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  1. When you have a summon the amount of exp you receive is reduced, by 15, 30, 90% depending on the summon. Maybe on regular servers it's okay because they give an advantage in PvE and that's the way you can level up. But in this server you mostly level up with PvP, and it should be contemplated, is there a reason why summoner classes (and I mean all classes with summons not just strictly summoners) should have this exp penalization when trying to use its class potential? I mean you won't see any necro, maestro or DA running around without a summon in order to level up faster, because they know they are loosing way much more by not using the summon, but why should they? TLDR: reduce or remove the exp consumption for summons, as it is an (uninintended?) nerf in a server where you level up by pvping, and you should be able to use every tool at your disposal for pvp, without having them hindering your farm
  2. Reduce/remove summon's exp consumption

    I did a short test in PvE zoneand according to my results it isn't, maybe it's class specific? It's really hard to test in PvP, but if you drop me a pm we can try it
  3. Self Buffs

    it goes from 0 to 100 real fast for classes that have a lot of selfbuffs like moonlight sentinel its a mess to balance
  4. Strider cluttering

    I suggest that striders aren't allowed in town or at least that you can't setup a shop while riding one. The reason for this, the size of it is 4x of a regular character. Also hero glow grows bigger when your character is bigger, so a hero on a strider is a big shiny ball standing out in the middle of the crowd. Atm this won't represent a big issue since not a lot of people use this to their benefit, but I don't think it was intended to work that way. Thanks for your time, share your opinions!
  5. Strider cluttering

    The suggestion was about usage in town onlyin order to prevent the actual problem:setting up a shop while riding on it. A change of that kind wouldn't have any effects on anything outside of towns such as routine events, farm zone, etc
  6. I miss towns, do you?

    Maps have been improved a lot, this is by far the season of ovc in that regard, that's why more towns might not be needed but they sure are hella fun
  7. Disclaimer: this is an informative just for fun poll and should not be taken seriously. I know system was revamped and now we have territories (95% chaos btw) but if there was a way for towns to be more present in the voting poll, would you take it or leave it? I would take it, becauseTvT and Domination maps in towns are the ones I like the most What's your opinion? Would you rather have more town maps, less or the same amount?
  8. Launcher issues

    Problem has been solved at least for me
  9. try to google tthis History: UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Like this and search for possible fixes. for example The error is caused by installing the patch on a different folder than the client (or not installing the client at all). Something like this appears in 90% of the reports about that error. You probably installed the client or the patch incorrectly, there are files missing. Delete your lineage folder Install lineage 2 Install the server patch and click YES TO ALL when asked if you wanna replace files Open "System" folder inside lineage folder Double click on l2.exe
  10. Clean install (game in new folder with nothing on it)-> patch install -> try to login If critical error, copy the content and paste here
  11. Change main class

    Will level 76 saggitarius have skills learned at 77 78 79? Enchanted skills/dyes are transfered to the new character? Are expert skills affected by the main class change?
  12. What is this

    More Balance Changes* Gear dependent rewards - higher/lower rewards depends on killed target gear. from
  13. What is this

    Can't say why but I do feel adena is lower when you hit lower grade targets, I don't think that's wrong anyway. Killing higher grades than myself gives a lot of adena though When trying to calculate, remember if target has 200 hp left and you hit him for 6k you still have dealt only 200 damage and you'll get 0 from it even if target is S and you're B. Also if you have one epic or piece of S equipment you count as S grade afaik
  14. Missing buff.

    I have experienced the same but just a few times and haven't found a rule for it, maybe you can try to check next time if it's an specific buff? Or first or last for example? Try to write down specifics if it happens again so we can check
  15. Can the mobs drop 1 adena each so players have a motivation? ATM you can afk the whole event and you will get the same as someone who was actively trying to win
  16. random stuff

    yeah but his heart is in the right place, he posted on the right section, not blaming everyone for his faults and he even says thanks and all that dont be too hard on him, there's a lot of new info for the newcomers on this server and it's hard to grasp it all just by reading it, experience is best but you need a lot of playtime to be able to understand it fully
  17. Overlord pvp

    Why you say so peper? I played it one season and it was mad farmer with B gear as clan support, but with nice equipment is actually crazy how much damage you can deal since you have a non elemental attack, and soulguard and 80% drain on top of your CP heals give you a lot of tankyness. Nowadays you even have the gods machina to get all your skills ++++. Don't even get me started on lv 78 seal. Also nobody wants to hit the orc mage everyone knows about that one
  18. Farm Zone

