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  1. Sharp Edge on Summons

    Well I checked with someone who played retail and yeah, Sharpen Edge issupposed to givestats to summons even if it seems strange, all Pets and Summons are supposed to be Sword type. but apart from your source, for now,I can only find thisconversation coming from the archives of Official forums.
  2. Sharp Edge on Summons

    I'll look for sources if you need but it is normal. I have a doubt since summons have the same critical rate as blunt weapon, but frommy expérience, sharp edge is the only one to give stats to summons
  3. Questions about Hierophants

    I miss Interlude SE yeah. But I guess it was okay when I played it alone, and then everyone played it, just during the interlude season that I couldn't play. I come back. nerfed to death. I'm the try harder of this class and it wasn't even me that got it nerfed. From that we can only conclude.... that I was hiding my true powers of course!I hate you all x).
  4. Tank

    Dunno if he has element on his weap, but I get 8k from him with no resist x). Try to stun/slow him if that's worth it, or just ignore/escape x). PS: get resist shock =x
  5. Buffing

    About your archer buff, I just can say : change Accuracy for Eye of Pa'agrio. Because Eye of Pa'agrio is a combo buff in High Five with Accuracy and "Reduce chance to get hit by criticals" change Song of Invocation by Dance of Alignement.Dance of Alignement is +30 resist dark and holy, while song of invocation is +20 resist dark. If you only play event, check your critical rate without Focus SA on Bow, if you have already 500, go for Guidance. I know that Trickster with perma Furious Soul and no +DEX has already 500 critical rate.
  6. It's a special buff that gives stats (hp/cp/mp and maybe more)and the appearance of +16 D grade gear. From an event I guess. But Martelx had a +12 weap I think. Dunno about the others.
  7. It's Naia, fusion of official EU servers. The following of Teon if you prefer.
  8. If you wanna say you should lose celestial you're wrong and they are right. Look starting at 5:00, Hitcha doesn't lose celestial.
  9. Flame Hawk cannot be Cleansed

    true =d
  10. Flame Hawk cannot be Cleansed

    Just in case, video proof for the other 2 dotsFlame Hawk andGhost Piercing : Ghost Piercing - Flame Hawk -
  11. Questions about Hierophants

    Yes =) Yes =( I agree in Event, people would prefer another DD instead of PP or even Judi, not worth the party slot. But in Grand Boss Event, I dunno... I still have hope
  12. So I missed the start of the season but I started playing like 5 days ago. I made a Hierophant, was missing the battle heal so much. Anyway, I'd like to play again this class in High Five in the future. Just having questions about the actual mechanics with it, just to know if it was intended or it will be removed. At the moment, in Event, as a Hierophant, you can : Heal everyone, even out of party Resurrect everyone, even out of party Will it stay like that ? The "out of party" part of the resurrection seems not intended. I hope I can still rez Cardinals and Dominators in my party =p Judicator can heal out-of-party-players too btw.
  13. Flame Hawk cannot be Cleansed

    Well, everything should be cleansable except hero debuffs and maybe some RB debuffs. Those 3 dot debuffs go through Mystic Immunity btw, but solving first problem might solve the second.
  14. Flame Hawk cannot be Cleansed

    The 3 dot skills from archers (Arrow Rain, Flame Hawk, Ghost Piercing) cannot be cleansed by normal cleanse either. It should be. Video Proof with arrow rain, starts at 5:11