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  1. Is that all?

    As far as i remember you always quited after a couple of days/week on freshly new seasonsanddid not last to the latterstages of them so it's inappropriate from you to say that you can't do 1v1/1v2/1v3 in this server. It's not that easy to do them at the start of a new season while there are 150-200 players circling around but it's doable. If the event/map allows you just have to drag one or some of them out of the zerg and do those 1v1/1v2 etc. Later on when the population decreases you will have plenty of those single pvps more frequently and easily, you just have to stick around couple of weeks. Btw, you aren't wrong about using "skills" or player sleightin this game, it's not only about luck, gear and spaming couple of skills. You can always assess the in game situation and usethings like positioning, skills order of use, map environment, other players doings and so on, basically everything that you can use to get you in an advantage over the rest.All of those things you can include in the word "skills".
  2. Suggestions for keeping people!

    It seems that half of the community here is farm oriented, and they want the server tohave a item gap between players,slow item progress and "a lot of things" to farm during the season, while the other part (including me) is here just for the PVP. And it's quite bizarre that instead of joining some classic or low rate server they joined a PVP Faction server and with every season that have passed by they want more and more farmable features which are changing the whole essence of a PVP Faction server. Instead of doing common PVP, they preferred to have some flags and camps on maps so they would get 15a from them, later they though that was not enough and they wanted those "map objectives" to provide Enchants/BOGS/LS and so on. And when you add those new rank requirements the whole concept of a PVP server and the past enjoyment that it delivered is long gone for those who joined hereof. Dunno if you remember or played then, but those first seasons of mine in 2015 were completely different PVP-wise from now. Thenyou just joined and jump straightly intoPVP, while from it you got all the basic things that you need to progress game-wise-80 lvl on main/subs for the expert/rebirth skills and the adena/enchants/stuff for higher gear.
  3. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Partly thats what isuggested couple of seasons ago, that for example A-Grade should be free of any cost after around 2 weeks. And you are right that population will still decrease (the moaning guys who farmed A-S will bitch about someone else getting it cheaper/free), but more newcomers will stay that way. The main crux in that feature is how and when should the gear become completely free, so we can avoid the groans from those who prefer to grind all day for their gear. I think Emerald wrote somewhere that he will draw in game some notifications windows/info about the progressive gameplay so that guys can't complain that they were left surprised.
  4. about population / future steps

    It wasn't a casual game back in 2005-2011, when most of us were bunch of kids who were dumb enough to farm those mobs for hours and hours just so we could be in contention with your Anotherways, Laylows, OOCs, Infrareds, Tempests and so ons. Now it's late 2018, most of us have university, work or other common responsibilities. If back in those C2-Interlude times i was a kid who wasn't fully aware of life and preferred tospend half of his day after schoolto grindsome farm spotsplaying for 5h+ per day a PC Game, rather thanread some books,hit the gym or just to do something more significant with my time, now that's not the case. It's not like those old school players can be surprised by something new in those old chronicles that we played for years and years.I don't want to sound that i'm imposing my opinion on behalf of the community, but if you really read and rationalize the above, you will get my point. It's pretty obvious how every season we have almost the same amount of recognizable players who are said to be the core of the server. And that amount of "Core OVC players" is not large enough to sustain a diversified server season, because this is an MMPORG, it's not Battlefield/COD or some other game where you can play with/against 20-30 players per map. So after all the opinion/complains of the newcomers or those who play couple of maps a day should not be ignored ! Otherwise things will continue just as they are now, you will have your common random greek necro who will lose his sleep at firstjust so he can get his gear advantage and "own" those newbies for 1-2 weeks, and then suddenlywhenfrom 100-200 players there are only 15-20 not so suitable for instant kill players left, he will shout for a wipe because of "no competition/fun" and then quit. If you sight at me with your sentence - i never said that someone who just started should be exactly on the same level as those who playedbefore them ! The point is that those who are new should be at least somewhat close to equivalent in terms of PVP competition. Dunno if you played this IL season, but when A went free a large amount of players moaned and most of them even quited, just because others could take it for free, and i'm talking about moaning guys who had +16weapons and OE gear. Imagine some archer/mage with DB/AM +16 bitching about some newbie starting directly with A grade set .... And imagine if the chronicle was not IL, but H5 or a newer one, where you have talismans, attributes, +30 skills and who knows what else shit to achieve. Actually, there is no need to imagine, just remember how long the H5 season ended for, or even those last 2 IL seasons !
  5. about population / future steps

