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  1. Augment: Battle Roar

    Na its my buff, I was just trtying to overbuff myself to see if it disappears.
  2. Augment: Battle Roar

    This active buff doesn't take a buff slot. I had 25 buffs without Expert skill lvl3. The animation looks like Bless the Body, but it restored the Hp given though as it should be. Edit: the NPC buffer tells me I have 24 buffs =p, just in case.
  3. Reward for healing/ressing

    Yeah but in the end,it sux honestly. I would be OK if we get VERY LESS xp/adena/score. But zero. You just want to change the mentality in a bad way. On each heal we make on another char, we always go back to "Ah yeah it's useless, ok I leave you to die faction friend, cya!" "Oh let me rez you just once to get some 1 pvp, ok you can die again, not wasting my precious mana!" I don't care if Emerald changes something and supports get less score from assist and we are not in the Top anymore. Because the rule we have right now tells you not to heal other people... IN A FACTION SERVER. I always loved to help anyone in a PvP I encounter, now I don't. Less fun. Good job. Sometimes I go alone on SE, not going in a party unless I have BP because random splitand I dont heal like bp.And I heal/recharge whoever I can. Yesterday I did that, but then I remembered... I just exit the game, because i was doing that for not even 1% on lvl80 and not even 100 adena in a whole event. I just wanted to play with the Faction not a Party. Not possible. Two days ago I saw Destru alone and a rank1 Bishop (not in party). The bishop did his best to keep Destru alive, he struggled against AoE, faced the daggers, slept 2 people... AND HE GOT ZERO. I just felt bad for him. I know it is not only about me, this rule has a purpose. But the means to reach it sux. So if you could give at least some Xp/Sp, that would be decent, and people will still prefer to heal their party. But they will get something. SOMETHING. Sry for frenglish.
  4. Let's fuck the blueee, yeaahhhhh. Oh no orange are coming from behind those b1tches, oh they getting raped by Red, let's go !!!! This... has no price.
  5. With Interludevideo source only, vortex don't stack, they do in further chronicles. Startin ar 9:06, look at For3ver debuff, water vortex get replaced by dark vortex. Surrenders do stack, well wind and water do stack. Hard to find a video source for fire and water in Interlude but i'll try. If anyone has. Startin at 0:56. Edit: these videos are from official, not private server
  6. Gludio Castle - Spawnguards

    We get hit by Spawnguards in Gludio Castle through the floor. It hurts =<
  7. Seraphim and queen

    Hi, you seem to be new here, I hope you stay here =D. Let's just say, that when daggers and archers have full gear, feline queen too strong. and imbalance. And seraphimallows mage to spam aura flash, not wanted here.
  8. [Custom] Remove or Add Elements from Epics

    I'm not mad, too much weed for that. But I have to admit I like to support the underdog. We all know about that, but EPis from prophet = human = fire, you can understand that it has more fire resist (twisted valid argument), while Valakas... whyhim and not Queen Ant (water resist) ? Why Frintezza and not Baium ? You might help me argue that Valakas Bonus should not be here (on OvC) (twisted valid argument #2).
  9. [Custom] Remove or Add Elements from Epics

    Late game is already changed for sorcerers... why ?
  10. [Custom] Remove or Add Elements from Epics

