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  1. facts

    hey,i havent check forum lately and im bored to read the topics are made around. but i ll type the facts for this season. In my opinion emerald killed this season when he allowed summoners running with 50 resists and bane around and let their pets hit 5k dmg,emerald killed this season when he decided to remove se and bp from same pt. And I and lesley kinda killed this season,because we choosed same faction and server since day 1 had 0 competition... thats all ,c ya
  2. facts

    PS: Emerald if u keep trying to make a "newbie helper server" u ll fail ur project. Cause veterans can advertise ur server by playing here,not newbies cheers
  3. ImmOrtaLs

    lf friends or enemies who are willing to play with me cheers
  4. ImmOrtaLs

  5. max number / party

    pqtestpq,gtfo u clueless random,you think you are famous but i doubt if anyone have ever heared this random name u've got.. so if u decide to join Server,better dont put this name cause i ll rape ur ass. kisses
  6. max number / party

    pqtestpq, pick order side bro. I would be glad to rape ur "pro" ass
  7. max number / party please
  8. @RavagersGroup

    go order side
  9. ImmOrtaLs

    bump bump bump
  10. Until the new season

    Lol mojo, get a life
  11. Twitch Streamers

    you can stream too then mate. i wasnt streaming previous season,and i felt no diffrence when i was killing ppl WHO were streaming
  12. Twitch Streamers

    maybe I ll hide some infos cause im sure u ll copy me, noobs like u mojo,i ll just teach u the playstyle of necro
  13. Twitch Streamers get ready to learn some tips about how to play
  14. ImmOrtaLs

    i dont think so amigo..
  15. ImmOrtaLs

    Hello ladies and gentelemen, we will join CHAOS and i would suggest to my enemies to join ORDER....also old friends or any NEW pro Player WHO want to play with us,just give me pm in here CHEERS
  16. Gameplay

    retarded suggestion
  17. you want only interlude cause you are noob player I would thumbs up for classic season,cause interlude season with epics in shop has always expired date. Interlude season without epics in shop,could be more interesting in my opinion. Also, I doubt If h5 season will never succeed here cause u cant balance this chronicle (even if I like this chronicle) in my last h5 season, I was top geared after 1-2 weeks and I had no interest at all, 2 shot newbies isn't fun. So,interlude season with this kind of donation that there was in this season would be nice,but with some more modifies season could last even longer. But classic is very good choice may bring here good CP's and clans if u bring a chronicle like this
  18. active empower

    well this augment gives 1k m atk...this is normal or its kinda broken? Also i dont know if wild magic active/passive is working...i got passive active wm and its not huge diffrence i can tell... lf some opinions from @Emerald
  19. vote buff reward bugged in my char

    wtf is wrong with it? i cant take vote reward and i voted 50 times on each site
  20. Ally Deletion Penalty

    Your friend doesnt speak english? you are his lawyer? and creating/dissolving an alliance is not a big deal in server,so he can live with 10 days without ally crest. kappa
  21. Dressme / Costume / Transmog

    .dressme is good...and maximize title on (10) is not good also why dont u add back the number of the spree that u got when its over ? example: Luffy has ended Random's killing spree (34 kills)
  22. Make Olympiad great again!

    lol if u want star wars olympiad,try another server or another chronicle,we are doing just fine as it is because we are OLYMPIAD PLAYERS. Olympiad is not for everyone.
  23. Make Olympiad great again!

    you couldnt agree more cuz u cant take any hero,lel. also olympiad has nothing to do with the drop of the popularity. also for u olympiad reward are useless but for me olympiad is an interesting feature,that when we are 4h there newbies can pvp easier in maps,cause most of the "geared" ppl are in olympiad. QQ
  24. Make Olympiad great again!

    make it like h5 olympiad,there is a capacity at matches that u can play (i think 65 matches or something like this) make it maximize at 40 games,so in that way feeders will think about it twice in order if to feed or not when they have an opponent in their class
  25. spawnkilling isnt bannable also aggroing mobs around isnt bannable. It's like im playing mage and i just walk around without killing mobs..this action is ilegal because i dont help my faction win the instance? i guess not