    While those H5 features would indeed add more options to farm for those players who invest half of their day farming it would be the opposite for those who play for couple of maps per day. So in the end those new features either must be implemented in a way that they won't make the item-wise balancein favor of the constantly playing players, otherwise the picture would be a lot worse than it's now in that simple IL client. Now with the current server setupin this monotonous IL chroniclethat we are playing for the last few seasons we see how unbalanced things can be whenthose hard farming +16 geared players are driving out 95% of the newcomers from the server. And finally we reach to the main point where those hard farming players moan plentyif someone else have the accessibility to reach their level gear-wise without the effort/hours grinded they have done to achieve that level. Thus the OVC community must decide what thing they prefer - to have item-wise equallystrong player base, or to continue as it was heretofore, and from my close observations ofthose 8 seasons that i have played heresadly it's the later. P.S. To even initiateinto more detailed discussions about those H5 settings the server needs to own decent H5 server files (which i don't think it possess), and for us to know if a H5 season is even into consideration in the first place, otherwise it's just simple tittle-tattle !
  6. about population / future steps

    +10 enchant cap is fine, as it wassuggested before couple of seasons.
  7. Cancellation

    Even if u had over 999999999999 pvps u would still be the same lame random greek who sand bombs gladis and run like a headless chicken into the zerg with your fail TH and afterwardsmoan your guts out just because you got owned.
  8. Cancellation

    Dude i just logged in for the first time since 5 days and all that i saw in game was 5-6 guys constantlytaking flags without pvping at all and you moaning all the time about cancels/TH skills and some other shit. Maybe if you actually tried to play the dagger class correctly you would not have those problems with the cancel skill, or not onsuchscale !
  9. about population / future steps

    This season is prime example for that. We had good startup balance - decent online count and gear getting cheaper faster than before, especially A grade, yet a huge part of the players moaned when others caught them up "effortlessly" regarding itemswhile they grinded for hours and days so they can achieve the much desired "PVP advantage". Basically we 2 portions here -the first portion of the so called "core community", of which large part contains guys that prefer to spend half of their day to farm gear so they can get their dreamedadvantage of 2-3 hitting newbies, and we have the second portion, those who are new to the server. Sadly, most of those who are new to the server are total noobs who quit after 1-2 hours spent in the server, just because some of the "core members" focus mostly on them andthey can't figure out the server setup or generally lack the desire to do it while they get owned by some bellend. There are still a lot of downsides or bad implemented thingsof the server setup, things likebest maps missing at the start of the season, rank leveling, map objectives, things whichdisplace the essence of the realPVP at this current server setup. Yet, even with those downsides we shouldn't have such enormous decrease of the online count after just 1-2 weeks and asks for wipes after such short period. The plaintruth is that the L2 Community, or the scrapings that are left of it nowadays is largely filled with sissy randoms who aren't used to competitive game environment and get bored playing aftera coupleof days.
  10. Smaller maps for PVP?

    That's good news ! Btw, i know that most of the times maps should be smaller, but that doesn't mean that mid and larger maps to be completely removed, because if every map is close combat like Dion/Giran/Oren town, it would be somewhat in disadvantage for archers/mages. Talking about maps like Hot Springs, Death Pass, Fellmere Lake, Bee Hive, EG, those maps are cool if there is decent online amount ! LOA should be completely removed btw !
  11. Smaller maps for PVP?

    You can't vote for Dion/Giran Town TVT because they are missing !
  12. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    This is a PVP Faction server, it's supposed to have rapid development, that farming thing was back in 2008 Noob Wars. Also theserver should not be "main player base" oriented, because 95% of that "main player base" is filled with random dull noobs which is exactly the reason that seasons are ending so short. Are you really motivated and entertained if you play for 10h per day focusingprimary on C/B-Grade newbies so you can kill them with 2-3 Death Spikes while avoiding higher geared players just so you can make 70-80 kills and shout later "IM THE KING", "LF COMPETITION" or post screen shot on your lame scoreboard on the forum ? Not to mention all those clan member avoid each other at events, scams, ass lickings and selling chars. This is a illustration of your so called "main players base".
  13. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    So just because you nolifed or played more than others you prefer to be better geared for 1 month and 2-3 shot newcomers so you can make them quit ? Wouldn't be better if90% of the players are equally geared which will lead to more competitive server that will last longer ?
  14. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    A-Grade becoming free can never be too prematurely, since it's crucial to the balance of the game, especially in chronicle like Interlude. If you have more than 2 days in C-Grade vs A-Grade with 3rd class skills it leads to rage quiting of lame newbies, same could be said about B-Grade vs A/S.
  15. Rejoining epic

    As OL, you can contribute hugely to your clan and the actual outcome on the raid, yet you get that lame message about not enough sh1t done and leave with empty hands.