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  1. I could not find captcha :D

    try different browser or from your mobile phone.
  2. Every season is GvE , not all seasons are Interlude... Season ends with the community request.
  3. Melee Maps

    Thanks for the feedback so far..
  4. Melee Maps

  5. Melee Maps

    Hi Guys ! Go a head and suggest Melee maps zone. i will explore it and if it fits i will create it
  6. L2 no start!

    Managed to solve the issue for AmberAlert. if anyone else having this issue please PM me i will try to assist.. if anyone want to try it by himself , the issue is with your windows profile. create a new windows profile and it will solve the issue Workaround : 1) Right click on My PC/Computer. 2) Click on Manager 3) expend local users and groups 4) click on users 5) right click to add new user 6) choose a name and password and uncheck "password must be changed on next logon" 7) Go to groups 8) Add the new user you created to administrators group. 9) Go to your Lineage 2 OVC System Folder. 10) look for l2ovc.dll -> right click -> properties -> security -> add the user you created into the file permissions. 11) Shift + Right clickon l2.exe -> Run as a different user -> fill in the user cerdentials. 12) Client is running , enjoy Method 2: Reinstall windows.
  7. L2 no start!

    check pm , we will try to solve it through team viewer.
  8. L2 no start!

    will check it later today with one of you and share details if fixed.
  9. L2 no start!

    Hi, lets do Teamviewer season to investigate your issue. i will PM you later today.
  10. crit error

    hi, this is the critical error when you try log into FCKING? other characters works fine?
  11. Server has 0 votes on Hopezone.

    8th place on topzone 8th place on hopzone 3rd place on l2network keep up the good work !
  12. Dear Stramers/Players, here you can find all L2OVC streamers : new streamers can send me stream link to be added Orchids stream:
  13. crit error

    we will try to apply fix tonight. hopefully it will fix some of the critical errors.
  14. Server is online.

    Dear Players ! The interlude faction server have successfully started! We wish all our players good luck in this never ending battle between these who try to bring light and these who wish to bring darkness! To join visit our website and register an account & download our patch!