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  1. Scammed

    xaxaxax nice one i really hope emerald find a solution we all aregrown ups here i am 27 my friend is 25 we have jobs and responsibilities like most of people here i dont lie really. we play here for fun in our limited free time its a same to lose active people because he is gonna quit he palyed a lot hours for that money
  2. Scammed

    My friend made a trade with a player name Aquireni my friend gave him 15k adena and hewould give him a tezza necklace. The trade window was ok my friend put the adena and the other guy put tezza necklace. when both confirm my friend lost the adena and he didnt took thenecklace. Does anyone know how did this happen? When he messaged Emerald he said to him players responsibility. My friends name is Risk1 i introduced him to the server which i highly recommend to people i know but this is bad and the response is worse its a same to loose good quality active players like Risk1 any opinions on the topic ?
  3. Wild Magic Passive

    my dear friend 2 seasons ago i had am+15 wm passive wm active valakas and played with pow ONLY i was top sps in server for a long time i know how to take kills i know that some maps offer you better chances and positioning is very very important. i also know that since i wear robe i have disadvantage against archers and daggers but i think you miss the point. i get 3 crit hits back to backall above 3k all the fucking time!!! while i said i need a lot lot more spells to do only 1 i talk about balance in my opinion there is no balance in this matter. and like Best player said this thing will damage the server one more season
  4. Wild Magic Passive

    i dont agree with youthank you 4 replay any way
  5. Wild Magic Passive

    thank you 4 the info brodo you know thatmcrit rate is nerved by 75 %.in this season only or in previous seasons too?
  6. Wild Magic Passive

    I agree with you 100% 2 seasons ago i had almost tha same topic and archers (f1 players) had different opinion of course i receive 4k damage for fun and most of the times i get2 or even 3 critical hits back to back. at first i was angrynow its just funny when the same time i need 10 - 12 spells!!! any way its too bad cause its a very nice server and i think that a little bitbalance would be great.. any way thank you 4 your time mate
  7. Wild Magic Passive

    Can anyone tell me what is going on with wm passive? 3 seasons now we now (even some dont admit) that is p attack based server archers are OP no doubt about it but i got wm passive in my AM and there is absolutly no difference then before does any one knows why ? maybe is off for this server?