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  1. Sharp Edge on Summons

    Any experienced players here?
  2. Sharp Edge on Summons

    Should buff Sharp Edge work on Mechanical Golem? Golem seems to have SWORD attack type yet with 4% base critical chance. Same for other summons. But this buff doesn't work now.
  3. Tank

    Let me tell you what is happening here. I saw a bishop who wanted to earn easy adena by playing in low gear, level 82 and without anything that decreases 300% adena bonus. All he could is lie down face into the floor and cry on forums. Also I saw bishops who werevery well equipped and gluttony could not even stun them. They just ran away without even using heal. Quite opposite to some clever guy who was not wearing anything and was constantly sent to respawn. Yes, I also saw this. He used ultimate defence and noone from those 10 ppl even considered targeting him. All they were very much busy farming adena by killing newbies around. And yes, it's absolutely normal! Ultimate defence has huge delay. Yes, you may be very angry but actually it is only your fault to stay close to the tank. 15k on before nerf, 5k after nerf. Comparable to any other character. Melees with rush do more, melees without rush do even more. Range classes do exactly this. Archers do even less. Haveyou actually come to this topic tocomplainabout mages? You can proceed with telling jokes. But better with pictures. Show us 3 crits in a row with 10k damage.
  4. Tank

    Absolutely normal! You got 82 level, no jewels against stunand maybe no attributes. These make HUGE difference. These crits are very rare actually -1/3 or even 1/5considering eye of paagrio buff. Close to summon crit rate. You were just unlucky. He can easily show screenshot with a chain of 10 hits without any crit at all. Are you actually saying that it is possible to play with glads critting 7k all time long and mages critting 4k without even running into the crowd? Also man, it's H5. Deal with it.Phoenix knight got the highest crit possible among all classes. And there is no other class on our server that is nerfed so much as phoenix knight.
  5. Tank

    It happens once per event. He doesn't even get into top 10 players. P.S. Show us your armor set and buffs.
  6. Melee DMG

    I would like to make a counter suggestion. There should be NO class on this faction server that can live under focus of 2 average damage dealers. All damage dealers are already nerfed below impossible. Time to nerf healers so they can be killed by a single damage dealer with same level and equipment.
  7. About phoenix knight

    First of all thanks for h5 and a week of fun and new experience. Next, some thoughts about phoenix knight. Phoenix knight is gimp this season.He cancrit hard but newbie spellhowler will crit harder. All his opponents will just run away leaving him without kills and rewards. What's wrong: 1. Nerfed aggression defence reduction - delay 15 seconds makes it non existable (can cast 3 times per icon) 2. Nerfed flame icon - you can't charge it using phoenix and you can't charge it using aggression 3. Nerfed phoenix - icon is not transfered 4. Nerfed counter critical - same as for destroyermost important damage booster 5. Nerfed debuffs - you can use stun / root but their duration is so small that opponent already has startedrunning away when you begin attacking 6. Nerfed sacrifice 7. Nerfed non damaging skills rewards 8. Nerfed damaging skills rewards - it's known fact the phoenix knight greatly depends on gear and when obtaining at least minimal essencial gear it gets huge reward penality 9. Phoenix knight is non suitable for mass pvp - it's not the problem of this server, it's actually problem of official, but yet, it in official phoenix knight was not at least that much nerfed Overall phoenix knight gameplay is heavily broken and not even close towhat everyone used to play. There is unfortunately no place for phoenix knight now on the server. No single class is nerfed so much and so hard. P.S. Season is actually over for me (better return to real life that getgrowingdisppointment), but it will be interesting to see if any phoenix knight manages to do top 1 kills will all these nerfs
  8. Summoner and summons max buff slots

    I think summon deserves a boost. At least increasingmax buff slots to 24 won't overboost them.
  9. Cardinals and other healers need some tuning

    I agree that healers should be "tuned". But strongly disagree with methods proposed. They are too complex and possibly game breaking. Better remove pony buff. This way healer won't rely on chain heal only since it will be always on delay. Removing pony buff will also solve problem with mages. Also decrease incoming heal twice on healers and tanks. The problem is not tanks and tyrants are unkillable, the problem is healers make the unkillable. Decreasing survivability of healers will make battles much faster and will profit to daggers. Strongly disagree.
  10. Spellsingers

    Newbie mage does around 10 kills per event. By the way, high level geared tank also gets around 10-15kills per event. But it is impossible for no gear GK to have 30 kills per event. Score is different thing, it strongly depends on doing eventobjectives.
  11. Spellsingers

    No need to boost spellsinger at all. It's same as all other mages imabalanced damage. People are making mages for the easiest gameplay when they can stand on the safe distance and just spam their nukes at poor melee fighers who desparately rush into the crowd to die in hope to get a kill. Everything becomes clear. These mages want both healer and dominator in their party to increase safety and farm comfort. These mages don't want to run anywhere across the map especially in circles, don't want difficult maps with many corners. All they want is escort map in which all enemies go to pony and mages start making money spamming nukes from safe distance. Making many kills, obtaining easy adena and top scores for killing enemies near the pony.
  12. Mages, questions.

    Can't understand one thing. Newbie mage crits for 3k damage and gets 200% reward. Well equipped archer (changefor any class physical damage class you want)crits for 3k damage at the same newbie mage and gets 50% reward due to penality. Wtf is going on?
  13. penality

    Moirai +5, low s84 +3 weapon, dynasty accessories +0. Is it considered high level? 50% reward penality came only from rank 6 character level.
  14. Changelist

    No, don't let overlords with healers in party. They are making strong even stronger and unkillable.
  15. penality

    Guys, newbies already have huge adena bonus. Try making fresh new healerand enter random party. You will get up to 35 adena per assist for only spamming heals. Newbies have all opportunities to catch up. Let's be tolerant to high level players too.