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  1. Remove or Rework the "auto PT finder"

    as seen inthis thread
  2. +++

    all this time the real scam was the enchant system
  3. +++

    What's the point of this thread? I mean, honestly, what are you trying to say with this?
  4. Appreciation for the admins <3

    Server is awesome indeed, not enough thanks can be given to Emerald, great job this season, keep up the good work!
  5. Events Vote

    If any denying the next map to be the same as the last would guarantee fairness to a certain degree with classes that aren't suited for that event. But giving it a second thought, it's more about closed / open quarters near the score/beef zone rather than the type of map, as you have totally open/closed domination maps. Fortresses on the other hand are a bit too close for any squishy class, it would be troublesome for mage/archer to score up if they are forced to play 5 of those in a row.
  6. I would assume its either mental resistance or debuff resistance, as you can see in Expert's inspiration, debuff resistance is worded that way. Debuff resistance in that case includes stuns, mental attacks, any kind of debuff I think, so you should test that bonus from the summon empower buff by pvping 1v1 and trying to land the same debuff over and over
  7. Events Vote

    you mean if eg previous event was domi - no domi event on the vote pool for the next event? I agree
  8. clan leader

    Its not a bug for it to be fixed, its a feature. I opened a topic to suggest a change you can express your opinion and comply/oppose the suggestionhere
  9. Clan as retail

    Penalties as retail on clan are bringing some issues, times are way longer than needed for a server with the lifespan of ovc, if possible I would suggest 2-3 days to dissolve, 2-3 days to change leader and dismiss penalty to 12h but that could be left retail, at least I dont think is that big of an issue, we might see onelater when clan members aren't able to register because of online number
  10. clan leader

    it's on a fixed schedule, tuesday at xx:xx hour, i think its supposed to be 10:30 cst but idk where i got that number from
  11. Mini Event: Buffless TvT?

    maybe once a day at mostbut definitely not as a mini event
  12. About creating subclas

    nopes you can create a soultaker sub if you wanna feel humanly
  13. Mini vip event

    It's not wrong that it's hard to find the VIP but I agree with you, it's easy for the VIP to be protected because only one player needs to hide behind its team, and usually the people near him will help him, but you will rarely find 4-5 people that are willing to clash into enemies' respawn to find and kill the VIP, and it becomes harder as more people are inside the event. I agree with the suggestion, I would add that no matter what it should always be the same number of VIP for both teams, and it should take into account both new players registering (and actually joining, not on the waiting list) to the event and players leaving the event by crash or escape. Not sure about the amount, maybe 1 VIP every 20 regular players is ok.
  14. class change

    @smoky Before class change Main level 80 Saggitarius Sub level 76 Archmage After class change it'll be: Main level 80 Archmage Sub level 76 Saggitarius Enchantent skills, dyes, aren't transfered @Psixakias17 If you're dominator or maestro when you transfer class to another, dominator class will dissapear, it won't become a new subclass, it will be deleted.
  15. Clan Disolve

    Hi! As far as I know, retail parameters have been applied to clan penalties. Disbanding a clan would take seven real lifedays, clan skills would be restricted during that time and any member that leaves the clan during that period will have to wait a full day until they can join a new one. Also, as a clan leader you won't be able to create a new clan for 10 days and you'll receive the exp loss of a full death (in theory, I haven't tried this) Also, not sure about this but I've read that clan leadership transfer request would take a manual input from the admin or a server restart to take effect.