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  1. the way u replied to my suggestion made me understand that you are thinking in that way,i didnt want to harm anyone's feelings,i just want to try to improve with any ideas the server i have choosed to spend my free time. Thats all Cheers
  2. you will lose many money from donates if you lock S grades...i understand
  3. Voted yes, just for newbies to be able to catch up the veterans after a stage of 2-3 weeks of server's duration. But i made to myself a question about "why every season since it start with so many prospects after 2nd week population is decreasing so fast?" After all the seasons i've played here I think that , as in previous replies i made in other topics in the past, i think that IF the s grade's were locked for the first week, so we would do siege/olympiad and pvp 1 week only with A, and the economy of server would be a little bit more interesting,and this automatically gives more life to the season,and newbies after 1-2 weeks will be almost be able to catch up quickly the veterans. After first heroes are given S grades should be unlocked and then the real party goes on,everyone after 1 week will be still too excited to log and play in l2ovc. And about epics...i think after 1st week should be unlocked or after 1,5 week or after 2 weeks...cuz epics can give big unbalance...but after 1 week sounds perfect,to be unlocked with S items.. Cheers
  4. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    you have reach the limits of suckness to the in ur opinion we should all play to a server with 25 ppl MAX in events,you suggest us to waste our precious time to kite 10 ppl in maps in order to take 1 suggest us to promote that season which is OVER,deal with it...we care about server so we suggest things and features for the new season to make the new seasons more attractive with bigger duration.... really you are worst than all the previous stupid's like abc,chaks,soulka etc etc you should suggest things to be improved for next season and you just say "server is awesome join" server is the best server nowadays to waste your free time,but not when its 10vs10... kisses
  5. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    you would remove this and add back potions cuz u want to play dagger and to buy all the cp's from the server,next step is to add all resists in ur scheme and go out with 10k cp pots and break our balls. so i disagree with that stupid suggestion. I would suggest to make 2 farm zones with diffrent rewards. 1) 1st farm zone should be the alrdy existance where u can stay for 1h or until u die once,with the same mobs,drops etc etc 2) 2nd farm zone could be only with self buffs (with retail time [ d/s 2 minutes etc etc] ) in that zone you could stay 1.3h and u could have only 1 chance to be ressed. The drops in that zone should be better than the previous zone cause you are farming in retail mode so you have to give them bigger motive to set up a good party. Also a rb inside that zone with also good drops could be a very interesting. Imagine at least 2 parties pvping in that zone. Also the skill with pots should be disable in that zone. I think this should be very interesting,also it could be a new feature to the new season. Also it wont drag many ppl from maps with that 2 limits (the time u should stay in and the times you are allowed to die) cheers
  6. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    -Maybe if there was more "clan" actions than siege,like 1 more good raid boss with good drops (maybe bless scrols,where as i saw u said that in next season will be rare) one way to obtain them could be a new raid in farm zone. In that way u will motivate ppl make full pt of 9 ppl and u will also make many groups enter farm zone at the same time and they will make good and clever pvp (cause they will be afraid of die and kick out of zone so they will probably pvp smartly) also even if it was easy for me to farm the noblesse raid boss(cause it didnt hit us) i think you should make it al least give dmg,keep the same stats on p/m def and just make it give dmg,so they wont farm it so easy with just 1-2 ppl's... so my 1st suggestion for a bigger motive to attract group of players is to add 1-2 more raid bosses. (this will also remind me the previous seasons where we had to kill epics on our own, baium,tezza,etc and we were waiting all the big clans for the respawn and this was keeping the compeition alive) -Also i have suggested siegeable clan halls sometime in the past,this could also be interesting with a raid boss outside the clan hall (for example forest of dead ch,or hot springs or fortress of resistance) and with some rewards that u can take only from clan hall (that ch shield and idk you could think of more items that u can take from the ch npc). Now that i remember it, why dont u bring back the npc inside the castle? and i think you should enable castle taxes again,with the smallest option of %,so it wont give huge advantage of adenas to the owners...this will give one more motive to the clans who alrdy own the castle to fight to keep it (striders is another good motive to fight to keep it) -Another thing could be an instance that u can enter once per day and after midnight time resets. This instance could have some stages (1st stage easier mobs,2nd stage harder,3rd stage even harder,4th an easier raid,5th harder raid) so in that way randoms could make parties and enter the instance,but only the good one could reach it until the end and succeed it. And good clans with a full pt could farm the instance to the end. But the rewards is still the fact that would motive the ppl farm it,and u dont have to be mean with rewards at every feature that u add Emerald...cause for example that halloween event was good but the rewards were so low,thats why it didnt attracted many players more than the 2 first days. PS: in next season lock the S grade/epics for 1 week,let us pvp with A grade for 1 week,let us go siege and olympiad with A 1st week...this will give more life to the season peace
  7. L2OvC And Their Seasons

  8. Golem's - Newbies

    hahahaha oh my god you are so fcking funny,your illusions have gone too far,i feel really sorry for you,you got Abc's syndrome,god bless you pal! PS: i dare you play mage next season rather gladi retard. I saw you sometimes with mage in maps but i think all the times u have soed and change sub to something else cuz u are not capable of play mage in here. You cant afford the fact that someone got 1 resist of ur class...Well what can i say about that? I made everyone have at least 2 dark resists in their scheme...And you are talking about my dmg,that you are one of those guys who have made u have 2 dark resists in ur scheme! And dont say that there are many necro's in server cause you'll make me laugh one more time. One last thing..You look so pathetic when you are trying to support something that it's obvious just to show that you care. C ya next season and... MERRY CHRISTMAS you filthy animal! HO HO HO
  9. New Season

    i quit only when the server lost it's interest retard.And now this season has no interest. I dont know why u are trying to show the face of "i support the server till the end" to emerald,but u must be realistic and to accept that its time to plan the new season. Maybe its ur 1st season that u have achieved something and u are happy that u are "top" against 20 newbies. Also no matter if 100 newbies will join in a day,there is no sense since they are playing against veterans with full gear and +. So give to that 100 newbies the chance to fight with equal gear and im sure the 100 newbies will become 200 on a new season... And for the record you are just a random who joined server the last seasons and i really dont understand why u are licking emerald so much with ur stupid "support" in forum. It's not bad to go with the reality and accept some things. Im playing l2ovc since the very 1st season and i support server in real ways not just saying "server is nice ,server is interesting with 20vs20" cause this is not l2ovc... kisses random
  10. New Season

    lf new season
  11. Extra currency?

  12. suggestion

    some suggestions for the new season: 1)make golems only for augment 2) lock S grades for 1 week ,let us siege and oly with A grade in first week. And on monday with new heroes unlock the S,this will give more time to the season and will balance in some say newbies with veterans. 3) the only way to make IL season last longer is to find solution with items (prices,starting gear,progress,droprate) unfortunately this season is almost done and i thought really this would be the best season ever but seems like golems made it too easy....also the donations since very 1st day with A and S gave to server less time to survive... in the season that we started with C everything was better,except some whinners when some grades was free or half priced. i think if S will be locked in 1st week everything would be more interesting,and if golems was only for augments and maybe skills too. cheers
  13. External program - allowed?

    bullsh1ts... previous seasons they said i got setted ThouAz in adenaline...this community is braindead
  14. olympia

    this is zone in early game was just "MUST" and everyone would be sad if he would have lost his 1h in farm zone... but now seems useless for veterans...which in one way its good for newbies who will farm/exp peacefully...but do they know that farm zone is important for them? i wish i could suggest something to make farm zone more attractive,not only in 1st week, but my head is out of ideas atm