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  1. If it can help with clan skills, why not give automatically in event to non-clan players the first clan skills depending on their rank? Rank 1 = none Rank 2-4 = shield/mbarrier/btb lvl 1 Rank 5-7 = same lvl2 Rank 8-10 = same lvl3 They won't have it for siege. Those 3 will be less attractive for clans to buy in the beginning of the server, but the end game will remain the same for clans with less gap between clan and no-clan ppl.
  2. New Season

    Critico! Where is your vid Lesley :<
  3. Unlock S-grade

    Hi again. Maybe we should have this by default. Even people who ""wasted"" money on A-grade won't leave when it's free, I hope, knowing that soon S-grade will be free. Also it seems like a good idea for the endgame at this stage.Anewbie can try a good amount of class and still has to catch up on enchants, skill enchants, epics and expert skills. But the question is, what do we get from Bosses instead of S-Grade Items ? Enchants ?
  4. Cya next season =)

    I'm leaving for a long time (2 months or so), so thanks Mbappe clan for taking me in, was fun .Guadeloupe power. Thanks Emerald for the season, I hope we see High Five soon =p Luffy will play my char (scammer as always), Thanks for the rambo playstyle (I'm a necro but I can tank them alllllllll !!!!!)as usual x) Thanks to all nice players we have here. French kisses anywhere you want. Rollo/Moualope
  5. Chance Buff Augment

    Since someone got PvP Might chance augment on his weapon, it reminded me this : Could you make every chance buff augment not taking a buff slot ? People can't have passive augment with it unlike with active augment. It would make them not useless and still balanced, since active+passive is still better than active+chance. Btw can you remove lung and weight capacity augment too ? They are TOTALLY useless :<
  6. Healers ruin late game

    You just found your problem imo.
  7. Why we dont see Titans?

    Sorry I'm late, here you are PePeR
  8. New (not-so-short) Movie

    I don't usually like when it's accelerated time but it's nice vid.
  9. New (not-so-short) Movie

    Can't watch properly at work, finally a new vid, thanks destru, i'll enjoy tonight.
  10. Honor & Heart of Pa'agrio

    Went from green to red to play with french ppl. Joined the bandwagon sadly but it's nice to finally speak french on vocal =p French touch puta madre x)
  11. That's not really the point... The fact is it says incorrect target. During grand boss and raid boss it's quite useful to rez scroll healers.
  12. Season Starting Gear

    I don't know about other people, but I found the c-grade thing really meh. I don't care about donators, not just because I played with =p, but c-grade vs a-grade seems very... Too much unbalanced. More than b-grade vs s-grade. And it only adds like 3 days before b-grade is free. We playing with 75+ skills and with lvl40 gear. Like you often say Emerald, NcSoft does things for a reason. If we have access to A-grade at 61, it should means it is more balanced with the corresponding lvl of skills. I understand we start at b-grade, but c-grade I really don't. It' only fun visually. It's not reeeeaaaally bad, but it's still bad I think. It seems useless. I just hope you don't dothis anymore. Otherwise server is fun. Edit: ok I didn't see the other posts in "gear" subject. Still I don't find that period fun.
  13. I don't know if intended, but I think not. I might be wrong ofc. You can't use rez scroll on support when you are support, while it is working as other class. It is a bit odd that DDs have a better rez ability than OL. Especially as OL.
  14. Honor & Heart of Pa'agrio

    Just in case it's working, thanks
  15. Honor & Heart of Pa'agrio

    No message at all, unlike Ritual of life where it says "incorrect target"