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  1. [Interlude] Future Plans

    First, sorry if someone already suggested things I'm going to say, but I think I read everything x) Progressive Gameplay,Dynasty Items About Dynasty, it's sad to see diversity leaves, but it can behealthy, and since you're opened forchanging A LOT ofstuff, yeah let's go for Dynasty =/ Don't see the harm to try it. But, i have the feeling that having +12 weapons max wouldn't bother the mages to keep enchanting their free dc set =). Suggestion: Enable custom skins for dynasty armor ? I don't really like it because we lose something else: we don't recognize gear on sight. BUT if you make special skins that are a little different from original gear. Alittle more shiny DC robefor example, or even darker, different color, dynasty color ?So people would recognize, even a newbie, something is not normal with this donatorrrrr!!!!Ofc it is more custom stuff to add, etc. But, something I learn in lineage 2. Style > Skill (lul excuse) (minor suggestion) (blame the weed). About progressive gameplay, I really dunno, it's like politics sometimes, it's funny to act like we know the right way, but honestly for this, I don't x) Like I know the goal: everyone is happy, itis hard but not too hard, you get a great satisfaction for accomplishements....I have it, we need anorgy! (don't worry, i'll get a little more serious). Addition of Coins instead of Recipes/Parts/Materials, Donation System, Spoilers, Aden Siege My first impression was "Oh man, another server with cOoiiNnnnssss" and then I relaxed I told to myself "He said it, he wants to simplify". So I check the Coin list..... There are so many I can play the numbers of each of my coin at the lottery (If you make me rich, Ideny what will follow). I didn't like the "old way" for what it did to the market. But it was easily understandable for everyone, since it's retail material. Maybe it's juste me, but I don't likethis Coin System. Especially when there are a lot. Suggestion:Decrease the number of Coins to 3. Please. Maybe you have a reason, marketwise, to have so much. But in the end I find it repulsive. * EventCoin * Event Coin - drops from doing event objectives and PvPs. * Raid Coin * Raid Coin - drops from map raids, epic bosses, Martankus and Dr. Chaos. * FarmCoin * Mission Coin - drops from accomplishing daily missions. * Farm Zone Coin - drops from mobs inside the farm zone. * Daily Event Coin - obtainable while participating in daily events. (daily events is pve right ?) * Ok I guess we can have this one too * Generic Coin - obtainable while participating in Aden Castle siege or Olympiad, can be exchanged to any other coin type. About Siege, I have question about spawn: different for no clan ? random ? spawn camp: strategic or unfair? spawn guards ? how will it work? It must be healthy, pvpwise, for everyone. I mean sure a newbiealone can get 1 shot if he gets too close to the sun, but he shouldn't be killed when he has not entered the spacerocket yet. About Spoilers, I think it is good they are out of the equation concerning the balance system. I'm not sad or happy they leave the battlefield. But I'm gonna ask a stupid question: if the problem was that they wereIN THE EQUATION, why not simply remove them from it, by maths? I know it is a stupid question, but they can be in event without harm ifthe balance system ignores them, no ? What Others Said that I Liked Max +12 weapons(Prevy), obviously. With harder/adjusted enchant rate. You can even make special events where you can win THE ONLY, THE UNIQUE +16 Arcana Mace, Dragon HunterAxe, etc. of the Server, Season, w/e. If it creates more drama and no leavers, I'm for it. If you do it with B/A/S-Grade but NOT with S-Dynasty, can be balanced. The problem with+12 Max Weap is, it brings the end of Mages too soon. Capped resistbuff players with +6/+7 S-Jewels would laugh at them.Maybe not with dynasty though...Since dynasty jewels>tateo, then Dynasty Mage Weap > Boss Jewels ? =D Btw, when you say "Dynasty Item", you mean ALL of them right ? Weap/Armor/Jewel ? New Tattoo ? (lul) No Prophecies at NPC Buffer (Prevy), if you mean we still CAN'T get them from other players ... Why not... I dunno. I would agree to see summoners buffs coming back at this point though, but that could be an interresting, but far less ... dynamic? gameplay. Except for running map, that could be good =p And some supports might just reappear because they can survive better than bishops due to prophecy selfbuff. I don't recall anything else that I liked I think. Except Shadow Step sry. Lesley, if you had to chose for the next season, what would you prefer: Hi5 Shadow Step (Reuse 75s) or Hi5 Hide (Reuse 180s), that's where we'll see if you're on the Skill side or the Style side. Anyway thanks Emerald for using the full capacity ofa forum, having this talk. Thanks for reading.
  2. Little Things #2

    =< =< =< I can only provide offi videos, but most of IL i saw show cancel from hero pole, will look for cancel from mages in IL. Yeah sry for the last part, but the first 2 parts ? too much =d ? Thanks for response.

