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    Bias much? 2 min reuse on a 1 min duration buff =/ 2 min downtime.Dagger can also get double lethal and gg in 0,1 sec. Mage could cancel shield earth and gshield and not be worth the casting time, or could get his casting interrupted... also facts but u see what happens when you cherrypick em? Also if you would land just 20% of your frontstabs you would've rerolled by now for sure, with 20% chance it would be considered normal to fail 10 skills in a row before landing one
  2. No se te va a dar una solución a tu problema como al de ninguno que este en una situación similar a la tuya, siempre fue la política de este server. Para que no se repita: Primero que nada no pagues 2k para entrar a un clan, es una tarifa altísima y ya te da la idea de que tu líder está intentando ordeñarte los items. Si querés jugar un nuevo pj, crealo en la misma cuenta y usa el Freight Warehouse que es libre de costo. En este server no podes logear dos pjs al mismo tiempo así que no sería necesario que tengas dos cuentas distintas. Te repito, lamentablemente no vas a obtener tus items de vuelta así escribas tu mensaje en inglés que sería lo que corresponde en esta sección del foro, te muevo el thread a la sección internacional para evitar la infracción Edit: Si querés hacer un thread similar o advirtiendo a otros jugadores que ese personaje te scameo, hacelo en inglés en el foro general por favor
  3. My bad, moved it back to bug reports
  4. Clan Shop

    Is there a limit in the amount that you can buy? I would suggest for it since it can/will disturb the economy
  5. NPC mobs

    is there any way to give mobs earth weakness and put earth element on specific classes attacks and earth defense on every class? I could be so wrong about this but i dont think it would have balance issues keeping in mind: Earth: Antharas' Breath - Dance of Medusa - Decay -Spoil (overenchanted only) - Spoil Festival (overenchanted only)
  6. It's working as intended, I tested it recently Keep in mind that clan leaders requests are implemented every Thursday and you need to type the nickname with CAPS whenever applieed (eg: NOKIA is ok Nokia or nokia is wrong). Both leader and future leader must be online at the time of the request
  7. Rejoining epic

    Could it be possible to rejoin the epic bosses whenever we get crit? or maybe appear inside boss area as in other events?
  8. dagger nerf ?

  9. Mass critical errors

    A lot of people reporting critical error at the end of the last escort map right before it finished Map: Gorgon garden -> God Tower If anyone has copied the content of the critical paste it here
  10. Experts Summon Empower

    it seems you don't have a lot of trouble playing melee summoner tho
  11. new features

    Summons buffs are self/summon only, they never affected the party (in ovc) and there is no change announced regarding it, so I would guess not
  12. [Event] Advertising Lottery! maxitronco
  13. Remove or Rework the "auto PT finder"

    as seen inthis thread
  14. +++

    all this time the real scam was the enchant system
  15. +++

    What's the point of this thread? I mean, honestly, what are you trying to say with this?
  16. Clan as retail

    Penalties as retail on clan are bringing some issues, times are way longer than needed for a server with the lifespan of ovc, if possible I would suggest 2-3 days to dissolve, 2-3 days to change leader and dismiss penalty to 12h but that could be left retail, at least I dont think is that big of an issue, we might see onelater when clan members aren't able to register because of online number
  17. Appreciation for the admins <3

    Server is awesome indeed, not enough thanks can be given to Emerald, great job this season, keep up the good work!
  18. Events Vote

    If any denying the next map to be the same as the last would guarantee fairness to a certain degree with classes that aren't suited for that event. But giving it a second thought, it's more about closed / open quarters near the score/beef zone rather than the type of map, as you have totally open/closed domination maps. Fortresses on the other hand are a bit too close for any squishy class, it would be troublesome for mage/archer to score up if they are forced to play 5 of those in a row.
  19. I would assume its either mental resistance or debuff resistance, as you can see in Expert's inspiration, debuff resistance is worded that way. Debuff resistance in that case includes stuns, mental attacks, any kind of debuff I think, so you should test that bonus from the summon empower buff by pvping 1v1 and trying to land the same debuff over and over
  20. Events Vote

    you mean if eg previous event was domi - no domi event on the vote pool for the next event? I agree
  21. clan leader

    Its not a bug for it to be fixed, its a feature. I opened a topic to suggest a change you can express your opinion and comply/oppose the suggestionhere
  22. clan leader

    it's on a fixed schedule, tuesday at xx:xx hour, i think its supposed to be 10:30 cst but idk where i got that number from
  23. Mini Event: Buffless TvT?

    maybe once a day at mostbut definitely not as a mini event