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  1. Finally +16 S weapon!

    GG HAWK!!
  2. Focus Buff

    Is this with dex dyes or without? After the "fix" now ive 460 crit on a HE considering i have +4 dex.
  3. Opening boxes in DM event

    Yup, opened while invisible.
  4. Focus Buff

    I know very well which the correct value is and i'd like it to be fixed. Untill digicult brought it up i never thought of it. I noticed that sometimes i had 500 crit(after cancel apparently) but never knew why.
  5. Archers nerfed too hard.

    I play archer since start. Only archer. When you get AQ and Baium with a DB+6 you're good.
  6. Focus Buff

    Critical rate buff order. Buff yourself with hunter song first, then focus buff and then cov and you get 500 crit rate. When I put focus first, then cov, then hunter I get 474. And when I put cov first, then hunter, then focus I get 466.
  7. Focus Buff

    Yup, with buffs it is. When i put hunter first then focus then cov i get 500 crit without crit on augument. I play Saggi.
  8. infinity rod joke

    It's actually lowered to 1% here afaik.
  9. Suggestion now

    Maybe removing alliance could help a bit with OLs but I doubt it will make a big difference.
  10. Suggestion now

    How is reducing max clan members going to help exactly? Or even removing ally? You say it youself: 15 people.It's all about organisation. It always has been it always will be. It doesn need solution, it needs randoms/newbies joining/creating organised parties. And imo this is quite good for the server as it is increasing its pvp level. Having strong groups of people shows that we still have to learn and we must find our way together to beat them if you catch where I'm going with this.
  11. Focus Buff

    Augument 30+ crit.
  12. Opening boxes in DM event

    Boxes dissapear, no rewards whatsoever.
  13. Suggestions for future.

    Also block windwalk 100% success rate.
  14. Suggestions for future.

    The point is that you CAN kill the boss. Also if any team is going to win this it will not be because of 2 titans but rather by having more organized parties with proper bishop targeting.