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  1. Tank Classes.

    :'D :'D
  2. for all top players

    oh my god with this community...u are burning my brain all the time
  3. Player Gatos

    hahahahhahaha pathetic
  4. for all top players

    gz noob after 1 month server u are still with A and u are proud of ur 20 kills on map...damn what retards there are on this server
  5. Cancel OPE

  6. Honest Suggestions

    hahahaha,i dont give a fuck too season was alrdy done for me. it was just pitty that my items didnt went to a newbie,but went to a noob...wasted items..
  7. Honest Suggestions

    i lost my items cause i couldnt dual box in order to trade them to my other character. QQ
  8. Why we dont see Titans?

    if u know how to buff a titan,he can be a walking nightmare
  9. Master Enchanting event reward bug

    i gave +9 staff and it gave me 3 part box :'D it's bugged obviously
  10. ImmOrtaLs

    lf friends or enemies who are willing to play with me cheers
  11. New (not-so-short) Movie

    thanks destru,i ll watch it and masturbate tonight :'D Love u :*
  12. Never get in.!

  13. Summoners

    summoners are sick >.> their dmg is enormous
  14. Mass critical errors

  15. NOIS É BR!

    fck brasileros
  16. new features

    Always want to see something refreshing but find it nowhere? On L2 Order VS Chaos you will ! Join us and enjoy many new features and events including: * Castle VS Castle map * Moba Arena * The ultimately Battle Royale ! * Many more! Will you explain us how this moba arena and battle royale work?
  17. new features

    I think emerald learned his lesson in previous season,about the fast high enchanted weapons. so lets hope he got everything on his mind
  18. new features

    either this or the other way will have consequences. 1) if the bless scrols reduce item enchant by 1,red weapons as u said will appear kinda soon,which is not good. Unless if emerald will low the chances of enchant rate OR to make the items enchantable with normal until +10 and from 10 to 16 with bless only. 2) if both scrols,normal and bless makes ur weapon +0 many ppl with high enchanted items,when they will fail they will leave server. So i prefer the 1st option
  19. new features

  20. NOIS É BR!

  21. Deja Vu

    good,im still in prison for my crime,stealing an am +16
  22. Deja Vu

  23. BadHombres

    you know im good guy deep deep deep inside