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  1. Hello old friends/new people/Emerald/Ruby

    Just a tease, can't wait;Empire VS all. (Lul WATERPISTOL fake WR Hero) Sosa runnin' daily basis (<3 u bro) See you soon. Ulysse
  2. Hello old friends/new people/Emerald/Ruby

    Hey guys, Hope you havin' fun, can't play this season but hopefully I can be around after this summer to stab ur ass! To all my boyz. Ps: Cheers Chevi Ulysse
  3. Dagger: Adventurer

    You must be Sosa or at least you sound like the trash he is. I wonder why you posted here since all you do is crying to not nerf your AW (wich is the most OP here) without giving any suggestion about TH. You say you would hit mage for 300 with lethal? Why do I hit them 6k+ on uber crit as GH? Changing the blow landrate would also buff the other classes since its the same skills for all daggers and WR/GH definatly don't need that. TH need a buffs not PW/AW, focus death has what TH need to be viable here (60% MM & +30% dmg from back) but you seems too stupid to understand it. Also you talk about cancel on sph and necro?! But they have their own strengh, sph has 2 vortex and 2 elements (wind/dark) and necro has transfert pain and debuffs, what is TH strengh, not landing blow?! kkthx EDIT : An other suggestion would be to add might mortal instead of focus death but that would take an other buff slot.
  4. Dagger: Adventurer

    I agree with you about the unusual customization, mean the fact that TH would have the actual focus death skill. Maybe buffing focus power or editing the value to match focus death?! b'cuz independent blow damage wouldn't be a good thing I guess. Unfortunately TH is not fine tho, that's why I made this thread and that no one is maining/subing it (expect maybe newbies that don't know that yet). You sound like "ButWhole" and you should keep your retardation away from this topic, thanks. Also you're the one saying false information, CD SA always been meant to work on blow. You are welcome and have a nice day.
  5. Dagger: Adventurer

    that's what i thought.
  6. Dagger: Adventurer

    Can you even read? Mirage take a buff slot would you remove a buff for it?! pretty sure u never use your refelct dmg or evasion what ever dagger u play WR/GH. Would you trade +600hp for focus power instead of focus death on this kind of server? alos would you go: -Low base speed -Dash reuse-time -Trick land rate -Bad evasion -Blow landing rate -MM is a blow Brain please.
  7. Dagger: Adventurer

    Hey Emerald Alright so I guess everyone playing dagger knows that TH is by (very) far the worst here, but for thoose who don't know why here are some facts: -Base speed -Dash reuse-time -Trick land rate -Bad evasion -Blow landing rate -MM is a blow -Has no MM effect with focus power Now lets talk about the "good" side of the class (yes there are one or two if they work as expected): -Mirage (if it's working properly; it seems to work tho) -Highest CON (like 600 more HP than WR/GH; u still get stunned by newbie tho, even with epics) -High critical damage passive (if working b'cuz CD SA is a joke...) Since this class is the main reason I'm still playing L2 I wont give up on it (I just love it) but pvp here is no where near official servers wich make it pretty useless and thats why every dagger players round' here that don't main Aventurer (shout out to ma boi Anak1nO and newbies that doesn't know this class is garbage) are either WR or GH 100% (ok more like 200%). I'm not gonna say I dont kill as adventurer cuz I own this class (about 30+ kills on a town event even when my fans focus/cancel on daily basis) but any WR/GH with the same gear and refresh augment would have much better stats (about 10/20+ more kills wich is almost half of what I do as Adventurer, if they know what they are doing with much less efforts). Now lets talk about what we can do to make it worth playing: -Replace focus power by focus death (wich has +60% MM effect and +30% crit dmg from back than focus power) So yeah thats it, give some love for Adventurer or I guess I'll have replace one of my sub for GH since its allowed this season (or give us 4th sub? I wanna keep my healer/mage sub >,<) -- Now I'm gonna talk about daggers in Olympiad it's out of topic but I guess I let you know even if are already aware of that. I dont really care about it, just triggerin' me playing against full support augments (OL included) and glad b'cuz they cant get hero on the class they play on daily basis '-'). But dagger in oly can rarely get more than 23+ pts after 9 matches (and thats only if you had mage/archer/summoner matchup) so it's mostly feed (shout out to ma boi Climax one love). /discuss
  8. tyrant huge bug

    Greetings, There is a really annoying bug with the range of blows, the character is following the enemy sticking to his back while he is running (my char even stop right behind the enemy bcuz my speed his higher than his) but never land/throw anything; It's really frustating tbh since it happen 90% of the time, well more like 99% (no joke). I asked other dagger and it happen to them as well; so I guess the range of blows need to be adjusted or just find the source of the problem in order to fix this bug. Thanks, Ulysse