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  1. Clan as retail

    i lold in real life.
  2. Suggestion for Healers

    ^ my clan.
  3. Vote: Ranks

    I like this.
  4. Vote: Ranks

    @EmeraldI remember this being similar to the GOD version. What ended up happening were the top tanks were severely ahead in rank while DDs and other classes were 3-4 ranks behind. I think the current system is fine. Just IMO everything needs to be knocked down a notch. Kill sprees and kill spree ending are hard for healers and tanks, while the assist requirement and kill requirement are a bit too high for anyone.You don’t want to make it easy but also not too much. Obviously there are rank 5 and 6 players but those are players that are playing 10-15 hours a day.
  5. Vote: Ranks

    imo you just need to lower requirements for ranks, most players are not getting past rank 3 and 4. Only the true true no lifers will hit rank 6 and above in my opinion.

    tanks for fine, they are part of the game, they are meant to be annoying.. you cant get rid of a class just cause they annoy you. I literally have players creating tanks to aggro bot me, but i understand its part of the game. so quit QQing.
  7. Take a look at mage balance.

    im getting crit for 3k constantly by PRs with shyeeds bow, why are you lying and saying with DB baium and AQ you dont crit for that?
  8. Take a look at mage balance.

    the truth is this, mages are strong early on, but if you nerf mages, you kill them late game. that means early servers will just become gladis and tyrants spamming AOEs, which honestly is just as strong as mages on this server.
  9. Take a look at mage balance.

    You have to look at it end game as well. To expect an archer to kill a mage 1v1 first week of the server is ludacris. If thats the case, end game would be event worse for mages. Mages fall off insanely hard the 2nd to 3rd week of server. Once people get jewls, and boss jewls, daggers start 2 shotting mages. Archers will start critting for 3-5k. This is how it always is, mages are stronger in the beginning and by end of first month, mage population is gone by 70% because most people rerolled cause it becomes literal shit. This eason, theres actually a massive amount of gladis and tyrants which are basically mages with aoe, long range skills and more tanky with invincible barrier. Wait till these glads and tyrants gear up and get +++ Sweaps and valakas. Mages will nuke for 500 while getting hit for 4k per skill.
  10. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    back on topic, a simple way to fix it was to make tvts again based on kills, as its been in the past and how it should be. this scoreboard was not a reason to nerf the purpose of OLs which is to cp heal clan mates. A TVT is meant for kills vs kills. a healer and OL should not be placing in the top for Team vs Team KILLS. idk why this random change was made. every event serves a purpose, tvt is for the pvp kill classes. Then you have domination and ctf which are more for tanks to gather lots of points etc. There was no need to do this point spread thing affecting TVT as well.
  11. TVT and Death match Scoreboard

    theres no point speaking to him maze, his head is mush from all the hours in his basement. agent long ago proved to everyone on the server that he is a degenerative cuck. just another mosquito.
  12. Expert skill for buff slot

    3, first 2 are resist
  13. Server offline?

    the guy doing the DDOs is related to l2m----a.
  14. Server offline?

    DDOS methinks
  15. Some simple questions

    1. yes 2. you need 3 items you get from pvp, mobs from farm zone, and raid boss within farm zone. 3. no. you get 9 books for 9 levels. 4. by playing the objective. when the event starts, theres a popup that tells you how to score points. EX: DOMI - stand in center get points. TVT: kills.