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  1. Seems you played only one time sps in this server. Sps have a chance you right with high cs but lets talk about sorc and sph. The problem is that Archer is making 3x-4x times crt in a row thats why everyone playing archer in this server and mage making with pow/valakas/3lvl expert mc skill and passive wm 1/7-8 mc with sorc or sph same doesnt matter. Im the only guy playing always mage class in ovc and I know everything about magic crt in this server. There is something wrong between mage and archer ! I need retail mc. Even Im oke for this because its not like last season h5 nerfed rip mage ! Im just saying the truth.
  2. Exactly but those kids crying about mage dmg always f1 bois everywhere what u expect.. That's why i hate this communty because they are crying everywhere about mage class. Every class should be retail like mage and archer no nerf sh1ts.
  3. @Hoseki You need to make +6 or more dc set / tatto of power and try to get 1 shield buff/clan shield. But even with those items you can get 3.5-4k from behind/ infront 2.9 3.4k etc. İf he take cov he will make magic crt in his dream. 1/13 magic crt with cov while archer crt in a row sometimes 3 and 4x times.
  4. Abc*

    Some advices

    Those kids who doesnt agree with you, they playing op class tyrnt and getting 600-700 dmg from mage that's why..
  5. Abc*

    dear GM

    Im doing with +16 Sacredium 300 attribute full enchanted skills 650-800 dmg normal 1600 mc to Str8 he have top items. Only if he lose mdef buffs my dmg increasing to 1000-1200 max. Also when rune protection activated 450-500dmg. To be honest im not even hitting cancer tyrnts because they are not dying as ton said. İdk why @Emerald asking picture or video. You can make a tyrnt character with top items attri enchant skills for test tyrnt dmg. Also i can help you as mage for the test dmg.
  6. Abc*

    dear GM

    Wot ? Did you ever play any mage class on any h5 mid or doesnt matter low rate server ? You can kill gladi and tyrnt 1v1 with mage class on pts servers because you have no nerfed x2 magic crt dmg. So you will have always a chance vs fighters as mage. You should change your logic.
  7. Well don't expect from Emerald to bost mages or nerf rune protection a bit for now. Maybe he thinking to do that next season. Anyway there are only 2 max 3 mage in this server if you dont have top items +30 skills enchanted mage is useless and no point to play. Even with full enchanted skills enchanted weapon armors full atri no chance vs tyrnt and gladi.
  8. There wasn't even a battle. I was trolling that guy who donating 300-400 scrool on interlude seasons for enchant and also after seen his top ruski party names like idk what to say still laughing. Nvm lets back to our main subject < < Rune protection ! Sorry for spamm bratans.
  9. Ahahahaahaha mass9 very very top loled hard . I just understand that you dont even know best russian parties and clans. Bye
  10. @Venth Enjoy the conversation xD I made him mad about 400 scrool donate on interlude xd.
  11. Ahahahahahahaha top russian cps. Okey tell me top ruski cp names ahaha Im waiting just tell me names. Still laughing what a guy.
  12. You dont even know which russain servers i've played lol. Crazy java u dont even know my youtube channel ahaha by
  13. Keep donating with tons of accounts have fun. Try to play a low rate russian server before say to someone learn l2 u just german kid who borned in java. Im bored and not gonna discuss with u anymore cu unskilled java. Btw money money MONEYY