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  1. Order and Chaos, the new season has just started, we wish you all fun and good luck!
  2. Warriors ! Pick your side and join now to the eternal war between Order and Chaos ! we wish you good fortune and luck !
  3. Dear Players, The new season has successfuly started. we wish you all the best GvE experience you can have ! Please Note : the Siege event will start Tomorrow and on Sunday ! you need your clan to be LVL 4 to participate. Good Luck!
  4. Dear Players, We are happy to announce the start of a new L2OvC Interlude season ! we wish you all much fun and enjoy from the new season ! Good Luck, L2OvC Team
  5. At this moment the reward system is working with twitch only.
  6. Like Emerald said, the full feature list is already updated as you can see in the bottom of the page : Edited 22 February by Emerald in my opinion its good to let players know that since 2016 we are working to improve the server and updating the topic accordingly. but i will let Emerald decide on this.
  7. 7 more days left for the ultimate faction experience !
  8. We are glad to announce that new Interlude season will start March 15th at 17:00 GMT +3 ! Some key changes from previous season: * New donation currency : Festival Adena* No donation for gear/recipes/parts/materials * Improved gear dependent reward system * Removed spoilers act as thieves feature to improve team balance. * Added new mission: Mines of Moria (Duo). * Twitch streamers gets new in-game rewards. * Many more bug fixes and gameplay improvements ! Read the full change list here :
  9. Dear Players, The new season has successfully started ! we hope you will enjoy our new events , and gameplay improvements ! see you in game!
  10. Good work everyone! we are getting much closer to the opening date... we want to see more participators you are doing great job !!!
  11. it was easy right? come on guys i want to see more participation , please invest 5mins of your time as we invested many of ours to prepare your server thanks in advance, Ruby.