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  1. perks of owning a castle.
  2. necro's pet

    cnig69, i fuk you all last season took necro hero and now fuk you again, quit QQing.
  3. necro's pet

    youre in denial. I played necro all last season and was the best necro by far in the season, and made you emo quit. dont forget that. Necros are fine the way they are, you just want them to be more OP. the fact that I could summon a summon 2-3 times during a fight with silence and doom landing without downtime seemed very OP. If you want this kill your own summon to go through, might as well put a restriction on summoning a summon 2-3 times in a fight to balance it out you faggot.
  4. necro's pet

    if thats the case, emerald should make it where you cannot summon a pet unless the necro is out of combat.
  5. Clear the chamber lack of motivation

    Nah, you clearly don't play the server. That event with the castle invasion are GREAT events. The mobs give insane exp, and it can help reach 80 very easily if players actively participated in those events. That alone is enough motivation to play the event. But, most players do not realize the exp amounts you receive from the event and they just afk and cry and complain about how sh1tty the event is instead and how hard it is to level on the server.
  6. necro's pet

    Hey puffy this random nexro fucked you and you couldn’t take hero at all last season.
  7. necro's pet

    Lucy shut the fuck up. I was the top necro last season with over 8k kills farmed in two weeks. You’re making a big deal out of nothing, so what you can’t kill your summon? It’s not a big deal, quit being a little whiny girl that doesn’t get his way on something. Necros are fine the way they are. If they were so shit, one of the top three bikers himatori wouldn’t be a necropsy hitting people for 3-4K. So get of here with your complaints about a biker class you just want buffed because you’re playing it.
  8. zombies suggestion

    this zombie event is cringe worthy to play.... you need to do something like give humans max attack speed, this no buff attack speed is so lame and impossible to win for humans.
  9. Healer PVPs

    Healer's pvps need to be fixed. Healers are getting 30-40 kills an event right now... entire top 10 leader boards are all healers.
  10. Healer PVPs

    awesome thanks
  11. Healer PVPs

    Yes, you made it from 5 to 10. tjhats not enough, healers are still top of the pvps.. I think 15 is better.
  12. mini event bug

    death match won the vote by like 90 votes.. and it started humans vs zombies lol
  13. Healer PVPs

    bump.. look at top pvp list on website, healers have 700+ kills already
  14. Healer PVPs

    thanks for the change emerald, but i think it should be changed to 15, healers still will rank top 10 always and with more gear, they will stay like this. they are not meant to have more kills than nukers archers daggers in tvt...
  15. Just want to know...

    You said it yourself "too complicated for some people" it's true. That's why interlude has so many players, it's simple and easy, same with h5, players are familiar with it and play it for nostalgia. That's the reason why l2 is still alive after 10 years. Not to play the new chronicles. You and the 5 players are the ones that want grand crusade, don't go around bashing people because they disagree.
  16. Just want to know...

    FBS, don't act retarded. Emerald cares about what the player base wants, because he wants his player base to be happy. Plus more player base means he gets more donations. Majority of he server already voiced their opinion saying they wouldn't play the server if it's grand crusade again. There's a reason the server died in three days during grand crusade. Majority of server was not interested. Emerald stated this season was going to be grand crusade no matter what, why did he change his mind? Cause he knew it's not what majority of the player base wanted. You think he opens a server to satisfy himself? He opens to satisfy his player base and receive donations. If you think otherwise, you're delusional.
  17. Wazzaaaaa!!

    You played last season too lol, couldn't take hero twice and then quit server. Gg.
  18. New expert skills effects

    Agent, are you retarded rofl? Just seeing you type is giving me a brain aneurysm.
  19. New expert skills effects

    That's what it seems like to me. Nukers nerfed since they cant stack cast speed, while most melle classes just went full speed, so this gives them additional power, while dagger basically loses a few speed for more defenses. While nukers endgame are pretty weak compared to daggers/archers. Next season will be a full archer/dagger season in my opinion. This inadvertently nerfs titans as well since titans went full run speed rebirths to be able to chase people, now they cant stack damage (due to dmg cap) or need atk speed since zealot gives alot.
  20. Olbots

    I was cnig69, I played since day 1 and only had one in sLco and one in Swiss, if that's called OLbots, you may need to relearn the definition of what that means
  21. Olbots

    OP has no clue what the hell he/she is talking about. I played most of the season and did not see army of Ol bots rofl.
  22. Farm Zone

    Im loving this update! Sounds like a good way to restrict abuse. New features are also better than just fixing old ones
  23. New season

    Agreeed, Garcia final is by far the best.
  24. grand crusade

    Ill be here for the next non grand crusade server.
  25. Fun server

    Nah this wont be the last interlude season, interlude is the most successful chronicle that this server has every single time. Emerald is a smart guy, that's like throwing away your best product for no reason.