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  1. Trouble opening the game

    Solution! For windows 10 users after the lastest windows 10update Go to Windows security Add an exception for the whole l2 folder in the virus and threat tab Also add an exception for the l2 executable(l2.exe) in the firewall and network tab Should work
  2. The thing is, the transfer is already completed, it isnt a pending one i have the already mentioned problem after the transfer
  3. So, my Clan LostSouls had a change of leader recently, however isnt working as its supposed to. Member the clan was trasfered was character Gas Clan is lvl 8 atm and character Gas is stuck at a royal guard instead of the main clan I cant somehow edit the affiliation to move him to main clan, also character despite being the clan leader of a lvl8 clan is still a Baron(from nobl status) instead of Marquis Can you check that?Thanks