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    It's funny how OVC greeks are mocking the latino community, while they are even lamer.
  2. Vote: clans #1

    As Niomode said, thereis no need to completely remodel the whole clan structure ! Personally i don't want to be in the same clan with 100 random lame malakas, and every week to have different random who changes the crest to some pink shit or gives malakia orders in clan chat about some castle. Only thing that can be done about clan is either bring back the old slot numbers, or if you gonna decrease it, just make it easier(cheaper) to level it up ! Really, there is no need to waste time for remodeling the clan structureat all, there are a lot more important things that you need to change/add, such as enchant cap, removingthat Strange Machine, working on the balance/elo issue and the whole rank/objective system.
  3. You can reach the 5k ELO cap in B grade as easily as in S grade,so ELO doesn't really balance the low geared guys with those who have end game gear. Just because someone have Full S and epics, doesn't mean that he is good and contributes as much in pvp as some low geared player who plays better and doesn't die that often. It's Interlude, not H5 or higher chronicleswhere you have attributes and 100 more sets and stuff that can influence the balance.
  4. If you look back at the past, if not all, then most of the things that have been said by meand some other guys(i think you know who) has came true. I'm not trying to act like mr. smart ass and i say i told you so, but it's kinda true. When it comes to suggestions and opinions you shouldtake in consideration primary the written of guys who have real old school L2 experience, acquired onall type of servers. Of course, only if it's well-thought-out and not some nonsense. Earning 15 adena by taking some flag won't make life a lot easier for the newbies. Killing some lame S-grader should not be a problem for a newcomerif the server is structured correctly. In OVC the S grade players aren't the main obstacle for newcomers. It's the gear gap, and especially the gap that comes from OE items and augments. If the newcomers starts with B grade and faces the brutal reality of having to farm couple of thousand adena just to buy A grade while competing against old players with +16 weapons, OE armors/jews and 2 augments, he will realize that something is wrong. That wouldn'tbe the case if we had a better progressive gameplay, some enchant gap and if that Strange Machine NPC was not availableat all in the first place. Objectives such as Domination and Escort add something differently indeed, but the Flag/Battlefield ones are simply out of place here. It may be fun for some weirdo to take a flag and run around with it, while not having a slight intention of doing pvp, but that's not the case with most of us. Just becausesome guy sucks in pvp and in his boredom in trying to get better cries about his lameness and suggest some nonsensical objective implementation doesn't mean that you should listen to him. Lineage 2 is a simple game with simple game mechanics, and itsmain purpose was and always should be PVP, and if you stick to its core you will succeed. Butif you tryto customize it vastly, with all kind of objectives and unnecessary side things,the most likely outcome is failure.
  5. Stupid players won't request to you about making objectives more rewarding if there aren't any objectives at all ! I'm talking about Flags/Camps/Praying. And even if they wan't to take some dull flags or camp, you should just ignore them, or redirect them to Stronghold or SIMS. Just stick to pure PVP reward orientedsystem, you get all the stuff from doing pvp/raids on maps likeTVT and Domination, maybe Escorts too. What better than doing pvp and getting rewarder for it ? The only objectives who are pvp oriented are the Domination and Escort, and the only thing you should get from them is extra adena while being there anddoing pvp for the zone.
  6. Vote: healers

    My post was structuredmostly towards whatZaplixx wrote. Anyway, i don't see why a restriction of resurrecting another healer is in need. This season(as in previous) we had a necro who was in pt with 2 healers, and that did not lead to some disbalance, it was the opposite, couple of more kills in 2-3 secs from the same guys.
  7. Vote: healers

