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  1. OvC was never positioned as "high rate" server. Interlude was positioned as long lasting server. So what? Let me guess. You can't PvP on low rate faction server? You can't PvP in low gear with low enchanted skills? You are playing class that scales and gets advantage in lategame? You actually just play to get things maxed out? Who's carebear here?
  2. It seems that half server rushes top S84 and at least 2 epics in one week. - Cheap FA (2 adena) - Cheap scrolls for sp, adena and drop rates boost (+60%) - Tons of S-grade enchant scrolls to overenchant epics (hundreds on scrolls) - Enchant chance increasing stones (easy +6 without a single enchant fail) - S84 and epic drops from bosses (are chances boosted by scrolls?) - Newbie reward boosts (up to +300%) - Farm zone (rewards are even better than in PvP) I'm not complaining, but isn't it so much, that people farm so fast that they get nothing to farm anymore very soon?
  3. Agree. Or he can give tyrants same nerf as for tanks.
  4. Madlaxy


    That's interesting and worth checking. I've seen players who I couldn't stun with +12 skill, zaken and antharas even once in ten tries.
  5. Strongly disagree with EVERYTHING concerning class balance. Choose one suggestion you think the best and create topic about only this selected suggestion. With all related information and reasoning. When you give many suggestions at once without any reasoning it seems very non constructive. For example, Wtf is this? Why increase re-use? Why not decrease magic defence for example? Wtf is this? Why is it even has to be mentioned? Wtf? Titans and tanks among the top killers?
  6. Madlaxy


    Debuffs and cancels make players unhappy. But I agree with suggestions, because players frequently run without even stun resist and mental.
  7. Madlaxy

    dear GM

    Guys, you have to understand: you can't boost mages only to counter tyrants. It will break tight class balance achieved. You will have to boost all other classes: archers, daggers, titans, summoners, tanks, healers. Easier to solve the problem (if you see any) is to fix the only problematic class - tyrants. If you don't see problem with tyrants, it's also ok, nothing to fix.
  8. Madlaxy

    dear GM

    Main idea of the topic is that tyrant kills any class with 4 crits. Not mages only. Also tyrant gets no anticlass.
  9. The formula seems to be damage = (patk * crit multiplier + sa crit bonus dmg) / defence. So if you got 3000 patk and x5 crit multiplier, then adding 500 or 1000 to 15000 is not noticable.
  10. Yea, that's the same problem as for tanks: - You can't enter your faction bacause there are too many players (your faction is dominating) - You can't change faction because there are too many tanks in the losing faction (not sure how it can be losing with so many healers and tanks) I think it's ok to allow joining healer / tank to a losing team if their count less than 1/5 of total number of players (one healer and one tank per party)
  11. Whould be interesting to see 5 vs 5 tournament. Especially among top clans.
  12. Agree. Also make Majesty and Spirit of Phoenix last 3 hours.
  13. Transfer Pain from Divine Summoner transformation also stays after Overwatch event ends.