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  1. Golem's - Newbies

    you can easily go +10 on every skill without the need for golems? same with weapon you can make +6/7/8 without a single golem... AM might not be the very firstitem you want to take as a newbie with +0 skills
  2. General suggestions

    I agree with most of this but I have some stuff to point out 1. Same for events like search the beast, god's tower 2. Great +1 on the NPC, I've even said this before. Every rank should get boosted exp in my opinion. At the moment you can get to 79 if you play 1h with double exp on a lv 76 char tho, i'm not sure if this is needed 3. I don't see the point on this? could you explain what would be the intention on this change? 4. I don't see the reason to do this 5. Of course advertising is needed, but giveaways i'm not so sure about this, newbies get pampered with strong items for doing nothing, then they have to play 6 hours to get the same items, this will make them quit out of boredom, cos doing nothing will reward them the same as being an active player, so why spend your time farming? 6. Better drops for raid bosses could be a "progressive" thing, I mean, as server advances, rewards from raids become useless, both the grand bosses and map raid bosses. And grand bosses will probably not even spawn on low pop. 7. It's not a good idea to give more rewards to high rank players If any, you know what would help newbies? Loads and loads of enchants weapons and armors A grade, increase chance from pvp, mobs, boxes, whatever. This will plummet the price and make it easy for newbies to reach +6 sets +10 weapon
  3. Rapid Fire

    at least skill range remains
  4. Team balance

    that explains everything... wait it doesn't based on your screen only (haven't logged in) it's not like waaaaaaaay unbalanced, also can't really tell by that shot.. 60-39 in the worst case.. 0-100 in raid in the middle it seems chaos hadless players with higher elo in those events? maybe i'm confusing the numbers.. maybe now that A grade is free, a lot of low ELO chars can have a greater impact on the events
  5. Agent001

    LMAO give this guy a cookie /create suggestion thread -> Make a statistics for TOP distance you guys should chill a bit, remember that behind every player there is a person, and this after all is just a game
  6. archers critical

    That's where you're wrong... if everyone here is talking about something they have done, and you're admitting you haven't, why would you think you are right? If you don't try something, at least listen to the people that have. You're talking about PvP situations and you don't even consider that people might have multiple buff, dye and equipment setupseven in the same char, not everybody builds the same. I'm not saying mage can kill you with that equipment, mage can wreck your ass with that equipment, but since you dismiss every comment about buffs and armor, you probably won't register anything i can say to you about debuffs or shield buffs. Maybe if you try to reason all the "talking" I do, if you try it for yourself instead of ranting here about how blind we are, you might learn something Yes, that's how it works.If you want to play against an archer and make him miss 80% of his shot you need to both have all the advantages the game gives you on evasion, and your enemy needs to not have spent any resources on accuracy You dismissed my baium, aq, sa, zubei comments, you ignored the ones about augment, the ones about buffs, the ones about expert skills, how do you want to avoid shots if you don't improve your evasion in any way? Its simple, have you seen the Buffer? Wonder why you can't use 50 buffs in your char? Have you pressed tab and looked at your inventory? Wonder why you can't use 3 sets at the same time? That's what balance is. Balance means you can't kill every class with the same setup. Balance means you trade one thing for another. Easy way to explain it: berserker spirit. Trade one buffslot and defensive stats for agressive stats. You have to make decisions based on what you want to accomplish. You are a dagger right? So,you want to be mage resistant? all buffslots to resist, mdef expert, mdef augment, and money to jewels +8. You want to be archer resistant? all to pdef, evasion, and so. NOW if you want to kill everyone, you should take 10 friends to play as cardinals and have celestial shield on your ass all day, because there is no fucking setup that can do that. Strictly on topic: since critical is based on chance, it is possible that out of 10 attacks, 10 are critical. It is also possible that 0 are critical. That's how chance works Guess what: Evasion? Same story, but on this one you can increase your odds. I've seen you are using a translator to read the forum, that might lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Saintly was clearly being sarcastic, Agent's statement on 1k dmg was also sarcastic.If you want help on how to setup a dagger against archers send me a private message here and I'll try to assist you in spanish
  7. Rapid Fire

