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  1. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    Ok i'm not in it, that's a good movie for sure. wtb rune boom boom.
  2. Vote: healers

    With the other nerfs (1 and 2) I think you can leave mass rez, since it's "easier" to kill bishops. Even increase the cast and reuse to bring difficulty. I hope you reconsider the part 2, just for gameplay, it can beso annoying to have that skill blocked saying incorrect target. Or maybe leavethe skill animation, but it says you healed for 0 (just for the heal ofc, not the rez). Does it mean bishop can still be healed by other non-healer classes (se/pp/ol/pala/tk/mages/summoners) ? Edit : btw you should check % heals, it over passes anti-heal toggle.
  3. Vote: healers

    I agree with 1.5/3 I think it's good that healers can't rez healers. When really good bishops were playing, it was a satisfaction for DDs to kill themfor good, only solution left was rez scroll or se/pp. It was telling bishops : Your life is precious so manage it well. About healing, I better like a nerf, healers can heal other healers but at a less amount. So you don't have a situation where you can't use a basic skill (rez is enough imo). Any other heal source than himself should heal the bishop less. About Mass rez, you should keep it for party like some said. It is a -long cast big reuse- skill with big satisfaction when succeed. It was so enjoyable to use it back again for those seasons. I agree if SE/PP still not considered a healer ofc =D Btw,when people say Luffy was playing with 2 healers, try to play a SE alone with 4 DDs to see his ... healing abilities ... And then try to play with rambo luffy =D
  4. Vote: clans #2

    I like this version better, people can keep their crest and their reputation and the drama ^^ and everyone has Clan Skills. You could still make that people need to be Noble or else to acquire certain clan skills as a No Clan.
  5. I disagree with the rank system, it was boring and not fun to lvl up again and again and to do your subs to 80 before your first rebirth because your xp decreases... or you pay yeah yeah yeah fun. Now we havemore freedom and we still have to progress. You can have 6 or 7 books easilyplaying only one class, that can be enough to be competitive in Events.It can be perfected and adjusted, but the new Rank System is far better imo. On everything else I agree 99% TvT should be the main and most popular event. On point 4 i'd just say it is because of the enchant system. Admins wanted to nerf it, but they failed. With +8 to +12 weapons at this stage, newcomers would love this server and stay here. => Remove enchant scrollsfrom the Enchant Advisor, leave it for Skills and Augments. Oldschool enchant, back to +0. It will be hard, bu so as your dick when you do +10. And that's one of the best feeling about enchanting. That ... what you did ...was close to insane and rare and unique... And you're freaking lucky !
  6. Appreciation for the admins <3

    I love the server but I don't like that much that season so far, events are a bit boring. Funny to say that now, whenpeople "focus" on objectives. There are more battles around obectives except CTF, so it's better on the paper, but to play on the same spot for the whole event is not that fun. I think KOTH (where domination zone changes) is so much better than Domination for that, we get to explore the map at least. Btw, maybe it's just me, but shouldn't you switch the names ? King of THE Hill sounds more like what Domination is, and vice versa. Anyway, thanks for the efforts and ideas put into the server Admins over the seasons, but it has too much red glows...
  7. Events Vote

    Maybe not 0 but, just 1 maximum.
  8. Events Vote

    Please, make that you can't have the same type of event proposed more than twice. If the previous event was X, only one X type of eventshould show up too. I mean this vote was... considering you have to win to get to vote.... I don't think that's a good thing btw. You're not HAPPY to get the vote andyou hate not to get it.
  9. Ring of Goddess

    I gotit pretty easily :x, went only 1hour and half to PvE Zone since the beginning of the season. Since it doesn't drop from anything else... I guess it still does.
  10. Mini Event: Buffless TvT?

    Hoooooooooooooooooooooo yesssssssss almost orgasm. The way you say it though, we will be able to buff other people right ? =D
  11. experts inspiration

    The grand master can show you the description for each skill AND each level, you can see there that you gain buff slot on lvl 3.
  12. Suggestion for Healers

    It can surely becomes absurd in some situations. For example, I'm a support, I die (Yeah I know, never happens), my party did not die, they can't rez me, I have to go to Village. I respawn with my faction, and suddenly ... fight ! while I didn't reach my party.Guess what I did... I mana burned the archers ! Limit the heal amounta Bishop can take from other sources but don't disable my heals when I target a faction player.
  13. Most ofGolden Apiga not working, says incorrect item count.
  14. Take a look at mage balance.

    You are in the sin sourpatchkid. We hate the sin, but we love the sinner. Listen to those suggestions above and forget the hate. We all like to hate on forums, it's human and it feels good... in a way. Ok... I admit... I sympatize because I make fail suggestions too.
  15. Few Suggestions

    About Box of Luck : Adena : Sometimes you get 55 or 75, dunno if intended or bugged, but just put it at 75 plz x). Ancien Adena : put the minimumat 2 or 3, getting 1 aa from a box is ridiculous. Or increase it when A Grade is free (like C-Grade enchant scrolls inbefore). Primitive Crystal : Remove them, I know we will need it, but we don't want to LOOT it. Just let them from PvE Zone and at the Merchant. About Score : Like Climax said, something is wrong with the assist or somethin. He did 66 kills, I got second as a support with 150+ assist I think, and he was 10th... I understand for other Events, but for TvT.... kills should matter more so the final score is eloquent enough and everybody can show how big his dick is to everyone in town. About Maps : Maybe some people already said it, but starting removing some "meh" or"bugged" maps could be good. We have so much. We all think about Elven Village, even if I don't lag like other people around that tree, but we should see the DDoS attack during that map as a sign of Gods. Btw, even if it was bugged, the new Map seems so simple and nice, some nice spots to attack and defend from.thank you for this Admins. Thanks for reading, cya next week.