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  1. Necromancer bug

    it work
  2. Unban Me

  3. L2 OvCnomics

    In my opinion in this server all u need is a group to play with. If server is launching for some weeks and newbies are logging in and they saw that there are ppl with good gear,the only reason that will make them stay in server is if they will find a clan to play with and help them farm in party. What I want to say is that,clan capacity must be like it was 10 ppl main-5 ppl in royals,because if we dont have slots in our clans,how are we gonna help a good newbie to stay in server if he can't find any slot in clans cause clan capacity is 15 ppl in total? and make clans hard to be make again so siege have still some motivating rewards (1kill=1crp)
  4. L2 OvCnomics

    this topic gives me a good reason to type some of my thoughts. first of all i didnt read ur topic cause it was too big and i was bored to do it So,in my opinion server need to be like it was. I mean,in past seasons,where the epics werent in gm shop, and l2ovc was more like LINEAGE, l2ovc project wasnt so known to the people,so the popularity every season was kinda predictable. Nowadays l2ovc project is well known to many people,and always the grand openings are good. So... the key for success is to bring back the old features of l2ovc project,since now the project is well known, and because in that seasons were lasting 3-6 months. I remember myself being hero for 15 times and have 20k+ pvps...Well,that numbers show that this seasons had something to keep ur motive and to play for many weeks,things that the new seasons havent.. There are 5 features that Emerald must focus in order to make his project enormous. 1) Olympiad 2) Siege 3) Epics//raids 4)territory status 5) enchants//enchant system --------------------------------------------- 1) if you make olympiad rewards retails (400k gate pass/1k crp/hero miracle 30 sec) you will achieve many things,such as : u will make olympiad a competitive feature,you will attract people NOT to make bots for heroes (bd,sws,maestro,sk,da,etc etc ) you will make them create their favourite class because if they will take hero on spellsinger or necro or sph or archer or dagger they will have the benefit of 30 sec ud and much more like the 450k gate pass) 2) all this adds u are doing in siege rewards are not made clans so cheap so this 1kill=1crp is useless...the only thing that could make every clan keep their motive to take and to keep the castle for many weeks is the "TAXES". In previous seasons taxes of castle was enabled,and this is the biggest motive to go to siege. 3) i was possitive when u made us vote about "want epics in shop?" BUT as i see in the latest seasons...this was the biggest mistake in l2ovc history... i still remember the fights we had with russian clans in frintezza...or i still remember how a bunch of random russians killed the first valakas in server when we were organising our clan for it,and they were suddenly surprised us when we saw the announcement that valakas is died...but this made us have bigger motive in order to take the 2nd valakas (after 1 week respawn) so this automatically gave us 1 week motive to keep play the server. And its simply the best way have epics free for everyone and the best could take it...its not unfair or unbalance...its just THE BEST win,so simply. And the best in every lineage server got an advantage. The best clan farm more epics so they are monsters in maps,the best class takes hero so he has 30 sec ud,the best clan take the siege so they make money from simple as that...Also if u remove epics from shop and make it as it was,you can bring back pet buffs in order to balance the pvps. 4) this new feature is very good but im sure NOONE knows it's existance....this new featue IF you would make rewards bigger ( dont be mean Emerald on ur rewards rly...) you will give to the both factions BIG motive to win all the maps,and to join in all the maps...And guys like me wouldnt say "ok i will go order this event cause they suck and cause i want to try to help them win a map). NO,my faction is chaos and i must play only on chaos,only when i cant join my faction i could go order. 5) i ll be quick on this subject...make max enchant +10 or +12/// make S scrolls obtainable from grand olympiad manager///epic's drop///martankus and dr.chaos drop...You know that if u do that,we will have EPIC fights in farm zone? this place,where u could die only once per day inside there,when you are pvping makes u move like ninja...makes u play so safe...and gives you a good-strange feeling when u are pvping 9vs9. Thats all for now...i really believe that this 5 subjects are the most important to focus on,if u want competitive seasons and not 1month seasons...I hope everyone would reply their opinion,and i hope emerald wont reject my suggestions in one reply. Peace PS: i got many more thoughts and ideas about the server,what changes should be done,and what changes must come back as it was in previous seasons,Emerald.
  5. Thank you staff

  6. Thank you staff

    you moved me
  7. dude this guy with the +16? he die like a paper so,chill out. im making more dmg than him with +3 am so,chil
  8. Is that all?

    i can win in a fight 1vs5,what are u talking about?
  9. register

  10. hi

    cyka blyet
  11. donations

    my main reason of my question wasnt that. i just wanted to know how emerald have think about it,cause just the phrase "no donations A-S in the start" doesnt say anything. so i wanted to know more details before the opening
  12. donations

    What "no donations for A-S grade items in the beggining" actually means? I mean A-S will be unlocked or locked? And for how long this "no donations for A-S items" will last?
  13. Magnus buff

    thats a good suggestion,no magnus on tanks
  14. LF CARDI 24/7