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  1. Vote: do you play L2 with sounds?

    Or maybe a piggy squealwhen some random malaka mount fails the strider and dies ?
  2. It was prettyunadvisedly to remove those golems after the server entered its mid/end period. It's Interlude, so those who play from the start and have better gear ain't the servers main problem, the serious problem is that NPC whichhelped those who played more to have all kind of augments. The removing of those golems openedthat huge gap between old players and newcomers, a gap that can't be closed. One thing is for newbiesto play against some malaka random with +16 DB/AM, completely different thing is having OE gear plus 2 offensive augments, augments thatwere boosted a lot this season. Add to the picture God Motivations buff andthose ridiculous striders and the situation for most of the guys becomes deal breaking. DiscipleOfLust, as other said, clan members entering 2 different factions at evensis noticeable and harmful only at the ending stage of the servers life. It's not such big deal that they avoid each other, the problem isguys like theone you frapsed are focusing mostlynewbies, because they can make kills only from newbies and noobs. And when you have events of 15-20 ppl, a given faction filled primary with A grade newbies, someone avoiding other player and concentrating mainly on the few disadvantaged players it sucks hard. You can't forbid for someone to avoid friends/clan members, the only reasonable solution for your problem is for you to focus on those high geared noobs. You have tank class, you have a dagger in your party, if you play properly that lame mage won't sniff a newbie in the whole event. Generally speaking, i'm against wipes too, and even if this seasonis crying for wipe because itsdecaying and it won't get better, wipe ain't the solution. What is the point of making wipe only so we canstart from scratch and witness the same irreversible things over and over again ? There are guys who moan every single season for wipe, yet most of them never gave a single reasonable suggestion to help the server situation.
  3. Agent001

    Everyone can lose 1v1, it's a game that depends more on luck/items rather than player skills, as i wrote above but you are too dumb and blinded by your deluded hate to comprehend. The problem is not that you lost those duels, the problem is the way you lost them and the way you acted afterwards. It's enough thatyou were even saying that TH is the ultimate dagger and can't lose to an AW/PW, which is complete bullshit but i'm not surprised because it comesfrom a random lame player like you. But not only that you did say that, you used IC set and were bitching around about AW/PW being "OP" and TH being nerfed . It's quite obviously that you never played dagger on an offi platform server, that's why i always mock you about that and you always get mad. You were even crying that daggers like sin,dog were "abusing" WW rebirth and you were chasing them like an idiot with your frenzy bot just to die in the zerg, i mean, how fucking lame is that ? Now this season with the help ofyour previous seasons bitching about Focus Death and AW/PW,you made PW sub and saw the "OP as fuk" dmg that you were insisting it existed, while daggers like me,Lesley,Pony and other who ain't lame as fuk as you are stated long time ago that it was wrong, especially this season with the changed Focus formula. But no, you were so butthurt and mad that you were denying everything we said just because you live in your deluded nerdy world
  4. Agent001

    Why would i not speak about 1v1 when you lost so lame 3 times in a row by me ? Juls beat you too,even GodxOfxWar beat you this season 1v1 and you cried afterwards why he used mirage on duel, dafaq .... You are the sick one, i wasn't the one who logged in the middle of the night to create bot chars, you were the one doing it,just so you can "surpass" a guy who is pain the ass for you, in a statistics that you keep saying that it's pointless and "retard". If you didn't care and been obsessed with this game, you wouldn't do things like those, but you are a deluded sick nerd.
  5. Agent001

    Delusions after delusions, nothing else comes from your mind.You are sick, go find some help.
  6. Agent001

