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  1. Is next season going to be classic antharas? I dont even know what this is.. is this a combination of a bunch of chronicles or something? Why switch to a new thing when you just made a bunch of updates to interlude.
  2. You do realize oly is controlled by the top players and clans right? That means you make the gap even bigger with everyday heroes and oly lol. I've never seen randoms participate in olympiad.
  3. Its laid out, solution = better map rotation and fix the balance on epic raids so that its truly split and balanced rather than chaos outnumbering order in every segment 85% of the time. This dynasty update doesn't really do much IMO. Emerald has done nice updates lately, but when you have increased emphasis on epic raids, the sides have to be balanced.
  4. Scaretactic

    Some Thoughts

    This is my first season in a year. So this was 1 year ago.
  5. Scaretactic

    Some Thoughts

    Emerald tried it before, it was epic fail. It's better to start with b grade, A then S, then to start with C, B, A then S. He even tried it with progression system and it didn't work. Terrible idea. I'd rather see zero supports in the server than supports back to where it was. Being able to farm 50k per map as a support was just ridiculous, on top of the party already being OP as is and farming adenas as well. Me and my duo (healer) was able to farm enough adena for boss valakas in 6-7 hours with the old support system.
  6. You must be on some kind of good shit. 4 weeks delay of siege? If you think the siege was why the server died, you're CLEARLY a baked potato. The siege was the tipping stone related to the balancing issues of epics raids. The siege time is fine as is. The balancing of epics raids needs to be fixed. 3 weeks delay of olympiad.. i'm not even going to comment further.
  7. Scaretactic


    I think a relaunch of the server is necessary right now especially with all of these changes emerald has made. HOWEVER, i do NOT think a relaunch should be made UNTIL we know for sure the balance system will work properly this season @emerald. The balance of epic raids this season single handedly killed the server. Population was MASSIVE at start and then dropped so quickly due to the emo raging of faction balance.
  8. I dont play mages, but 1-2 buff slots would be a massive nerf to mages without intentionally nerfing mages. I dont think it would be a good idea. End game mages already have to deal with daggers with max resists and s jewls and nuke them for 400 damage while getting hit for 3-6k. You add 2 more buff slots and that lets archers and all melle classes add 2 resists which makes nukers even weaker.
  9. Honestly, more players prefer a mage and archer server with a smaller portion of melles. A full melle server typically causes people to rage quit. Case in point, tyrant + gladi server vs archer/mage server. That's just how things are nowadays. I agree with you Agent, however what I think needs to be done is to fix the MAP rotation. This would greatly help melles rather than 70% of the maps be strange ass range maps where 30% of them doesnt benefit melles or ranged. I would suggest maps to delete on the other post, but I dont remember map names on the top of my head.
  10. Hey, Overall, I think the update is a nice touch to the server. I logged in and played a few events to "test" the new update and see what it is like and noticed a few things. The mantra drop rate from PVP seems to be too high. I went into event solo and seems like i'm getting 10-60 mantras every other kill/assist. This seems a bit high in my opinion as top parties that farms should be able to rack up alot of mantras in a full day or so. Also, it seems like if you get a mantra drop from kill/assist, it nulls you from getting adena. So it seems like you either get adena or mantra. Not sure if that's intended or not. So TDLR: i think the mantra drop amount per pvp/assist is too high at the moment.
  11. I had my friend check .info constantly to relay me info regarding his stats. He was spamming skills since the start of the raid as overlord but still did not get it. I understand why the system was put in place, but certain players, especially newer ones that are nuking for 100% of the raid as an archer, nuker, support etc, and still not get a reward is demotivating. Thanks for looking into it.
  12. Alechiel, since server population is quite low already, this is a nice change as a way to test for all players still active it seems. Will be smart to advertise when this season is finished, not now when population is already so low.
  13. Not sure what's going on, but we just had valakas free for all with about 25 players. about 5-8 newbies didn't get the mantras even though they were hitting the raid the entire time. I saw an archer by the name of secret, dahaka and a few others that were hitting and got nothing. My buddy who is an overlord hasn't gotten mantras the last 4 epics due to this as well. I understand this was implemented for a reason but when server population is low, not sure if this should still be enabled.
  14. H5 sux. But interlude lasted about 1 week and 2 days as well. However, that was due to the balance system. This was a pretty fun and populated season at start.
  15. Scaretactic

    sqrt damage

    Not sure why Emerald decided this was the type of nerf that was required. It's simple, the solution was to nerf celestial to a flat reuse of 15-20 minutes. Boom done, one celestial per event. The AOE damage from glad was already low af. Tyrants needed a damage nerf. Not sure why glads were nerfed 30% but tyrants 10%. Tyrants also had puma totem which allowed them to use celestial faster as interlude reuse is based on atk speed.