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  1. Golem's - Newbies

    true, that was one ugly fucker.
  2. Golem's - Newbies

    because im not here to discuss l2ovc, this is a faction server, in a game that is 15+ years old. no one is a factor here, and people play for fun. its already established youre a retard, theres no more need to debate that. you can argue it all you want and call everyone your fan, but at the end of the day, theres one thing that is true on this server, Agent001 is a retard, and youre the only person that can defend yourself. Which is why I ask you again, how ugly are you in real life? Its nothing about being g4y, youre retarded to even assume that. I havent mentioned anything about the server, answer my question and tell me are you an ugly pimpled nerd in real life? THats what I want to know.
  3. Golem's - Newbies

    hmmm, basing on your post, youre not the most intelligent guy just like agent. do some basic math, how much adena in game is 4k euro? Does that even seem relatively legitimate? Or are you braindead as well? Yup I played 24/7 hours a day the first 5 days, that seems legit as well. Try again. I had business meetings to attend to even the start of the season, the 4th day of server i couldnt even play because of it, but you have selective memory clearly as you're braindead as noted above. I actually didn't quit, I lost my account info after being gone for a few days for travel (my own fault, i should have wrote it down)and asked emerald to help me retrievethe info back via PM and he refused to because according to him "he has too many other things to do, and could not be bothered to answer every pm about lost accounts" or something along those lines. Then theres you Mayhem, the baddie that thinks hes relevant when no one gives 2 shits about you either. You're the same as Agent,just less retarded. I dont need to say anything about my play, ask pony, kat, gas etc, and they can tell you about what they think about my l2 skill. While you just are a delusional kid crying about donations, pouting like an angry female 24/7 like you have a permanent tampon inside you. Like I said again, L2 is a 15 year old game or so, you and agent play here like it is your day job. Reevaluate your lives.
  4. Golem's - Newbies

    i asked you how ugly are you in real life, you havent answered my question. Quit talking about fans on l2ovc, its a faction server, no one cares about you or anyone else, people play here for fun. they spam you cause they see an ugly nerd that plays 10+ hours a day and plays each wipe as a spoiler for 2 weeks, and then brags about how good you are when 90% of server quits every season, while you still play 10 hours a day in 10vs10 events. like i said do you want a medal? now answer my question, how ugly are you in real life? how much of a closet crawling pimply face nerd are you
  5. Golem's - Newbies

    agent, the only question im curious to get answered is, how ugly are you in real life? i can't imagine how ugly you must be hahahhaa. its l2ovc you nerd, you talk here like it's the most important thing in your life. who talks about #1 on the pvp list? everyone knows #1 on pvp list after this long is only players that play 10+ hours a day when majority of players have quit. do you want a medal or something? youre playing a server with 25-30 players max bragging about pvps. Go outside, get a life, make some money, you ugly nerd.
  6. Tyrant archer

    once again, you prove to me youre braindead. its like speaking to a wall. we had 3 parties in command channel, 27 players. You guys had 4-6 parties. Or are you going to deny that as well? Agent, just stop speaking, any veteran player on this server knows youre a retard and speaks to you like you are. you play spoiler for 2 weeks on a faction server 10 hours a day, and second, you play this server 10+ hours a day even weeks after server is low population and then brag about how pro you are. Do you realize this is a faction server? most players play for fun. This just tells me you are literally a failure in real life. Go out and get some air, go meet some girls, life is not about l2ovc. But judging by what I know, you are prob ugly as fuk too so thats why you stay inside with low self esteem and try and fail to be the best at "l2 ovc" to boost the little to no self esteem you have. I played with slco previously and I Joined Empire when slco quit server. So when server wiped I joined empire agian to play with pony. So once again, try harder agent.
  7. Tyrant archer

