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  1. Next season

    I'm looking forward to it!
  2. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    nice video!!!
  3. Enchantment system

    Abolition of golem enchant on failure 0 Greatly increase the price of S grade! Increase the price of A grade (the price of S grade now) I think that the rest is good with the rest! In the present situation the balance has collapsed! New player will also quit immediately! With this, I do not know what I'm donating for! Think about specifications that will not get bored soon!
  4. 少人数の時間!

    When I feel like a new player, I think it is tough!
  5. 少人数の時間!

  6. 少人数の時間!

    When the number of people of 10vs10 or less pvp event! Please make healer's participation impossible! The balance is bad! I can not kill it!
  7. A happy new year

    yes!! all My girl friend
  8. A happy new year

    I like pepsi!
  9. A happy new year

    I hope everyone's health and success! I am looking forward to next season!
  10. Just a Suggestion

    Are you kidding me? you change name now!!
  11. Balance

    do not think we need an elo system!
  12. Balance

    I agree!!
  13. donateとdonate shop

    Donation shops do not need mats parts dye etc (no one will buy it) We need arms, armor, jewelry (boss etc) 1 euro = 250 A Change this to 1 euro = 1 coin (trade impossible) Everyone has Adena. For example, if a person who does not donate gives Adena to the donor, you can get items from the donation store This is a problem! Everyone becomes a donor! Solve it by making it coin! And trade at the donation store 1 coin = 250 A 10 coin = 2600 A 100 coin = 27000 A (there is a little service) All donation shops trading with coin! For example zaken ring = 80 coin etc. I am confident in this proposal!
  14. Server offline still

    Is there no equipment for private power generation?
  15. Server offline still

    When will it take? What is the approximate time?