    well a lot of customization has been done on this server, it's not like we're playing interlude as ncsoft meant.. the range for regular attacks wouldn't change, only the duration of the buff ms is a great class, i think lot of people underestimate the atk speed this class can reach, which means fast, accurateshots and fast stuns = a lot of target and skill cancelling, great for countering cardinals.It's a pain in the ass in short range since his speed allows him to use the map to hide. If you have a db+16 you will make good damage anyway.. who cares about 1k more dmg against a -700 atk speed dark elf when your elf shoots arrows at a whooping 1000+
  8. Rapid Fire

    that would be kickass for elf archer, I already said ms needs some love, so I agree with this suggestion +1
  9. Shift attack as archer

    I've been using shift with lots of classes this season, are you pressing the key for attack command down or you tap it multiple times?
  10. archers critical

    Go for zubei light, kris (evasion) water, evasion, dexterity, +5 dex, evasion augments There you go, now you're an evasion machine I hope you're not using zerker and ranting about evasion You know some archers might have baium (+ accuracy) qa (+accuracy) guidance, inspiration or dexterity rebirths? or maybe all of them? I don't get how can you be crying about archers, as soon as you focus an archer it's agent said an archer needs 150kto be able to do something, compared to other popular DD classes a mage can be on top of an endgamearcher with just35k investment, a dagger with 40k. Any archer with less than 100k gear will be eaten alive by any mage with +6 DC +8 som and a tattoo
  11. I can not join to the game

    Hi, I can't understand. What's the problem? A) You can't login?Я не могу войти на сервер B) Your account is banned?Я был запрещен C) You clan is deleted?мой клан был удален I hope google translator works correctlyif we have any russian player that can send him a PM and translate his issue that would be kind
  12. Simon Says Cheese

    he probably managed to say gay fuck or something like that
  13. Feedback after 4days

    my 2cents As a lot of players have already said, I agree A grade this season has been really slow, lower population means a slower progress to free A grade I believe leveling zone port should be moved to either the Portal NPC or an exclusive Farm Zone NPC. As it is now the only way of newbies knowing that there is a farm zone is if other players tell them, I've even talked to a lot of rank 7 or more that didn't knew about the zone. Truth is, that the server has a lot of custom stuff, there has been a lot of changes lately (for good), and to keep track of everything you need to read a lot, and most people prefer to buff up gear up and go pvp. I know a lot of features rewards the curious and tinkerersbut some clear info on basic stuffcould help shorten the gap between newcomers and old seasoners. Same thing for gear dependant reward system, some ingame text guide could be done highlighting the most important factors on how farm rewards work (supports, spoilers, pve/pvpexp, .menu command etc). People here sometimes laugh at the way newbies try to farm, but truth is they do their best with the info they found, and they will look for info ingame, not in server features,if they know what you know, they probably wouldn't be rolling a critbuff ghost sentinelon peril pland black ore +0 as a first char.
  14. scammer

    First of all, my word here has the same value as yours, being a moderator allows me to move threads, organise theuse of the forums, and as much as ban someone from the forum if they are breaking the rules repeteadly, which happened rarely. I have no incidence on what happens ingame, or the decisions of the server's administration. I gave my opinion on this matter, and, I repeat, it has the same value as any of yours so please don't take my word as something else. Right now what we know is: Emerald has already replied to this matter, and people found responsible have been punished. Emerald would take actions if you make a report about something against game rules, and proofs are presented. Anything extra is just going to blur whatever report or claim is presented, since you're taking the discussion to another level. So for the sake of this thread, if you want to make it personal, talk about it on private message, so we can stay on topic here.
  15. @hemoI'm quoting you here, I started testing your claims on this topic on general discusion After testing I found that if after you shoot an arrow, the target moves behind an object, it will say that you can't see the target and damage will not be done. It is indeed working incorrectly, and a bug that appeared on this season for the first time. Whenever the arrow is loaded on the bow and the cooldown bar appears, the shot should reach the target, as it has always been, even if the opponent hides before the projectile is on the move. Opposite to skills, where you need to finish the casting and the projectile should be moving to reach the target, otherwise the skill would be cancelled. On regular attacks with bow, the attack isn't cancelled, but it won't deal any damage.