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  1. castle vs castle

    Noone cares.

  3. Next Season?

    Lol İs this RedAlert v2 or what ?
  4. Agent001

    You can run as well, do not forget run = part of this game. He playing smart and making fun of these people. He don't want to die by greeks that's it.
  5. suggestion

    I disagree for everything because of this guy. Sorry guys. Someone should make another topic with that list except puffy.
  6. Agent001

    Bad buffs,bad archer, bad skill bars. You should play only wl japanmada
  7. unban

    Btw this topic made my day still laughing hahaha. I feel so bad for Puffy
  8. about ms

    I was busy couldn't play this season, but probably next season
  9. unban

  10. necro's pet

    Lmao b grade killer crying about necro pet made my day's more fun to check forum than game.
  11. about ms

    Probably greek every season same topics I'm bored of these people...
  12. thank you

  13. New expert skills effects

    I know kamael is cancer op especially slh with steal But some of skills need nerf on gf client. Emerald have to nerf some important skills before open server, also boost some classes like titan and archer as you said. They are useless in gf. Nvm we are discussing for nothing he decided to open IL.