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  1. This should be done a long time ago

    Agent and what are you, a pro? You’re a nobody, quit speaking like you know what you are talking about.
  2. Emerald read

    Sorry but L2 will always be a game where teamwork beats solo players. All you idiots do is cry 24/7 about healers bla bla bla. Why don’t you bring a friend? Have him play healer? Or maybe you play healer or a friend? Instead youinsist on playing solo in a team game and then come on forums and cry about healers. Sorry, but players that play in a clan SHOULD have a large advantage to losers that play solo, simple as that.
  3. Where is the pride ?

    Soulja, no one knows who you are. Stop talking. Hi5 was like 3+ years ago, you’re like a 30 year old loser that talks about how fun high school was. No one cares.
  4. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    @veneth, for example, look at rhaegar. He was the same gear as me and we both complained we barely made any adena in event when we were in full A vs B even with scroll. Emerald did a really good job balancing adena gain when there’s gear difference. But once again, l2 is a team game. He was able to get boss jewels and gear after having his const party pool adena and resources together. It’s not the adena scroll, idiots like you that are bad at the game just need something to blame. This server is amazing in the way that there is so many ways you can make money if you just used your monkey brain. Instead you’re so narrow minded, all you do is qqevery season rather than utilize different ways to make money.
  5. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    I do agree that having both castles enabled the first week was silly. It definitely incentivized this zerging we see going on right now. If everything was left the same and it started next week, clans would be stronger to compete and it’d be different, imo. Even we were shocked that they were enabled first week.
  6. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    @veneth, it’s called having a duo. Gladeheal and I played probably 16 hours each for 4-5 days straight and pooled our money together plus efficiently used the economy, buying low selling high. If you think we farmed 60k using adena scroll, you’re a fukin idiot. Emerald nerfed rewards for people with Bishop in party, and on top of that there is gear penalty. I have never made more than 600a per event, even with adena scroll. All I see you do is spam forums with your nonsense. Learn how to play l2 and how to utilize the economy before you qq 24/7.
  7. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    At this stage in the server, no one probably spent adenas/FAs on tattoo. Only the luckers that got it from the boxes.. its such a subtrivial item that yes, gives a little boost, but hardly game changing.
  8. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    He's gotta make moeny from the server somehow.. theres other faction servers where you can donate for hero status full items and augments. If that's the only thing, its not a big deal for facking 40-50 pdef/mdef. If someone is willing to donate 20 euro for 40-50 pdef, let them and benefit the server.
  9. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    Buy for FA using adena. I'd hope no idiot would spend 20 euros for a tattoo of luck.
  10. max number / party

    There’s max 15 clan slots cause there were idiots that created clans and alliances of 30-50 people on a faction server. Zerging everything and everyone. This is not a low-rate or mid rate, the 15 people per clan actually creates more clans and potentially more sides. youre clearly new and you’re entitled to your opinions. But give the server a shot before you start bashing it for things you “think” would be better. They’re this way for a reason.
  11. Twitch Streamers stats its a joke

    Quit complaining you noobs. It’s 2019, if you can’t afford a computer to stream, go get a job instead of complaining about +1 str or int or whatever. the stream directly brought more players to the server, clearly no one streamed in the past and people will refuse to unless there’s some sort ofincentive. These stats are not game breaking whatsoever. All you idiots do is cry 24/7.
  12. Twitch Streamers

    Come on Mojo you noob. You think you are better than luffy? Hahahahahahaha
  13. Some thoughts for new people

    You clearly didn't play this season. This was the most balanced donations has ever been and the most populated the server has been in the first 1-2 weeks. So no, you were not right at all, whatsoever.
  14. titles

    Players aren't really meant to hit rank 10 in 2 weeks. Most player's never reach that so i think the current balance of ranks is good.
  15. honest discussion

    wow i thought pimpjuice was retarded, this escalated it even more.