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  1. Grand Crusade Open Beta

  2. Grand Crusade - Rank System

    Looks solid, Builder gz.
  3. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    And for god's sake delete the puma event shit for the next season.
  4. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    I seriously doubt theres any issues with the in game features except for a few details. Most of those features would even work better if you didn't lose 1/2 population after 1 week. Builder should really consider into taking some help from some1 else for PR/marketing/managing/etc and focus on coding.
  5. this is qlex pro sps hero

    IRL responsabilities i got a oneplus 3t tho :>
  6. this is qlex pro sps hero

    You should register when they are feeding him; if you are so good you shouldn't be afraid. This topic is more pathetic than Luffy saying he's good. Holy shit.
  7. Archers nerfed too hard.

    I thought you were banned.
  8. Bye bye Luffy

    I feel sorry for him, i bet he even got bullied at school.
  9. What do u think so far?

    I'm impressed noone complained about running in circles in most maps
  10. What do u think so far?

    I said pp buffs or buffless so bds/sws would be played with the 2 min d/s so there would be more variety. tbh, some classes feeloverpowered cause debuffs and cancels are not punishing enough
  11. What do u think so far?

    League of Legends has the largest playerbase out there and the game focuses only around one map: summoner's rift. In our case, every event turns out to be a huge clown fiesta where people just want to smack other lads. In fact, people are tired of playing the fort event or seeking for the damn puma. Even so, the idea of adding content is good. What about events where you are buffless (or just pp buffs) and have to party up with other people?
  12. Radiohead

    Birds of a feather flock together. No wonder why two scammers get along, lol.
  13. Classes