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  1. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Very good idea.
  2. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Perfect for me
  3. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    In my opinion this would work as long as I could see that killing a B graded guy relative to my actual gearis worth low adena before I kill him. Same in the opposite way: newbies can see in advance that gathering to kill a geared player is very adena-worthy
  4. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    This would be solved when adding enchant to the money-gear balance, since a dagger with +6 full BW could be worth as much as a mage with DC set +0. Consider also boss jewels and tattoos, enchanted stabs counting in the relative adena drop.
  5. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    True. But in my opinion these % should be translated into explict number that can be seen in battlefield. Our current system needs to be improved from grade only to enchants and boss jewels. Ranks the way it is now would get too much complicated to mess up with yea. Just the adena drop would be enough. But dream is adena drop = rank = gear balance. Dont agree. Player is worth X adena is Xa drop for 100/100 doesnt matter attacker. The big thing is how much ur worth?
  6. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Sorry guess i went too deep. Anyway, most important part about that text is: dont break players expectations. Easy example is when A is free. It also creates time-inconsistensy problems like this u mentioned "I will play when A goes free" "I will play when adena rate goes 30x" - Wait, whats the difference anyway? It is just soft and continuos instead of 1 shot prices to 0. In my opinion we should stop making stuff "in case" of population drop and start making stuff to prevent population drop. Daily/weekly/montlhy loginbonuses and quests, whatever, exp rune, adena rune everyday for couple hours.Gear-based adena progression from own players, which will drop more as server develops. No need for exogenous random change to know-who level on adena rate, let it change alone to adjust the balance. I guess progressive gameplay should say bye bye and endogenous progression take the place.
  7. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There is no need for inflation here. What I learned from economics is: if you are not right about what you are doing, do nothing and let the system reach equilibrium by itself. Emerald is no central bank to have accurate control of themonetary aggregate (adena supply) all time unless u want to introduce “ovc interest rate”. I leave you with some economic lessons: Economic theory of inflationInflation has many impacts:– Inflation erodes the standard of living when price indexing of income is lagged.– Producers have the costs of reprinting prices.– Unexpected inflation redistributes resources from creditors to debtors.– In times of surprise inflation, people may spend resources in gathering information on changing prices.Inflation is stable (or in equilibrium) when the growth in the money supply is equal to inflation and inflation expectations. For example, if inflation expectations rise, people may bargain for inflationary salary growth.Economic theory says that in the long run, unemployment is independent of inflation. This relationship is known as the Long Run Phillips Curve (LRPC). Long run unemployment is also known as the natural rate of unemployment and it is determined by demand and supply in the labour market. Those who are unemployed at market wages contribute to the natural rate of unemployment.The Short Run Phillips Curve (SRPC) depicts a negative relationship between unemployment and inflation. The relationship can be negative because of ’sticky prices’. Prices can be sticky if producers have periodic price lists (menu costs) or if nominal wages do not move downwards (sticky wages). The position of the SRPC is determined by inflation expectations and intersection with the LRPC gives the long run equilibrium. Figure 1 shows that higher inflation expectations lead to higher inflation (in the long run).
  8. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    Should incloud: level changes, base stat changes (dye, augment), skill changes (enchant, clan, augment) andgear changes ( grade, epic, tatoo, enchant)
  9. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    The thing is if u introduce this system and leave it to maximum 10 rank which would yield 10 adena on death at full S enchanted gear and 1 adena to +0 starting gear the system gets limited. If you want to make it right it have to be sensitive to small gear changes like a new jewel, a +1 enchant, a +1 enchanted skill , to having clan skills etc whatever makes the pj stronger than the relative starting gear/skills. In my opinion if this system is well implemented there would be no need for adena rate change over time, since own players will set the adena rate. Newbies wouldn’t be focused a lot, as noted, older players would give extra money for the gear they wearing and that’s GG. I don’t like a lot this idea of changing stuff during the season, would it be on shop prices or adena rate.
  10. BadHombres

  11. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    I think a good way which i see in servers is to make the adena drop according to the gear the player have. So if u +1 enchant ur armor u give 1 adena more, if u buy and equip higher grade u give X adena more. This way gmshop are static and adena drop is changed accordingly to balance gear wise This would mean in a way come back with the old ranking system to 100 lvl more
  12. About next server - H5?

    Thank you for your words, only the wise can get it!
  13. About next server - H5?

    Im up for h5 season too. Tho HB chronicle would be already enough. BUT considering the gve server “market” atm I guess Interlude is better.
  14. [Interlude] Future Plans

  15. [Interlude] Future Plans

    Im scared. Sorry my mage friends but u already got +1 -1 enchant now dynasty... gimme my interlude shadow step.