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  1. Movement "bug"

    Everyone who played this game for more then 1 year on different serversknows how to avoid that movement bug. What about the visual bug where you are missing backstabs because ur targets back is visualized but hes actuallyfacing towards you ?
  2. Interlude OBT?

    Maybe they want to test the new rebirth system, or the new augment system ? Too bad for u that it's "tetrislude" again, and not Grand 5 days lasting Crusade or whatever new gibberish NCSOFT made. Maybe they will open it next year so the whole "handless F1 tetrislude" community can eyewitness the genius of Mr. Soulka and his unseen combination of skills usage for 5 days.
  3. Yeah, losing arguments and now wanting to stop You should indeed stop with ur dumb suggestion cuz u are making yourself more foolish with each followingpost you make. I just hope that u ain't the volunteer who will helpEmerald's attempt to "fixthe issue".
  4. U must have missed the last page in which i wrote what exactly is wrong with daggers in this server, speaking from real experience on all kind of servers, unlike u from watching random videos. Ur butthurtnes clouds ur brain and u rage all the time. I never bragged about killing some random like u, not my fault u were mad enough to chase for 15 mins just to die in the end and later calling me for duels in town just to lose them too. I'm asking u again, how exactly those daggers were "abusing" a server feature like Rebirth WW ? Who's fault it is that some lame frenzy bot were chasing daggers all around the map getting him into the zerg dying and bitching all the time ? Thats ur childish spite again, hence most of ur lame suggestions are to be ignored.
  5. All that Emerald needs to do is to ignore most of ur gibberish....
  6. Statistics page

    Is it possible for u to add K/D ratio statistic too ?
  7. Truth hurts, eh ? U are one big crybaby and everyone knows that You can continuewatching youtube fraps of servers and offi clients to educate yourself, we don't need to do that cuz we actually played them.
  8. U seem to forget how mad u went when u lost with ur TH 1v1 against my GH and started explaining to me how a TH can't lose to an GH/WR, that the TH is the best dagger in every chronicle and other gibberish like that. So, we should nerf Lethal blow to the ground because some copycat daggers were spamming it and those lame ppl who got themselves in the situation 1v1 with a dagger keptrunning away and kept dying ? Like they would not die from a backstab lol ... Do u think if Lethal Blow dmg formula was normal, and the daggers used backcstab from the back instead of Lethal blow would lead toresult different than a dead target? As i wrote above, the problem with Lethal blow is that it often hits more from the back than it should, nothing wrong with doing more dmg than deadly blow or hitting 1k frontal to mages. And how exactly were sin,poop,climax abusing their chars by using a server feature like Rebirth WW on POWi ? Is it their fault that 95% of the players are headless noobs who don't know basic things pvping against daggers ? Those daggers chose that setup knowing that it will sacrifice their survivability 1v1 but it will gain them extra mobility and frags overall on mapsand i don't see nothing wrong with that.
  9. It seems that ichakalawrote it before me, and while i completely agree with him, as someone who played this server for 5 seasons, all of them mostly with dagger/archer/mage i will write my opinion anyway. First of all, daggers are major significance in this server, not only because they are the 3rd most played class in last 2-3 seasons, but because a lot of ppl seems to lack the knowledge of how exactly they should work, hence by qqing about them and giving wrong suggestions if Emerald listen to them it could harm andlead the server being even less class sided, as most of u know (i hope) in IL endgame generally speakingthere are 3 classes that rule in pvp (even with the frenzy nerfu can add Destro to the list,Gladis & Tyrants are hugely nerfed). In my first seasons in OVC, there weren't so many daggers playing, and those who did play them considerably that comes to my mind are Chaks, Niomode, priny and that russianGH (can't remember his name atm).Last 2 seasons i saw so many fail mages from previous seasons(won't mention them), who were constantly moaning about being owned by daggers who did re-rollfrom mages to daggers leading to significant increase of dagger population and even more moaning from other fail mages. Back on point, daggers aren't so OP as most of the players make them, it's just that huge part of them do notknow how to play against them. The things that need a rework are: Lethal blowreally hits more from back then it should, but as a 3rd class skill with higher based dmg it should not hit less then deadly blow as a lot of guys in this server are telling. Mirage land rate is higher then it should be, and while indeed that TH misses blows more then it should and needs to be checked, that does not mean it should have the same % of blow success rate of GH/WR with Focus Death lol. Last season we had the likes of Sin who played TH and had equal kills to other top daggers, at the end of the season Juls switched from GH to TH and did more kills then the rest of the daggers ( i know ... mirage was quite annoying ..) So TH ain't useless as some are trying to make u believe. Making TH's skill land rate closer to GH/WR will be huge mistake, leading the last two daggers being useless. Not to mention that Bluff, Trick, Switch land rates are lower then they should be and with that well known geodata problem which affects daggers (other close range dds too) and in the end, after all, daggers aren't so "OP" as a lot here are trying to make.
  10. Jewels Boss

    So every casual player should struggle because ur nolifing friends who are getting epics after couple of days leave the server cuz of boredom ? The reason server's season is dying fast is quite the opposite > those who get full gear/epics faster than others are less in numbers than those who play regularly without nolifing hence if 20-30 ppl are leaving cuz of "no competition/boredom" after 2 weeks it won't harm the server significantly as muchwhen 100-200 casual players leave because they need to spend so much time for basic things so they can be competitive against others. Imo, one of the main things that i suggested long time ago whichwould increase the server lifetime is theA grade getting completely free after 2-3 weeks. Emerald wrote that for this seasonhe will implement that, so newcomers who join the server later will have a chance against those who play from the start.
  11. toogle antiheal

    The only solution is to put an toggle skill that blocks the heals. Otherwise it's pretty idiotic to fuk up all bishops just because some malaka idiots are healing u. It's true that there are quite a lot of those annoying idiots, but sadly, we have them in both factions. Most of the times i want to kill my own faction, because they keep praying/taking flags, which shortens the map and after that they vote for some Ivory/LOA/COT shit. For 5 seasons i've tried to explain that they will gain more from pvp than from capturing fortresses or taking flags, yet it's so hard from them to understand my intentions andall i got from most of the noobs is abuse. It''s quite sad that from whole Greece, most of the guys that are playing here are either idiots or total noobs,not to mention those Japanese retards ....
  12. toogle antiheal

    It's nothing close to abuse, because that's the main purpose of a bp and he ain't getting 10k adena from healing random targets.
  13. toogle antiheal

    If BP can't heal non party members then he will be completely fucked .. Less adena, exp and enchants. Not to mention that it's hard to find a good group for party, almost impossible.
  14. Raid Boss

    You know what happens to those who start attacking theraid, before they clean the enemy faction, right ? Otherwise i agree about the drop, we could get more then 1 box.