    Again with your lame delusions . You are the one who spendshis time nolifing in the game, not me. You are the one who gets mad and sadafter someone rejected him or beat him on duels, not me. The reason that i'm not dying is not because i'm "avoiding pvp" or trying to get N1 on some spot, it's because the competition sucks hard andi'm playing against lame ass randoms like you, who are miles below my ability. That is the reason that losers like you keep getting mad and loatheme every single season. Every lame random uses the same lame excuses like "runner,soe,deloger,5v1" or some other lame shit, yet funny how everyone sees the sysmsg "Sosa hit you for ..." followed by that button who guys like you press all the time. Still no one gave valid arguments how does that happen ... Everyone moans about me, yet 99% of the time they die 1v1 or fail to do fuckat all against me. Thats why K/D statistics pinpoints the reality and distinguishes the capable from the lame ones. Because every nolifing random nerd like you, who plays10h+ per day can get more kills than othersin a game whoseproportions are based more on items, numbersand luck rather than individual player skills, but not everyone can get those kills without dying poorly 20 or more times per single map. I know your brain is heavily clouded by some sick delusions, hence you will fail to understand me and you will continue to chase players like me, Juls and other "K/D runners"only to fail miserably and bitch in game/forumlike you always do. Also, you didn't took shit from me , 6557/490 > your main char and all those bot chars you created in your delusional attempts to make your suffering less painful.
  7. God motivation 2

    Geeez dude, you prove every word that i said with your lame actions, yet you can't realize the way i mock the shit out of you .That happens when you are deluded prick. You said that you won't talk with me for 10 times, yet here you are, staying till those late hours and writing in time intervals while normal people sleep. You said that K/D is "retard statistic" yet here you are, wasting unadvisedly your time to make and setup bot chars so you can get 16 kills in you attempt to take a N1 spot in a place for whichyou said that it's only for "retards,runners,clowns,cowards,soe" . Funny thing is with all those flames you said to me about me using soe at thosepointless Wisdom Test/Clear the Chamber events you did the same in your attempt to enter that list with your main char but you failed miserably, because you already died 6k times like the lame random noob you are . If you think that now i will lose sleep over some stupid game trying to regain some spot that a obsessed mentally ill guy "took" with 16 kills you are even more deluded than i thought. Having or not having some page statistic won't make players like me and those you mentioned lame to die20 times per a singlemap like some random deluded spoiler does, so that won't save you from your misery of chasing guys like me, Juls, prinny, Icequeen, Kat just so you can fail and go demented like you do all the time. P.S. 6207/480 & 17840/2000 > you in every single way, you lame ass spoiler .
  8. God motivation 2

    So you are saying K/D ratio is the reason that now one faction is playing with God Motivation most of the time ? What an complete bullshit. In order only two players are in the K/D ratio list and theyareKat and prinny, and most of the time Kat ain't even playing a DD. Same is the story with Chaos faction, but it seems that Juls ain't active anymore so that leaves the count to one. So get your deluded head out of your butthurt ass and read the written again. P.S. Stop being obsessed with this game and instead of making bot chars to test and tryto surpass someone in that list, tell those lame noobs from your clan(Crow,Idral,crybaby etc.) to stop giving that buff to the opposite faction.
  9. God motivation 2

