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  1. Dear Players, The new season has successfully started ! we hope you will enjoy our new events , and gameplay improvements ! see you in game!
  2. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    Good work everyone! we are getting much closer to the opening date... we want to see more participatorsyou are doing great job !!!
  3. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    it was easy right? come on guys i want to see more participation , please invest 5mins of your time as we invested many of ours to prepare your server thanks in advance, Ruby.
  4. Stream on twtich

    Nice stream, GJ.
  5. Critical Error

    because the mentioned critical error is fixed and what Mojo has posted is different from the one reported which is fixed. there are many kinds of critical errors and each needs to be handled. from what Mojo is getting is if you are moving between windows on your OS.. need to check and confirm this one.
  6. Critical Error

    Hi Mojo, please post the critical error you got.
  7. Bug login

    Download teamviewer i will try to see whats the issue , please PM me so we can proceed with the assistance.
  8. Next Season?

    There is huge update coming soon. so stay tuned
  9. Dear players, due to technical issue with the vendor the server is down. we will update you once it will go up again - no ETA.
  10. Server Down - Technical Issue

    Server is UP!
  11. Server offline still

    Server is back online.
  12. Special Event is coming to OvC ! Are you ready to fight the undead faction?
  13. I can not join to the game

    what is your Character Name ?
  14. About restart

    Server is stable and no need of constantly restart. Please report any issue with the server to fb or here.
  15. restart for server

    I havent saw any issue with the server. Please elaborate what you have experienced. i restarted the server.
  16. restart for server

  17. Antharas Earring Giveaway

    Stream Started !
  18. Players !On Upcoming Saturday 14th of October , we will perform lottery on Anthars Earring among viewers !yes yes you have heard it right ! Antharas Earring !all you have to do is to enter below link : and watch MrRapolas stream. Good Luck to everyone !
  19. Streamer Topic

    Love your stream !
  20. Dear Players ! L2 Order VS Chaos 2.0 - Territories has been successfully launched. We hope you will find the new changes and features enjoyable as much as we do ! this is a complete different from any previous interlude seasons we had hope you enjoy it !
  21. Advertising Event 2.0 !

    Winners: #1 BeastStyle2g #2 NOKIA #3 ManBearPig Winners are to PM Ruby after server started with their character name in order to receive the rewards.
  22. Background Dear community, as with every start of a new season we are giving you the chance to participate in the traditional advertising event and help us grow our community. The best advertisiers will win awesome rewards when server starts! Get boost in gear before everyone else, everyone must take a part! Participating * For new threads users can use this sample topic make sure you add links, game version, type, opening date etc) * A minimum of 10 points are required in order to be able to get rewards from this event. * New thread worth 2 points. * Reply to existing thread worth 1 point. Rules * You can't create a new thread if one already exists, reply to it instead.* Replies to existing threads should contain some good comment about the server.* Bumps count only if you already made a good comment on the topic you wish to bump and at least 24 hourspassed since the last post.* You are not allowed to post in other private servers.* Score is calculated at the end of the event so links will be checked at the end and therefore dead links won't count.* Reply to this topic with direct links to the threads/posts you made, make sure the link you posted works else it won't count.* Post your links at this topic, since you can't edit your post, any new links you make you should simply add in a new reply.* Do not reply anything else other than links in this topic... (no spam, no off-topic, etc etc), questions should be sent by PM to Emerald/Ruby. Rewards 1st place * 1 Queen AntRing!!!! * 2000 Adena * 6 B-grade armor enchants * 3 B-grade weapon enchants * 1 Hair accessoryof choice 2nd place * 1000 Adena * 6 B-grade armor enchants * 3 B-grade weapon enchants * 1 Hair accessoryof choice 3rd place * 500 Adena * 4 B-grade armor enchants * 2 B-grade weapon enchants Event ends at: Friday 06th Oct, 20:00 GMT +3
  23. Advertising Event 2.0 !

    Please post in L2 / MMORPG Related forums. anything else will be ignored.
  24. Advertising Event 2.0 !

    Tomorrow is the last day ! who will get the :