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  1. In-Game Poll

    That's why it is better to have a NPC with just an annoucement for those who want to give their opinion. No reward nothing. Because ofc if it is something they have to do to close a pop-up window, they will just spam anything.
  2. Season Lineage Legacy

    For something Unique I thought of chosing your Augment, I know it is possible on some other servers, dunno about here. Being able to chose the skill and the others stats for each augment.
  3. In-Game Poll

    Since not a lot of people are on the forum, it would be nice if there would be a system to answer polls in the game. Like a NPC, and you ask the server what they want during a whole week, day, with one vote per account. Like remove a map , any changes or suggestion. There would be trolls ofc, but there is no place without any. And you'll get a better view? sight? ofwhat people want, beside them imo, than what people want on the forum.
  4. Season Lineage Legacy

    Just to be clear, because I'm not. It is during the same season. Since I can't edit let me add this as ideas Bad Reputation ·Chance to receive Debuffs: +??% Karma ·Damage done to Newbies: -??% Characters with no Rebirth can be considered Newbies
  5. Season Lineage Legacy

    First Happy New Year Everyone ! REMEMBER, all details given are EXAMPLES. Sorry for poor English. LINEAGE LEGACY PRESENTATION Trying to give a little challenge for Hardcore/NoLife Players, without hurting the Newbies by making a Family thoughout the season and trying to get the Strongest Character of ALL SEASONS !!!!!! LINEAGE LEGACY , HOW TO DO IT ? 1. Get a Character to Noble. (3 Rebirths) 2. Get Married. (lulz) 3. Create a new Character on the SAME ACCOUNT 4. When you choose a Faction (Have to choose Parent's Faction? Get error message if chosen differently?), the Master ask if you are the Child of someone : a. Select Character, like Freight Window ? b. Get a PinCode from the Parent (talked to a NPC earlier with Parent?) that you enter at this moment ? c. ????? 5. You have your First Generation Character ! 6. Repeat with your last Child until you have a Third Generation Character. LINEAGE LEGACY, RULES ? · Only ONE Child per Character · YOU CANNOT PAYfor LvL up to 80 on a Child · First Generation requires a 3-Rebirths Parent · Second Generation requires a 4-Rebirths Parent · Third Generation requires a 5-Rebirths Parent · Youget NobleYou when you have ALL Rebirths (concerns all Generations) · It is harder to LvL Generation after Generation GENERATIONS DETAILS (EXAMPLES) (OUTSIDE OF OLYMPIAD) (ON MAIN CLASS AND EVERY SUBCLASS) 1. First Generation Progression · Starting LvL : 76 · A Grade Mastery : 77 · S Grade Mastery : 78 · Rebirths available : 4 Bad Reputation (Until you are Noble) · Xp Bonus : -2.5% (or the opposite?) · Damage Received : +2.5% · Heal Received : -2.5% Karma (Permanent) · Damage received from Newbies : +30% (player with <200-100 PvP?) 2. Second Generation Progression · Starting LvL : 75(LvLDown when you choose faction?) · A Grade Mastery : 77 · S Grade Mastery : 79 · Rebirths available : 5 Bad Reputation · Xp Bonus : -5% · Damage Received : +5% · Heal Received : -5% Karma · Damage received from Newbies : +40% 3. Third Generation Progression · Starting LvL : 75 · B Grade Mastery : 76 (lulz but why not?) · A Grade Mastery : 78 · S Grade Mastery : 80 · Rebirths available : 6 Bad Reputation · Xp Bonus : -7.5% · Damage Received : +7.5% · Heal Received : -7.5% Karma · Damage received from Newbies : +50% The thing is to make it enough attractive and enough challenging. The "Karma" handicap is essential to have a Balance (with differentnumbers if needed ofc). The First Generation can be Noble in the second week of the start of the season I guess (and still has to lvl a char to 80 again, if you cannot pay for LvL on Generations). But the Second and the Third, long time before someone do it honestly. "Bad Reputation" can be Perma instead with different figures. You could have little bonus like titled "Son/Daughter/Child of ... Climax" !!!! for example. Getting some special accessories, Special Achievements, etc. That's All, thanks for reading.
  6. Focus Buff

