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  1. wtf is this changes????

    Soooobasically a useless skill for Glads now since u need to charge up afterwards, which is about 5 sec or more (depending on how many atkspeed buffs u get canceled)
  2. Open??

    I guess when Siemka wants to start already we should really consider starting beforehand
  3. Couple thoughts.

    1) blow dmg is alrdy reduced, start buffing cov instead of being happy to be fast with Magnus. extra pdef, -crit dmg, +hpdoes a lot... and turn around if a dagger is at you. dont think you can simply show him your back. 2/4 = 1/2 = 50%, no, we duelists dont crit in 50% of the time and our dmg also got reduced. watch my Video and count the crits if u feel like prooving that. 2) 3) gotta agree to that 4) I do get surrendered like all the time. if someone buffs the resist X buffs it will greatly reduce the chance of being surrendered, but do ppl rly have buff Slots for that? gotta sacrifice other things if u would like that have that resist... 5) I get fine adena. As far as i know,if you kill someone that was alive for quiet a while, many others alrdy dealt damage to them, so your dmg doenst rly count that much. Maybe thats the reason in a nutshell: mages are almost always on top with kills/dmg, in every part of progression.mostly selfish requests imo. I could go and say that mages cancel is OP, curse of doom always lands, and so on, but thats what the class is made of and the classes would greatly suffer if further changed. Id say that the balance is pretty good, ppl just tend to want to have their own class stronger instead of changing their own playstyle accordingly or accept that your class has to have counter-classes
  4. Jaro's Video

    i love u
  5. New (not-so-short) Movie

    +STR +CON -DEX; Adenaz/Buffslot/Stats Obviously strawberry themed, dumb question you have to get quiet a lot of handkerchiefsthen Maybe I'll add some normal-speed sequences next time
  6. New (not-so-short) Movie

    thanks for the constructive critique, will keep that in mind for the next one
  7. Hope you like it
  8. Shop-UI window

    if u select the shop -> armors -> bgrade the window disappears. u cant buy b armors atm
  9. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Agree to all of that. No wonder, you were my buddy this season I'd really like to see a H5-OvC again. It enables all melee-classes, tanks are also more viable due to their partybuffs, and we got 3 more classes, which simply increases the diversity. I also enjoyed the subclassskills, the skillenchant trees, more classes in oly. Other than that, theres more to do progressivewise. Ofc some balancing must/should be done, but thats a given I guess. It wont be perfect from the start, but the last H5-OvC Iplayed already seemed to be on a good way. Problem lies within the progression. The more you can do, the more the gap between hardcore-players and newbies increases
  10. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    Sadly I didnt start taking footage when the server was at its peak Enjoy
  11. 'Easy' - The Movie

    get that cursor away from me!
  12. Tezza

    wrong chronicle meng, check interlude stats e.g.:
  13. Progression too easy

    Here aremy thoughts about all that: There has been a time when Summoner-Buffs were actively buffable in a party if Iremember correctly. result: it only took about 1 week for everyone to complain about it and hence having it removed. Do you really want to get crittet even higher than you already get right now? The only way to enable Summoners here imo is to make the summons scale with the Summoners gear, but thats probably tough/impossibleto implement. And even if you do that, ppl might/will get aggro for having a hard hitting thingy behind their back, which doesnt give anything when u kill it and is nearly instantly resummoned. If you get rid of the 3rd class buffs and enable them only for the party-players, those partys will simply steamroll you even more than they already do. There are many (/mostly) solo-players out there and they would stand an even lesser chance against those partys -> just for the sake of having thoseclasses in the game (EE/SE/WC/PP) There were some SE-playing people this season because of the party-restrictions. Was fine imo. Meaning: Its playable if you are organized. Recharge/Res/MpBurn/LittleHeal The SWS/BD thing is simply hard to managein my eyes. Maybe make their Dances/Songs Selfbuffs with higher percentages, but it could turn out to be OP.The gap between OP and useless is small when it comes to additional buffs. About progression... there were threads about earning not enough adena (meaning too slow progression) and now ppl say its too much. You cannot please everyone I guess. I personally think it was fine (maybe a bit too much).Especially the lesser drop rate for BoG/LS/Golem was a good change in my eyes. The recently added Top-Kill-LuckyBox was superb as well. The one thing I would adjust is the enchant-system. You said that ppl left when they broke their weapons from +12 to +0, but imo they already had the mindset of leaving by doing so. The AncientAdena-System was nice;less rather useless items. The prices could get adjusted to slow down the progression. I dont think the leveling is something that needs change
  14. Game Manager - Nobless Raid

    The game manager says the PvE zone is led by Dr. Chaos. Its misleading, because I assumed the Nobless-Raid spawning there is Dr. Chaos himself then Maybe change it to ", led by Ancestor Martankus."