    @Eleanora@Sophiewut, why else wouldn’t I be able to login if I didn’t forget my account info? Lol. I was gonna ala week and I have many different username and pw for different things and I created a new combo at server wipe and forgot to write it down. Unlike you kids, l2ovc is a fun game for me, I don’t think about it. Hence why after a week I forgot a newly created combination. Agent what are you talking about equal number Zerg bla bla. All I remember is first siege you had a 4-5 clan Zerg and still lost siege. Why are you even still talking about Zerg, you’re making yourself look dumb.
  8. Tyrant archer

    Bro, you seem pretty upset. Playing l2ovc a private faction server for 10+ hours a day might explain why you get triggered so easily. Go get a life you romanian tard. No one cares about your opinion or how "pro" you think you are. But ill amuse you, for calling us a zerg, you brought 4-5 clans to fight us, and outnumbered us, yet our "random zerg" still won the castle. Quite interesting.
  9. Tyrant archer

    i didnt start scammer lol, some noob posted it, and I posted what I saw. I was on a business trip for 2-3 days, came back and forgot my account info. and emerald wont help me recover it so i stopped playing.
  10. Tyrant archer

    readingagent's responses on every post literally gives me a brain aneurysm every time. dude plays l2 18 hours a day and still is braindead regarding how the game works.
  11. Extra currency?

    I already suggested this twice recently. See the double kill triple kill post.
  12. New Achievements - Double Kill, Triple Kill, Etc.

    @EmeraldI'm not here to insult or that was not my intention. You seem to be hostile towards everyone. Infinitel2 had this formula for 4-5 years and was the most successful faction server until Erb decided to focus towards infiniteaion, and this was during the glory days of L2, when there was ecko, l2factions, and other faction servers. First and foremost, the rewards were 1-2 adenas for double kills and triple kills and so on, with people receiving a unique agathion if they ever hit killionaire (10 kills), since its interlude theres no agathion, but you get the point.Most people do not get quadrakills or beyond if ever, so the rewards are not game changing whatsoever. You can make it like 5 or 10 adenas after pentakill, which is not game breaking at all.Obviously do not implement what the OP posted of 1k adenas or whatever, thats just silly. Thats not alot at all, its the satisfication and a feature that does not take much to add, but adds an interesting element to the pvp. Healers do not need another incentive. They are the healer that keep parties/DDs alive. They already farm adena quite fast with a DD in party or even solo. Most veterans know that OL/healers can earn adena really fast for new players, so that argument is invalid in my opinion. Next, players will always go for pvp first, thats just how this game is. Having a double/triple kill feature will not make people pvp more. That is just a small interesting feature that is a value add, it will NOT change the way players play the server. You know why players play for kills and not the events? I've mentioned this before and I will again. The 1 box of luck per event win? No one cares about that. Its literally a meaningless award. Id rather mindlessly pvp for 30 min then try for an event just to win 1 box of luck. I've suggested adding an item for an event win that you must collect to receive epics or s grade. Or 20-30 event win tokens gets you a shadow boss jewl of your choice for 1 day. Anything like that will make players play towards events more. There have been faction servers that do s grade costs the mats/adena/ and ALSO event win tokens.. Therefore making players play for the event win if they want the s grade, instead of donating for mats/adena first day and gg. This will actually create more balance in the server and you can decrease the amount of event wins needed for s grade as server progresses for noobies.And the territory thing, I did not even know there were territories or whatever in the server this wipe until like a week and a half after the server wiped, and i consider myself a veteran of this server. If I barely knew about territories and its "rewards" then 90% of players had no clue either.Its meaningless as well. Rewards have to make individual players want to play for rewards, the current state of the territory system makes no sense, UNLESS it was an L2gve server where the sole purpose was to travel across the maps and take territories exactly like how eckokinetics and l2gve was. Once again, i am NOT bashing you, as you most likely will take offense to this as always, im trying to give you constructive criticism after playing faction servers on and off for past 7-8 years. Next, my zombies suggestion. Once again, infinitel2 had in my opinion the perfect zombies minigame out of the 6-7 servers i've played on thats TRIED to implement zombies. Its a simple give zombies max speed or close to it, and give humans same range, same accuracy but max attack speed. The humans one shot the zombies and zombies one shot humans, but with max attack speed for humans, it made a more skill involved.Each kill gave the same reward as a kill in death match and event, therefore this makes players excited for the event and actually play it instead of afking on 75% of these mini games except for death match, battlefield, or tvt mini events where its just more pvp. Make the map a place where there are long hallways and players can strategically hide etc. Right now that event with where you shoot one person and your turn red and they shoot you and turn back green... everyone just screams in all chat asking wtf this event is. Infinite had 2 events, zombies and some stupid boom cannon shit, but the zombies event was so fun no one really asked for any other events. So with l2ovc, there would be improved zombies, death match, those pve events, and some tvt events, simon says etc, it would be a good variety. Right now, I'll speak for many of the population, that humans vs mutants, the 2 weird zombie events, most of us just afk the majority event until its over. Take it or leave it, in my opinion both of these things do not "affect gameplay" whatsoever, but is a little change that creates alot more fun in my opinion.
  13. New Achievements - Double Kill, Triple Kill, Etc.

