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  1. Feedback after 4days

    my 2cents As a lot of players have already said, I agree A grade this season has been really slow, lower population means a slower progress to free A grade I believe leveling zone port should be moved to either the Portal NPC or an exclusive Farm Zone NPC. As it is now the only way of newbies knowing that there is a farm zone is if other players tell them, I've even talked to a lot of rank 7 or more that didn't knew about the zone. Truth is, that the server has a lot of custom stuff, there has been a lot of changes lately (for good), and to keep track of everything you need to read a lot, and most people prefer to buff up gear up and go pvp. I know a lot of features rewards the curious and tinkerersbut some clear info on basic stuffcould help shorten the gap between newcomers and old seasoners. Same thing for gear dependant reward system, some ingame text guide could be done highlighting the most important factors on how farm rewards work (supports, spoilers, pve/pvpexp, .menu command etc). People here sometimes laugh at the way newbies try to farm, but truth is they do their best with the info they found, and they will look for info ingame, not in server features,if they know what you know, they probably wouldn't be rolling a critbuff ghost sentinelon peril pland black ore +0 as a first char.
  2. scammer

    First of all, my word here has the same value as yours, being a moderator allows me to move threads, organise theuse of the forums, and as much as ban someone from the forum if they are breaking the rules repeteadly, which happened rarely. I have no incidence on what happens ingame, or the decisions of the server's administration. I gave my opinion on this matter, and, I repeat, it has the same value as any of yours so please don't take my word as something else. Right now what we know is: Emerald has already replied to this matter, and people found responsible have been punished. Emerald would take actions if you make a report about something against game rules, and proofs are presented. Anything extra is just going to blur whatever report or claim is presented, since you're taking the discussion to another level. So for the sake of this thread, if you want to make it personal, talk about it on private message, so we can stay on topic here.
  3. @hemoI'm quoting you here, I started testing your claims on this topic on general discusion After testing I found that if after you shoot an arrow, the target moves behind an object, it will say that you can't see the target and damage will not be done. It is indeed working incorrectly, and a bug that appeared on this season for the first time. Whenever the arrow is loaded on the bow and the cooldown bar appears, the shot should reach the target, as it has always been, even if the opponent hides before the projectile is on the move. Opposite to skills, where you need to finish the casting and the projectile should be moving to reach the target, otherwise the skill would be cancelled. On regular attacks with bow, the attack isn't cancelled, but it won't deal any damage.
  4. scammer

    First of all, this should not be a bug report but a general discussion topic, so I'll move it to that section This is the most important aspect on this issue. The actions of these players aren't to be considered an exploit by any means, but the results have worse consequences for our community than any exploit. People stop playing after breaking a weapon because they feel it as a waste of their hard earned 'money', imagine how they feel when they get stolen by another player. I've seen people trading, lets say sell a DB for 10k, where by mistake they give the weapon without receiving the adena, and after that the other player would trade again and give the adena, without trying to run away with a free weapon. That kind of behaviour makes me glad to play in this server. I don't know if measures should be taken and what kind of. I don't like people doing that, and I would be glad if any player involved or benefited by this would be prohibited to play here, if that means an honest, new player, wouldn't be leaving the server because of the bullshit this guys are pulling. The people involved in this are going to avoid blame, they are going to say (as you already are doing) that you just healed him, i just set a shop, its not my fault people are stupid blablabla...grow a pair of balls and be responsable for your actions, you know what you are doing, and you're doing it multiple times a day.
  5. mirage

    damage reflect counts as damage, you might want to put that necklace in your skillbarI agree it is annoying
  6. Reduce/remove summon's exp consumption

    I did a short test in PvE zoneand according to my results it isn't, maybe it's class specific? It's really hard to test in PvP, but if you drop me a pm we can try it
  7. When you have a summon the amount of exp you receive is reduced, by 15, 30, 90% depending on the summon. Maybe on regular servers it's okay because they give an advantage in PvE and that's the way you can level up. But in this server you mostly level up with PvP, and it should be contemplated, is there a reason why summoner classes (and I mean all classes with summons not just strictly summoners) should have this exp penalization when trying to use its class potential? I mean you won't see any necro, maestro or DA running around without a summon in order to level up faster, because they know they are loosing way much more by not using the summon, but why should they? TLDR: reduce or remove the exp consumption for summons, as it is an (uninintended?) nerf in a server where you level up by pvping, and you should be able to use every tool at your disposal for pvp, without having them hindering your farm
  8. Self Buffs

    it goes from 0 to 100 real fast for classes that have a lot of selfbuffs like moonlight sentinel its a mess to balance
  9. Strider cluttering

    The suggestion was about usage in town onlyin order to prevent the actual problem:setting up a shop while riding on it. A change of that kind wouldn't have any effects on anything outside of towns such as routine events, farm zone, etc
  10. I miss towns, do you?

    Maps have been improved a lot, this is by far the season of ovc in that regard, that's why more towns might not be needed but they sure are hella fun
  11. Disclaimer: this is an informative just for fun poll and should not be taken seriously. I know system was revamped and now we have territories (95% chaos btw) but if there was a way for towns to be more present in the voting poll, would you take it or leave it? I would take it, becauseTvT and Domination maps in towns are the ones I like the most What's your opinion? Would you rather have more town maps, less or the same amount?
  12. Launcher issues

    Problem has been solved at least for me
  13. Strider cluttering

    I suggest that striders aren't allowed in town or at least that you can't setup a shop while riding one. The reason for this, the size of it is 4x of a regular character. Also hero glow grows bigger when your character is bigger, so a hero on a strider is a big shiny ball standing out in the middle of the crowd. Atm this won't represent a big issue since not a lot of people use this to their benefit, but I don't think it was intended to work that way. Thanks for your time, share your opinions!
  14. try to google tthis History: UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Like this and search for possible fixes. for example The error is caused by installing the patch on a different folder than the client (or not installing the client at all). Something like this appears in 90% of the reports about that error. You probably installed the client or the patch incorrectly, there are files missing. Delete your lineage folder Install lineage 2 Install the server patch and click YES TO ALL when asked if you wanna replace files Open "System" folder inside lineage folder Double click on l2.exe
  15. Clean install (game in new folder with nothing on it)-> patch install -> try to login If critical error, copy the content and paste here