    1) sounds good but not with 4). Webetter have only low Epics (QA, Core, Orfen, Zaken?) available atshop and the rest (Anthy, Frint, Valakas, Baium) only drops from Boss, than having4). 4) makes daggers/archers reach too much peak damage in the endgame. Makes AIpaladin viable/good in endgame, which is "too strong" according to OvC standards. And if 4) means having Giftof Seraphim? (reuse buff) atthe NPC buffer, man... Aura Flash needs (another?) nerf. Some other skills also I guess.

    Every time I hear someone owned this server, reminds me of some peoplecalling me the best healer. That's just a joke. I mean even Juls is better than me. Really good healers just left a long time ago, I still wonder why people keep complaining about that class.... Like many good players that were far better that what we have now left some seasons ago. Anyway GGelQ, hope you'll keep playing here in the future.
  5. Little Things #2

    Potion Animations Very minor thing, just for fun or for ... "nostalgic" ppl. I dunno, sometimes I wanna trywith CP flood on everyone x) like before. Just add animations (for CP pots at least)when Potiontoggle skillsareused. Also with a slower pace than original pots, like everytime potion skill triggers. Maybe a little variant when Noble or not (Since it changes for CP pot). For example when not noble you have animation of little cp pots, and when noble you have animation of both cp pots (like if you use the macro). Make the animation OFF by default and a commandto activate it. Anyway, again, minor thing. Cancellation Skill More wondering if that's working like that here... So it seems, on Offi, that Cancel has a tendency to removeamong the last buffs in priority, remaining a bit random, but most of the time, you lose among your last buffs in the list. If that's true, that could be because, in the code, when cancel happens, it checks from onebuff to another (if it resisted)starting from the end.Since it has a very good land rate, this could explains that. I'm wondering if that's the case here. If not, would be nice to have it somehow . People can then make a good buff list to try to counter Cancel a bit at least like they do on Offi (Doomcryer rebuffing after CoV, Noblesse never in the end, etc). ANd people can cry a little bit less about Cancel. Statistics We are a lot of us, slaves to stats, and L2 doesn't help with that, we need moaaarrrr Add to the Statistics Window(the one in-game, when you talk to Rank Manager), statistics of Double Kill, Triple Kill, etc. Maybe make another link after in the Statistic Window, so it doesn't flood too much info in a same page. Another idea related, add a reward for the first Kill, Killing Spree, Takedown, Double/Triple/Etc Kill, Top Player, Rank 2,3,4,etcof the Season.Even low like a Box of Luck, just so people can seek some achievements and can't/don't want to abuse it. Maybe not every stat, but some. Speaking of which x), add some Achievements to reach depending on your class. With low rewards again. Like little quests. And add the rule above, so ppl can brag and bitch about it, moar drama. We all love it. Examples (only examples ofc, some that can't be abuse, or are hard to): Stay between 25% and 75% of your mana without dying for 20minas Healer (bp/se/ee) Succeed 40 Backstab without dyingas Dagger (adv/wr/gh... wr/gh laughing at adv) Succeed 80 critical hits from max distance without dying as Archer (saggi/ms/gs) Succeed 50 critical hits (skill or normal hit) without dying as Energy Warrior (duelist/gk) Kill 25playerswhen frenzy or zealot is ON without dying as Orc Warrior (titan/gk) Etc.
  6. Thanks for reply. About the territory, you can simplify by : Win the Castle or the Maps. And you can make Castle look different or be apart from other maps on the territory list. It was more to break the routine and make some maps (Castle Events here) have some real stake, a Faction can win a whole a territory with a single map. I just like this idea. About the customstuff... I dunno. Don't we (I)remember a situation where... sometimes... we (I) say... "Castle ? na I don't like it, useless, can be a no fun map." Well I just wish someone comes to me and say "What?? Are you kidding? It's so good, you can farmthis and this, and so this week-end, when the real Siege is ON, you're good to go and it is more stuff to do!!! You little brat happy isn't he???" "Yes, I am." But I can understand your... concerns...
  7. Circlet of Aden

    It was 2 weeks ago (11/11), Inferno Clan took the Castle. If you go to Olympiad though, it gets unequipped.
  8. @yamada Cancel should not depend on M.Atk. (only your skill lvl vs his buff lvl and his resist-against-cancel-attacks).Cancel is OP anywhere, l2Off or L2j. Do they act the same ? NO. Do they look like the same? Kinda, for the skill at least (cancel stick crying in his corner). Vortex is fine, it barely lands on high M.Def (2k+) About Hex : sure it's not like L2Off again, but do we need that ? Does GH need that ? I kinda agree with PoweredByBot. Now, do other DE class need it ? SKand BD : yes PR : No :> Dunno if the land rate can be change only for those 2 classes (SK and BD).
  9. Little Things

