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  1. XveiL's Side

    so you guys think that this season failed cuz i scammed a +16 am from a fckin random? damn how brainless and obssesed you are! all of you, you dont care about server. you only care about "to flame luffy,to kill luffy, to take dark resist so luffy will do 300 dmg and spam him" you play for that reason, and you cant see behind the scenes in order to suggest things in order to make server more competitive... im just sad for the recent community,l2ovc had very good players and persons but now its full of retards. and this season i think was the last for me,cause i was expecting so much,and i saw so less... emerald is doing amazing job,but he is unlucky cuz he has bad community and brainless... gl cheers rip
  2. XveiL's Side

    u think it would be bigger loss for server if mojo or if luffy would quit? i think this season were depending only on me,cuz everyone from chaos side were playing in order to win Luffy...when i lost my motive and i stopped playing seriously in server,server's popularity has fallen dramatically...and i wanna see the next seasons,if they will exist,how server will be without me cause i dont think i ll play again. So,cheers
  3. XveiL's Side

    i really miss the old l2ovc players,they were good players without cancering server. There was healthy competition...
  4. XveiL's Side

    ridiculous community... well done,this project is ruined by a bunch of clowns and ppl with illusions rip
  5. +++

    i think u've rly tried to make enchanting system harder but...i think you made it easier just see the amount of +16 items after 3 weeks. there wasnt so many after 3 months in previous season i think Cheers
  6. oly

    make oly with new olympic items (a grade that cant be enchanted or augmenting) in that way every class would have oppurtunity to be playable. or make oly with A grade only idk....but still olympic items sounds better,i had the experience to use that feature in a server,and it was extremely balanced and interesting to all classes
  7. Vote: clans #2

    ~)that you guys made every single siege look sick and pathetic. ~)the fact that every fckin random was subclassing tanks/warlords in order to make money and they were just cancering every map (this reminds me when everyone could sub domi) ~)and the fact that enchanting system is easier than the previous season with golems,maybe emerald must reconsider of change the max + on server and also he should add a new feature in oly (that the max + that every item will count in oly is +6) so in that way u wont see gladies,tyrants being immortal OR he could add spesific olympiad items that cant be enchanted (A grade items for example,named Olympic Dark crystal, and without being enchanted) everything +0 A grade. This could make many classes strong and you wouldnt only see tyrants/gladies after this,cause tanks,summoners,mages,sws,etc would be very competitive. this season is over for me just for the reason that i lost my motive and all this things that i've said in this reply made me feel bored. So, gl and c ya in future
  8. Valakas

    many small things,like donation npc, went wrong this season and broke the economy...
  9. +++

    just that,in my opinion, enchanting system didnt become harder but easier...nothing more and nothing less
  10. +++

    hi fan,long time no see. its not about "quit" its about the time i dont find any other reason to play in server,cause the motive is hard for me to be found after a short period of time. cheers
  11. tanks

    do something about tanks otherwise things will not go well i think....increase the CD on aggresion/mass aggro
  12. mana gain

    i know that mana gain is something that if u have it, a SE or EE can recharge you more mp than usual. how this augment works in this server? as clarity? as mana regen? as retail? can anyone tell me?
  13. mana gain

    so its like clarity?
  14. clan leader

    i changed clan leader on sunday but the change happened today...and now the guy i made leader,request to make me clan leader,and it doesnt make me leader....why? you told me that this change can happend only on tuesday,and its tuesday can you please help me ?
  15. ImmOrtaLs

    lf friends or enemies who are willing to play with me cheers
  16. Golem Stoneheart

    enchants are still too easy
  17. LS

    ls chance is fine,buy them if u need them

    you are all so funny rly

    Thanks mate,I will take that as a compliment
  20. ez

    Its normal if u camp on 2 fortress maps since all orders are newbies to make that big spree. I joined once as chaos and camp on fortress map and I made 65 kills in a row so easily. I doubt if u were on order side if u made the 1/4 of the kills u made per map. Cheers sucker

    Really...enough with the fans want me to take ban. For all of you that u say im a serial scammer,im not. I never scammed anyone and if I wouldn't have to scam mojo now I wouldn't do it,but I had too. I know what I did is bannable but its mojo`s fault afteral. I didnt hack or stole any account I just asked the am and he gave it to me. So next time be less fool to give ur items. Cheers
  22. comand channel

    our aoe (banes/stuns/aoe dmg/curses aoe) can land on our CC members.... can you fix that for the next siege please?
  23. Clan as retail

    who cares about penalties,this is good. but the leadership issue,its just ridiculous
  24. Clan as retail

    its ridiculous to wait 2-3 days to change the clan leader...i have never seen that anywhere. Cheers
  25. clan leader

    fix it asap plz