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  1. New season

  2. So soon man.

    Im more popular and well-known than Emerald in that server
  3. Luffy Plusou

    αχ0αχ0αχ0αχ0αχ πλακα σπαω μαζι σας,και feedme εισαι ονομα κ πραγμα.. φιλακια πολλα
  4. Luffy Plusou

    haha, as many topics about me makes me more and more happy, because this means im doing it right...and i've made you cry a lot... cheers
  5. Sad Fact

    <3 i really will try to create my char and type my name as fast i can...before the fans will take it...otherwise i will need your help to regain it! c ya in game
  6. Sad Fact

    easy peasy
  7. Nerf

    emerald nerfed to death feoh's cause some noobs who doesnt have a clue about this chronicle cried in 1st days for feoh's dmg...and they cant consider that in every chronicle mages are the strongest in the beggining....moreover,in this chronicle all classes are strong and in the beggining and when they will make better gear... i know its still beta,but nerfing feoh's dmg so much and letting archers daggers etc as they were,its just a crime.. i dont think that i will bother more with reports and suggestions.i hope emerald will make a balance season. gl
  8. changelists

    you should put changelists in announcements section,so we know what changes u make now in beta
  9. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Im pro in both java and official servers since December 2004. Why you want me to tell you who is op with gear? Need career advice? Everyone can kill everyone with gear, even now. Or are you "flavor of the month" guy that picks whoever is op?
  10. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Because im pro and they already started typing their QQ in shout. Also i have 15k mp and 90% dmg reduction in mp shield?
  11. Nuker Shadow Snare (AOE Pull Field)

    +1. Either increase the cooldown of pull skills or give immunity/diminishing return. In oly they should stay the same though.
  12. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Im not a kid that cries when i dont get my way like most of the community here. Other classes when they gear up will be far better than mages for sure, every server on the start is full of mages. Where have you been all these years caveman? You dont hear me crying about 100% knock down and cc of warriors, do you?
  13. Damage is too high (PvP time is too short)

    Yes mages 95 lvl, full buffs, full blessed gear, double SA weapon are SUPPOSED to hit 20k MINIMUM. But they also die 1 hit if they dont have mp shield on. I think you have never played official before...there 1 yul with simple arrow gives u 100k dmg, with skill 200k. What i want to say is if you think 20k dmg is huge go play on the real thing and you will cry for sure. The pvp is the best in these chronicles because its so fast paced and you have to make quick decisions or you die. If you want to hit full buffs full gear 300 dmg and spamming f1 go play interlude. This chronicle is not for pussies or kids or noobs. If you want slow pvp and 1 button rotation go back to 2005 scrub.
  14. augments

    why it will create an even bigger gap among veterans and newbies? for example a good augment could cost a price like an epic jewl...15-30k so the newbie should decide if he want a good augment or an epic first...and a veteran will always have better gear than the newbie...what do u mean exactly. I didnt suggest augments to be tradeable cuz this will makes it fcked up,just in shop