    Yes, it's true that at the beginning when the server had around 150+ppl online the buff wasn't as significant as it is now, but since we are at the final stage of the server, the situation is completely different. Usually i log and play around 4-5 maps at max per day, and most of them happens to be Fortress or Capture The Flag type of map, so with current server population, which most of the time is around 20-30 playersa certain faction having the buff for the majority of the event is unavoidable.Having less players online means more situations where you end up 1v1,1v2,1v3 etc. and when you add the fact that sometimes the majority of a given factionhappens to be of OE geared, 2x augmented players,so the pvpadvantage for the mentioned faction is huge.Not to mention that there are large periods of the gamethat your faction is filled with low geared newbies, who aren't familiar with the server specifics/situation and the disadvantage for them gets even bigger so they simply get destroyed by being shot for 6k while they deal 100-200 dmgleading to the abandonment of the server for most of them. Another thing is that some of the high geared players are letting others to capture on purpose, and of course they will, because of the pvp advantage. The sad part is that it seems that most of the players are lacking common sense because they prefer to capture/take flags for big part of the map time so they can "do the map objective" andgain some small amount of adena without realizing they can achieve a lot more and gear up a lot faster by getting enchants/golemsif they simply focused on doing pvp for 25 minutes instead of running like anbellends with some flag. And the saddest part is that there are many full geared players who keep capturing/taking flags so they can rank up or get 2 adena while they fuk up the pvp situation for those who have logged in a pvp faction server to do actual pvp. Imagine a situation in which a brain using newcomer who joins at the currentstage of the server in which there are around 20 players online per mapand creates A grade characterwith the intentions of doing pvp. First thing he will notice the price of gear/enchants/golems(who are now unavailable)and second he will make some estimations about his way to progress. Then he will notice that doing pvp gets you enchants/ls/golems(who are now unavailable) while capturing/taking flags brings you 2-3 adena, so it's obviously that he would prefer to do actual pvp, for which he plays the game and joined the server in the first place, but then sadly he will also notice that there are couple of full geared capturing/standard-bearer idiots in his own factionwho instead of contributing to the pvp are leaving him being outnumbered and playingwith significant disadvantage because of the God motivations buff. In the mentioned environment if there is any desire left in the newcomer to stay in the server he will have to suck up with the circumstances and try his best, and that's only if he ain't lame,because most of the newbiesare not familiar with the server setup or as it happens most often they are so lame that they can't pick oreven setup/buff their charactercorrectly so they will leave instantly because of the huge disadvantage, also add the factthat they will be non-stop prioritized and killed by the high geared noobs. Even if he tries to explain/reason with those guys, 70% of them won't understand his intentions because of lacking common sense or language barrier, 20% are going to slander him, and maybe 10% at best will collaborate.The stated is from my personal experience by playing this server for 6 seasons. And yes, i'm implying against "executing the event orders" in Fortress/Capture the Flag type of maps,because inthe end, the essence of thegame and its core are based on pvp. That's why in their spare timesome of us are playing a pvp faction server, which doesn't and shouldn't require the commitment of an low rate server. Just because someone is dumb or lame enough tocapture, run around with flags or play a spoiler or nolife 10h+ per dayin pvp server doesn't mean that he should be able tohinders the game of those who logged in to chill and make actual pvp for couple of maps. Some guys who are quiting every season after 2 weeks because of "boredom"suggested major re-work on the reward system of doing the event objects but that won't helpthe server at all, in fact it will worsen it.Gaining enchants/life stones/golems only from capturing or taking flags will simply make things unnecessary complicated and make the server being undesirable for most of the community. If i was not interested in doing pvp in pvp based game, but to capture some fortress, i would play Stronghold, not L2.
  10. God motivation 2

    Yeah, i bet those OE geared randoms are motivated as fuk to take the flags/capture so they lose the buff and hit less on the dumb mofos who keep capturing/flagin'. Cool story.
  11. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    What was wrong with newbies having one more thing to sell in CP pots ? Without them, every close range is affected, because that trigger skill is slower than the pots. Also it's not like those pots where such big deal for you when you avoided us onpurpose, focusing mainly on some non-buffednewbies, who died by couple of death spikes so you can write some lame sh1t at the end of the event or post those dumb scoreboards on forum.
  12. Golem's - Newbies

    Leaving the OL bots aside, because even with couple of OL's those guys suked so hard,that NPC ruined the season. This game, especially IL ain't intended almost everyone to have OE gear/skills with every kind of augment. You can clearly see that now, when there are less ppl on, how 4-5 strider archers with +16 bows and 2 augments can force newcomers out of the server. Not to mention that there are more than 10 +16 Bows and couple of +16 AMs. Add the fact that now Golem's are non presence, so besides enchants, newbies don't have anything else to sell so they can gear up, or even try to enchant or get those augments that everyone else have. And how exactly are they going to get enchants when they get hit for 6k from those OE geared noobs.Not to mention thatfoolish God Motivations buff that simply ruins the events, especially the 1v1,1v2s.
  13. Golem's - Newbies
  14. Golem's - Newbies

    It's clear that someone can't have a normal conversation with you, even with facts and valid arguments written you still being so braindead deluded. Where did i made any excuse about my actions lol, i don't give a fuk about you, and for sure I don't look at anyone as an ally, you random spoiler. If there is someone to be mad at, it's Emerald because he removed your ban, and it's so clearly that this game ain't good for your health. It's a fuking faction server, keep repeating that someone scammed you like some parrot, but really, use that Facebook account and go outside.
  15. Golem's - Newbies

    It was wrong that i couldn't predict you will get your ban removed and be such emo about the captaincy ? Or it wasn't "man enough" to reject you so i don't let my real life friends down for some unknown prick ? Dafaq. If i did something wrong, i will be the first to admit it, but that ain't the case. Now that you have aFacebook account, you can try to find some friends and go outside for once, i think it will be good for your mental health.