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  1. Summoners joke

    @Emeraldcan you post some stats of summmoners in events? How many got top 3 score/kills/assists/whatever.
  2. he got stuck on that place there. we moved up but nothing else spawned
  3. cant log in

    im retarded i forgot the patch @Emerald
  4. Putting the username and password in but not getting any msg or anything.
  5. pub discord server

    I'm there and I have to say there's no nude pics from @Luffyyet.
  6. alo

    pm "LUFFY ig. @Luffy
  7. Discord Group

    You can keep the forum active by promoting events and such on discord. You can have both guys, just do it right. Big links on the main page for the forum AND for discord. Discord is for casual chit chat and forum for more pertinent matters. It's easier and faster for someone to hop on a discord server than to download the server's client, register, log on and play for a little bit. It's definitely something you should look into, just make sure you have a plan for the forum and discord to coexist.
  8. server features

    + on this. C'mon.
  9. alo

    let's have some fun
  10. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    Solution was easy: C grade for 1 week. B grade for 1 week. A grade for 1 week. S grade for 1 week. Once you get to a higher grade, the previous one becomes free. Of course people are angry they spent 6 days to buy gear that is now free, especially when it doesn't look like you let anyone know this was coming? Imagine the guy that wasted 8k buying his a weapon and set YESTERDAY, would you keep playing after that? It's like starting from zero lol.
  11. Next season

    Sorry, I should have been clearer. Everyone is playing L2 somewhere. The more announcement time you give people before a launch, the better the odds of you catching someone finishing a server and deciding to gather a couple people to play here. I think a month is the minimum for proper hype, maybe 3 weeks is fine but not during summer time. Also, the 28th is a Saturday, during this time period it's more common for someone to have their holidays split in weeks ending on Sunday, so a lot of people will miss the first 2 days;if you moved it a week ahead, you'd miss out on the guys that are going on holidays on the 30th, but they wouldn't be around to play for at least a week or 2 anyway. Personally, and this is a different topic I guess, I would have a season ending date from day 1and starting dates for the next season as soon as the previous finishes. You could run events with prizes for the next season during the last weeks of the season to keep people engaged. When I said you shot yourself in the foot again, it was because I think you gave a very short notice last time as well, maybe I'm wrong, nevermind that. All things aside, I've done my duty and shared the starting date on the L2 chats I hang around, I wish you the best of luck
  12. Next season

    So, 3 weeks notice, pretty much starting in August. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, again.
  13. Next season

    Please, don't announce it 2 weeks before launch.... You need AT LEAST 1 month of advance notice to get a good hype going. My opinion anyway. Edit: I know people waiting for servers opening in 3-4 months. If anything, the longer the announcement is from the launch, the better.
  14. Next season

    Why would you need to weaken everything? With level 80 sws song it's almost impossible (+90% resist) to debuff anyone, just add that to the npc buffer. Classic is perfect for OvC, the only changes you would have to do would be in terms of skill power/damage.
  15. H5 Recruitment

    Easiest way to balance H5 is to dumb it all down to interlude and then slowly buff chars, enable h5 skills, test, repeat. Not an easy job.