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  1. Emergency occurs!

    早急に人々を呼び戻してください! 一度大きく設定の変更をしたほうが良いのではないでしょうか? enchantやskillなどのバランス! 人が少なくなるのは原因があるからです。その原因を追究し、人々の声や要望に耳を傾けるべきです。 毎回毎回30日で人が消えてしまう! 同じ事の繰り返し。 一度大きく変更してみてはどうでしょうか? 全てを大きく変えれば景色も変わって人々を維持できると思います。 ワイプして30日。ワイプして30日。この繰り返しでは寄付してるのが馬鹿みたいです。 他のサーバーに負けない素晴らしいサーバーを作ってください! 人がいないと何も楽しくありません
  2. Emergency occurs!

    I need to free all items, return people, or increase it! The current situation is severe.
  3. Emergency occurs!

    Decrease in large people!
  4. 自由

  5. RANK

  6. RANK

    Due to the decrease of people, you need to make it easy! Spree is very difficult in TANK! I urge you to take measures as soon as possible!
  7. RANK

  8. RANK

    easy pls
  9. I do not drop even if I kill many monsters in the Farm zone!
  10. Ghost hunter skills

    Magic such as cancel and voltex will succeed 100%! HEX and debuff of other occupations should also be 100%!
  11. rank

    The number of connected people has decreased to less than half of wipe's time! Please make RANK easier!
  12. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Claire! Your idea is wonderful!
  13. Suggestions for keeping people!

    The reason why people are decreasing is in balance I was convinced that the biggest cause was the enchant system. The enchant system should be returned to the old system Only the blessed scrolls! 0 on failure! Delete AA! Continue problem of weapons! Delete all materials and production drawings! All items deal in adena! fort.domi.ctf.kothescort . item(enchant etc)adena,+ exp also add to the item! Please also express your opinion if there is anything! Please do not keep silent for everyone! Let's raise OVC with the power of everyone!
  14. Make Server Great Again

    There are too few people to hunt! I wish for a new season as soon as possible!
  15. When the number of connected people is less than 10 people Adena X3 drop X3 Like CTF FORT DOMI etc! + exp (fort domi ctf) !!! EPIC power down !!