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  1. Server Down - Technical Issue

    Server is UP!
  2. Server offline still

    Server is back online.
  3. Dear players, due to technical issue with the vendor the server is down. we will update you once it will go up again - no ETA.
  4. I can not join to the game

    what is your Character Name ?
  5. About restart

    Server is stable and no need of constantly restart. Please report any issue with the server to fb or here.
  6. restart for server

    I havent saw any issue with the server. Please elaborate what you have experienced. i restarted the server.
  7. restart for server

  8. Special Event is coming to OvC ! Are you ready to fight the undead faction?
  9. Antharas Earring Giveaway

    Stream Started !
  10. Players !On Upcoming Saturday 14th of October , we will perform lottery on Anthars Earring among viewers !yes yes you have heard it right ! Antharas Earring !all you have to do is to enter below link : and watch MrRapolas stream. Good Luck to everyone !
  11. Streamer Topic

    Love your stream !
  12. Dear Players ! L2 Order VS Chaos 2.0 - Territories has been successfully launched. We hope you will find the new changes and features enjoyable as much as we do ! this is a complete different from any previous interlude seasons we had hope you enjoy it !
  13. Advertising Event 2.0 !

    Winners: #1 BeastStyle2g #2 NOKIA #3 ManBearPig Winners are to PM Ruby after server started with their character name in order to receive the rewards.
  14. Advertising Event 2.0 !

    Please post in L2 / MMORPG Related forums. anything else will be ignored.
  15. Advertising Event 2.0 !

    Tomorrow is the last day ! who will get the :