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  1. I cant log in!!

    I can't log in!! check pls
  2. Strider

    If that is impossible, please narrow all MAPs (making walls etc.)
  3. Strider

    Please stop using Strider in PVP event The escape leg becomes faster This does not become PVP Please only to the castle and standby place! !
  4. Skill name HEX is no working My HEX is +11!!! But I think 20%~~30% in!!! please check it
  5. leveling

    ok thank you!
  6. leveling

    Our players are playing from all over the world. Because there are few people due to time zone etc, the level is difficult to state. I propose. 1. Create one area to hunt monsters (to get exp) 2. In that area red and green will be inserted (killing possible) 3. Monsters are exp only reward I think that it is necessary for people during less hours. Please examine it once
  7. rb bug

    Event in RB is bug can't hunt RB fromCurse by the level difference
  8. I can't play HELP!!!

    yes!!! I played 3 hour before!! but... can't play now!!!
  9. I can't play HELP!!!

    I'm not good english!! A login screen doesn't go out l2.exe isImpassive Please help!!!!!
  10. I can't play HELP!!!

    SOS!!!! SOS!!!!!
  11. I can't play HELP!!!

    no!! Target is l2.exe now!!
  12. I can't play HELP!!!

    l2.exe is no working!!!! please help!!!
  13. olympia time

    My real work is very busy!! 1 day 18 hour working!!! I wanna play olympia for golden time!!
  14. olympia time

    There is time difference, so are they able to do Olympics twice a day? olym time= deep night(japan) I'm japanese! and I not good english sorry!!