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  1. [LittleThing] Colorblinded ~Owned~ People

    I have ot agree, it's sometimes difficult to understand by color onlywhich team VIP belongs to. Especially purple looks closer to red that to green for me.
  2. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There's no way to make it visible before the kill. Lesley is absolutely right! Actually, if computation power is enough, server can show each player reward of all other players in their names, like YourBiggestEnemy [10] The number can be interpreted as how much adena you can get for solo killing this particular player. This also opens some interesting reward mechanics and potential quest system, where reward is not fixed, but can be flexible depending on situation, like reward immediately changes when player gets a flag. As for healers, I think, there can be additional reward for killing a player if he has a healer in the party.
  3. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There's a problem: If a top tier player can quickly kill a B-grade player he will almost definitely do it without considering the reward and only after that switch to killing harder targets. Also the problem exists, and some guys already mentioned it, that healers don't go with B-grade players when they can go with top tier players. This makes B-grade players much much easierto kill and attractive targets even if it gives zero reward.
  4. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I definitely don't like the trend that farm zone becomes more influencing the game: last season exp in farm zone was super fast, now farm zone coins and spoilers taking full advantage of farm zone will ruin economy.

    Wow, nice observation! Seems to be true!
  6. What about summoners ?

    There's already 15 seconds cooldown + 1 second to summon a new pet + 5 seconds for the pet to run to the target = more than enough cooldown to ruin summoner's map score. Crit damageishigh but with very low probability. If summon isbuffed for crits, it's glass cannon - slow, no resists, no mental,low defence. There are tons of opportunities to counter it - run away, sleep, erase, cast 3-4 nukes and it's dead.
  7. Also, very oftensummoner can't send pet to attack walls in the castle and sometimes doors in the castle and in the fort.
  8. Incentive for players to attack summons

    There's third option - run from the summon. It's waste of time for the summoner to chase a running player with a summon. Easier to kill a standingtank than a running mage. Summoner will definitely switch to another target. If there is reward for killing a summon, then reward for killing a summoner should be lower on the same amount. Same for other classes with summons - necromancer, dark avenger, warsmith. Not sure if it's worth implementing.
  9. Map objectives score

    No. It's definitely not from capturing the fort. If fort casting time is 120 seconds (2 minutes), and player gets 5 points every 3 seconds, and fort was recaptured twice by orders, then maximum points a single player (who capturessolo)can get is 120/3*5*2=400 points per map. Or the same 400 points are to be devided between several players if they cast simultaneously, since casting goes faster.
  10. Map objectives score

    OK, my bad, I didn't stack point bonus buff. Still. Also, map description says that faction owning fort gets 5 score point per kill. So kills do count into score. If point bonusbuff is stacked, then do players get score for assists? As you see, 2nd place got 185 assists. It's huge number compared to kills.
  11. Map objectives score

    On fort map order team dominated almost 2/3 of the time, yet how is it even possible that I got 10times less score with about same kills and assists while standing 50% of the time in a circle around the sealing zone? May it be a bug when killing with a summon?
  12. Map objectives score

    Some classes are getting impossibly huge amounts of assists. Do they get objective score for assists? Could you recheck balance? It's seams very difficult to get into the top on single target damage dealers.
  13. Won't it be better to open server on Friday evening?
  14. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I quitafter 2 weeks of playing in almost all endgame gearbecause half of the enemies ran with healers and another half were newbies. Fighting against those with healers was just waste of time - you can't kill them, they can't kill you. Massacring newbies was already boring and no more fun. Details are here:
  15. Site voting reward bonus

    Give full vote reward bonus to players voting every day, less reward bonus to players voting not every day. For example, +6 speed if player voted 5of 7 consecutive days, +4 speed for 3 of 7, and +2 speed for 1 of 7. Hopefully, players will vote for the server / log into the gamemore often to sustain reward bonus.