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  1. You CAN choose, but do you HAVE MM and Archmage at the same time ?
  2. You can only have ONE Mage class on a Character, same for Archers. NCSoft rules. Necro is not considered a Mage.
  3. Can't login

    Atm, really like just right now, the server is restarting. If you didn't create another account, your old one won't work. Seasons/Wipe happened since two years.
  4. Expert passive : Inspiration

    It concerns ALL debuffs (cancel attacks not concerned), doesn't give any Elemental resist. Extra Buff Slot at lvl 3.
  5. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    Nerf Celestial : I vote No, you just close too much possibilities of "comeback", 5 seconds is really too short, especially if duelist/gk uses their own. It doesn't make it more... "strategic" I think. I'd rather have an increase in reuse, so it can't be used too many times in one event. That would imply more thinking than having a 5sec cele... imo. Nerf Cancel : No opinion. FoI: I vote Yes. Yeah now that is a strategic plus. It wouldbe ok with only a 6sec duration, evenif it's really meh. Since is for clan and not single, I can understand another nerf here. You can always do it "safe" and only have 1-2 sec of no damage/debuff when you engage. Or take some risks and try to do it just when you engage combat. Clans will now face enemy more often, only thing I see is: more fun. Edit: When you say FoI in event, Boss included right ?
  6. It's my bad, was on smoke and made a "very funny" private joke . But noi'm Moualope, Korgh, Kanuh, MiniBibs, Rollo and never spent a euro in this server Last time I changed my nick from Moualope -> Tits cause I gave my char seasons ago x). Anyway my bad.
  7. Aden Siege - Crest bug

    Impossible to crest during the Siege, only entered it when it was like 50min left. Clan lvl 8 leader.

    Taking castle was buggued, says incorrect target when using seal of ruler. Can happen tomorrow again with no bug ?
  9. [EndGame] Noble Books for basic stat

    Thanks for answer, yeah I'm just frustrated not being able to play correctly and smoking doesn't help. Anyway have fun.
  10. [EndGame] Noble Books for basic stat

    Everything ruined Diablo III. It is an easy endgame ok, I don't take myself for a GameDesigner x)
  11. Upcoming Aden Siege changes

    Ok first: Niiiiiiiceeeeeuuuuuhhhhhh, me love you, forever. Second: Date Pleeeaaasseeee, tomorrow?! oh reminded me of star wars celebration! brb =D
  12. [EndGame] Noble Books for basic stat

    Thanks, I don't think it will be that bad for newbies about the Boss, just add some good politic material(dramas) between players and clans =p. Although you make me realize that the problem will be with the Ring (PvE Noble item). I can already hear the true Emerald statement: "More people out of event". Because this Item is soooooo bad to drop. First season it was introduced, I got it like in the first 10 events from Faction mini-event (Wow too easy, yeah nice concept... That's what I thought!). But all the other times... It was a calvary (google trad, nonono not a cavalry) It really reminded me why i'm playing here. BECAUSE I HATE FARMING MOBS. By farming I mean farming for something specifically. This season, for the first time in my life, I bought something from Donation Shop, it was a Ring of Goddess. So desesperate I didn't even look at the Adena Scroll for 1 second (Ok I looked at it just to cry). Ok maybe I was veeeeeeeerrrry unlucky, but I kinda hear that it is hard to drop it. I still like my idea, the Paragon System from Diablo III (once you are maxed, you can just level basic stats by a little each +)but the PvE Ring messes it up a bit. Maybe just one item needed for Books ? Or another system to gain them, just from Box of Luck, Noble PvP and Boss like mentionned in related ideas. Something that don't make people, especially high-geared characters (wanna say something lesley? hmm?), FARM EVERYDAY in PvE Zone or Instance. Anyway,hoping Emerald likes the global idea. Kisses everywhere (no gay) (no girl) (don't smoke).
  13. Ah yeah the time when we had zRanger, good old times. =ppppppp
  14. Just to add some Endgame without breaking something, using something we already have, the Noble Quest. Noble Books: After being Noble you can drop the 3 noble quest items again (in the same way). When you have all 3, you can talk to Noblesse Manager to gain 1 Noble Book (infinite, repeatable) to increase: P.Atk: +8 per Book M.Atk: +8 per Book P.Def: +4 per Book M.Def: +4 per Book CP: +30 per Book HP: +20 per Book MP: +10 per Book Yeah it is very low but it is infinite. That is a slow endgame bonus. You cannot reset those skills so it makes some unique character. You cannot trade Noble Books. Adds some interest to Ancestor Martankus. Since it is the only “Open Boss”, it can bring some good fights. Related other Ideas: Increase drop rate of Ring of Goddess from PvE Instance Missions, Raid and Grand Boss. Increase drop rate of Necklace of Goddess when killing a Noble, increases even more when killing a Hero. After being Noble, you have a chance to drop 1 Noble Book from killing a Noble. Chance increases when killing a Hero (very low drop rate). After being Noble, you have a chance to drop 1 Noble Book from Ancestor Martankus or from Box of Luck (very low drop rate). Sorry if already suggested, didn't find. Thanks for reading.
  15. Epics are too cheap and to easy to get.

    I like it but prices of Core and Orfen should not be touched. Comparing them to tateo price, you have to keep them low for the bonus they give. And I think price of Queen Antshould also not be touched for another reason. Newbie dagger/archer/titan/whatever shoud haveeasy acces to Crit. damage bonus. Otherwise they do close to no damage against high characters.