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  1. Login Issues

    Works after server restart.
  2. Login Issues

    Same. Ingame i was unable to put a shop, so I wanted to relog, then that, same thing, cannot log after pin code. I can log other accounts.
  3. swears I mean OK we look like assholes. You are right he's an asshole for saying that. But, in any situation, always listen to Rocky.
  4. nerfing everything minus archers

    About SE+BP, i'm doing it since I play here, but it was only me plus 1 or 2 on some later seasons. This season, everyone seemed to want his SE to make a top party. Emerald took a big hammer for this nerf, yes. I don't really like it, but i'm not 100% against trying this way. I just think EE/SEshould be able to party with OL, like BPcan do atm (idon't see any change about that). No good spellpossible at all on OL, again like BP. This make those classes not competitive but playable and not unbalancing the game. If we can do BP+OL, I don't see a problem with SE+OLor EE+OL. I just hope this meta -with very less heal in general- will be good and popular in the next seasons. I sincerley do. Not being able to heal outisde of party, OK. But not being able to rez outside of party, you need to make it possible in Mini-Raid and Grand Boss Eventat least. Btw, since healer cannot help people outside of party, don't they need to be reevaluated for balance in event ? =d
  5. nerfing everything minus archers

    Stick to the facts. You know this kind of sentence won't help.
  6. Battle of Gods Happens during Faction-Mini events meaning right after main event. Rules Faction PvP with NPC Buff 1 player from each Faction is chosen to be the incarnation of his God. He has one strong AoE ranged Magic Skill when transformed. If a God dies, the next player to make a kill is the chosen one. Gods incarnations have fixed base STATs, fixed cast spd, fixed m.crit rate, strong M.Atk (3-shots people with medium cast spd?), a lot of CP/HP/MP, etc. Gods incarnations cannot receive good spells from players. Potions toggles can be used? The player is chosen when 30 seconds are remaining so he has the time to look for the skill in his skill list. Another solution: The God asks who want his power, the first to say “me” in the chat when event starts is the chosen one. Score points When a player kills another player, his team gains 1 point. When a player kills a God, his team gains 5 points. When a God kills a player, his team gains 2 points. When a God kills another God, his team gains 10 points. The team with the most points win at the end of the event. Location Same as Battlefield, just open fight? Necro/Catacombs for the chase? Purpose Should be fun if being the reincarnation of your God makes you feel strong and allmighty. It is just a Faction Event after all, the fun being to play as a God. Or as player, to face or escape his wrath.
  7. [Event] Team-Up Grand Boss Event

    Team-Up Grand Boss Event Remember the main idea, numbers are details I suggest to imagine what it could be. Maybe the timer is too long and easy, maybe it is too hard and a wasting of time, drops are too much, etc. Anyway, it can be adjusted, the main idea matters. This can only happen after ALL Grand Bosses were defeated at least once in the season. When one of the following couple is alive, and if population is high enough, Team-Up Grand Boss Event can trigger: Valakas + Antharas ~Dance of the Dragons~ Baium + Zaken ~Lighthouse in a Dark Sea~ Orfen + Ant Queen ~Die, Insect!~ Rules Timer: 15 min Red and Green are on the same team. Each Boss drops 2 Jewels, 1 for each faction – Total of 4: 2 for Red, 2 for Green. Both Grand Bosses must be dead to get the loots. You get nothing when the first one dies. If both Grand Bosses are dead, the next time this encounter happens, the timer will be shortenby X mins. If one of the Grand Bosses is still alive at the end of the timer, the current Team-Up Boss Event can never happen again in the current season. Purpose Spicy challenge that forces to team up if you wish to encounter this again. And fun ofc. Why those specific couples? The first one mentioned in the couple is the “host”, and the second is the “guest”, I made those choices more in a pratical way, thinking what boss could fit in what boss “home”. For example Baium + Zaken: it happens at the top of Tower of Insolence (Baium’s home) with Zaken added in the fight. Dunno if it is possible Antharas in Valakas Lair. I don’t think Frintezza + Sailren is possible. Anyway that’s just some suggestions. We could have more couples, we could even do with three, four Grand Bosses at the same time! =d. Thanks for reading.
  8. Yeah but I could do it from SE on all supports, maybe this was bugged then.
  9. At the moment I can't use as a BP waking scrolls on OL (and on other BPs I guess). We should be able to use it imo, and if you could check that everyone can use waking scroll on anyone :d. Dunno if it's a bug or a suggestion since I dunno if it was meant like that.
  10. Where is the pride ?

    I have to agree sadly. If you really want to please the majority of people... SE should not be able to rez bp and/or party with him. Can still direct recharge/heal/purify him. A little nerf would be to make his mp regen the same as BP/EE at least... It seems easy for me to say that after all this years playing it. But I always wanted, like some forum warriors here, a InfiniteL2 like, which we are not getting, at least... notin Interlude =d Where everyclass is playable. Even with this nerf, I willstill play it btw =p just a little less =d. People finally wanted to try SE this season. Ok there were few the last 2 seasons, we were like 2 or 3. But this one, saw all top parties with it. A BP that can be rez (by skill) can be frustrating for newbies because killing the BP should be final in a fight. Especially in an event like Agent says. Allowed in Epic Boss? =d I don't think OL should be touched, since they gain XP/SP/Adenafrom party only (changed since some abuse)... OL already can't be cleansed/rez/direct heal by BP.
  11. Siege 2.0 reworked

    The Idea is nice, to separate newbies and clans so everyone has his fun. But imo, this requires too much additionnal rules so it can't be abused, while we could have this 1h/week freedom when everything can happen so 15 people can have the castle for 1 week. It will stay chaos, and you know the thing about chaos... it's fair =p
  12. Another Option for Animations

    I'll try it ty, can't play much. Becareful with your powers you might break the Internet some day.
  13. Why remove Tattoo from normal Shop?

    About the Faction Balance... I know i don't play this season but... Almost everybody thought about that at least once... throwing away the idea like this... No Faction to make the Best Faction Server?Just saying we wouldn't have this problem of Faction Balance, any clan could recruitanyone and could goin event to the side they want (kinda like now anyway).They won't be such thing as paying 10k to balance a server per clan anytime something goes wrong.Yeah we lose territory passives... so what... I mean we come here for what ? For being green or red ? blue or purple ? We're here for PvP. Just saying....
  14. WH

    It's free, don't trust what the NPC says.... if you're nottrolling =p

    Nice. Soulshot-off really makes you gain a lot of fps or it is just for convenience? just wondering. Moar vids please =d