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  1. State of summoners

    Guys, seriously. There's solution proposed several seasons ago. Make summonboost decrease with distance between summoner and pet. Zero distance = full boost, large distance = zero boost. All other proposed solutions will make class unplayable.
  2. CP / HP / MP toggles

    OK, but FYI, cancel takes off now 2 buffs + 3 toggles instead of 5 buffs.
  3. CP / HP / MP toggles are custom and introduced to replace potions. But. 1. Should they be affected by cancel? 2. Should regeneration work when character is under control like stun, fear, sleep?
  4. Russian Roulette

    From my experience betray is about 50%, erase is also about 50%. Yes, betray duration is lower than official, and it's justified, since other debuffs duration is also lower. Time lost on castringbetray / erase 2 times equals time lost by summon running to summoner and back to the enemy. It's balanced now and should not be changed.
  5. PVE/PVP system

    One problem is that even though newbies get more rewards from more geared enemies, newbies deal less damage and get less rewards.
  6. Damage bonus doesn't seem to be working. Is there any sure way to test it? Does it work on dummy? Does it work on raid boss? Does it work on golems? Does it work with just one higher grade item? Tried many of these variants got no difference.
  7. Gear penality in B grade

    Sorry, I seem to be misleading. I mean gear bonus / penality in objectiverewards.
  8. Why do I sometimes get gear penality being in B-grade?

    "Crits in a row" is not an argument. Are you implying that there's a problem with summon's crit rate? Go make summoner. Buff it properly. Attack a dummy and count crits. If you get at least 20 crits out of 100 attacks, Emerald will definitely recheck summon's crit rate formula. And will definitely find out that there is no problem.
  10. Random Formula > Democracy

    Fully agree with the idea. It makes value to votes put into not so popular maps, even when they have no chances to win.
  11. [LittleThing] Colorblinded ~Owned~ People

    I have ot agree, it's sometimes difficult to understand by color onlywhich team VIP belongs to. Especially purple looks closer to red that to green for me.
  12. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There's no way to make it visible before the kill. Lesley is absolutely right! Actually, if computation power is enough, server can show each player reward of all other players in their names, like YourBiggestEnemy [10] The number can be interpreted as how much adena you can get for solo killing this particular player. This also opens some interesting reward mechanics and potential quest system, where reward is not fixed, but can be flexible depending on situation, like reward immediately changes when player gets a flag. As for healers, I think, there can be additional reward for killing a player if he has a healer in the party.
  13. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There's a problem: If a top tier player can quickly kill a B-grade player he will almost definitely do it without considering the reward and only after that switch to killing harder targets. Also the problem exists, and some guys already mentioned it, that healers don't go with B-grade players when they can go with top tier players. This makes B-grade players much much easierto kill and attractive targets even if it gives zero reward.
  14. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I definitely don't like the trend that farm zone becomes more influencing the game: last season exp in farm zone was super fast, now farm zone coins and spoilers taking full advantage of farm zone will ruin economy.

    Wow, nice observation! Seems to be true!