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  1. My Suggestions about Classes/Skills

    That's exactly the point! Many classes with less DPS,but more survivability, than archers and mages would be as playable as archers and mages if healers are removed from the game.
  2. Summoner deserve some love

    Exactly. You can have some fun, but you will never get descent kills and never get into top10 in TvT events. The problem is partly game mechanics that doesn't allow boosting servitor in late game (no enchant / augmentation / epic / clan / voting boost) and partly questionable skill data (whiplash huge reuse delay and tidal wave incredibly low power).
  3. Dagger: Adventurer

    I'm afraid such unusual customization is out of the question on this server. What you can really ask is maybe independent blow damage bonus nerf for different dagger classes, or maybe dash reuse nerf tweaking.
  4. Lethal blow

    That's reasonable in later chronicles like Gracia / High Five, since there back stab gets soul shot modifier, while lethal blow and deadly blow get no soul shot modifier. But could you provide video / screenshots from Interlude with damage comparison? Otherwise I don't think it's possible to convince Emerald.
  5. Lethal blow

    Is there anyone on the server who can measure backstab land rate and answer why it is so low?
  6. Training Dummy with PVP attribute

    I need to check that other attacks / skills don't lower damage in PvP due to possible bugs. Without manually checking you can never be sure that everything is working as intended (like critical rate calculation).
  7. Focus Buff

    How is it possible to have 500 critical rate without a cat buff in Interlude?
  8. Training Dummy with PVP attribute

    I care about why I do only 90% damage in PvP but I got no means to test it for sure to report a bug.
  9. Is not working any more since buff manager update.
  10. Training Dummy with PVP attribute

    Duel can't be used to show difference in PvP and PvE damage. To show this difference (for example, in bug report) you need 2 identical targets with the same stats, where 1st target without PvP attribute considered as an NPC and 2nd target with PvP attribute considered as a Player in damage calculation. Then you get damage on the 1st and the 2nd target and compare how much it differs.
  11. Training Dummy with PVP attribute

    There are some attacks / skills / custom server changes that work differently in PvP than in PvE. Is it possible to add another Training Dummy with PvP attribute to test attack / skill damage as if another player is attacked?
  12. Crt error

    I get this error too. Not really. Windows Vista 6.1 (Build: 7601) means Windows 7 Service Pack 1 in Microsoft classification.
  13. When any of these skills is used, system reports 2 hits on the target: 1 skill hit and 1 melee attack hit. It seems that these skills do 2 hits simultaneously, while they should do only a single skill hit without a melee attack.
  14. 1. It isn't just visual bug on client. I tested it and found that servitor really can't arrive at the target (dummy) for a long time. 2. If archer / mage keeps pushing attack / nuke or any other skill, everything works fine. Character never stops, never slows and never goes back to previous location. 2.1. Also if servitor attack / servitor skill is kept pushing, everything works fine and servitor never stops and slows. 3. The problem is that there seems to be a short stopper that causes servitor to stop for about 10 milliseconds every time move to the target skill is used. Maybe due to outdated coordinates being used in movement calculation function. Unfortunately, if move is used once per second servitor never catches the running target. Nevertheless, I don't insist if it's difficult to fix. I found a workaround to use servitor attack / servitor skill combination instead, yet slightly less effective.
  15. summoners

    True. True. Summoner is definitely not nerfed. Summoner is boosted very much in comparison to official lineage 2 interlude (considering rebirth buff and overall nerf of other classes). Which pet do imply in this statement?