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  1. when i learned lvl 3 dexterity i lost 5 evasion
  2. H5 Recruitment

    server finished? today i dream with it
  3. Shop error

    because i got dagger clean+10 and i want to put sa,but it doesnt matter i broke it
  4. When u want to put SA in weapon C you need Crystal Stage 7 and you cant get it + 307 gemstone C fix it to be free like b etc
  5. Kids

    close post bcs i cant, i wanna do it when i open but he created acc u can see and he wanna to post that shet
  6. Kids

  7. Kids

    Ignore it,thatspathethic andhe dont report it in forum I coming to declare my case
  8. Kids

    he said fk off after he saidi report you to fk off me,obvious
  9. Kids

    Crodo said me son of b.. and i insulted him saying retard, like other player because in raidbos instance when we win he unstuck, then i insulted her mum entering in his game and was funny because he was ragging and with reasonbecause he saidme son of b.. and nobody needs to talk about my mum and now,bcs it was 2 days ago he say oh i report u, i dont like to lost my time but i will make this post to prevent sh1ts
  10. Clan reputation

    Blabla it hurts my brain. To got balance with people full clan skills more speed to xhase and in saying if he can put clan rep at raidbos not a number just put to farm it 2. You think u know and u stop learning for ecample posibilities because im saying it
  11. Clan reputation

    Hello, what ways are avaible in the server to get clan rep? can u add clan rep raidbosses pls? 2much expensive be new in server and 38.5k adena to lvl8
  12. Saliren no spawn

    i will info all i know to make better server gg
  13. Saliren no spawn

    No man ,this all info i know, ah in dark elven village when u leave a guild (house) dont remmber what house u teletransport under city ,but automatic u re in the top of the mountain (d elven city ) and u can jump down to entrance d elven village
  14. Bug wall

    Ok this time he runs because u are with all chaos there,look reanimated for example, and who cares we are not talking about how everyone plays
  15. Bug wall

    I said sorry but what you deserve..its not your _- bridge