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  1. New Season

    obviously a h5 season is not ready to be launched idiot,cut the spam now and gtfo
  2. New Season

    how brainless you are? really....u are the worst version of inhabitted
  3. About new season

    go suicide fckin no lifer
  4. Tank Classes.

    :'D :'D
  5. for all top players

    oh my god with this community...u are burning my brain all the time
  6. Player Gatos

    hahahahhahaha pathetic
  7. for all top players

    gz noob after 1 month server u are still with A and u are proud of ur 20 kills on map...damn what retards there are on this server
  8. Cancel OPE

  9. Honest Suggestions

    hahahaha,i dont give a fuck too season was alrdy done for me. it was just pitty that my items didnt went to a newbie,but went to a noob...wasted items..
  10. Honest Suggestions

    i lost my items cause i couldnt dual box in order to trade them to my other character. QQ
  11. Why we dont see Titans?

    if u know how to buff a titan,he can be a walking nightmare
  12. Master Enchanting event reward bug

    i gave +9 staff and it gave me 3 part box :'D it's bugged obviously
  13. New (not-so-short) Movie

    thanks destru,i ll watch it and masturbate tonight :'D Love u :*
  14. Never get in.!