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  1. The whole system should be reconsidered. Party rewards should be shared equally to healers, tanks and warlords. Otherwise it's almost impossible to balance properly. This season healer rewards are nerfed like tank rewards were nerfed previous seasons. I'm affraid the answer at the moment will be "want apiga on tank - use vanguard, want apiga on dominator - use drain, want apiga on bishop - use inquisitor".
  2. My guess is that if someone runs into the crowd and gets focused then healer gets zero reward for healing him.
  3. BAD. Another obscure nerf of tanks, warlords and other crowd controllers. Also, there will not be enough healers for every party. Many players will have to play without a healer. Not sure they will like it.
  4. Add class information next to player nickname on score screen. It will be more informative to see any possible balance problems from just looking at score screenshot. Also players will be more willing to take such screenshots and post to proof their arguments.
  5. Madlaxy

    Heal abuse?

    Actually, party with a healer already has huge advantage compared to party without healer. Scoring heal only increases this advantage. Party with a healer survives twice longer. This means twice more kills, assists, scores at domination, adena and drops than in party without healer. No point to score heal at all. Scoring heal literaly rewards party with a healer twice. Healer should only get part of party's reward.
  6. Madlaxy

    Heal abuse?

    @Emerald, since people are still questioning in another topic about where warlords get their huge rewards and still no answers are given after the whole week, I'll ask one more question: 3. If warlord does 100 damage to each of 10 targets and gets assist while healer heals him for 1000 hp, then what value is score and reward calculated from? a) 100 points b) 200 points c) 1100 points Nerfing warlord damage and limiting them to 1 per party leads to nowhere if heal still can be abused. This may be not clear now with low online, but it will strike back next season shortening it's duration even more than it was now. Welcome to 3 polearms + 2 healers parties next season griefing archers and mages (core server audience) for 1-2 weeks from server start.
  7. Madlaxy

    Heal abuse?

    Nice. But I'm still waiting for @Emerald to recheck and answer the questions stated in the beginning of the topic. Just to be sure nothing is abused, and party with a healer doesn't get heal added to party damage in score and reward calculation. Especially in case of party with tanks, warlords, tyrants and gladiators, where one can build up tons of HP restored with party doing almost zero damage.
  8. Madlaxy

    Heal abuse?

    You can't understand one thing. 3 out of 3 in TOP3 are all healers. 5 out of 10 in TOP10 are healers. 1. It doesn't matter what class healer is playing. 2. It doesn't matter they are playing with 1 top damage dealer or 3 low level damage dealers. 3. It even doesn't matter if healer is super pro playing piano or a newbie mindlessly spamming single mass heal. Guess why is it possible? Guess what's common between all healers? P.S. I'm still waiting for the same screenshot with any tank in top3.
  9. Madlaxy

    Heal abuse?

    Mindlessly spammed single skill during whole map. Now go and show the same on any tank you choose.
  10. Madlaxy

    Heal abuse?

    Imagine 2 parties kill the same target. 1st party deals 1000 damage. 2nd party deals 1000 damage and meanwhile heals 1000 hp. 1. How are rewards calculated? Each party takes same reward? Or maybe the 2nd party takes 2 times more than the 1st party? 2. How is healer's reward calculated for the 2nd party? Healer gets same as each party member? Or maybe healer takes 50% of party reward? If both assumptions are true, healer takes 1/3 of all rewards, and 2/3 are divided somehow between other 9 players. P.S. I'm very disappointed with current reward system where healer gets top score and top rewards by just pressing one button of mass heal, and meanwhile mass aggro from tanks is considered "abuse" and gives nothing.
  11. Wrong comparison. Warlords are attractive because they cancel target and stun lock hugely reducing incoming damage. Tanks die like flies from focus damage in the crowd especially when they use aggro.
  12. With aggression reuse nerf from 3 to 15 seconds tanks became gimps in PVE aspect of faction server. They can't take away aggro from damage dealers and healers in many maps like battlefield, epic boss raids, most after event maps with many mobs spawns, mini events - raids, guardians, ... Increase aggression and hate aura power same ammount to compensate their reuse nerf.
  13. OvC was never positioned as "high rate" server. Interlude was positioned as long lasting server. So what? Let me guess. You can't PvP on low rate faction server? You can't PvP in low gear with low enchanted skills? You are playing class that scales and gets advantage in lategame? You actually just play to get things maxed out? Who's carebear here?