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  1. Site improvements

    Is good to hire/add some twitch guy to stream at least opening and put stream link directly on l2ovc.com site
  2. about dagger classes

    daggers got nerfed indeed, but they still do their job if thats what u askin. I kinda disagree with fungry with starting with dagger or not, for me when server is crowded is easier/funnierto play dagger, even if there`s 500 people on map pvping. I think depends on the player.
  3. Next season

    rofl made my day FOKIN HATERS RIGHT IN D BRAIN
  4. Next season

    i buy some tickets to Amsterdam so we meet do discuss ovc future ok?
  5. Next season

    By the way, to all others who play fair Iwish gl hf. In the 1st moment i was kinda disappointed that its gonna be another IL, but rethinking about it, guess we should let things go in their time. If h5 is not ready yet or its not the ideal time a IL season right in my holiday time from university comes in handy Call ur friends cousins and nephews to play bot healer for you cause organized playin 1st days gives a good boost. Thats all im gonna tell. I'll try to finish the movie in time so maybe it helps advertising a little bit. bb noobs cya soon
  6. Next season

    gl hf carebear again till everyone quits Shot00004.bmp
  7. Next season

    yes i think i passed microeconomics and applied math, now only econometrics 2 and macroeconomics 3! would you teach me please luffy i know your past scams have economic theory fundamentals
  8. Hey, guys!

    Server is not going on atm, they are developing h5 season.. "closed" beta.
  9. H5 Recruitment

    By saying lack of objectives doesnt mean adding a shop in aden castle for those who are stronger get even more and shorten even more season lifespan. But making what exists already more expensive and harder to get etc
  10. H5 Recruitment

    One idea is to limit clan slots and enable ally later on, or maybe never. Remake clan war to be useful and make clan skills more expensive. Idk add some clan quests to fill some map objectives. Also aden siege should be a real thing even for those who dont have clan or dont want castle. Like.. no event goin on while siege is happening and idk... 2 hours of different things a clan have to do to get castle not only cresting castle with 2x people or with some untagged friends idk i see they always find a way to break the system. Imo if clan tend to be strong than randoms cause of skills, newbie death buff should be boosted for untagged ppl as clans get their skills. I dont know if these things are possible but there are some key points why clan org fail in ovc and one of them is lack of objectives
  11. H5 Recruitment

    With the bullsh1t i said above goin on and the easy enchants promoting more unbalance server we had by far the worst IL season with 10213911220391 thousands of improvements emerald did since 2016. So my point is doesnt matter if server is perfectly balanced if they exploit the game in this way, im not telling you to be worse players or play less, just to play fair. As we see that doesnt happen cause (some) egos are so big in greece, some restrictions should be applied in my opinion.
  12. H5 Recruitment

    Im glad you got this up since no one talked about it really always the same bla bla bla when things start going off-topic. Really beggining of season we had what: Nio clan, veilside, maze at chaos;some latinos,luffy kat and prinny at order. Honestly any of us know enough people to zerg the server and win like u guys did, making giant allies and recruiting everyone. After 1st siege which u guys (zergside)clearly saw u had at least twice as much people than ANY clan/ally, I expect at least u guys disband ally and play alone with ur clan. But no. The clans kept breaking and remaking ally to camp castle, not only being much more stronger in long terms cause of much more ppl but exploiting every and other way, would it be zerging sieges, feeding olys or using stupid classes on pvp. Shame on u guys honestly, i dont even want to remember this when im stoned cause the level of stupidity in this is beyond After that we even switched the whole clan to order trying to balance somehow, and they kept inviting that what i ROFL more. really..... if u gonna do this next season please dont use ur real names
  13. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    Btw you can re-watch easy in the meanwhile Dont forget to pack a good headphone and a roll a big one