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  1. When?

    c ya in next season
  2. Tanks

  3. aura blast nerf

    chaks,fck off retard,u want to nerf all the classes and u want to keep ur class non-touchable
  4. Tanks

    i wont read all this comments,just NERF THIS AGGRO otherwise server will lose popularity definetely,ty
  5. right click

    good thanks
  6. right click

    what do u mean deactivate right mouse button? i dont want to deactivate it,i just dont want to zoom in when i press right click fast,in order to fix my camera. if there is any file for that,i would be glad to have it. thanks
  7. right click

    can we fix somehow the "rght click" ? when u click fast right click it zoom you in. And camera is very important to our playstyle
  8. Lf fresh info

  9. x10 adena

    why u changed the adena prices/drops etc to x10? maybe its the same as it was but,its crazy to buy a dc set for 50k or a valakas for 300k,this point of view sucks for me
  10. i ll probably join chaos, but i ll join solo in this season cause i dont have free time to play ,so gl
  11. BEAST COMING @JayCutler

  12. facts

    PS: Emerald if u keep trying to make a "newbie helper server" u ll fail ur project. Cause veterans can advertise ur server by playing here,not newbies cheers
  13. facts

    hey,i havent check forum lately and im bored to read the topics are made around. but i ll type the facts for this season. In my opinion emerald killed this season when he allowed summoners running with 50 resists and bane around and let their pets hit 5k dmg,emerald killed this season when he decided to remove se and bp from same pt. And I and lesley kinda killed this season,because we choosed same faction and server since day 1 had 0 competition... thats all ,c ya
  14. ImmOrtaLs

  15. max number / party

    pqtestpq,gtfo u clueless random,you think you are famous but i doubt if anyone have ever heared this random name u've got.. so if u decide to join Server,better dont put this name cause i ll rape ur ass. kisses