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    As the number of people decreases, the motivation decreases, so it would be better to change!
  2. Rank

    It needs to be a lot easier. Especially spree and assist very difficult (player decrease)
  3. shop price down!

    If there are few people, we can not earn by range attack and you will not save adena! I think it is important to increase drop adena and drop items
  4. shop price down!

    All Adena/FA rates/prices have been increased by x10. Do you have any meaning?
  5. shop price down!

    adena drop FA drop rate up is a great idea, but I think all the products in the shop should be price cut. About 50%-70% of players are decreasing now!
  6. Insane lag issue

    I would like early correspondence!
  7. Insane lag issue

    The server went down. please confirm!
  8. Insane lag issue

  9. log in

    I'm log in now! Thanks!!
  10. log in

    log in server is off. Login does not proceed from the screen!
  11. Until the new season

    Only the remaining 12 days. Please.
  12. Until the new season

    Time to next season! You should make all items free of charge or make significant price cuts. Good things for new players like a test server, practice! You can enjoy the remaining time.
  13. The decrease of people is intense! It takes a great deal of time to save and buy adena We suggest starting the robot used for the test server. This will increase the benefits of range attacks! Get adena or drop increase! All problems should be solved!
  14. To wonder(FA)

    I am using the money that is next to my life! I want you to keep this in mind!
  15. To wonder(FA)

    I have a question about FA The value of FA should be at least 1FA = 2A. The value of FA is determined by halving all donate shops (paying at FA). I do not think that the value of the current FA is meaningful. Please consider once!