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  1. PVE is at disadvantage

    Most mobs, raidbosses, flags, anything that needs to be killed has no elemental resistance, lower level, they just die instantly Most bosses are a matter of getting 30 people to press F1 for 10 unninterrupted seconds. Mini events are lasting very little. As it is now its just free adena and event for rank and move to the next one. Farm zone mobs aswell with Dr Chaos. Gates, walls, crystals, flags Daily missions are no longer a challenge (except when you have to protect npcs they are just weird now since they die so fast aswell) Is it possible to either boost them on a fixed basis or dynamically change according to people online or a number made by people online (possible players) + people in event (current players)?
  2. cant trade weapon

    is it possible the weapon has been augmented?
  3. The false god mission

    Electronic device never dies, stuck in first room (i believe this happened in interlude aswell not long time ago)
  4. At the moment we have 18 slots for each private store (3 rows of 6 items), same as we had in interlude. The amount of consumable items has grown, we have 6 stones, 6 crystals, 6 auxiliary stones, another BOG, etc. It would be helpful to have more slots in private store, both for regular and casual traders, regulars will benefit from not having to create and maintain up to 4 traders to be "competitive" and casuals could setup sell shops for their daily loot without compromising some items. Now we have top s84 items that need xn the amount of keys, materials and recipes, big clans can share them between members but casuals can't. If there are no shops trading those themarket gets weird, while lots of players have their inventory full of say 2h sword blade, theres a casual player trying to buy it while paying much more than it should be worth because even if the supply exists, it will not show up because other players will prioritise faster returns TL;DR Since interlude amount of consumable items has been increased, private store slots could use an increment aswell
  5. allanimoff makes skillbars countdown not trigger anymore, they show like every skill is available to use
  6. On this mini event everyones char looks like zombie, zombies have red nicks so its playable but humans should stay with their usual form (at least they used to)
  7. thats top secret stuff
  8. I member a 274a kill before the multiplied adena rate most adena i was running around withon a non-dead season was about 180k i think
  9. vote-stream reward dont work

    same here, character freezes when trying to get vote reward
  10. EXP zone

    get in with sound effects on, be cautious and get out of combat when you hear someone and logout
  11. BeyondControl

    enjoy the server
  12. Newbie starting guide

    i think its lv 80 for noblesse you can get nice buffs by voting and streaming on the first ranks you'll get free buffslots if you overenchant an am, be cautious of a certain soultaker +4-5 dyes are free raid boss spawns at the 5 minute left mark trade channel lets you speak only with your faction and not the opposite faction, but its usually disabled on patch
  13. according to the description from GF non-skill damage should be affected aswell, but from interlude it only should bemelee attack skill damage, no buffs or debuffs the only skill working like that would be riposte? if it works like riposte a perfect block for example would deal 1 dmg to the smh shielded aw, and 2k to the target
  14. swears

    his bar and buffs are somewhat ok if he's actually unbeatable..he needs mp to kick ass for a longer period in fact he could even drop shield buffs for revenge and freezing skin for maximum dps and who needs elements when you're, again, unbeatable.. you guys are missing the point here