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  1. Enchanting System

    Because one +16 weapon causes large disparity between new players. With this new enchant system, new and casual players will feel like they can obtain the +16 weapon instead of feeling discouraged.
  2. Vote: Epics & Tattoo in progressive gameplay

    i've suggested this multiple times before. This alone would make event objectives worth it. All the other changes to drops etc was unnecessary when this could have fixed it all. And as server length goes on, could lower the amount of gold drakes needed for an item. That means all newbies on a team could get it as well, instead of needing to farm players that 2 shot them.
  3. Agent is something wrong? You seem triggered.
  4. Agent001

    grass is green, agent is a ugly pimple faced nerd, sky is blue.
  5. Agent001

    everyone is a liar but you agent, delusional nerd at its finest.
  6. that has to be the stupidest thing i've ever read.
  7. Thisarrogant American cleared180k this year after taxes. I’m smart enough to know that’s enough to buy your entire village of peasants. Its also enough to buy you clothesand plastic surgery so you can emergefrom the depths of the basement. 😉
  8. pathetic donator that donates for max gear on day 1, you just sound angry and dumb with a comment like that. for being such a fanboi of mine, you would know I typically only donate for a dc robe set and maj jewls set and some leftover adenas. I use wizards tear or bop for the first 2 days, and set buy store for 4-5a mats, hence my quick rush to s grade every season. umad? While you spoil and run around like an idiot 24/7, I donate a measly 100 euros which apparently to a peasant like you seems to be a gold mine. I dont need to be a veteran on this server to know youre an ugly pimple faced basement dweller. Thats all that matters honestly. Besides this game (which, dont forget, is a 15 year old game (on a private server)), you are an ugly little troll in real life. btw I sold my account on retail for a few thousand dollars, that scacretactic in genocide bought my account when server transfers were first announced for magmeld. umad again?
  9. Can you read? I said the last few posts, you illiterate Romanian. The entire server and I flame you for playing a spoiler, because thats just sad and pathetic hahaha. Your clan zerged with 4-5 other clans during siege, to fight our 1 clan and still lost. You started flaming in all chat saying we dont deserve to have the castle and that we lost. When the siege ended and we won, your excuse was, i just came for fun hahahahaha. You don't know the mechanics of L2, sorry to tell you the truth. Get smarter? You're the one that is spamming a forum, while everyone sees you as an ugly basement dweller. While you would kiss my toes in real life since you're a peasant compared to me. peace out fam.
  10. Liar and troll? All I’ve said for past few posts is you must be the ugliest basement dweller out there. With your responses on a 15 year old game on a faction server, it has to be true. And your responses afterwards confirms it. Now sit back and rot you subpar human being. number 1 biggest donator? Good try, try again please. I know 100 euros must be a lot for a peasant in Romania. But to me, is 2 hours max of work.
  11. agent, man, you must be the ugliest nerd in real life
  12. wait wut, emerald is builder? hahahhahaha
  13. Agent001

    the only one butthurt is you.look at you spamming your replies like a damn child. this is l2ovc, go get a life you ugly fuk
  14. Agent001

    Agent, everyone you type I just cringe. You’re the definition of a basement dweller. I can’t imagine how ugly you are.
  15. Golem's - Newbies

    true, that was one ugly fucker.