    Yeah, let's remove the Healers so we can kill one of the most essential classes in pvpand the least part of concept that is left of pvp in this server .. seems legit. Healers are killable so easyespecially in IL so i don't see any logic in the demands of guys who are against healers and tanks. Just because some of the players are lame and face difficulties killing some healer or tank, doesn't mean that we should nerf or disable a whole class !
  8. Or maybe change the system so pvp/kills can be more rewarding than flaging/praying/capturing ?
  9. Sub class restrictions are not necessary at all. Just because now players are subbing to Warlords/Tanks/Spoilers for the obvious reasons, it doesn't mean that everyone is doing the same. For example there are a lot ofguys who sub archer, mage, gladi, dagger or bp just for class diversity and fun, not because they want a sub for objectives/rank up, and if some of the discussedrestrictions are implemented it would only detriment those who seek fun by having variety of classes to be played with.
  10. LOA is simply the worst map in this server. In the other topic i wrote about that theBattlefield/Flags maps should be replaced with TVT maps. WTB Dion/Giran Town TVT !
  11. It's the same waiting game with other classes too (Gladi, Dagger etc), so there is really a problem with the balance system, and that's not something new !
  12. You exposed shit at all Dream on random !
  13. "Rock emotionally", why after i write something you double-triple post every time then ? Years passing by, yet you still remain the same butthurt rejectedrandom. Agent and his obsession of K/D, too bad after all those soes that you used you still couldn't manage to get inside that list with your main char. After you realized you won't ever get there, you started bitching about it in game and here . Btw, you should really start to play this season, it will be like a heaven for a random spoiler like you. Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you brake Every step you take They will be spoiling you Oh, can't you see You belong to OVC How your poor heart aches with every missed spoil you could have made
  14. Told you many times, i don't give a fuck what you or some other random think or label me with, keep spaming that i "scammed you".No one gives a fuck about youremotionally battered soul. If you want proves, get your greasy head out from your ass and read what Melisandre and Fungry wrote, if you have any capability to understand them at all !
  15. My post is well structured and explained so everyone who have the capacity can join the discussion in the same materand give his ideas about improving the current situation, it's far from "omg this and this are op wtf fix" if you are implying that to me. The same thing is getting written again and again on topics becausemost of the time you are locking them like you did on Climaxes post. You got proofs that spoilers make 1k+ adena per event? you said so, then show me, then i'll answer the rest of the points you made here. My main points was not about how much they/can make, it was about the general reward system of players who actually prefer to do pvp without "doing the objective" by taking flags or camps, which are the types that most of the maps are being played. Anyway, Melisandre explained to you with legit facts, Fungry too and the guyplays a spoiler. I won't ever play one here so i can't post you personal screens of adena income. I'm aware of the problem with BF / CTF maps and some of them will be changed, basically these maps must not be open maps otherwise people tend to run in circles (Cruma Marshland...) or if they are already open maps, there should be only 1 way in / out (take Dragon Valley BF map as a good example). Glad that you agree with the part. I'm sure that if we had only TVT, Domination, Escort and KOTH type of maps no one would complain about it. Also you really need to check about Dion and Giran TVT, they are simply missing. You can say "but I told you..." as much as you want, its not that I don't listen (that's how you try to make it sound like) because previous season I did reduce the amount - it simply requires more tweaking - I don't have any predictions or auto calculations where I can simply write "2 weeks" and the rest is done automatically you know... (and who said I want them to become free after exactly 2 weeks anyway?) Finally, I gotta say that thanks to all these new features, many more classes become available, nearly all of them actually. The sad part is that the "archer vs mage" complaints were replaced with "wl/tankers/spoilers" complaints. Oh well, can't please everyone. Of course that you can't actually calculate how much time exactly it will require for the Progressive gameplay to reach its final stage for A Grade, there are factors like online count, items bought etc, factors that are unknown every season. I say that it's around 2 weeksbecause this is the time scale that is the most appropriate by playing here for 7 seasons. By the end of the first week of a seasons start, most of the guys are already in A, by the second week it's either S or S with partially A. The 2nd week mark is the period that this stagnation that i'm talking about is clearly seen, since most of the players already have the items and only newbies try to buy A grade from the Merchant. Newcomers who have hard time collecting 3-4k for A set, jewelry and weapon. Those classes should be available and playable all the time, not first 2-3 weeks and later thrown outbecause of the New Rank system. If you really think that i'm complaining about someone actually playing tank or wl you are wrong ! We had a Warlord previous season, and that was Yamada. He was actually playing the class with a pvp purpose and he was quite pain in the ass for most of the guys, which is a good thing. Those that are playing warlords/tanks/spoilers at the moment are only playing them to do the map objectives so they can rank/farm up because of the new reward system. Do you really think they will continue to play those classes when they gear/rank up ? The first season that i started in OVC the whole number of daggers that were playing i could count on my 2 hands, everything else was just archers/mages. After i rolled to dagger from sorc suddenly most of those fail archer/mages decided to roll on daggers too, because they were too lame to kill a dagger 1v1 and they thougth things would be different if they copycat. I'm talking about guys who usedGuidance(other comical things too) on dagger, some of them are still playing like that even now. Heck, at the moment we have a fail TH Hero who uses Sand Bomb 1v1 against gladiators... What about tanks ? I seriously can't remember a significant tank the first seasons i started here ! I even heard that last season those Empire randoms went to a siege without a tank, and when Vanio decided to go and annoy themthey called some random latinotank, with whomthey failed eventually of course. I think most of you guys are seriously missing the point that i'm trying to make here ! I'm not against a class diversity, especially in a chronicle like Interlude ! I'm trying to say that all those tanks/warlords/spoilers are being only playedto do the map objectives, which leads to a unpleasant gameplay. One things is for a warlord or a tank to actually try and contribute to the general pvp by playing with pvp purpose with party or even alone, completely different thing is to have 20+ tanks and warlords who are running around the maps with sole purpose only totake some flags from base to base. What brings more satisfaction - a party/lone player who is trying to kill you by applying some kind of tactics/strategy, and you trying to counteract, or some bellend who just takes some flag and runs towards his base without a single intention of actually killing you ? You again ? You ain't even playing this season by your own words(if it's true at all), dafaq are you even talking about OLsand Bishops when you don't know the current state of the season ? Go and create a Bishop and see for yourself how much adena a bishop earns with or without party ! Or do yourself a favor andget outside from your basement and breathe some fresh air for a change.