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  1. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Don't know about others, but I want different balance from some other chronicles making summoners scalable lategame.
  2. Vote: healers

    Agree. But it's already implemented. Since there should be only 1 healer in the party. And offparty healer should not be able to heal players from another party. To prevent offparty heal bots. Maybe. Other healers can beresurrectedthrough scrolls. Maybe that'senough. Disagree. Mass resurrection of party members should be available.
  3. Progression too easy

    Don't make summoners buff bots, it will kill them as a playable class with unique battle mechanics. Rather adjust summoners to be competitive in late game where everyone runs with rebirth skills, tattoo of power, full buffs, epics and +16 enchants. Such situation was considered to be extremely rare in official interlude by developers and they didn't adapt summoners to it. Yet there should be adaptation in OvC.
  4. Hell Knight panther

    Actually, a knight even with instant resummoning cast time is no way comparableto a full summoner. 1. Panther lives maybe 2 archer crits, knight has nothing to keep panther alive, and next time knight can resummon panther is almost 20 seconds after the panther is killed (it must disappear before knight can start resummoning). Pantherwill actually be dead more that half of playtime. 2. Summoner has tanking potential close to hell knight due to transfer pain and battle heal. 3. Tanks are almost never played dps style. Only aggro style. And will unlikely be played dps style even with panther boosted. So, I'd say, people will play tank / summoner only for fun, not for profit. They will never choose which one to play based on dps.
  5. Hell Knight panther

    There's special rebirth skill for summoners (greater summoner empower if I'm not mistaken). Faster summonning can be implemented in this rebirth skill. Faster summoning boost will affect mainlyhell knights and warsmiths (if they get this rebirth skill), since summoners / necromancers already got very high summoning speed. Actualy, resummoning anything during the battle is nonsence for Interlude, since summon appears without buffs, but if we consider resummoning with buffs a valid customization, we can also consider faster resummoning a valid customization.
  6. Player drop changes

    What happens if neither team has all flags for the whole map duration? No reward at all?
  7. Exactly. It would be interesting, since balancer could put much more players against a stacked clan, eventually buildingdecent opposition.
  8. The solution is to allow clan members play only singlefaction in events. Also balancer should be changed to weight clan members more than average players in team balance. This should prevent disbalance if one faction gets a solid clan and another faction gets onlysolo players.
  9. 3rd class summons are used in PvP due to their skills: King and Lord get melee damaging skills with huge power, Magnus gets stun and ranged nuke with huge power.
  10. There's a possible bug in Magnus, but it's impossible to prove here. Merrow's Hydro Screw in Gracia 1&2, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, High Five is always 65 power (here). Magnus' Tidal Wave in Gracia 1&2, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue is 250 power (here). Magnus' Tidal Wave in High Five is 228 power + elemental bonus (here). As you see, on official server Gracia+ chronicles, due to power difference Magnus nukes about 3 times stronger than Merrow. That's why NCSOFT gives Magnus 30% PvP damage penalty. On OvC server Magnus' nuke power is around the same as Merrow's nuke power. That's why you seen some nonsense that Magnus nukes even weaker that Merrow. But again, it's impossible to prove here that Magnus' Tidal Wave power has never changed since Interlude.
  11. Warsmith

    Since official craft system is not applicable on faction server you can make a small chance for Warsmith to craft or upgrade something when he kills enemy as a bonus reward.
  12. toogle antiheal

    That's something interesting. Is it really so profitable for a healer to play off-party and heal random targets? Is it kind of abuse not reported till now? BTW, it seams reasonable now why healers like to heal destroyers and why healers will continue to heal destroyers in every possible situation.
  13. toogle antiheal

    The solution is to forbid healing a target outside of the party. This perfectly solves destroyer's problem. It is also logical, since only 1 healer per party is allowed and there should not be opportunity for healers from other parties to focus heal anyone.
  14. how does dominator earn adena?

    It seams that adena sharing calculation method sometimes excludes all clan mates who are too far from the killed target (but dealt most damage to the target) and gives all their earned adena to the healer. Like healer was the only one left in the list of those who deserves the reward for the kill since all others were too far away from the killed target. Also note, that healer also has to be close to the target to get his share.

    Summoner is definitely not damage dealer since NCSOFT decided to give servitors 30% damage penalty in PvP. Removing this penalty will maybe help summoners a bit.
  16. 1. When player with more ELO kills player with less ELO he receives reward without changes 2. When player with less ELO kills player with more ELO he receives reward + bonus rewards. The more ELO difference the more bonus he gets Newbies still kill less and die much, but they feel that their efforts are rewarding and that they still have chance and opportunity to catch up with veterans.
  17. [GC] Progressive rewards based on ELO system

    Gear based reward system that was in Interlude didn't work well in Grand Crusade. Even within the same gear grade R90 there occurs huge gap between base players with free items and players with higher level / enchant / attribute / talismans / hats / boss jewels / dyes / subclass and dualclass skills / enchanted skills.
  18. Too slow

    This is actually correct observation. The less players on the server the slower battles go and the slower players get adena and items.
  19. [GC] Summoners

    I suggest boosting summoners. Current game (faction type) is exchange of instant kills and summoners are not suited for this game. The problem is summoner can't inflict instant burst damage. Everything he uses requires time to inflict damage: 1. Servitors have to move to the target 2. Five marks have to be used for servitors to receive full trigger 3. Three marks have to land before mark retriever can be used 4. Marks are damage over time Yet, summoner doesn't have any sustain and cancels like he had in interlude and is killed instantly without inflicting at least some damage back. Summoners should get either sustain or damage burst.
  20. Art of Seduction

    Agree. Not sure about Grand Crusade, but some period on official servers players also used Turtle Ascetic's physical defense buff in every PvP.
  21. Planned Changes (Poll)

    I don't think adding free / cheap stuff for newcomers will help. Maybe it will work in a short run, but in a week the situation will be the same as it is now. The problem is veterans are snowballing. Once veterans receive advantage, the gap between them and newcomers will only grow to the moment when it is no fun for newcomers. Newcomers have no chance to comeback even if they work hard.
  22. WTF!!!!!

    I'm afraid archers will instakill me even when I'm 99 level. Not sure if I should waste time on leveling at all.
  23. Resistance of Saha

    I suggest adding Resistance of Saha buff to free buffer to help players against stunners.
  24. [GC] Summoners

    Ultimate Transfer Pain transfers 75% damage to servitor, which results in a dead servitor and then the summoner in 4 shots from archer. Possible solution may be increasing servitor's HP twice to give some sustain and opportunity for the summoner to deal some damage back / heal servitor / run from the attacker.
  25. Disable Land Rates / Durations

    1. There's already a solution built in the game - Resistance of Saha buff. 2. Healers are using this buff and are already almost immune to stun.