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  1. rank

    The number of connected people has decreased to less than half of wipe's time! Please make RANK easier!
  2. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Claire! Your idea is wonderful!
  3. Suggestions for keeping people!

    The reason why people are decreasing is in balance I was convinced that the biggest cause was the enchant system. The enchant system should be returned to the old system Only the blessed scrolls! 0 on failure! Delete AA! Continue problem of weapons! Delete all materials and production drawings! All items deal in adena! fort.domi.ctf.kothescort . item(enchant etc)adena,+ exp also add to the item! Please also express your opinion if there is anything! Please do not keep silent for everyone! Let's raise OVC with the power of everyone!
  4. Make Server Great Again

    There are too few people to hunt! I wish for a new season as soon as possible!
  5. When the number of connected people is less than 10 people Adena X3 drop X3 Like CTF FORT DOMI etc! + exp (fort domi ctf) !!! EPIC power down !!
  6. rank

    Even now it is pretty tough! ! Please only score if possible! Because few people, kill and spree are very strict! Please lower the difficulty level with it! It is a tough situation!
  7. Make Server Great Again

    strongly agree! Should be started as soon as possible!
  8. C-grade B-grade enchant acroll

    I think that scroll of this grade is good with freeing. Think about the new player! !
  9. rank

    Please make the rank system even easier! The decline of people is tough!
  10. about population / future steps

    私は初期の時(何年前か?)にOVC設定に戻る方が良いと思います。当時は多くの人がいました。 現在の設定では、30日後に人が減少します。 武器の魅力や価格などに問題があると全員が考えている。 スヴェードはもっと高価なはずです。 私はアグラデの自由が速かったと感じました。
  11. Next season

    I'm looking forward to it!
  12. Short-Movie Week 4-5

    nice video!!!
  13. Enchantment system

    Abolition of golem enchant on failure 0 Greatly increase the price of S grade! Increase the price of A grade (the price of S grade now) I think that the rest is good with the rest! In the present situation the balance has collapsed! New player will also quit immediately! With this, I do not know what I'm donating for! Think about specifications that will not get bored soon!
  14. 少人数の時間!

    When I feel like a new player, I think it is tough!
  15. 少人数の時間!