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  1. +1 Melee are weaker every season. Many melee players come to this sv because you can't play melee in 99% of IL servers. I really don't understand why ppl cries so much about dagger damage, titan, gk, gladi... They will fuck you in closed spaces, it is the way this game is intended to be. I don't cry if a mage fuck me in a range map. If you are stupid enough to stand inside a fortress with your DC sps don't complain about a melee rapping you. Mages are landing every fucking debuff they want, archers land every stun they shot, cancellation earases you 5 buffs 99% of the times it is casted, what else do you need to play a range class? And for those who go around repeating their "this is IL, why should I play anything else but a SPS or Necro" mantra I remind you: this server boasts of being a server where you can play almost any class because of the fair balance system. The goal here is to be available to play the classes you cannot in those stupid archer vs mages pvp servers.
  2. Ronaldinho Gaúchoooo meu amigo
  3. Sophie podrías votar porfa? Y si podes comunicarte con los hispanohbalantes y brasileros que conozcas y mandarles el post estaría muy bueno. Juguemos juntos o no, nos sirve a todos esto. Yo se que hay muchísima gente más que no vió este post. Debe haber al menos unos 40 jugadores latinos que juegan todas las season y estaría bueno que se hagan ver
  4. Hola. Se me ocurrió que podríamos hacer visible la presencia de gente de Latino América (Brazilians included), ya que me parece que somos una porción considerable del server y al no contar con proxy siempre tenemos nuestra cuota extra de ping. La idea es que Emerald pueda tener una idea estimada y en base a eso justificar o no algún cambio que nos permita jugar en igualdad de condiciones. Por otro lado, si alguien ha conseguido jugar OvC con la misma fluidez que juega servers hosteados en su país de orígen y quisiera compartir una posible solución, bienvenido sea! Saludos y buena suerte esta vuelta.
  5. 1) cries* it is the only mistake I made. If you were not able to understand the whole sentences because of that mistake it is you the one who needs to improve his english skills. You have grammar and spelling mistakes in every sentence yet I can understand you because I know the language 🙂 These are not four different points. I was calling out the logical fallacy in your argument about why Emerald should implement this feature, but your little brain could not understand that the first three points were part of a reasoning, being the fourth one the consequence of the already established reasoning, so you replied to them one by one. Your concept of "being the best" only proves how delusional you are. I have never seen, in my entire life, someone who portraits Eric Cartman so accurately as you do. The fat spoiled kid for whom no amount of chocolate bars is enough and hides himself in the "everybody hates me cuz they envy me cuz i am the best" shell because he needs to feel that he is the center of the world. Keep it up, you're doing a great job! I am not mad at you at all. In fact, I celebrate that you play once again. Your delusions are more entertaining than the ones from that 404 random guy, but you need to understand that this feature you are pushing so hard for, will only accelerate the dawnfall of the server and that is bad for the whole community, including your ass. 😉 Cheers
  6. 1) The biggest issue this server has and the reason why everybody cry for wipe after 2 season is that people leave. 2) 90% of the people that quit don't understand the server and think that organized parties are way ahead them in gear and lots of people think that they are just edited and server is not balanced properly (reminder: you need those ppl to play sv cuz u need population) 3) Your contribution to community: "I want to go around with my necro hitting newbies - cuz they are the only ones you target - for 2k and I want them to see me using Karmian" 4) The real question: How selfish and retarded are you?
  7. Since I am both a spanish and an english speaker and I have some experience in playing this server I often try to help the new players that don't understand the server. Every season I talk to a lot of new players that ask for help In my opinion there are many issues that can make a new player quit, but the most important ones are: 1- Server has many unique features in order to develop your character and I celebrate that, but newbies have a hard time learning about them and don't really get the order of priorities they should follow when investing their time, effort and money. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: I think the features are quite well explained but it would really help to have a "change language" option, mainly for spanish and portuguese speakers (which are a lot more than everybody thinks) but what I think would help even more is for the very own community to take an active part on recruiting and teaching newbies how to play the server. Another possibilty could be to add a feature that allow players to see the clans created. Leaders could change the their clan status to "recruiting" and ppl could apply for a spot. In that way clan activity will be more visibile and it will be easier for newbie players to have that "first contact" with already organized clans or CPs 2 - Newbies never feel ready to jump into events since they feel they are "not rady to pvp with the top guys". 90% of the newbies I have talked to complain about not having a farm zone for them to get to the gear level needed to compete against the older players. POSSIBLE SOUTION: Here I don't have a clear answer. Newbies getting adena and drop bonuses is fine. Another options maybe solo instances just for newbie players, special farm zones opening after day 4 or something like that. I don't really know. Every option seems to be exploitable for older players in order to get them more advantage but I guess that is something you can never stop. My intention with this post is to change the focus of the discussion and maybe cast some light on this matter, since it is not a balance problem from my point of view but rather a "social" problem. It is the community that has to change the way they approach this project if they want it to grow and have a solid commuity that keeps coming back. Last suggestion: character customization always make the player more commited to its character and aesthetics have ALWAYS been a reason why people play Lineage. The game looks pretty. You can add more sombreroooos (hats) to Interlude. This is a feature that won't affect neither balance nor the game developing. You can argue that this will make no difference at all but the truth is it is impossible to know so... why don't give it a shot? Cheers!
  8. ManBearPig

    No Bishop

    You see that nowadays because healers are not making good money not because of the party member restriction. Before that lots of ppl wanted to play bishop. I play it myself almost every season and it is a super fun class to play. I would actually encourage more ppl to play it. I get it, ppl that only play dd just want to make kills but the point of this sv is to complete a wide variety of objectives, not just making kills.
  9. You shut up and come back to server. We miss your super healing hands over here 😞
  10. ManBearPig


    Yet another balance post from someone who admits he has not played most of the classes he wants to balance and demands a boost for the one he likes to play. Do you want OL to be healed and ressed? Clearly you haven't played in the seasons you could do that Do you want to increase amount of ppl in party when everybody is asking to reduce it? About daggers, clearly you haven't heard about a skill named "focus death", clearly you haven't read about dagger balance here and clearly you haven't played TH in previous seasons Could you at least give one valid reason why anyone would want to include BD and SWS in TvT? We have enough with all the classes available that can go around pressing one or two buttons and taking adena/exp for just existing and being annoying to ppl who actually want to test their skills in event I think you didn't even read the balance info at all, but at least I'll give you that you call out your own ignorance by admitting you haven't played other classes than archer
  11. ManBearPig

    Heal abuse?

    +10 Finally someone talking some sense. I've played bishop in most seasons and I think they have nerfed it quite a lot. People don't know shiet about how difficult is to be a party healer and make the best use for the low mana you have available to keep alive 4 dds that most of the time play for themselves. I think it is the most complex class to play in a top level in OVC in TvT and should be rewarded better than it is right now.
  12. Probably fixing the adena income to a certain range? I personally think that it is not only the dmg the pet does that it is OP but also the fact that the char doesn't need to expose himself in order to do dmg and take reward for that. Also, the summoning skill has such a short re-use time that it doesn't matter if you kill the summon, they will summon another one right on and continue to split the dmg. Once the summoner gets a draco set it is immortal (actually just with bw light it is super hard to kill if played properly). Probably limiting summoners to robe sets would help, so they take more dmg. Just suggestions.
  13. Sometimes ppl do that to trade items between their chars and traders, since you can't open 2 windows
  14. Fighting for a farm spot is probably the most Lineage thing that has ever happened to Lineage in the history of Lineage. I don't know if I'm making myself Lineage clear.