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  1. Mini Events

    @Emerald. That makes sense, I was only around for the peak of Eko, so I did not witness the downfall. I agree with your points, its just that players do not view end game on this server as getting Aden Castle or becoming a hero. I was apart of sieges the first 3 weeks of this wipe, and no clans were interested besides perhaps 2. The rewards were very enticing, yet very strong clans on the server refused to show up. Heroes were the same, as most classes had no competition for hero, if not maybe just one other person competing while the server had 200-300 players. It just shows that players did not care about that as an endgame purpose. Most of the players i knew that quit at the end of the first week (majority of my clan, and a few others I knew) were really bored and just over enchanted their gear and when it failed, they quit. That'swhy I recommended the idea of making event wins more of a priority. Since events are the focal point of the server, it should be more valuable to win an event instead of just receiving a box of luck. Players get upset at OP donations at day 1, this will also prevent that as well. I am not biased in this situation because as you know, I tend to donate at the beginning of ever season, so this would keep those QQers away as well while making events more competitive persay. Its just that player's mentality is pvp and pvp, so mini events like simon says (which I think is really fun) get zero play time, because everyone just votes the same pvp ones over. My argument is that spending time adding new events won't do anything because the majority of the player base will keep voting death match, battlefield, or raid in the middle, vip tvt everytime, because those generate kills. Therefore majority of players wouldnt appreciate the new events or would even vote it. For example, human vs mutants is a fun event (where you transform into the oel mahums i think) yet its NEVER voted because it deviates away from the simplicity of death match etc.
  2. Mini Events

    @Emerald, in all honesty, the amount of mini events we have are okay. Personally (my opinion), I do not think it is worth putting time coding mini events. The server is in need of a drastic change to give it a breath of fresh air and some life. The 24/7 events thing just gets boring after 1 week max, especially after the current change logs, you've made it easier to reach end game (easier rebirths etc). There is literally not enough features on the server to keep more hardcore players interested more than 5-6 days. I personally do not know what you could do to change the server up. Perhaps making winning events impactful towards end game. Winning an event gives you a coin needed to obtain boss jewls or end game (That way it keeps events actually interesting and players not able to donate for full S first day). At the moment, no one cares about winning an event, why? because a box of luck is sh1t, they'd much rather treat every event as a TVT. In my opinion that's the easy thing to do, if you have the files or the coding capability, why not try what eckokinetics did back in 2011? They had one of the most successful factions server of all time with their idea of raiding each town or area, and there were npc guards in each zones that dropped mats for s grade etc. I just think there are many things that can be done to overall improve the state of the server, instead of just mini events cause at the end of the day, most people just sees those as another tvt, and you RARELY see the non pvp ones and the only pvp ones we get are death match and battlefield 90% of the time (since most people just want to farm kills). In my opinion, the balance of the server is in a REALLY good state right now, as obviously L2 can never have true balance. Overall though, all it needs is an improvement of features to keep interlude a backbone of L2ovc. Right now, the server is LIT the first 5 days and just falls off a cliff after that and that in my opinion is due to the lack of features, besides event and siege (where most clans dont even participate in) and oly (where most casual players dont play). There is not much to do at all. TLDR; server gets stale REALLY quick at its current rate of only farming events with zero other features. It is not because of interlude, there are many things that can be done with interlude to increase the server's playable life.
  3. Reanimate server

    I just hope Emerald is listening to his player base and realize majority of his players do not want grand crusade. After trying it last season, I know myself and many others will never play that sh1t again. If he really is putting in days and weeks into it, I don't understand why he cannot do that towards a H5 or a gracia final servers where those for sure would bring in hordes of players.
  4. when grand crusade?

    Or he doesn't know how to
  5. when grand crusade?

    Obviously my opinion means nothing. But I think a cycle of interlude, high five and Garcia final would be the best for l2ovc. With emerald adding new features for the server besides only events 24/7.Instead of spending time on a grand crusade server, which is already shown, players play l2 for nostalgia older servers. Not the new Star Wars stuff.
  6. when grand crusade?

    amen to that. only IL or H5 generated lots of players. GC will most likely last 1 week max again. Server needs more features than just only events and events and events.
  7. when grand crusade?

    seems like youre one of 10-15 max that wants to.
  8. For next (Interlude) season.

    I was cnig69 this season, I mained necro and sps first week of server and went to dagger, titan, and archer now. Why? because end game mellee and archers are broken compared to mages. There is absolutely no need for cat buff to be added. Not trying to hate on you, but you must be doing something very wrong for you to say archers suck compared to mages.
  9. For next (Interlude) season.

    hemo, have you logged into the server and played recently? There is no catbuff because im a ghost sentinel sub with +10 drac bow critting mages for 4-5k.. with cat buff that would be absolutely absurd and unbalanced for the server. If you want another example, I have a ghost hunter sub as well, and I regularly backstab and lethal blow for 3-5k, with cat buff that would be insanely op. Thats why a buff like that is not added and needed on this server (not trying to speak for emerald), but it is pretty obvious why.
  10. Suggestion (Maybe for new Season)

    Server just needs something to do besides events. L2gve had the unique concept of capturing zones etc. eckokinetics had the idea of capturing areas with npcs that guarded towns that dropped mats etc. and infinitel2 had pve zones where clan actually had a purpose to raid etc. or make event wins important, one win = 1 medal and need 100 medals plus mats and arenas for a trade or something like that. To actually give incentive to an event besides a stupid box of luck.

    Epoxy are you trolling bro? No one spent 35k on A grade. And S grade was not locked the first 3 days...
  12. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Yeah I'm about to reroll to dagger to join FOTM, since emerald most likely won't touch class balance for interlude.
  13. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    I think class balance is pretty good right now, but daggers are a bit OP as fuk. There are literally 10-20 per side that runs around and hits for 3-5k nonstop.
  14. Melee Maps

    Remove ivory tower also, that event at USA times with low population is cancer. Massive map of running in circles for 30 minutes. make all towns tvt. Town tvt events are always very fun and easy to implement.
  15. Mage server.

    This guy definitely is not playing the server, hes saying there are mage CPs with S grade walking around? Only one person currently has an AM on the server, and he donated. Please stop spewing bs. If you actually palyed events you would see guys like climax, neomode, poop, sin, all daggers are getting top 1 on multiple maps. If its a nuker only server, how are daggers getting first on tvt in leaderboards? amuse me.