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  1. honest discussion

    damnn murdercrit!!!
  2. Streamers care

    That’s why retail l2 become the sht it is. If Nc executives were smart they would send a bussiness proposition for eme instead
  3. Very nice explanation. So proud!!! Subscriptions for Goodhombres university is open, classes open for : economics of game balance, economics of ovc trading and l2 computer sciences!
  4. about population / future steps

    chill my boy little gatos, i dont wanna really to delete u from game in the end, its perfect to have a blinding blow bot close to when playing dagger
  5. NOIS É BR!

  6. Time for opening

    Season starts 11am for me too, smart ones will try to find a way out of job in time if theresany
  7. Mixer streams can be possible?

    just make a bot account?
  8. Fa price/cost warning

    Honestly saying server is pay to win was a innocent disrespect maybe thats why people went agressive on you. Even being CL it consumes some time of my life, imagine being here everyday on forums as administrator answering a million pms, developing server, making the marketing etc... They deserve monetary reward for the time spent, not only to cover server expenses. So, about scrolls I say its already a big accomplishment for the communitynot to have donation for gear, lets not make them regret it. BB
  9. Discord Group

  10. server features

    Still i agree with everyone else that things in changelist should be proper explained with details before season opening, specially spoilers change (that is kinda of shady while progressive was most talk), details on balance changes, enchant rates, Ls changes, gold drop rate difference on gear dependence balance this affect people decisions and no one likes to feel everyone knows something you dont.
  11. server features

    I guess to update feature they would need to update in all translations also..adding a columm "Changelist" to l2ovc.com redirecting to would work already
  12. BadHombres

    GoodHombres**, if u know what i mean
  13. alo

    busco clan latino
  14. Unorthodox

    As I know he retired.