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  1. Your target probably has greaterdarkness resistance than wind, provided by either buffs and/or frintezza necklace. Also remember B grade armor doens't mean low mdef, for example a light user will have greater mdef on +6/6/6/6bw light (+MEN from set and mdef from enchanting all parts to +6) set than draconic leather +5, a robe user will have greater mdef on tallum robe set (A grade)rather than major arcana set (S grade) Buffs that affect elemental resistance for storm screamers are: Unholy Resistance 30% dark Song of invocation 20% dark Divine protection 20%? dark Frintezza necklace 10-15%? dark Elemental protection 20% wind Magnus chant 10% wind Resist wind 30% wind (can be removed by surrender to wind, 3 seconds duration) Song of storm guard 20?% wind Clan resist wind 3%? wind Take in consideration this numbers might not be accurate
  2. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    No, it's not, he's on robes (0% reduction against dagger skills), berserker spirit (-8% pdef) and magnus (-20% pdef against cov) and not using greater shield (+15% pdef) Lots of people people here need to realise there are tradeoffs with every buffset you make and gear you use, (most of the times) you must choose between being agressive, critical-attack-agressive, fast, mage defensive, specific mage defensive, shield defensive.. that's the nature of having a limited amount of buffslots and itemslots, you need to understand the way your skills work and your enemies' skills work. Maybe while doing that you would realise that with iPlay buffset, skillset and gearset it's madness to face a physical DD as he's basically a cannonglass, maybe he can withstand some magic damage because of elemental resistance and magic def passives, but physical? impossible He can use DC set, greater shield and tattoo for + speed and defense, COVfor tankiness, drop the 2handed weapon and get 1h and a shieldand not give enemy daggers his back. Just my 2cents, he can also make a screenshot and post it on forum, but that won't prevent him from taking 8k from a geared dagger.
  3. Finally +16 S weapon!

    that's awesome! congratulations hawky
  4. More than 3 subclasses

    Also agree with 3 rebirths done before adding another sub, that would avoid people leveling everything to 80 and then doing rebirth on all subs while keeping two lv 80 at easy exp rate (atm you can do it on one anyway, can something be done about this?) Tarzanule I think your comments are biased and you are only thinking about your personal experience. If you want to play SOLO, like completely SOLO you should know you will have issues facing a group of 3-4-5 people even if they are just randoms in the same party. I see how you could think removing sub restrictions helped the OL fiesta, but it's not the big issue here, main problem is the manapool and tankyness this class can reach thanks to CPHPMP toggle, soul guard and light/heavy armor mastery. That and 90% of the time you see an OL he will probably be guarded by his clan/ally. Anyway you don't see a lot of them because clans want to dominate and blabla, its about the adena you get healing a whole lot of people at the same time, as you heal CP you will have always active targets and get a lot of money, it is indeed an unbalanced class in most cases. Sorry I derailed, just wanted to clarify that in my opinion OL imba > subclass restriction / + 3 subs
  5. Cov - Powind

    COV's and berserker's patk bonusshouldn't affect blows damage at all. Are you sure you were hitting the dummy from the back? That would only work when it's aggro is off and on your first blow, since he will turn around to hit you after that
  6. my character seems bugged

    In order to get grandboss achievement you need to be above average in participation (number of events played) Average player at this stage probably has over 10 grand boss participations, some people probably played 100 grand bosses It should work differently as server enters into the late game though, at least in my opinion
  7. Clan italiano

    benvenuto al ovc amici italiani Good luck, have fun!
  8. More than 3 subclasses

    that would be nice, as people reach endgame they could still have the option to roll new class to equip / level up, without throwing away one of their subs
  9. Nice one, you've improved a lot! congratulations
  10. augments

    and 5 people would farm oly with the same weapon I don't see how it's a benefit for newbies either?
  11. Help to translate

    Hello there, that link you provided is to access your personal drive, we can't see the picture from here. If you find issues uploading pictures to the server's forum you can try with a webpage such as drag the picture to the webpage box and then copy the link here. You can type the message here if that doesn't work either. Have a nice day.
  12. I think i found a Dagger Server

    while you wait try to not show your back to the daggers m9 it hurts my brain to read some of the replies in this thread DC +7 on OL won't be helping since the bonus you get from overenchanting is nothing compared to the 30% you will receive from using robes... what about your buffs?if you were using COV, earth, shield, gshield and not using zerker you wouldnt even get near that damage against AQ+baium+death dagger, and remember, if you were facing him you would get ZERO damage People are also comparing the damage output of the only DD melee class with no aoe capabilities, no stuns (not ever got bluffed from a dagger) with the damage output of 900-1000 range classes, please, just, please... If you just /targetnext /attack zerg will kill the dagger 50% of the times, even if you're avadon nuker @Digicultit's not backstab-related, it's a visual bug where the client (your L2 window) and the server have different info regarding the position of both characters as someone explained time ago in this forum, can't give a more detailed explanation since i'm not sure what happens, only recalling what the user said. Basically you're seeing your character/your enemy standing in x y z / 3 axis position (let's say 50 - 50 - 50) but it's actually in let's say 250- 50 - 50. Sometimes you will think you are in range for melee skill or normal hit because you see both characters standing on top of each other but server knows they are actually at 200 range so you won't be able to cast a melee skill
  13. In-Game Poll

    Strongly agree
  14. Magic Criticals and some related issues

    Heals don't get magic crits in interlude. About mana burn I'm not 100%sure but I think they do and that it's working. Here magic crit rate has a cap (20%?) so I don't know what's the easiest way to reach that top.. valakas, wm and sirein seem to do the same for every class, augment=useless/powater=not sure if worth it. Also, I think you will reach the same mcrit rate with necro/sh/sps.
  15. guide for spoiler?

    Go for doom set for hp, shieldand 1 handed health weapon, pdef/mdef/hp/speed/atk speed/skill reuse buffs, cov or powind, berserker optional not recommended, any slot you have left for resists, dyes CON and DEX remove STR and rebirths I don't think you even need those, you might be ok with +atk speed/+speed/+mdef/gold digger, any of those should go fine