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  1. Roses

    Bp lf Duo

    Hi im goona play this wipe, im a good cardinal and would like a nice DD also as a duo
  2. Ah yes, i think we did 1-2 years ago ^^ fun times well ofc i can join just tell me wich side to go
  3. Hi guys! played ovc few years ago and i was Main Cardinal at the time. but i started to play l2 classic CHRONICLE so ofc i left But after hearing the new season is comming i will rejoin and hopefully this wipe will be full of adventure, friends and BLOOD spilling *-*. "Roses" will be my IGN. message me if u want my help to go to ORDER or CHAOS
  4. Ill be healer also "Roses" pm me if any pro archer/mage duo
  5. Roses

    Spoiling Ideas

    Instead of spoil stealing Players adena from bag, why dont you just make the spoilers win the adena with out the spoiled player loosing, this way players wouldent complain and the server would be less empty cause trust me after some dwarfs where spoling 15-30 adena lots of us rly got pissed and stoped loging