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  1. Mini Events

    Bubble Fight Team versus Team where you can use bubbles without battleforce or spellforce . Reuse 20 seconds on them ? x) Mini Events that matches the real life folklore (christmas, halloween, etc). Has been made before I think but with bad events (snow one). Christmas : Snowball Fight Deathmatch. Everyone is Dwarf ? Everyone throws snowballs. It stuns for 0.5 seconds ? When you get it by 4-5, you turn into snowman ? and lose ? Kills give the reward. Halloween : Fear and Run Freeforall Run. Everyone is Dark Elf ? Everyone must go through a field (close way, impossible to avoid) with a scarecrow on the way (impossible to go out of his range). The scarecrow cast randomly fear, single kill shot skill, mass kill shot skill, onrandom targets. The players that go to through the field alive winthe reward. Impossible to attack other players ? Easter : Kill the bunnies Coop style (new). Everyone is Elf ? Everyone have melee weapon (fun weapon). You must hit rabbits (one shot) that give 2 adena. If you get to 100, you get to a Rabbit Boss that drop another reward. That's all of I think of now.
  2. I can't play HELP!!!

    What is your Operating System ? Windows 7, 10, else ? You sayyour L2.exe is "impassive", you mean, it is missing the Lineage 2 icon ? Does it have any size/byte ? Do you get error ? Does it ask you to select a program to open with ? Do you have Anti-Virus ? Any Protection ? It might have put l2.exe in quarantine. Try to undo that and disable anti-virus/protection. If it still doesn't work, try to replace the files from the patch again withoutanti-virus/protection. If it still doesn't work, try to re-install the game. ------------------------------------------ あなたのオペレーティングシステムは何ですか? Windows 7,10、それ以外は? あなたはL2.exeが "情け容赦のない"と言います。つまり、Lineage 2アイコンが欠けていますか?任意のサイズ/バイトを持っていますか? エラーが出ますか?あなたが開くプログラムを選択するように頼んでいますか? あなたはアンチウイルスを持っていますか?どんな保護? l2.exeを検疫に置いた可能性があります。元に戻し、アンチウイルス/プロテクションを無効にしてください。 それでも動作しない場合は、アンチウイルス/プロテクションなしでパッチからファイルを再度置き換えてください。 それでも動作しない場合は、ゲームを再インストールしてみてください。
  3. I can't play HELP!!!

    Did you replace the files from the patch ? Did you put them in the right folder ? Tryto run it as administrator ? Is Google Translate English=>Japanese good ? ^^ You Japanese right ? パッチからファイルを置き換えましたか?あなたはそれらを正しいフォルダに入れましたか? それを管理者として実行しようとしていますか? Patchi kara fairu o okikaemashita ka? Anata wa sorera o tadashī foruda ni iremashita ka? Http: / / L 2 ovc. Komu/ downloads sore o kanrisha to shite jikkō shiyou to shite imasu ka?
  4. I can't play HELP!!!

    You forgot to drink Pepsi ! If it's not a troll, explain to us your problem ^^
  5. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    About the original subject, I have to admit, after L2Infinite went down, my gamer identity got destroyed a bit. I never thought I was going to find another server SO CLOSE to L2Infinite. There's no description to my feelings when I heard about this server. So yeah, great thanks Emerald for bringing this server. I just hope it will last long, so that anyday in my life, even with Windows 20 and my SmartGlasses, I could be like "Eh, let's play some L2 just to kick some ass". I'm sad you gave up on H5. Unlike most people, I think it's one the best Chronicle, ever. I feel people say it sux is just because Bgrade were fighting Sgrade with elements. Like there are no solutionto solve this... I don't see the difference in progression, with Interlude version, if Elements are just free. Except that we have finally archers that do skills, warriors that can rush, singers/dancers that have good solo buffs and skills, tank are so good to play, etc. It is the chronicle where every class is happy imo. Other than that, I would LOVE Classic, it's just the best way to revisit the game with new skills and new balance. Only, like people already said, if we have good files. Thanks again, waiting for new season ^^
  6. About Progression

