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  1. korean pvp bug

    it wasnt only that guy in the screen. everyone was hitting behind the wall. most of them soe'd though
  2. korean pvp bug

    i'm not sure what happened but i THINK the order team didn't teleport in the arena and they could hit us from behind the walls we (chaos) were waiting inside the arena until the time ended and there were order outside waiting but nobody teleported in
  3. not sure if this is a bug or it's intentionally like this but it's really bad and unfair i get this message in every epic boss battle
  4. i dont see anybody getting banned tho even if we're talking about high profile players
  5. zaken night

    fix this, zaken can't be killed at night we just entered the event, chaos won but zaken is unbeatable, huge hp regen cause it's night server time should be the same night/day
  6. so we played lucky chests and most of us died and got teleported immediately to Orfen's nest for the raid without buffs
  7. sLcO no fake

    i might consider playing as OL main this season i'll pm u is slush playing too?
  8. just curious sometimes i'm healing my clan mates and they're getting kills and i literally get nothing and other times i get like 8-13 adena or a shitload of 1-3 adena so you earn adena based on what?
  9. bsss bug

    the problem actually is casting speed bonus from blessed spiritshots i think i'm pretty sure bsss aren't working properly + there's no animation when you use them
  10. bsss bug

    well, there's for sure a visual bug with bsss which noone has to have reported though it's not like everyone has AMs..
  11. bsss bug

    hello i've noticed that BSSS don't load as they are supposed to be and i'm pretty sure the effect they have is not from BSSS but from simple Spiritshot S casting is low as well as damage any idea what's going on with that? thanks in advance
  12. dagger damage

    seriously, am i the only one who thinks daggers are broken as fuck? i get like 3,5-4k damage from full b graders on draco/dc +6 and up to 6,5k from A/S graders this damage is ridiculously high you definetely need to check wtf is going on
  13. trying to login but wont happen