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  1. rb bug

    Event in RB is bug can't hunt RB fromCurse by the level difference
  2. I can't play HELP!!!

    yes!!! I played 3 hour before!! but... can't play now!!!
  3. I can't play HELP!!!

    I'm not good english!! A login screen doesn't go out l2.exe isImpassive Please help!!!!!
  4. I can't play HELP!!!

    SOS!!!! SOS!!!!!
  5. I can't play HELP!!!

    no!! Target is l2.exe now!!
  6. I can't play HELP!!!

    l2.exe is no working!!!! please help!!!
  7. olympia time

    My real work is very busy!! 1 day 18 hour working!!! I wanna play olympia for golden time!!
  8. olympia time

    There is time difference, so are they able to do Olympics twice a day? olym time= deep night(japan) I'm japanese! and I not good english sorry!!
  9. Not lauching l2

    ok thanks I'm done
  10. Not lauching l2

    me too I can't
  11. Bug wall

    Rae!! I'm hate you!!
  12. Bug wall

    yes!! I'm very angry!! I hate use bug player
  13. buff

    The way to make the balance good! Own buff isn't included in buff slot! For example the dance which is everything in case of dancer. attack aura! buff in defence aura isn't included! buff slot MAX 24+Own buff of each occupation! By this, dancer! singer! PP, play, a person increases! And new player also increases! A balance is important! All occupation has to utilize all skills! I'm japanese! I'm not good english sorry!