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  1. Summoners

    Got already answered. I think it should be changed but that's up to Emerald.
  2. Site improvements

    +1 on this, ru players are usually good players too so it can bring good competition. Star64, wanna bring spanish translation for Emerald ? =P And btw, You should show Events and such on the website, not the forum. There are very few people that look at the forum unless you "force" them. I mean put them on the foum but put something on the website too.
  3. about dagger classes

    My heart goes with Zirconium, Awesomeness goes with WR, Killing Machine goes with GH.
  4. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    Lol I didn't even see there was a reward (Lottery dumbass)... And nobody post, cmon, even I am a laaaazy dude smoking pot everyday after work and I never log on Facebook, sure people can spend those 5 minutes. If we are more than five I can even propose you don't count me in for reward (not for you though Zirc =p). Gogo guys !
  5. [Event] Advertising Lottery! ALOI
  6. H5 Recruitment

    So... I dunno about party buffs or not. I'd rather have them party buffto keep a certain consistency with the original game. If SoS/FI/Prahnah and else are party buffs, we need to nerf them in some way = more time on the subject. If they are selfbuff, end of story =more time for else. But If you plan to make them Self Buff, you should at least make them Party Buff atCastle Siege(not the event ones), or maybe even during Grand Bosses. It can even take a buff slot, people can organise for Siege and we have alt+click to remove one. Solo players will be happy in events and Parties/Guilds will make the comp they want, at least once a week. Even Counter Dash/Rapid Shot =P
  7. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    Go on your bike and go to the hood. I want viiiidz from OvC!!! Hope you got th(c)e inspiration you needed. You make me want to Fraps just for that, even if I suck, even if I play boring support. Btw, why need a car when you have this in your country : Cannabis inBrazilis illegal, but possession and cultivation of personal amounts and for private use weredecriminalizedin 2006.
  8. [Vote] Flame Icon

    If you don't change the duration of FI, then yeah I agree with Chevignon, one party should not have that buff for 1min. About the stack.. I dunno, I don't see Paladins getting both everytime that easy if : - No combo buffs at NPC buffer, not much slot to haveboth and Touch of Life. - You can't hit your pet with reflect damage buff - Your pet can't hit you If you think triggeringthe lvl 3 of Spirit of the Phoenix is too easy, then yeah no stack. Edit : outisde of Olympiad ofc
  9. Lel, The Movie feat XZERGSIDE

    Ok i'm not in it, that's a good movie for sure. wtb rune boom boom.
  10. Vote: healers

    With the other nerfs (1 and 2) I think you can leave mass rez, since it's "easier" to kill bishops. Even increase the cast and reuse to bring difficulty. I hope you reconsider the part 2, just for gameplay, it can beso annoying to have that skill blocked saying incorrect target. Or maybe leavethe skill animation, but it says you healed for 0 (just for the heal ofc, not the rez). Does it mean bishop can still be healed by other non-healer classes (se/pp/ol/pala/tk/mages/summoners) ? Edit : btw you should check % heals, it over passes anti-heal toggle.
  11. Vote: healers

    I agree with 1.5/3 I think it's good that healers can't rez healers. When really good bishops were playing, it was a satisfaction for DDs to kill themfor good, only solution left was rez scroll or se/pp. It was telling bishops : Your life is precious so manage it well. About healing, I better like a nerf, healers can heal other healers but at a less amount. So you don't have a situation where you can't use a basic skill (rez is enough imo). Any other heal source than himself should heal the bishop less. About Mass rez, you should keep it for party like some said. It is a -long cast big reuse- skill with big satisfaction when succeed. It was so enjoyable to use it back again for those seasons. I agree if SE/PP still not considered a healer ofc =D Btw,when people say Luffy was playing with 2 healers, try to play a SE alone with 4 DDs to see his ... healing abilities ... And then try to play with rambo luffy =D
  12. Vote: clans #2

    I like this version better, people can keep their crest and their reputation and the drama ^^ and everyone has Clan Skills. You could still make that people need to be Noble or else to acquire certain clan skills as a No Clan.
  13. I disagree with the rank system, it was boring and not fun to lvl up again and again and to do your subs to 80 before your first rebirth because your xp decreases... or you pay yeah yeah yeah fun. Now we havemore freedom and we still have to progress. You can have 6 or 7 books easilyplaying only one class, that can be enough to be competitive in Events.It can be perfected and adjusted, but the new Rank System is far better imo. On everything else I agree 99% TvT should be the main and most popular event. On point 4 i'd just say it is because of the enchant system. Admins wanted to nerf it, but they failed. With +8 to +12 weapons at this stage, newcomers would love this server and stay here. => Remove enchant scrollsfrom the Enchant Advisor, leave it for Skills and Augments. Oldschool enchant, back to +0. It will be hard, bu so as your dick when you do +10. And that's one of the best feeling about enchanting. That ... what you did ...was close to insane and rare and unique... And you're freaking lucky !
  14. Appreciation for the admins <3

    I love the server but I don't like that much that season so far, events are a bit boring. Funny to say that now, whenpeople "focus" on objectives. There are more battles around obectives except CTF, so it's better on the paper, but to play on the same spot for the whole event is not that fun. I think KOTH (where domination zone changes) is so much better than Domination for that, we get to explore the map at least. Btw, maybe it's just me, but shouldn't you switch the names ? King of THE Hill sounds more like what Domination is, and vice versa. Anyway, thanks for the efforts and ideas put into the server Admins over the seasons, but it has too much red glows...
  15. Events Vote

    Maybe not 0 but, just 1 maximum.