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  1. Right click

    Thank you very much!
  2. Mystic Muse

    As I've said previous seasons there isn't a single mage with knowledge of how to try to counteran archer(considering archers are the anti-mage class of interlude). Also, there isn't a single MA mage party which theoretically could be the best. It's either you lack of game knowledge or lack of ideas of what to do with that knowledge that makes you post such utter bullshit.
  3. Raid Boss

    A good idea actually!
  4. Zaken battle area

    If you guys in order didn't try to kill the boss while we were all alive it would all be much better. I was on order side last season and we won many zakens from the down side.
  5. Drunk Idea!!!!

    This is hilarious.
  6. Archers?

    It is not just you. OvC can't yet find the perfect balance between classes but they're slowly getting there. Get a DB 8 with AQ and Baium and with good positioning and fast targeting you shouldbe able to be in the top 10.
  7. re

    Lemme guess OP, you're a mage who wants to smash his head on the keyboard and kill everyone ez pz gg wp.
  8. Free faction change for clans

    Shit is starting to get more even thanks to some great individuals moving chaos so you can hold my suggestion for now. But consider it for future seasons because many people don't join forum and don't know who is going to play where and having SLCO's organised clan along with a few other not as organised but still petty good, shit is getting uneven and the fun is kind of being taken out of it for both sides imho. Thanks for your attention and have fun y'all!
  9. Free faction change for clans

    It's been 8 days guys. Some fucked up conclusions come to my mind when noone is neither accepting nor denying it with a proper reason.
  10. Free faction change for clans

    So here's the situation. Sadly this season, once again, we got a pretty much one sided OvC. Event stats shows it all: nearly 80% of event maps, 70% of faction events and 80% of mini events are won by order. Correct me if I am wrong but I recall having this feature 2 seasons ago when there was a big disbalance, and it helped quite a lotthough it was mid to end game of the server. I've mates who would like to swap sides as It's no challenge playing on the dominating side(but its shit expensive to transfer a whole clan). Please consider this, Emerald.
  11. Grand Crusade - Rank System

    Looks good. I dont like the top player requirement but if you insist events will be more goal based than kill basedI will probably start to like it. This means however that the map reward should be way better than making 50 kills reward which is between 300 and 500adena. This on the other hand could bring great disbalance to the server if it is, like it was last season, very much one sided. Think about it.
  12. Finally +16 S weapon!

    GG HAWK!!
  13. Focus Buff

    Is this with dex dyes or without? After the "fix" now ive 460 crit on a HE considering i have +4 dex.
  14. Opening boxes in DM event

    Yup, opened while invisible.
  15. Focus Buff

    I know very well which the correct value is and i'd like it to be fixed. Untill digicult brought it up i never thought of it. I noticed that sometimes i had 500 crit(after cancel apparently) but never knew why.