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  1. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    What was wrong with newbies having one more thing to sell in CP pots ? Without them, every close range is affected, because that trigger skill is slower than the pots. Also it's not like those pots where such big deal for you when you avoided us onpurpose, focusing mainly on some non-buffednewbies, who died by couple of death spikes so you can write some lame sh1t at the end of the event or post those dumb scoreboards on forum.
  2. Golem's - Newbies

    Leaving the OL bots aside, because even with couple of OL's those guys suked so hard,that NPC ruined the season. This game, especially IL ain't intended almost everyone to have OE gear/skills with every kind of augment. You can clearly see that now, when there are less ppl on, how 4-5 strider archers with +16 bows and 2 augments can force newcomers out of the server. Not to mention that there are more than 10 +16 Bows and couple of +16 AMs. Add the fact that now Golem's are non presence, so besides enchants, newbies don't have anything else to sell so they can gear up, or even try to enchant or get those augments that everyone else have. And how exactly are they going to get enchants when they get hit for 6k from those OE geared noobs.Not to mention thatfoolish God Motivations buff that simply ruins the events, especially the 1v1,1v2s.
  3. Golem's - Newbies
  4. Golem's - Newbies

    It's clear that someone can't have a normal conversation with you, even with facts and valid arguments written you still being so braindead deluded. Where did i made any excuse about my actions lol, i don't give a fuk about you, and for sure I don't look at anyone as an ally, you random spoiler. If there is someone to be mad at, it's Emerald because he removed your ban, and it's so clearly that this game ain't good for your health. It's a fuking faction server, keep repeating that someone scammed you like some parrot, but really, use that Facebook account and go outside.
  5. Golem's - Newbies

    It was wrong that i couldn't predict you will get your ban removed and be such emo about the captaincy ? Or it wasn't "man enough" to reject you so i don't let my real life friends down for some unknown prick ? Dafaq. If i did something wrong, i will be the first to admit it, but that ain't the case. Now that you have aFacebook account, you can try to find some friends and go outside for once, i think it will be good for your mental health.
  6. Golem's - Newbies

    Dunno in what world giving your items to your clan because you are getting banned and later asking for royal captaincy, who belonged to real life friends who payed for their roomsand getting rejected is a scam, but i guess in your deluded world it is, so thats your problem. And yes, it was you who cursed on shout and HV, as you did more than 1 time, also you promised you wont ever play again in OVC, yet here we are, 2 seasons later. Once again, the opinion of random noobs like you or those malakas doesn't matter to me, only thing you can do iskeep barking and adding those deaths to your lame list, while me and Juls keep adding numbers to the K/D.
  7. Golem's - Newbies

    My actions ? You were the one who cursed Emerald on shout idiot, you were the one who went emo when after your ban got removed i refused to make you royal captain because i had to replace irl friends of mine for some random idiotic spoiler. Again, you are so dumb and deluded, that your accusations sound so funny, yet you can't realize that because you live in some different nerdy world. Stop playing this stupid game for 10h+ per day, and go outside, i'm sure there are nice places in Romania, even for dumb nerds like you.
  8. Golem's - Newbies

    I tough u wouldn't talk with/to me anymore ? How many times did u wrote that ? I told you i don't give a fuk about pointless oly, i won't ever join oly to compete against random noobs like you. You are the factor wannabe who makesoly farming chars every season, thinking that if you are hero you suddenly become good, lame random spoiler toughs ... K/D ratio means nothing to you, because you are deluded random spoiler, who dies 20 times per event. Only thing you can do is to keep nolifing by playing 10h every day like the social freak you are. Now keep getting those deluded toughs in your dumb brain about being scammed or shit, and keep dying all the time, soon you will reach those lame malakas like Juber and other noobs.
  9. Golem's - Newbies

    So much gibberish from a random malaka. Who are you to say who's worth what, when i speak with facts, and you with your butthurtness ? I've said many times that the opinion of you or some other random malaka doesn't matter, do you think the "laugh" of you or some other lame malaka matters to me ? What exactly do you "laugh" at ? That you and the rest failed to do fuk at all against me ? That you fail mounted that strider whole season ? That you made 9-6 scores with your fail TH when you had OL bots and bps behind your lame back ? Oh, i forgot to mention that lame MJ heavy using tank too. Is that your lame definition of "Factor" ? Or being shining clown when there is zero competition at all ? Is that your definition of "Factor" ? And why would i waste my time going to Olympiad to compete against random failures like you ? Making oly farming char like gladi in a server with no competition so you can use those lame 10 sec hero skills after you used 2 celes onlyto kill some low geared mages ? Is that your definition of a "Factor" ?What exactly i"m going to achieve or prove by being a hero in this server ? That i'm better than those mass recruited malaka daggers from your clan ? No shit, it's so fucking obvious, supported by facts and stats too. I don't need some hero skills or lame strider to own you or some other lame noob. And why would i form a "decent" clan in a server with competition with you ? I never mass recruited randoms like you, i never asked someone to be my personal BP or shit, i never asked anyone to go to some fail siege so i can use a strider like a bellend. I made the clan only for clan skills, nothing else. I don't suffer from that thing that you and those random malakas do, guys who failed to fuk at all in the top servers before. No one would let me be what ? Top on K/D every single season, while being target N1 every single event ? Oh, shit, those randoms failed doing that.Thats why me and Juls easily own solo every single one of you, without the need of OL bots or 2 bps per event, as you can clearly see by the stats, butyour blind buthurtness can't see that. You've being posting about striders, yet you fuking use them every single time ? I bet those lame mages who used the m.crit rebirth with the 2x augments and hero staffs though so lamely like you, "Oh, i will m.crit the shit out of every single target while i can do it, doesn't matter if it's lame and harms the server". Now, when you reply, or mention me again in some post, because you will, just like that fail spoiler who keep sayingthat he won't, use some facts, because you will be easily owned every single time with your malaka gibberish fail accusations.
  10. Golem's - Newbies

