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  1. Game Manager - Nobless Raid

    The game manager says the PvE zone is led by Dr. Chaos. Its misleading, because I assumed the Nobless-Raid spawning there is Dr. Chaos himself then Maybe change it to ", led by Ancestor Martankus."
  2. Olympiad: Enchant maximum

    So, on a different server I've seen that the enchant was maxxed for olympiad to +6 e.g. your +12 items get reduced to +6 while participating in olympiad +6 for the obvious reasonto have the armor-set effect I thought that to be a very nice implemention since: - more people will be able to have a chance to participate and actually win --> more competition - fights become more skill-reliant (not a "who has the higher enchanted drac bow") - classes would be more balanced out in my opinion
  3. Seven sign energy

    @specialingredients if im not mistaken
  4. Event Stucks

    as the title says, countdown is negative and goes further down
  5. Broken Balance

    hahahahaha archers and mages both do the same dmg to me. mages got their mana shield, archers got their 10s stun and the "u cant target me" crap sounds even to me. having several healers in 1 party makes it unplayable right now imo.
  6. Tyrr Momentum Charge

    Maybe ist just my stupidity because i lack knowledge about this chronicle but this skill doesnt seem to create any momentum (charges) on my side. ( Momentum Charge 1 aura 58 10000 0 - Continuously consumes HP to produce Momentum. maybe someone can clarify this to me
  7. Humans vs Mutants

    Ppl wouldn't vote for it if they didn't want it Atleast Ifound it somehow refreshing not having Battlefield/DM/VIP
  8. Dominator is a healer class

    OL rly do kill the game atm, ppl being unkillable although they aren't even in a party I'd say that those OL-Heals should become party-only (except sieges?), cause they profit too much from each other I wouldn't go as far as reducing their MP-toggle since, as NOKIA stated, theres more to the class
  9. Daggers

    Elfs/Dark Elfs: Focus Death: For 2 minutes, decreases user's Critical Rate by 30% and frontal Critical Damage by 30%. Increases the probability of deadly attack by 60% and rear Critical Damage by 90%. Requires a dagger. Human: Focus Power: For 2 minutes, decreases frontal Critical Damage by 30%. Increases side Critical Damage by 30% and rear Critical Damage by 60%. Requires a dagger.
  10. Map RaidBosses

    Hello there, in my opinion most RaidBosses that spawn at 5 min are way to easy to kill. Just yesterday in a fortress map a team was able to kill it while running to their spawn point (thats like 30 sec?) Furthermore, in most cases you arent even able to search for it because it has already been killed in no time by a tiny group of people Would be nice to hear everyones opinion on that matter ah, and i almost forgot: raid bosses were pulled through the wall several times. In the case shown above the raid was aggroed through the wall and bugged out of the place. the other fraction had no chance of getting the raid
  11. Archer-Dmg Bug?!

    well then, just for you, you can look up the time in the right bottom corner the first is at 25:32 min left, the 2nd 27:23, 3rd 27:51 on the same target.
  12. Archer-Dmg Bug?!

    so how often can u use this, cause the same targets ALWAYS get that dmg, its not sth that disappears in 15 sec
  13. Hello there, as u can see in the pictures listed below, some ppl seem to have some incredible archer resistance. i dont know how they do it, but well... maybe some other archers noticed it too?! or maybe im just too dumb to figure out the secret behind it. thanks in advance.
  14. ImmOrtaLs

    Looking forward to it