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  1. StrongOrderPlayers

    As title says StrongOrderPlayers coming 5/5 for now. Probably after I go to vacation, my friendswill need 1-2 strong player but they are not gonna recruit70LvLLow Rate kings' This message is important for someone.We have a surprise for chaos team. Last season was so easy let me remind you Puffy. People don't give a fck for castle and hero in faction server butas you said before, who take more hero+ castle in faction serverthat's mean he win the server. This season i won't play more than 3 days. Im not sure butprobablythere will be nocastle and hero fights from strongorderplayers side. Nvm I hope puffy's dogis will join here so we can make some pvps.Have fun!
  2. Where's Puffy aka LRking ?

    Yea previous seasons we had more flame and more fun at forumbut this time server grand opening day is really bad especially it's summer/vacation time. That's why there's no much fun at forum, but still doesn't matter we have puffy guy
  3. Where's Puffy aka LRking ?

    Hahaha you are still comedian We making topics because you are so funny and also in game trash btw could you answer my question ? Are u gonna play for me or not ? just for 3 days fun
  4. /Summon chikita puffy. I would like troll him probably he won't play this season because his clan failed hard last season. Camon luffy join here and play just for 3 days. I need some fun before go to vacation.
  5. Interlude

    Plx change the grand opening time make it 14/7/17 smthing if possible,so i can play @Emerald
  6. HI5/Gracia

  7. Hmm

  8. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Btw server is totally unbalanced i played like 30-40 min total for test with my some friends. Tank is useless you getting low dmg from fighter classes but mage hitting like 30-25k etc crt also you cannot kill anyone with tank max 250 crt dmg with skills like wtf. My friend was testing dagger and he get 76k from 1 random mage didin't even ask his nickname doesn't matter. Archerdmg seems fine no have idea about other classes. Not even fun ! ! Seems F1 IL is over Magef4 76k on
  9. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Loled hard that kid still talking about official...... Javahardcore boi.
  10. balance

    İf you can't fix it on next days try to format your computer setup win 7 and try once again. Probably you'll solve the problem.
  11. balance

    I think the gameguard error is about win10 or 8. Win7 is fine. Because I have a friend he using win10 and he got same problem.
  12. balance

    You are right. I had 8k mdef and mage dmg 13k imagine other classes. Btw I was tank. Tank dmg max 150-300 dmg with skills you should increase tank dmg. Gonna check other classes tomorrow.
  13. Interlude

    No, you get it wrong. Maybe h5 or gracia final.I evenknow that interlude is boring client.