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  1. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I quitafter 2 weeks of playing in almost all endgame gearbecause half of the enemies ran with healers and another half were newbies. Fighting against those with healers was just waste of time - you can't kill them, they can't kill you. Massacring newbies was already boring and no more fun. Details are here:
  2. Site voting reward bonus

    Give full vote reward bonus to players voting every day, less reward bonus to players voting not every day. For example, +6 speed if player voted 5of 7 consecutive days, +4 speed for 3 of 7, and +2 speed for 1 of 7. Hopefully, players will vote for the server / log into the gamemore often to sustain reward bonus.
  3. Honest Suggestions

    Yes. There is no way to test how good a character would be lategame will full set of epics and expert skills. Yes. It is difficult to know beforehand which class will dominate after a week of playing. Yes. It is risky to donate for the class equipment without knowing the outcome. Maybe there should be some way to exchange equipment bought with donations for equivalent equipment of another class in case a donator is not pleased with the class.
  4. Healers ruin late game

    When player count is low it's impossible to kill players with a healer in the party since even focus from several playersis not enough to break through heal. Players with a healer in party can run naked without defence buffs, yet can't be killed. Newbies without a healer become the only killable players and first priority targets.. In the end newbies leave after an hour of gameplay because they are the only being focused. It's not about newbies are low level / low equipment, not about elo balance. It's about newbies are first priority targets. This ruins mid / late game and makes newbies leave very fast.
  5. Rejoining epic

    A possible solution may be to hold player in game for short time when he disconnects improperly.So that if fight is lost, the player reconnects in dead state. Will anti AFK system kick such player?
  6. Summoners

    Problem1: expert summoner's empower is not scalable inlate game. Solution1: make expert summoner's empower depend on summoner's stats, not summon's stats. Summoners should buy some items not run in C grade at full power. Yet summoners should have opportunity to boost themselves through donations and long play. Problem2: summoners are griefing other players from unreachable distance. Solution2: make expert summoner's empower bonus 0% when distance between summon and summoner is 900, make bonus 200% when distance between summon and summoner is 0 and linear in between. This will make summon very weak far from summoner and strong near summoner. It should be risky and rewarding to come close to the enemy clowd. Griefingeffect on players should be as little as possible when summoner is far from them. These are the solutions to make summoners playable without making them imbalanced and making players of other classesdisappointed.
  7. Summoners

    After 1 day of gameplay summoner gets 79 level, 3rd profession summon, 3rd level expert summoner's empower, 2rd level expert scavenge and understands that it's everything a summoner can get lategame. Summon is maxed out. What's the motivation to play more? Enemies will become stronger, summon will stay the same. Is it possible to extend summoner's gameplay? Make summon weaker early game, yet stronger lategame? Maybe split expert summoner's empower into more upgrades that require more achivements?
  8. [Vote] Flame Icon

    There may be a problem if constant parties start rotating tanks and tricksters to be under party buffs nonstop. This may be very powerful - you invest all money in damage dealer and profitable - damage dealer in such party will almost always win thereward in map scoring.
  9. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Don't know about others, but I want different balance from some other chronicles making summoners scalable lategame.
  10. Vote: healers

    Agree. But it's already implemented. Since there should be only 1 healer in the party. And offparty healer should not be able to heal players from another party. To prevent offparty heal bots. Maybe. Other healers can beresurrectedthrough scrolls. Maybe that'senough. Disagree. Mass resurrection of party members should be available.
  11. Progression too easy

    Don't make summoners buff bots, it will kill them as a playable class with unique battle mechanics. Rather adjust summoners to be competitive in late game where everyone runs with rebirth skills, tattoo of power, full buffs, epics and +16 enchants. Such situation was considered to be extremely rare in official interlude by developers and they didn't adapt summoners to it. Yet there should be adaptation in OvC.
  12. Hell Knight panther

    Actually, a knight even with instant resummoning cast time is no way comparableto a full summoner. 1. Panther lives maybe 2 archer crits, knight has nothing to keep panther alive, and next time knight can resummon panther is almost 20 seconds after the panther is killed (it must disappear before knight can start resummoning). Pantherwill actually be dead more that half of playtime. 2. Summoner has tanking potential close to hell knight due to transfer pain and battle heal. 3. Tanks are almost never played dps style. Only aggro style. And will unlikely be played dps style even with panther boosted. So, I'd say, people will play tank / summoner only for fun, not for profit. They will never choose which one to play based on dps.
  13. Hell Knight panther

    There's special rebirth skill for summoners (greater summoner empower if I'm not mistaken). Faster summonning can be implemented in this rebirth skill. Faster summoning boost will affect mainlyhell knights and warsmiths (if they get this rebirth skill), since summoners / necromancers already got very high summoning speed. Actualy, resummoning anything during the battle is nonsence for Interlude, since summon appears without buffs, but if we consider resummoning with buffs a valid customization, we can also consider faster resummoning a valid customization.
  14. Player drop changes

    What happens if neither team has all flags for the whole map duration? No reward at all?