    Mos mobs? AKA corpse burst fiesta? I mean about the darkness weakness thingy
  19. random stuff

    it would be useful to have those macros built on the character when created, setted them up in the skillbar aswell so newbies wont miss them (just like the toggles), commands are really useful and not everybody knows them 1st not sure what you're asking, every summoner class can summon out of combat here, what they cant do isunsummon when in combat (and now necros aren't able to hit or drain their summon) 2nd sometimes the damage you deal becomes irrelevant because the target is healed, might be the case? Other explanation might be you were being hitted at the time you dealt damage, so the system will reward the healer for keeping you alive while you were hitting, rather than you for dealing the damage 3rd a kill can be done with little damage, if you mean a full cp hp kill i have no idea 4th macro 5th lv 79 to 80 requires way more exp than the other ones (at least 4 times more) so you will be receiving little % of your bar 6th i was wrong in this one /edited read emeralds reply 7th that's something that started this season afaik, so I hope emerald finds out what triggered that behaviour and correct it, the man always does his job so be patient and let's hope for the best
  20. Overlord pvp

    domi can make more pvp than sws and you don't see them getting pvp for singing you have a non elemental magic attack, and arcane power at lv 78, try buffing and dyeing offensively and you will see you can be so have a lot of weapons both magic and physical. Look into bts meditation and clarity aswell since you'll probably have mana issues
  21. buffs

    Hawkeye is the archer with least accuracy, that's why you have a buff to help you with that.. and about the damage, AFAIK you could have no epics. Given that you're buffed correctly, and the other player is on dc +4/3/3/3, cov and berserker, no clan skills no expert pdef, yes, the damage seems normal.
  22. Scammed

    Well I guess he took the...ehm.. risk Just kidding, I hope his problem gets solved and if the scam was intended, the other played should be punished
  23. is bug or??

    I can't understand how is it possible for a spellsinger to have x5-6? damage on magic critical. I can't because I played with every nuker and never saw that, that's why I remainskeptical unless you can prove it Why would SPS only be affected by this anyway? Why not stormscreamer? or necro? or even bladedancer's drain? I can understand that damage varies from target to target. You don't necesarily have the same elemental resistance against all attacks. It's fairly common to have more water resistance than holy, that's why you see spellsingers using light vortex and solar spark combo, even though they don't have "Surrender to light". And from a second to another, since the same target can be cancelled/gloomed/cleansed/vortrexed/surrender'd (either increasing by 20 or decreasing by 10 the dmg received). This, and magic critical fail attacks are probablythe reason you might see such a discrepancy in damage. If your reports are based on you pvping against an sps inside an event, and you're not even giving any video example so we can see if you or your target were affected by other players debuffs while pvping, your reports will remain unvalid (at least to my eyes) Do this if you actually want to test what you're claiming in this thread: If you want to test what you're claiming, just make sps sub, hit training dummy and watch the damage on regular and magic critical attacks. Then switch to sorcerer and hit the training dummy and watch the damage on regular and magic critical attacks. If the damage multiplier of the spellsinger is higher than the sorceror it would be a valid claim, I'll move this to bug reports again and it will probably be fixed by GM. Do this if your test gives negative results but you want to kill that spellsinger that has been bugging you since season started: I strongly recommend you to use divine protection and holy resistance, in adition to elemental protection, dance of aqua guard and resist aqua if your hatred to spellsingers remains as strong. You even got the plus to be more resistant to agressive paladins and eva's templars! If you ever find one that is... In adition, zaken earring, mental shield and arcane protection might prevent the almighty sps to debuff the shit out of you.
  24. visual pet bug

    I mean it might get crazy if summons get 25 buff slots. Only autoattack, critical based buffs,means it can get quite a lot of resistsand the summoner could always do that aswell, so add +8 bluewolf light on top of that and pdef expert and you get a B grade char that can't be killed by either nukers or ddsunless focusedby 2-3 targets or heavily cancelled, while in the meantime you can 3k crit some lolmages.. idk if that would be balanced
  25. buffs

    Whats the deal with archers? Why do you think it's unbalanced? Is this another topic from someone without epics trying to do 6k damage on a target with a shield and2500 pdef? Do you have any epics that increase accuracy or crit power? Any expert skills that increase accuracy, critical rate, patk? You should post your thread in the Suggestions board, I recommend you to read the balance changes since range, damage and crit rate have not been modified for archers *Reduced human/dark elfarcher critical damage by 15%.* Reduced elfarcher critical damage by 10%. If you need help setting up your character send me a PM showing your character's alt T and inventory to get an idea of your possibilities and I'll try to help you out