    I don't mean to be rude, but you can be Geodata Justice Warrior on a new topic. I think it should just cost what it gives. And I think some classes care about this item before getting epics or something else.
  7. About Events

    Events in General I'm gonna talk about the 5 min countdown that is a real killjoy. I know being killed at the spawnto the death (lol) is not fun either. But I think there are better ways to deal with that, on the Events concerned, or modify the conditions to activate this countdown. I mean, we voted for those events. We want to play those maps. I wouldn't mind a 15 min countdown if the game is unbalanced from the beginning, or maybe even 10 minutes. But 5 minutes.... You don't even play the event and enjoy the map. Most of the time, what happens, is that there is a good fight going, it's fun, it's hard, you rox, you sux, and suddenly !You hear that you have no more coins in the machine and it's time to go home soon, mummy's coming in 5 minutes. Fortress Every time the fortress is taken, it is a new fight, there is always a new opportunity for both sides. Those maps (the real fortress, not the open one) are nice to explore. There are a lot of possibilities, by going up, inside, around. And it is the only Event (with Castle somehow) where we cantry a new thing, a new approach everytime. Just remove the 5 minutes countdown completely for this event only. Please. Capture the Flag The main problem with those maps, is that the flag is too far from the main combat imo. It is on the sneaky way, while it should be on the main way, still reachable by a sneaky road ofc, but the fight should be there. With that, it would be normal to say that one way is overwhelming, and that the event needs to be ended. You should just change the flag's location for most of the maps and keep or increase to 10-15 minutes the countdown. It would be more fun to try to get a flag where everyone target's you when you come in with your zerg. Or try to to get it sneaky when the enemy zerg is gone. You said you don't like people being out of the event, doing something else. That's oddly what happens there at the moment. Battlefield I think by changing just some little rules, those events could be more fun. First, I think we should be able to spawn on one of our LAST FLAG TAKEN for a certain amount of time (around 2 minutes after taking it). Technically it could be : - New "To Outpost" button, where you spawn at the last flag taken. "To village" still leads you to the Original spawn. - Now new button, "To village" leads you to your last flag taken. If the time has passed, to the Original spawn. The overwhelming side will be stronger for a time, but it will allow the losers to make some move to take a Flag a little far and spawn there. I think the 5 min countdown should activate when NO FLAG has be taken by the losing side for 5 minutes. Castle Siege We could try to make the King immobile, and try a new location if needed. So it is harder to take the Castle and prevent some tricky and not really fun way. I don't say you should not do that, it is smart to wait to kill the King at the right time. But it would be, again, more fun if we have to fight to get to the King and kick his ass to the death. Raid Bosses It is a fun aspect but it could be more. Cancel skill is just too much. It should just remove 3, 4, 5, 6 buffs at max. but not 90% of our buffs. Add a LITTLE chance to have A grade Armor or Jewelfull part, Enchants Scrolls and a Box of Luck. Make the Raid Boss aggressive toward the winning side (lol part). That's all I have in mind for the moment. Please share your ideas to make events moar fun, because I think it is the most important part of the server for it to last long. I hope Emerald you agree on some points and ideas. Thanks for reading my frenglish.
  8. How old are you guys?

    Moualope and Tekys sometimes x)
  9. How old are you guys?