    I think it concerns how are calculated the 3 buffs that gives crit. rate (CoV, Song of Hunter and Focus), and especially Song of Hunter, since it doubles your critical rate (+100%). If you "double" it before "buffing" it with Cov and Focus, you have less. You have to put them in a croissant order to be sure I guess. Cov (20%) then Focus (30%) then Song of Hunter (100%). Other than that I don't think that should work that way.
  7. I guess it comes from the default l2j, but Water/Fire/Wind/Dark/Light Vortexs don't stack here. It should. I have for only proof one screenshotfrom Teon. There have never been a change on Vortex in any patch concerning stackings.
  8. I have no problem with that statement. Thanks for reply.
  9. Shillien Elder doesn't seem to be considered a Healer. I'm not talking about its community reputation. It's about the server features. Playing a Shillien Elder in an Event (ANY of them), It is DOABLE to : Party with a Bishop. Party with Bishop and Overlord. Resurrect a Bishop (I assume i can resurect an Elven Elder too). Also, the Mp Regen from "CP/HP/MP Potions" Toggle Skill is 120 and not 40 like for Bishops. A.k.a auto-owned. Or maybe it is normal ? too much hope
  10. Prophecy of water and mp reg

    Then it's bugged x) It is DOABLE tohave Bishop + Shillien Elder in party, Gua-rran-ted.. You can resurrect each other as well. Elven Elder cannot do the same. I'm making the auto-owned post, cause I just check, seems you're right x). Nothing about party limit though, or SE has no pt score thing.
  11. Prophecy of water and mp reg

    Your example is a SpS. The only Mage that has not Body to Mind Skill. NCSoft gave SpS a buff instead, for mana reg. Why not suggest to increase the mana reg of SpS (outside of Olympiad) by the same amount this buff gives ?
  12. Prophecy of water and mp reg

    I might be the only Shillien Saint playing in the events. Honestly, it's just a good class. It's like every others, you need the good party. Get in party with DDs and abishop. Concerning Magic critical rate, I agree that it's a little bit too much nerfed ^^ I guess it surely has been tested in the past but... 15%~ max crit rate seems very low ... at end gear.
  13. Mini-Event : Retail Team Deathmatch

    I have to admit I haven't been enough accurate on some points. And that's mostly because of that : I wanted some feedback from Emerald and other people to know if that kind of mini-event (retail like) is acceptable. Since I can't edit yet, just let me add this : RULES Spawn Protection ON After you die you respawn after ??? seconds at the Buff Spawn ("To Outpost" instead of Auto ?) If you are not Noble, you don't lose Buffs/Debuffs after death (doable ?) If you are Noble, you need Noblesse Buff to keep Buffs/Debuffs after death MAP Something like twiceBattlefield/Raid in the Middle Mini-Event as a size zone. Below Western Fortress, where we used to spawn for example. ---------------------------------------------- It's just that missing one of them (Windwalk, Haste, Acumen) during an event is not fun at all imo. Even for 5 minutes. There are A LOT of other buffs that demands every buffer even with those free. On a side note it decreases the Buff time required and permits a smoother event. I think that's too hard for this kind of event, need a specific number of people to register.Or if you can register the way yousaying ? Only Emerald could tell you if it's doable. Anyway thanks for responses. Edit : now I can x)
  14. Mini-Event : Retail Team Deathmatch Everything below is of course MY SUGGESTIONfor such an event. Every point is up for discussion. Sorry for frenglish. Why this Mini-Event ? It would be one event where buff classes can shine with a better glow than the other events. Why one more shitty Mini-Event? People can vote if they don't like it. Why Mini-Event and not normal Event ? Because some people wouldn't like this gameplayand so it would be OK if it lasts only five minutes instead of 30 minutes. Rules : Olympiad Gameplay Rules (Debuff Time, Buff Target/Time, Rez Target, etc.) CP/HP/MP Potions Toggle cannot be used in this event No party limit or restriction Every Warrior Class get WindWalkand Haste Every Mage Class get WindWalk and Acumen Once teleported, players have 1 minute to buff The Match lasts for 5 minutes after buff The faction with the biggest PvP count at the end of the match wins XP/SP is doubled I guess that's it. Thanks for reading.
  15. Midichlorians

    Just for the lulz.... Count me in ? Playing fail SE sub OL => If this is true ofc : Otherwise it will be.... fail SE ofc => EDIT : this is Moualope just in case x)