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  1. South American Proxy

    About that, It's true.
  2. Thank you staff

    Great words, OldMan. They're awesome to make we have the magic faction experience again, OvC is theonly one who can get close to the GvE. I hope they never stop do that! Thanks too staff!
  3. South American Proxy

    I'm from brazil and I don't have problems with ping/łag
  4. Ready?

    Let's go
  5. crit error

    10m playing, 6 critical. Sad, when I press "to village" or when the event finish
  6. crit error

    I read now, sorry!
  7. crit error

    ????? In events
  8. Best faction server

    Helios? Nunca joguei um assim, acho. Pode me explicar como funciona?
  9. Best faction server

    This server will back?? Please, tell me yes!!