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  1. Overlord pvp

    I've been testing for some days this class using my brain PePeR.. there is no way an OL can make proper pvp/map.. max 2 kills to 4.. Why would a BP can make pvp and an OL not?!(seeing more BP on killing spree than DDs :)) ) He can have 20ass > 1 pvp.. So, Emerald, can you test it so you can see what i'm talking about? I have AM+14 and there is no way i can pvp :)). Waiting for your response. cya
  2. Overlord pvp

    Can you make something so domi could take some little pvp for achievment?
  3. Can you fix olympiad ranking? It only apears after the curent session is closed.. on monday i guess..
  4. good luck for my

  5. wts am +12 db +10 am +13

    DB +14 offer for it:)
  6. :o3 PS: I would love to see only things this topic was created for...