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  1. Abc*


    No, it was totally different on interlude. As i remember i was getting 7-10 adena on interlude but here now 1-4 adena. I've farmed top items to get 1-4 adena ? whats the point of making top items if we get 1 adena.. For now it's better to play with dynasty sets and different characters to get more adena. I hope emerald do something about that.
  2. Abc*


    Totally agree. After made top grade wep and armors i got same problem aswell. Im getting like 2-3 and mostly 1 adena from kills. Something going wrong.
  3. Abc*


    That random guy hate was focused me nonstop in imperial tomb map yesterday night. İnstead of aggroing more people, focusing an person is totally stupidly lel. Also there were many tanks doing that.
  4. Abc*


    For me it doesn't matter nerf or not, but yea im getting mad sometimes in maps because of tanks but still ok for me. Some of them aggroing me nonstop with macro and i losing every map 15-25 kill
  5. No no no, watch me https://www.twitch.tv/Abckillingunskilledplayers/
  6. Abc*


    Who plays with scammer boi getting ban interesting.
  7. Well something wrong then, İdk the last season which i've played was very good (before 1-2 year). I was playing with pow but seems pow isn't working right now. 3 lvl expert skill mc siren/wm/pow/valakas it should be very perfect.. Also active wildmagic isnt working tested. Archers are so strong who have duelmight making 3.8-4k+ dmg or more even if you have +6 dc set and tatto... Because mages can't make magic crt mch. Nvm thanks for answer.
  8. Why u guys even saying something about balance. Im saying the truth. I can post many screnshoot that getting 3.5k dmg from archer in a row 3x times sometimes 4 while my dmg 700-800 he get ressists also i can't make magic crt in a row so i have no chance to kill a archer who have qa baium enchanted db and good resisits... Server became to archer servidor.. After 1 week noone gonna play mage here just saying.
  9. 1. Yea they both nerfed but magic crt nerfed %75 look the difference between archer nerf and mage nerf. 12 vs 75 it shouldnt be %75 max 15-20 2. I have seen many times archers on top list. Also most of people are voting mostly range archer maps so.. 3. Mages have normal casting speed. Godmode giving also casting speed but it broking balance. ( Archer 2 crt 3k + while mage 600-800 max if he dont get surrender and vortex. Archer always have advantage from range.
  10. Back to your cave brazil 5000x servers lol. Learn something about retail mage.
  11. Mage is not very good if your enemy know how to take resisits. You are a f1 boi playing archer making 2-3 crt in a row ofc archer is good. Mage can't make 2or 3 mc in a row. Even 1 is so low rate. I want to play a retail mage class not like brazil java nerfs.. Don't give a fck for summoners.
  12. European people are f1 players they don't know how to play mage they were crying before 1-2 year about mages that's why Emerald nerfed mc rate. Btw Noone cares what you say.