    30. Take that Hawky ha !!! na sry I can't flame.
  10. About Progression

    Overhaul, the progression was nice. When I first came to OVC, it was the ending of an Interlude Season, +16 S-Grade Weapons EVERYWHERE. Ok let's go dagger to do some damage and get lucky on evasion x) This Season, we only saw very few +16 weapons (I only saw +15 S-Grade max), so the newbie that log in doesn't get disgusted right away and see that he doesn't need a TOP +++ weapon to be decent. The only negative experiences were : - AUGMENTS : Everyone can tell, it's a pain in the ass to get ONE skill/stat with Life Stones. We spend so much time (because of the system to re-open the windows) for what results... meh or pfff. => I'm gonna repeat myself, but it would A LOT more fun and accessible for newbies (they have a better chance to have a good augment) IF : Life Stones are RARE Life Stones give 100% Chanceto have a SKILL or a STAT - TATTOO OF POWER : Why this thing costs 5K, I guess because it was added for end game purpose. =>But honestly, for what it gives, the price should decrease over time/purchases (like other gear) at least until by half (2.5k), so it is easier to obtain for newbies.
  11. Offline Shops

  12. Here are my suggestions about some classes, considering this season. Ofc, every change is outisde of Olympiad ABOUT HEALERS/SUPPORTS - Reduce the number of support class in party => At the moment it is possible to do Cardinal + Dominator + Dominator + Shillien Saint + DD. I mean, sure it's really not the best comp xD. Soit is not a big deal, but... I would suggest 1Cardinal + [1 DominatorOR 1 Shillien Saint]maximum. Maybe a way with the points that you can still do 2 Domis, 2 SEs when no Cardinal around (can you do 2 EEs atm ?) - Reduce the boost on Mana Burn => The Mana Burnfight is nice against same lvl people, but it gets ugly against low chars, especially healers. You can litterally3-4 shots their mana. I would suggest 1.5x Boost instead of 2.0x Boost. It won't really change against other classes imo (thinking about daggers). - Increase the land rate of Wind Shackle => Even +10 it is very hard to land it, for a few second debuff that doesn't block the ennemy, it is far from being even decent. ABOUT ADVENTURER - Make Dash not taking a buff slot => I know it is not the same as Blinding Blow, you need a target. But I think it is just gameplay wise. It would be a lot smoother like it is with AW/PW. Considering its actual reuse, I don't think that's a problem. ABOUT DUELIST - Make Sonic Move not taking a buff slot => Same deal as Adventurer, smoother gameplay. ABOUT SWORD MUSE / SPECTRAL DANCER - Increase the land rate of thoses Debuffs : Psycho Symphony, Sword Symphony, Song of Silence, Poison Blade Dance, Demonic Blade Dance,Dance of Medusa => BY A LOT. Since it seems out of the question to make some Dance/Song out of the NPC Buffer, that's the love these two classes deserveto be fun and decent on this server. Duration to be adjusted if not ofc.Maybe even Arrest (and Shackle for Tanks)but it seems to land fine for a root skill. ABOUT DEBUFFS in GENERAL - Increase land rate of all Stuns => With the actual duration of thoses, considering how workEpics in Interlude, it should get a boost. Not a BIG one, but a little increase imo. - Increase duration of allFears by 1 second => I know 1 second is a big deal for thoses kind of skills, but it is what it needs to be decent. Last Words.... ONE of the fact that Archers and Daggers and Mages are the most played classes, even by big clans, especially in big clans, is that they are the best in party with healers. Sure they have low HP/Defense, they can be 3-4-5 shots, but you can easily heal them so fast. Not like those Warriors that requires Body of Avatar, Restore Life and Balance Life only (exagerating a bit ofc). That's the only thing I'm bother about on this server, Warriors. Maybe we (the server pop) didn't try all the possibilities with the current nerf/boostofc, but something seems wrong about this... That's all I had in mind I think about Classes and Skills. Thanks for reading.
  13. More than 3 subclasses

    I vote for 5. Like in the other post, I would add the condition to be already noble (3 rebirths) to have the possibility to do so.
  14. More than 3 subclasses

    You cannot edit your post after a certain time, so dunno about adding a poll afterwards.
  15. More than 3 subclasses

    I would just add the condition that you need to be noble (3 rebirths), if it's only for end game purpose. Or it would be too easy to have two 80lvl classes when you rebirth the three others. My two cents.