    You are top at kills because you seem to lack social life and you play more than others, it's simple as that. That's why K/D means more than Kills, because every random malaka with +16 bow and 2 augments can 2 shot mages, but not everyone can position himself correctly and avoid deaths. Others will follow my example ? Why do you think that i ever forced someone from my clan to do anything at all? Do you think i asked Juls to go and wipe your clan on the siege ? Do you think i told him to decline your request to help you against the malaka striders ? Do you think i told him to make 18k/2k K/D ? Those guys that i play with have a head on their shoulders. Thats why if someoneelse besides me soe on Wisdom/Beast/Tower at this stage of the server, he must have realized that wasting 5 minutes for 5 Primeval crystals is pointless, not because i told him to soe. Those who ruin the events are random greeks and players from your clan. Full geared players from your clan like crybaby, idral, crow and other dumb noobs. Players who prefer to take flags/capture for 3 adena giving God motivations to the other faction instead of doing actual pvp in a pvp server. Not only that you are deluded nerd, but you are such a hypocrite too. You wrote about others "following my example" yet you did not take screens of all the time you did soe on those events too ? Ain't that hypocrite ? And no, i did not soe from the start, i started doing it after the 30 day of the server when there wasn't anything from that box that i needed anymore, that's where half of the 480 deaths i got came from. Become useful for what, random malaka ? You think if that it was not the deaths from the mini events i would waste my time for 5 Primeval Crystals ? Or that i will play Humans vs Malakas ? Do you know that u can't relog while being in a combat mode ? Funny how with all those "windrunnings", "rrs" you and the rest of random malakas keep seeing the system message leading to "To Village" button from that "tool" .... Must be so hard for you ... And how do you even have the dignity to accuse someone of "running" while the whole season you used those lame striders ? Not that they helped you that much, because even now you fail mounted the shit out of them and died 3k times by playing most of the season with striders and couple of OL bots and bps at 90% of the events. Guys like you who suffer from the "factor wannabe" thingwho obviously never went to real siege were bitching about the castle not giving anything "significant" to the owners and this season you got lame striders and territory stats.You needed 60 days to realize Striders should not be usable at events ? Now you suggest +3 speed, why the speed malaka ? That raid in the castle ain't enough for the owners ? Instead of wanting stupid things like striders, passive stats, which lead to pvp advantage(you suk so hard even with them) ask for something normal like increased drop of things from that raid.
  11. Golem's - Newbies

    What's K/D ratio and Deaths statisticsgot to do with doing the objective lol ? You embarrassed to be in that Death list with those noobs ? Yes ,you should be. You think that if there isn't that kind of statistics, pro players will start to die 20 times on a single map like you or some other random noob ? Yeah, let's remove the only stats that distinguishes those who ain't lame with the restand letsadd some pointless sh1t like most spoilsor "top farmer" .
  12. Golem's - Newbies

    Instead of increasing the drop rate of those golems, so newbies can catch up faster, you removed them from pvp drop and made them drop only from those pointless raids, who now will be camped by some high geared random which will lead to even harder game progress for newcomers.
  13. God motivation

    Yep, it should be deleted.
  14. New respawn system and more town maps.

    50 days + and still haven't played on Dion/Giran TVT map type. I play for 2-3h per day and it's like 95% of the time Fortress/Flag type of map. Random greekssimply prefer to vote for some lame sh1t so they can take flags/capture for 3-4 adena, instead of doing actual pvp in a pvp server. Anyway, Fortress maps are good for pvp only if players could realize that it's better and in their own benefit if they chose to focus on pvp instead of capturing.
  15. infinity rod

    You imagining about some forum user because you are butthurt or random malakas copying lame dagger like you by using IC set is relevant to the tittle ? You are the one who's embarrassing. We run yet we own randoms like you, how does that happens ? About the distance, for sure you have gone more with your fail strider, and thats when you did not mount fail it by pressing To Village . And yes, Juls is 1000000 times better than you, and you can clearly see that in the stats, or you gonna deny that too ?