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  1. Lethal blow

    Actually there is a big geodata problem of server. In some maps except town maps when I trying to bckstp people im teleporting automaticallyto mountain,and people can attackme and i cannot bcs i cannot see noone in mountain. About Backstab in fact yea lethal blow making a bit more dmg than backstap,but the funny thing backstap missing so much,Im not even using backstap maybe sometimes only. TH is totally useless in this server for noreason. Lethal blow is second backstap
  2. Lel let's go 1v1 dagger 3 round +1 bonus for you from me. You have no chance against me even with bonus. İf you dont have adena i'll give you adena for new rebirth skills. I have milion photos better score than you with low death score w/o bp 60+ killsnot like you 60-80 kills 25-30 death..
  3. Bratan why you dont post any photo w/o bp and good score ? Btw still giving dagger lessons pm.
  4. I don't need to understand anything, it's your problem if u guys trolling or hatingeach other. There is no point to get mad, they would like troll people like this but you getting serious everything,ur personality i can not talk about this. For example luffy I would like to troll him and doing always bcs he has a low iq, when i troll him he get mad and be fake afk.
  5. Lol do you have serious problems or what ? You cannot be that guy which i have spoke in game before 1 month. impossible ! You should check this topic and my messages. There is no any message from me about you. I don't care and don't give a fck which chars u are playing right now. You was just bullsh1ting about siege and I gave u reply. Don't change subject.
  6. Lol are u ok ? I reply to your bullsh1t bcs you was talking about castle. Firstly you should control your bullsh1ts before reply. Noone lying !
  7. For Siege we didint even go there to def it, also we had no online number. We was like fuck it noone gonna attack castle. After Climax and others took castle we made rgp last 10-12minwith 5-6 people and we went castle but it was too late for that... We are done alrdy took more than 3-4x times castle. We don't care castle after this time bcs this season totally dominated by DrugAddicts and Slco. So you shouldn't even talk about castle.
  8. this is qlex pro sps hero

    After 2 months noone cares castle we took castle more than 3-4x times. That Fury is so funny guy, i want to meet with him.
  9. this is qlex pro sps hero

    Yea I lost 1 match to u,but still i was about to win you had %3 hp left [ dontforget 76 lvl sorc +3 am full b grade jevels vs 12 am full epic 78lvl or + .. if i had epics on those fight you had no chance even with a grade weapon i can drop you easly For second match stop giving excuses like i got lag etc. You had no lagg, i had %15 hp left and kill u. Ezy. you should learn how to play sps.
  10. this is qlex pro sps hero

    SunShine you even lost to me in oly 1v1 +3 am full b grade jevels against +12 am are you still talking ?
  11. I think i found a Dagger Server

    Dagger nerfed here already. Even if emerald nerf a bit more, it wont change anything still gonna roll. Btw giving dagger lessons. People should learn how to play dagger w/o bp.
  12. Yo Chaki how is going ? Btw the funny thing Luffy and his dogs left their own clan and they joined to brazils . They failed hard this seasson. I will expect competitionfrom them for next season.
  13. UNBAN

    Yo im not even in my country and i was checking forum from phone and i see drama luffy got ban bcs of nreas? Oo..
  14. Bye bye Luffy

    Made you Quit Look even his core bishop is blaming him. So it's time to laugh.
  15. Bye bye Luffy

    Okadar çok spamladı forumda server açılmadan,şimdide kendisi quitledi enayi
  16. siege

    70lvlLowrateking right now
  17. siege

  18. sLcO ✿◕‿◕✿

    That IQ... They allied with one cp not whole chaos rofl.For example i didn't make any ally.Itold u before server start let's play same numbers face to face even in siege/pvp doesn't matter. But you invited other brazil dogs for siege and you came to siege with 30 + against my 13, but we slap u against double number,you lost it. I told u that if u make zerg u can't win anything. We made u lost necro hero castle etc. As i said im done for this season even with low activity. I gave clan privilages to Neras bcs of low activity and he made an ally with 'King'bcs most of people left server..Do not forget [We played here 3 weeks w/o ally. You should learn how to play with same number w/o ally. /Have fun !
  19. Yea you are the only a guy who plays here for fun and protecting 70lvllowrateking .. Don't hide yourself.
  20. Hi After spoke with some friends from last season decided to play here once again. But this time I have no much time to play bcs im working atm. Im able to play 6-8h each day.But I don't think that will be problem for my friends. Probably there will be a second leader for clan,when im outside he can lead.What ever... We gonna play as { chaos )team because enemys want to play order I haven't more than 7-8 + player for now. Still waiting %100 info from some friends. As I said before I don't wanna play more than 15 + ppl but it depends on enemy zerg. We will see. ! I haven't contact with many friends which i played with them on last season. My doors open for everyone <pms PS : Main party did not setup yet. Looking for very active 1-2 trusted players for main pt. Lastly I can recruit 1 active cp 5/5... More info after 1week > So let's start boys > Have fun.
  21. Siege

    When I join game from other city i was like wtf we have castle, i wasn't even online in siege. Seems my friends gonna roll once again. Btw we made luffy lost hero + pp+ Summoner .. Probably he will not speak anymore for next seasons. Im done he lost hero + castle this season was ezy.. Have fun !
  22. How the fck you can lose with 30 player against 13 in pvp ? Could you explain to me ? /bad idea to recruit Empire so bad... Enjoy 70lvlbnbkings.
  23. No Castle For 70lvlKings.

    Stop fkngyour goat that much,it's affecting the little amount of IQ you have left. I slap ur clan face to face 2x times do not lie. beat? loled hard.I already own u lol next time you should drink a cold water before reply this bullsh1t. I never played here4 season. I didn't even count last season bcs of ban. This is my second season. I rape your clan against double number inside of castle and outside of castle what you kids talking about seriously..... İmagine same numbers 10 sec. Even your dogs was like looking for clan leader as tank or warlord not necro and they also was likeworst leader ever seen.. idk What to say. /I feel so bad for u toys.. I made u lost siege ! Next time stop insulting me greek language after lost castle, I know greek language I can even own u on that language. After siege we was like
  24. No Castle For 70lvlKings.

    Lol You couldn't even join inside of castle over 20-25min because of my 13 people what u talking about.Slco clan was like where are they seriously You afraid to get bckstp from me,btw i drop your clan 2x times inside of pray room face to face. Also about 18-19 your dogs outside of castlethey was running randomly i drop them easly and they was like please stop hitting us... You did your best ? :D:D if i had 30 + people i could win the siege. You should quit the server after lost 30 vs 13.