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  1. vote buff reward bugged in my char

    wtf is wrong with it? i cant take vote reward and i voted 50 times on each site
  2. Ally Deletion Penalty

    Your friend doesnt speak english? you are his lawyer? and creating/dissolving an alliance is not a big deal in server,so he can live with 10 days without ally crest. kappa
  3. Dressme / Costume / Transmog

    .dressme is good...and maximize title on (10) is not good also why dont u add back the number of the spree that u got when its over ? example: Luffy has ended Random's killing spree (34 kills)
  4. Make Olympiad great again!

    lol if u want star wars olympiad,try another server or another chronicle,we are doing just fine as it is because we are OLYMPIAD PLAYERS. Olympiad is not for everyone.
  5. Make Olympiad great again!

    you couldnt agree more cuz u cant take any hero,lel. also olympiad has nothing to do with the drop of the popularity. also for u olympiad reward are useless but for me olympiad is an interesting feature,that when we are 4h there newbies can pvp easier in maps,cause most of the "geared" ppl are in olympiad. QQ
  6. Make Olympiad great again!

    make it like h5 olympiad,there is a capacity at matches that u can play (i think 65 matches or something like this) make it maximize at 40 games,so in that way feeders will think about it twice in order if to feed or not when they have an opponent in their class
  7. spawnkilling isnt bannable also aggroing mobs around isnt bannable. It's like im playing mage and i just walk around without killing mobs..this action is ilegal because i dont help my faction win the instance? i guess not
  8. Make Olympiad great again!

    lol,retarded topic. also,do u believe my necro is lower tier? i can kill everyone in oly with my necro. and the fact u are making this topic and u are playing "dark avenger" in oly,is beyond me...if u like olympiad and if u are so good olympiad player,just change class if u want to farm olympiad.
  9. RR server

  10. titles

    can u do anything about title? its boring to stuck on lvl 10
  11. active empower

    well this augment gives 1k m atk...this is normal or its kinda broken? Also i dont know if wild magic active/passive is working...i got passive active wm and its not huge diffrence i can tell... lf some opinions from @Emerald
  12. is it to late to start?

    make support and pm me

    olympiad is useless,but ur clan tried to take some heroes,but u failed. siege is useless,but u tried to attack and take it,but u failed.. ofc if i fail somewhere i will say too "its useless" QQ and gtfo. Every season pappa Luffy will own you
  14. Missions

    agree that mission is useless as it is
  15. since all chars are nerfed

    do something about it. maybe nerf the resists power,cause its sick-annoying-boring to do 300-500-600 dmg on archers/daggers/summoner when we are mage with top gear/augment/etc etc just nerf at last this resists power...otherwise archers will destroy the server