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  1. Reanimate server

    This for example. Who cares about GC?? Is this server GC??? Is that what we're donating for?
  2. Reanimate server

    With respect to Emerald, most of the people I know (myself include) stopped playing because it was obvious he would NEVER make any change/update to the current interlude client. This is just something he turned on and keeps checking if it's still on while he works on what makes him happy. That's fine, it's just that it goes a bit against what was announced.. " DEAR PLAYERS, WE'VE HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR, WE HAVE " So you heard us loud and clear and then stopped listening? Your message needs to be consistent. Even the dumbest mouse realizes the cheese is in a trap after getting hit a couple of times
  3. Zaken battle area

    Agree. Doubt anything can be done tho.
  4. Archers?

    Are you high?
  5. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    Are you playing this season or not? It looks like you're not talking about the same server lol
  6. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    I know what I'm talking about, I actually play
  7. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    No, they don't die faster. That's how the top daggers on the server buff and I can tell you they don't get hit for even half of what you said. If they are better why does Sin get top player over them with TH?
  8. Melee Maps

    ivory tower at 2am gmt on a saturday night is a server killer, please remove this once and for all, it's by far the WORST
  9. This happened to me on the last season as well. As a healer main, it's nearly impossible to join my party on some events. If I'm not there on the first second of the event it's a 5% of getting inside after. Even if I'm there on the first second, it's only a 50% chance of getting in.
  10. On epic events too. I've been balanced to the opposite faction in all of the events this season except for one. Surely there should be some adjustment so players from the same clan have a bigger chance of actually staying together? Or just players in the same party in general. I know some healers have already quit because of this and I'm sure more will get frustrated to the point where they might leave too, myself included. Even if I join chaos and .joinparty, it will pair me with a lvl 1 newbie with no gear that I can't even heal even if I wanted.
  11. Imagine you hit for 10k total on 10 people, for example. Then you get 10k x 300% damage on yourself, dying instantly.
  12. I see. You'd probably have to double the amount of spawn points then. Easiest solution would be to always spawn an NPC with 300% reflect skill/phys/magic damage for 15 seconds with each respawn.
  13. Because it's easier to spawn kill a group of 10 than a group of 20. There's one group that ONLY does this on ALL maps: wetCat, fox1k, dontTargetMe. It only gets really annoying for me when there's other people that join them so there's like 15 people spawn killing. The funny part is that while other glads sometimes get 50-60 kills, this group is getting 10-20 kills maximum. So it's not even good for them, it's definitely not good for new players. Could this be considered harassment?
  14. You have some seconds after you port where you don't take damage, just use that and play smart. If you wait 5 seconds and move away from it you'll survive easily.

    Agreed, no point having 3 classes unplayable.
  16. crit error

    There's an "unblock" feature in the account panel, try it
  17. Successful Server

  18. Mage server.

    OP is the guy that will create the topic saying AQ/Baium/DracBow archers are op. Nothing to see here, move along.
  19. Free faction change for clans

    I pm'd Ruby with this suggestion even before server start but no reply.
  20. Server has 0 votes on Hopezone.

    There are 2 servers that don't even have 1000 votes. Why are you here again? Your posts are all about not having enough players/votes.
  21. You know nothing jon snow
  22. Server has 0 votes on Hopezone.

    New month buddy
  23. Prepare Anus vol2.

    Everyone cries about Luffy but as soon as he says he's going order everyone goes chaos lol
  24. Prepare Anus vol2.

    go order
  25. Prepare Anus vol2.

    what side you joining fuckmother?