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  1. Expert skills on summoners

    Was already reported about the damage, you can read this post. About Expert Skills : only the one dedicated for servitors works, all others are for your character. About more buffs for servitors :won't be changed.
  2. Ol change class

    I dunno about the OL bots honestly but none of them was accepting party invite, they say they gain much more Xp alone sadly... And people prefer to have an extra OL out of party and 1 more DD inside. Soeveryone was happy. Maybe Jim was the only OL playing in party lol. So yeah make it in party only. I would add "just in events" and keep Siege as it is, but if that bot story is true, you can't really allow it.
  3. About Pets

    Considering Strider, a lot of people already said what i'm gonna say, but just reminding and adding new stuff : STRIDERS------------------------------- New Rules of acquiring When you get the castle, you can get a hatchling that you need to xp to Lvl 55. When Lvl 55 you can exchange it for a Strider. New Hatchlings Rules You can summon it only in PvE Zone and Sunday Aden Siege. If you allow themit event, theyshouldn't be targetable then, only in event. Transfer Pain doesn't work with it. No attack or skill command. Only gets speed buffs. You need to feed it. Can buy from merchant or get it from PvE Zone (feed it with mechs ^^). Doesn't lose XP uppon death. You have to resurrect it wih a scroll or a skill. Steals 5% of your XP (dunno exactly but must not be so quick to lvl up, considering it's Lvl 1 to 55). New Strider Rules You can summon and ride it only in PvE Zone,Siege Event and Sunday AdenSiege. Make the wall skill working (it is not at the moment). When you get hit by a Magical or Physical critical hit, you unmount the Strider. NEW PETS ------------------------------- Now I want to know if it's possible to add new skills to the other existing pets, such as Baby Buffalo, Baby Cougar and Baby Koukkabura If that's possible then I would like to suggest this : How to acquire them When you are Noble, you can get a Baby Pet of your chosing that you need to xp to Lvl 55. Starting at Lvl 25, it gets a skill that increasesuntil Lvl 55. When Lvl 55, it gets a Buff. Pet Rules Same as Hatchlings. Never in normal Events, just the Siege Events and Sunday Aden Siege. It will buff you if you don't have it, it takes a slot so you can get overbuff. Baby Buffalo Heals CP for 250every 8seconds at Lvl 25. ... Heals CP for 550every 8seconds at Lvl 55. Rebuff Haste when lost every 16seconds at Lvl 55. Baby Cougar Heals HP for 125 every 8seconds at Lvl 25. ... Heals HP for 300 every 8seconds at Lvl 55. Rebuff Wind Walk when lost every 16 seconds at Lvl 55. Baby Koukkabura Recharges MP for 60 every 8seconds at Lvl 25. ... Recharges MP for 90 every 8seconds at Lvl 55. Rebuff Acumenwhen lost every 16 seconds at Lvl 55. Tanks for reading.
  4. Just inspired byClassic new bonus set (, could be cool to have that in Interlude. You get new bonus when you armor is FULL+7, +8, +9 and +10, depending on your armor type (heavy, light, robe). All bonus stack together. If you have a +10 set, you have bonus from 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Here are my suggestions : Heavy : 7 = Shield Block Rate and Power +20% 8 = Vampiric Rage 3%, P./M. Atk. +3% 9 = Stun / ParalysisResistance +10% 10 =P. Def. +3%, Bow and Dagger Resistance +10% Light : 7 = Evasion and Accuracy +1 8 = Speed +1, Critical rate +20, Blow land rate from behind +15% 9 = Sleep / Root Resistance +10% 10 = M. Def. +3%, Magic Attack Resistance +10% Robe : 7 =MP Consumption for skills -2%, Interrupt Cast Resistance +15% 8 = Healing efficiency +50, Magical critical power +5% 9 = Mental attack / Stun Resistance +5% 10 = Debuff Resistance +5%, Chance to get crit damage (normal shots) decreased by10% I think it can be easily explained at the Enchant Advisor. All bonus can be change ofc, I often exagerate on the details. Tanks for reading
  6. 2:50 = Stun 2:54 = Change target 2:56 = End of stun I'm sure that fear prevents from targeting on the other hand.
  7. New Season

    No info yet. Seems next season is ever Grand Crusade or Hellbound/Gracia/Final/High Five. I hope you like these precise answers.
  8. From 6:08. Don't bother the first stun that happened just before that. Look at the log when he targets him if you're not sure, i'll try to find other examples from Official server if I can. I admit, this one is hard to see.
  9. Sadly it is like olympiad feed, you can't really avoid it. Since it only depends on the good willfrom players. Although it's fun to fight clan mates ^^
  10. infinity rod

    I knew about that since I saw a hero doing it a long time ago, but then I thought It was removed by Emerald (seems false, no track). Then I saw that this season, I told the hero "Hey it's not working anymore", they told me it does. So i reported to Emerald with other bugs, no answer so... SO yeah, maybe it's like retail. I hope it's not, and I hope we don't consider it L2 gameplay. Waking scrolls seems to be considered a good magic, but hey, mana burnis considered a debuff on l2j, that can be reflected by Physical/Magical Mirror. I'm still for putting a reuse on those waking scrolls.
  11. infinity rod

    I found out that it works with boxes.... I know opening a box and found money or a scrolls can soundlike 'good magic', but that'sprestidigitation. And about the waking scrolls, put a reuse on that if it's like it should be. That's hard to call a guy spamming waking scrolls to full heal someone, L2.
  12. Suggestion for the future.

    Not in the last patch of Classic, even archers can use skills other than stunning shot. Classic != F1 war And you have A grade in the latest patch.
  13. I still disagree he can do it easily, anyway Emerald doesn't want it, I just hope he thinks about the Other Little Achievements.
  14. Making 10 kills with 2 seconds max between each kills does seems doable but in practice, that's not that easy. I mean if duelist made 10-20 fragz each time they rush in, we would see more of them imo.
  15. Ok I can understand gameplay wise... Thanks for the answer Emerald, I don't think this would be an AOE fiesta, but anyway this was just a little suggestion.