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  1. Are you planning to open a new H5 server from scratch? Waiting for it... (was not playing interlude :p)
  2. "Did you got the Message?" Not really, can you type normally?
  3. I remember, I played too and it was quite fun. The bad point was that there were some Storm screamers full loaded via donations that oneshot everybody since day 1...
  4. On July/August 2015 there was a quite fun High Five server... Since then you have only opened Interlude after Interlude which is not as nearly as fun. Why don't you open a H5 instead? I remember Duelist, Paladin, Tyrants... were a bit overpowered but that should be easy to be corrected. The rest was quite OK
  5. how about opening something that is NOT INTERLUDE? Thanks
  6. are you being serious, interlude AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN? .....
  7. Me and my CP (+8) are hoping is NOT interlude
  8. I hope this H5 can be released this summer
  9. so when is H5 expected to be launched?
  10. omg, interlude is boring as hell, I hope it's something like goddess or H5
  11. Yeah, totally agree, tyrants and duelists were too OP in the last l2ovc H5
  12. @emerald when do you expect to open it more or less? Can't wait