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  1. necro's pet

    Lmao b grade killer crying about necro pet made my day's more fun to check forum than game.
  2. about ms

    Probably greek every season same topics I'm bored of these people...
  3. thank you

  4. New expert skills effects

    I know kamael is cancer op especially slh with steal But some of skills need nerf on gf client. Emerald have to nerf some important skills before open server, also boost some classes like titan and archer as you said. They are useless in gf. Nvm we are discussing for nothing he decided to open IL.
  5. New expert skills effects

    Let's forget h5 if possible prefer gracia final. Well, there is a gf x3 server opened before 4 days wanted to play with my friends but had no much time to play atm, it's still summer time for me they are playing with keltaa Irreale clan against xside probably you know them. Probably gonna help them soon as driver. About emerald have no idea what he gonna do but many people want to play gracia final. H5 season was soo fkn unbalanced, I hope i won't see h5. As I remember when they see a dagger, they running like this
  6. New expert skills effects

    Not bad, life is good What about you ? I'm checking sometimes ovc forum to see what's going on.I miss pvp ^^
  7. New expert skills effects

    That drama and bullsh1t..
  8. New season

    Gracia final would be great +.. )
  9. when grand crusade?

    Stop makingtopics about that sh1t client. Noone want to play that sh1t client. I hope next season will be Gracia final.
  10. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    I didn't played this season but my friends told me that dagger is same likeprevious seasons.All mage classeshave chance vs dagger 1 vs1 ''especially sorc and sps with cancel skill they have advantage''. I was killing most of daggers 1v1. Yea there is a bug lethal strike making more dmg than backstap but still doesn't matter if u know how to play mage full gear dagger can't do a sh1t. Idk why those kids crying every season about dagger.
  11. StrongOrderPlayers

    Plans changed we gonna play chaos once again for this season.
  12. Sad Fact

    Ok peasy ezy boi