    Some little things that can be improved : Buffless TvT -> OlympiadTvT : The name is not attractive and we could change it so people have haste/acu/ww depending on their class. Buffs from gear already workslike Olympiad so, could be a little good change for this mini. Let people being able to buff during the coutdown but keep them rooted. Assassin scheme buff : remove focus, song of hunter and pa'agrio fist, add elemental protection, divine protection and song of renewal I see so many daggers with the wrong buffs... Welcoming newbies :add some informations about the potions toggle skills with their icons shown in the welcome message (if possible)so people don't miss it
  10. The change target is not a bug. Stun shot has a chance to make you lose your target, like bluff for example. But just after that, the archer that stuns you makes an auto-attack. When you have no target, the first guy to hit you becomes your target.
  11. I like the whole change-the-server idea but, it needs to move location from time to time ofc. I don't want to play on the same 2-3 zones for a whole season :< The Neutral zone must stay unique, so only ONE zone to pvp, but should move on the world map, with some numerous specific goals on each map. At what pace... It's not really that I wanted with my suggestion, just wanted moar ppl on Siege and add some content without too much coding. But if Emerald is willing to change the server routine completely, yes, it's a good start for an idea. Afaction server where you pvp non-stop without the need of ... events. Or maybe just less events, from time to time. It's like : "Give us a Map every hour/4hours/day? to play with, we do our own routine. Give us some Events sometimes". Can be good but it needs a lot of things not to be boring,in the end. Anyway I like this server, like a good cake, but it misses something to be a pudding (don't smoke kids).
  12. What about summoners ?

    Summoners are good but not the best DD. It's just ... you can't ignore their summons anymore, you'll get killed by a pokemon, and an ugly one btw (beauty is not objective, blablabla...NOthey are all ugly OK?). The class is good and not overpowered. I call that: what is close to balance. And nothing new about summoner being good in 1v1. But let's talk about the poor summoner that nobody thinks about: Warsmith the Forgotten Wanna craft and sell ?The dwarf merchant made you his bitch! Wanna 1v1 a Mage ? Mage Bane him ? Heal your Golem ? .... No, bitch! Sorry pot talking, don't smoke kids.
  13. Circlet of Aden

    Dunno if it's really a bug, but it seems incorrect to me. It seems if you don't remove CIrcet of Adenafter you lose the Castle, you can keep it forever.Didn't try to remove it, because I like the skill =p But I think you're not supposed to be able to keep it on your head, in your inventory yes but you shouldn't be able to equip it. I was logged in during the whole Siege if that can help.
  14. Sry the jpeg spam, can't edit anymore. More rules about the new Siege : Everyone can teleport to Aden Town. Balance System similar as Events. Registered people can teleport to Aden Town without balance restrictions. Registered people respawn in Town Aden or Flag, like before. No Clan and Non-Registeredpeoplecan only teleport if balance system permits it. No Clan and Non-Registeredpeople respawn in Base (Schuttgart Castle). Everyone earns a reward at the end of the Siege, depending on the result and his or her participation.
  15. Main Idea Make Siege more attractive Make Castle Events more fun and strategic New Spicy Rule for Territories Siege = Sunday Aden Castle Castle Event = Random PvP Events --------------------------------------------------------------- Make Siege more attractive Shutdown PvP Events during Siege. Everyone gets a reward for participating in the Siege. No-Clan, Non-Registered Clan, etc. Add New Ranks, Items and Skillsonly available in Siege. Add New Currency : Territory Badges (TB) obtained in Siege. See examples here, those are just examples : --------------------------------------------------------------- Make Castle Events more fun and strategic Simply apply the same rulesas in Siege. You can use the same skills and Items and you progress in your War Rankduring the week. Make that you can gain TB by kills/assist. --------------------------------------------------------------- New Spicy Rule for Territories This only affects Territories with Castle. The idea is to separate the Castle Map from the other Maps of a Territory. Instead of having 1 condition to control the Territory, you have now 2 options : You take control of all the maps except Castle You take control of the Castle Map For example Chaos has all Maps of Giran Territory. Giran Castle Map is ON. If Order wins the Castle, all Maps go green and Giran Territory is now Order. If Chaos take back every Map except Castle, the Castle Map goes red and Giran Territory is back to Chaos. It makes Castle Event more important and prevent domination over territories. Thanks for reading