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  1. What is this

    Yeah i figured it works like that, maybe if you are a mage it works fine but for me as GK no it doesn't, i rerolled and farming great with new char..close topic if you want
  2. What is this

    He didn't, gtfo of my post
  3. What is this

    Only 6k on an Sps yeah, dude please get out of this post
  4. What is this

    I got gold digger for a long time now and i never see even see 4 adena not 16
  5. What is this

    PePeR dude i hope you are not here only to troll...i know it because he was alone ona cliff in HS me and other two attacked him i hit for 6k dmg total (used many skills) he died give me 1kk ++ xp and 1 whole adena and this happens all the fcking time
  6. What is this

    Who said he was healed? Look what i posted "before he dies"
  7. What is this

    JUST NOW JUST FUCKING NOW, did over 6k dmg total before he dies to this guy name "NIM" SPS full DC set and AM +10 or something and got 1 FUCKING ADENA i don't know how mages farm if they get more adena with 6k dmg but if you don't have GrandKhavatari with S fist GTFO of this post this is only to answerfromadmin, for the rest of you...i don't give a shit wannabe smartasses
  8. What is this

    Your retardess is making me repeat myself, as i said I KILL ALL regardless gear my income is reduced in general
  9. What is this

    Wtf what kind of example is that..this is a game dude and a fully custom made also, not getting or getting low adena from B grades not gonna stop people from killing them you understand this? If you want to balance things a bit make B grades take less dmg from higher gear or something...
  10. What is this

    I don't know how i missed this ty NOKIA that actualy helped
  11. What is this

    How is stop kill b grade gonna increase my income???what kind of language am ispeaking? is my english so bad that you can't understand?
  12. What is this

    Which is it @Emerald?do i get less adena because of rank or because of gear? Please explain this game feature so i know what to do, either new char so i can farm adena or overenchanted b grade
  13. What is this

    Im not over geared i got S weapon BW set and BO jewels jesus..
  14. What is this

    Hmmm no offence butare you right in your mind?It's something else getting20% less adena from killing lower ranks and getting nothing at all, i can just make a new char rank 1 give him my S equipment or overenchanted B and farm like that, you see absolutely nothing wrong with that?
  15. What is this

    Start killing better ppl? I kill all and get less adena.Why the hell did i get S anyway then? I should stay with B overenchanted gear and farm like that then if thats how it works, or abandon my char and make new low rank chars so i can farm, what kind of logic is this...