    this was implemented on infinitel2 back in like 2009-2010. It was one of the best features of theserver. Everytime this happened you’d get a firework for double kill triple kill quadra kill etc and Adena. It’s 2017 and has been suggested multiple times and emerald still hasn’t implemented this feature. Who knows why. Same with zombies, I’ve suggested a way more fun and better way than this sh1t we have, but enerald doesn’t listen. So not worth suggesting anything if the idea relates to a past server.
  14. unban

    agent, you play more than the average player on server yet you decide to play for 1-2 weeks running around on a spoiler like a fukin nerd. Who the fuk plays a faction server and plays spoiler for 1-2 weeks? Its actually insane how you do it every season, and I genuinely feel sad for you. Time is money in real life, if youre willing to sink 1-2 weeks of time to play a spoiler on a server meant for pvp, you must be a big lame in real life as well. From what I can tell the past 2-3 seasons, Sosa plays max 2-3 hours a day, so of course he wont be fully geared, as L2 is a game of who can put in more hours.
  15. scammer

    I said there’s no proof of you doing it, so you shouldn’t be banned lol. Once again, do you have a comprehension problem?I was there one time, like you said, my clanand ransoms including rinesaid it was Xaroula doing it with your help, andsince you’re the clan leader of your clan, and you’re doing it, I assume members in your clan doing it as well? Idk, I just repeat what I heard. Rine pmedme when I was online 2 min before Xaroula did it saying watch out, Sophie is there and will heal the store and Xaroula will switch to a buy store from sell store. And of course that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t listen to rine, I don’t even know who he is, I wish I listened so I could have warned other players.I still fell for it though too hahahaha, so if a veteran like me fell for it, I know countless newbies did as well. You know how I know? Because the pm me asking how this happen, and yelling in all chat. You saw this, are you denying it now? Tired of my shit? I’m just agreeing with someone that reported a scam happening and stating what I saw and heard. Yes the one time I was there, it was YOU that was healing and helping the scam.The other times I was not there but others say it was you as well. I saw you do it once, why would I assume it wasn’t you he other times? Clearly it shows the type of person you are scamming players as a supposedly “rich person”. Reflects who you are in real life as well, which as I said, I am always right you beggar 😏 I didn’t think to screenshot you healing, why did I think to screenshot the message? You have this obsession thinking I remotely even care about you. The fact is, I answered this post (didn’t start it) and posted what I witnessed, which was you helping a scam. You denied it, then got called out for by a moderator, and now you change the story and said I only did it once. Is that how BRa are? Just scammers and liars? I know you guys are low IQ, but not this also hahahaha. You are a player that is below me, you specifically count how many times I die, and you say I even remotely care about you? You’re the one obsessed about me, I only talk about you in game when you spam about me. Ask yourself this, I’m a better player than you by far in game, in a better clan that wrecks your clan, and supersuccessful in real life compared to you. Why would I even care about a person like you let alone “obsess” about you, use your brain you idiot.