a problem is boosting clans way too much vs randoms
  4. Clan Skills

    Sorry i was driving
  5. Clan Skills

    About what u said yes, its kinda unfair that some people get all skills when everyone donates almost same amount
  6. Clan Skills

    If u didn’t manage to ask your clan some money, it’s your fault not server fault. I was full skill much before taking castle (in case u use this argument) so qq

    ty for free castle my friends u can try all the lowest tactics possible and still loose. with better gear, more numbers, and well.. who knows knows Rhaegarafter siege >>>
  8. 1 week full auto assist party talking
  9. no reason to bann

    My Wls are fckin with your auto target? Sorry next time I make less
  10. no reason to bann

    Suddenly Advol, rhaegar all leaves their domination to reply on this random topic, u guys are funny
  11. no reason to bann

    Why u trying to prove your not cheating when no1 acuses u?
  12. no reason to bann

    Idk where u concluded that from mate, but you curiosity is starting to make me think that
  13. no reason to bann

  14. no reason to bann

    You tell me, u the one who spends 24/7 in game. Didn’t noticed anything weird? Wait...
  15. no reason to bann

    Idc for interface, since most of people use it or eventually will problem is 3rd party programs. People using adrena in organized pts is game breaking and this is the reason it becomes so evident