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  1. toogle antiheal

    The only solution is to put an toggle skill that blocks the heals. Otherwise it's pretty idiotic to fuk up all bishops just because some malaka idiots are healing u. It's true that there are quite a lot of those annoying idiots, but sadly, we have them in both factions. Most of the times i want to kill my own faction, because they keep praying/taking flags, which shortens the map and after that they vote for some Ivory/LOA/COT shit. For 5 seasons i've tried to explain that they will gain more from pvp than from capturing fortresses or taking flags, yet it's so hard from them to understand my intentions andall i got from most of the noobs is abuse. It''s quite sad that from whole Greece, most of the guys that are playing here are either idiots or total noobs,not to mention those Japanese retards ....
  2. toogle antiheal

    It's nothing close to abuse, because that's the main purpose of a bp and he ain't getting 10k adena from healing random targets.
  3. toogle antiheal

    If BP can't heal non party members then he will be completely fucked .. Less adena, exp and enchants. Not to mention that it's hard to find a good group for party, almost impossible.
  4. Raid Boss

    You know what happens to those who start attacking theraid, before they clean the enemy faction, right ? Otherwise i agree about the drop, we could get more then 1 box.
  5. Raid Boss

    So titans can get all the epics ? Random drop is fine as it is.
  6. PvP areas based on equipment?

    How exactly did i get owned When he is the one who was constantly crying in game about me, failed to do sh1t at all against me. He failed so bad in game, so he focused his attention on forum, trying to be smart ass with some dumb conclusions about someone he even doesn't know. Just because i'm being harsh on the rest, doesn't mean i'm wrong lol. If someone is such a pussy to get offended by a harsh tone, he should stick closer to his mommy.
  7. Zaken battle area

    The thing is thatyou can't control others action. At least, if the spawn point is correct, you can try to minimizeothers mistakes. But when u are in Zakens room, and someone pulls Zaken, u are in dog sh1t.
  8. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Yeah, Epoxy the child raper, gg.
  9. Zaken battle area

    Agree about the Zaken spawns, unlike AQ, where the nest spawn is larger, Zaken room is like a bottle full of coins.
  10. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Lol, if u think i'm going to waste time quoting and sh1t, u are wrong. Everything i said is true, if u disagree, it just confirms the fact that u suk!
  11. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Because u don't take the constructive criticism and u continue with ur dumb ideas. And, i'm not insulting you lol, don't take everything as direct insult. And why do u think u need to donate so u can make something in game, or that i will insult u if u donated ? Instead of waisting time for stupid ideas on the forum, u can spend 1 hour or how much time u have in the game.
  12. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Hah, if u think i have oneof those conditions, u are failing again. Just because someone is telling you the truth, doesn't mean he is full of anger or something.
  13. PvP areas based on equipment?

    Ntropy is right, you should stop posting garbage suggestions. You failed hard in game, now u focus ur failure on forum. And btw, wtf with those f@g gifs ? This ain't a Cinderella forum.
  14. Healers quesstion

    Healing is fine as it is, you just need to stick with someone who knows how to play, not one that is getting 2-3 shot.
  15. Modify Battlefield Flags

    Best case scenario would be if those people who farm flags had little common sense, so they can realize that they will gain more if they do pvp for 30 minutes rather than to kill some mobs and flags in a pvp server. For 5 seasons i'm try to explain them but all i got back was mostly lame abuse from the sukers. They ruin the map by shortening it to 5 minutes, and later they vote probably for Ivory, LOA, COT or some other shit.