    That's why I say in the end that it's better to remove them. I just make the "Add" suggest just... in case =p More than Anthy + Zaken ? You have 3 ears ? Don't forget, there is the First Option.
  11. So ok. Maybe NCSoft was a genius back in the day, and they knew something about Sorcerers'secret strategy, or maybe about a Titan/GK'secret strategy, involving fire. They thought it was necessary that high geared player could resist fire and earth and dark. PvE or PvP wise... both... doesn't matter. What matters here, is why do we still have that on a Faction Server?Why do sorcerers have a "nurf" in the endgame? I can understand a bit for dark resistance, for telling necro: "you're not a true mage, you have other options". We already have that idea with "Unholy Resistance" buff that has no debuff removal relative, unlike surrenders and resist to water/wind/fire. Maybe someone already suggested that but didn't find. So I suggest two Options: I. Remove Element Resistancefrom Epics Even Dark Resist from Frintezza Necklace if you want, but I think the onlyone needed is only Valakas and Resist Fire. II. Add Element Resistanceto other Epics Yeah... I guess you really don't like that idea. But that would be an opportunity to make low epics worth something. At least the first Custom suggestion, the Mega Custom is more about Orfen and Zaken, that need to be equal so Resist Wind and Water are equal. Maybe people will go Zaken+Orfen just for the sake of element resist and have less debuff resist. To me it seems balanced. I just hope we can add all the custom change in the ingame description of the item, that's all. Jewel Original Custom (same price) Mega Custom (higher price) Comments Core Ring Resistance to Poison: +40% Accuracy: +1 Resistance to Holy: +15% Resistance to Poison: +40% Accuracy: +1 Resistance to Holy: +15% Resistance to Poison: +60% M. Atk: +4% Because Computers are holy to us Mega custom is just a small bonus to M. Atk (half Valakas one), no need to play with cast spd, Mage would be already very happy with that. Price should be ~7-8k Queen Ant Ring Resistance to Poison: +60% Resistance to Hold: +40% Accuracy: +2 Critical Damage: +15% - - We could put resistance to water here instead of Orfen, but since QA is already a musthave… Baium Ring Resistance to Poison: +80% Resistance to Hold: +60% Accuracy: +2 Critical Damage: +15% Attack Speed: +4% Casting Speed: +4% - - Orfen Earring Resistance to Bleed: 40% Increase to Heals: 6% Resistance to Water: +15% Resistance to Bleed: 40% Increase to Heals: 6% Resistance to Water: +15% Resistance to Bleed: +60% Resistance to Stun/Abnormal Condition: +40% Decrease in MP consumption: 5% Increase to Heals: 10% Because… she’s bluish in a plant world... which needs water! Almost exactly the same as Zaken in Mega Custom, so its not a downside to look for water resist. Price should be 15k like Zaken. Zaken Earring Resistance to Bleed: +60% Resistance to Stun/Abnormal Condition: +40% Vampiric Rage: 4% Increase to Heals: 10% Resistance to Wind: +15% Resistance to Bleed: +60% Resistance to Stun/Abnormal Condition: +40% Vampiric Rage: 4% Increase to Heals: 10% Resistance to Wind: +15% Resistance to Bleed: +60% Resistance to Stun/Abnormal Condition: +40% Vampiric Rage: 4% Increase to Heals: 10% Pirates are master of the wind no ? No change in Mega Custom Antharas Earring Resistance to Earth : +15% Resistance to Bleed: +80% Resistance to Stun/Silence: +60% Vampiric Rage: 6% Decrease in MP consumption: 5% Increase to Heals: 10% - - I admit I prefer the second Optionbecause I always love new things without disbalance. If you want to keep resist Fire on Valakas, I don't see why we don't have that on other Epics, the only argument here is "NCSoft did it", and the server did change a lot of things just ignoring that argument. Ok that was easy =p But even NCSoft corrected themselves in Classic (dunno in GC), by making Core and Orfen worth something. But I think the first Option is better because it's simple, people might notice it but won't care when explained. Itcan't break things honestly, just seeing more Sorcerers... and more Necros if you also touch Frint. The Second Option can make sps/sh cry while the first Optionwill make nobody unhappy. Thanks for reading.
  12. Summon Gear Scaling

    Can you tell us if the damage bonus can depend on wearing heavy/light/robe ? I guess not, but just to clarify please.
  13. Few Questions

    You avoided the main problem, which is no Napoleon Hat. Thanks for answers=p
  14. Few Questions

    After reading Infos&Events and Announcements topics, I have some questions please : Where are the Expert Skills ? Were they removed ? Can't find any info on them, was just checking if there were some changes. They are not in the Features but I think they were before, at least mentionned. Thisbelow is not updated in Features according to Changelist if I understand it correctly. Here, you mean thatthe whole Faction get the bonuses instead of the Aden Castle owners right ? If so, can you tell us more about those bonuses? =p Because when you say "better", I'm scared. Do you mean better than +1 STAT ? Or better than the current/previous Xp/Sp/Adena bonus ? Why Dices ?x) And still, for Hair Accessories, you should make 4 or 5 that can be gained in other ways imo (Mission, Daily Events, Boss). Even if they suck. And add Napoleon Hat btw please, even if it breaks the server I don't care pleeeasse. Tanks for reading.
  15. [LittleThing] Colorblinded ~Owned~ People

    Yellow = Green VIP and Purple = Red VIP then, that matches more. make their heads biggah hot springs style =d