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  1. Enchantment system

    Abolition of golem enchant on failure 0 Greatly increase the price of S grade! Increase the price of A grade (the price of S grade now) I think that the rest is good with the rest! In the present situation the balance has collapsed! New player will also quit immediately! With this, I do not know what I'm donating for! Think about specifications that will not get bored soon!
  2. 少人数の時間!

    When I feel like a new player, I think it is tough!
  3. 少人数の時間!

  4. 少人数の時間!

    When the number of people of 10vs10 or less pvp event! Please make healer's participation impossible! The balance is bad! I can not kill it!
  5. A happy new year

    yes!! all My girl friend
  6. A happy new year

    I like pepsi!
  7. A happy new year

    I hope everyone's health and success! I am looking forward to next season!
  8. Just a Suggestion

    Are you kidding me? you change name now!!
  9. Balance

    do not think we need an elo system!
  10. Balance

    I agree!!
  11. donateとdonate shop

    Donation shops do not need mats parts dye etc (no one will buy it) We need arms, armor, jewelry (boss etc) 1 euro = 250 A Change this to 1 euro = 1 coin (trade impossible) Everyone has Adena. For example, if a person who does not donate gives Adena to the donor, you can get items from the donation store This is a problem! Everyone becomes a donor! Solve it by making it coin! And trade at the donation store 1 coin = 250 A 10 coin = 2600 A 100 coin = 27000 A (there is a little service) All donation shops trading with coin! For example zaken ring = 80 coin etc. I am confident in this proposal!
  12. Server offline still

    Is there no equipment for private power generation?
  13. Server offline still

    When will it take? What is the approximate time?
  14. Ench rate

    I think golem is unnecessary. As in the previous season, I feel that it is ideal to leave everything to luck. +16 DB is hell for beginners. There is big damage. Collapse of PVP balance!
  15. Server offline still

    I want to play early! Please respond promptly!