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  1. Extra currency?

  2. suggestion

    some suggestions for the new season: 1)make golems only for augment 2) lock S grades for 1 week ,let us siege and oly with A grade in first week. And on monday with new heroes unlock the S,this will give more time to the season and will balance in some say newbies with veterans. 3) the only way to make IL season last longer is to find solution with items (prices,starting gear,progress,droprate) unfortunately this season is almost done and i thought really this would be the best season ever but seems like golems made it too easy....also the donations since very 1st day with A and S gave to server less time to survive... in the season that we started with C everything was better,except some whinners when some grades was free or half priced. i think if S will be locked in 1st week everything would be more interesting,and if golems was only for augments and maybe skills too. cheers
  3. External program - allowed?

    bullsh1ts... previous seasons they said i got setted ThouAz in adenaline...this community is braindead
  4. olympia

    this is zone in early game was just "MUST" and everyone would be sad if he would have lost his 1h in farm zone... but now seems useless for veterans...which in one way its good for newbies who will farm/exp peacefully...but do they know that farm zone is important for them? i wish i could suggest something to make farm zone more attractive,not only in 1st week, but my head is out of ideas atm
  5. unban

    haha pathetic. PS: i dont care about unbaning my friend,i just suggested to unban everyone,cause i see popularity increasing again and it will be nice to increase it even more
  6. unban

    missed my dagger :'D
  7. unban

    all of you,my fans, who are replying with so much big rage because i have made u cry on every single need to think that afterall this is just a game,and everyone will go over the rules sometimes because we are human and everyone we deserve a 2nd chance,since we are spending our free time in this server, and me and my friends especially we support it since the very first bored to argue with every fckin noob in this community thats why i dont check forum anymore in order to reply to ur stupid topics and to ur stupid mind. SO,i wish emerald will unban everyone in this season soon,because server's popularity has decreased a lot by that moves too. peace
  8. unban

    i would just suggest to unban every players who have been banned in this season...for many reasons but the main reason is that,this bans is one reason that popularity has enemies/friends/randoms who are banned deserve a 2nd chance..So emerald could unban everyone like he have done in previous seasons too... cheers
  9. unban

    any response from emerald please?
  10. unban

    Unban ThouAz emerald...we are all humans afterall and its normal to have some moments full of anger and to say words that we dont mean....we never scammed,we never cheated,we never did any harmfull action against server...we were always support ur server by playing in every single asking it politely and i wish you will appreciate the behaviour of one of ur oldest (if not the oldest) player in ur server... Cheers
  12. wedding

    still waiting
  13. mirage

    emerald i dont know how much more u increased mirage chance but this remind me older seasons,where th were op cuz of that skill...its like if u dont want to see whole server TH in next days,decrease the chance.
  14. wedding

    also when u press "teleport to ur beloved" ur beloved is teleporting back in town to fix that 2 issues plz
  15. wedding

    still waiting