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  1. About new season

    are you being serious, interlude AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN? .....
  2. Next season

    interlude in 2018
  3. Next season

    Me and my CP (+8) are hoping is NOT interlude
  4. Next season

    I hope this H5 can be released this summer
  5. H5 Recruitment

    so when is H5 expected to be launched?
  6. Next season

    omg, interlude is boring as hell, I hope it's something like goddess or H5
  7. [Vote] Flame Icon

    I cannot vote again
  8. H5 Recruitment

    Yeah, totally agree, tyrants and duelistswere too OP in the last l2ovc H5
  9. H5 Recruitment

    @emerald when do you expect to open it more or less? Can't wait
  10. H5 Recruitment

    H5 that's good news
  11. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    I hope next server is NOT interlude I have been waiting for it for a while.
  12. Bugs not staying after death

    also, noblesse buff has 1 minute cooldown deathmatch? enjoy fighting with bugfs
  13. Archers ( again) proof + solution

    my point is that the stunned get chained so its pretty normal being for X seconds stunned til u die
  14. Archers ( again) proof + solution

    They are breaking the server... everybody is switching to archer right now cause they are very broken as hell They need to have something be done, if you have not realized yet, the top 5 killers in every eventare archers Theirstun may last 5/10/12... during which they hit you up to 50/60k per skill. it usually takes them 1/2 skills to break my mana mana shield and 1 hit to kill me (cause they hit me with 60k), I am decent geared. In comparison my mage has 200k+ m attack. I can hit hard to newbies 20/25k... eventually 30k,meanwhile to geared people my crits are maximum 8/10k My suggestion is 1) Lower the damage: they are hitting now for 50/60k per skill. 2) The stun lasts 10+ seconds, this is plain stupid in a pvp server, most of the time your character is stunned as it dies, against player with low dps, you can be stunned for 25/30 s as you die...
  15. buffs removed after you die

    its annoying, leaving the event cause you forgot noblesse and then unable to come back to your team... leave it as before