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  1. maze


    If tanks and healers are in the same bad they shouldn't be. Tanks and warlords should be in the same bag, same exact restrictions. Healers are absolutely fine. Warlords don't impact with the damage, they impact with having 4 stuns they can cycle non-stop and having parry stance making them have 2k pdef 1.6k mdef. Add a bishop with balance life and a OL to that equation and you have a guy that only dies with 15 people hitting him. Now add 2 aoe dps that just follow the warlord or 1 aoe dps that follows 2 warlords and suddenly you have a party that has 1 or 2 cc TANKS tagging everyone, 1 or 2 dps getting dmg/kills and 2 support always pumping heals and pumping the party score like crazy. When this setup gets you easily 50% more score than any other setup then you start seeing 3, 4 or 5 groups like this per map and it's why you have 10 warlords in a team. If you want to change warlords, limit it to 1 per group, increase the reuse on all the stuns by 1 or 2 seconds and increase the mp consumption on parry stance so you can't have it on permanently. Epics/Balance: The problem you had with your elo algorithm this season was obvious. For some reason it tried to equal 1 high elo player to 2 or 3 lower elo players instead of prioritising moving the players between factions. So you ended up with 40 players with a total of 200k elo vs like 60 with a total of 200k elo. If you put the class balance change in it will probably fix it but it shouldn't need to be tied to a class. In previous seasons I remember my clan ALWAYS having people being moved to the other faction for balance and we never had these imbalanced numbers. My last advice is that you take in consideration that you're implementing changes that mostly impact high population events and that's not the case anymore. I can't imagine you will be able to gather any sort of useful feedback at this point.
  2. Damn. We got 2 in common! 🙂
  3. He made the list. As you can see it's only for the best of the best.
  4. maze

    Balance on team

    This guy said everything. Absolutely nailed it. What screenshots more do you want? How can I screenshot the entirety of players inside a map with 1 single screenshot? Don't you have a bunch of people streaming? You don't even need to log in. Stop being lazy and look after your server.
  5. maze

    Balance on team

    Coming up to 48 hours since the topic was created, 0 replies. I honestly don't understand how you believe no answer is the best choice of action here @Emerald
  6. maze

    Balance on team

    It keeps getting better
  7. maze

    Balance on team

    Order having more kills because there's more people to kill? Kills scores have nothing to do with the balance, which is the topic here. Even on your screenshot.... doesn't it seem strange to you that order has top kills and chaos won by 1k points?
  8. maze

    Balance on team

    Seems ok. Kappa Curious to see how many raids in the middle order actually won.
  9. maze

    Balance on team

    I hope this image is enough for you to realise you're talking out of your ass. You have no clue what you're talking about and just came here to flame.
  10. maze

    Balance on team

    You think it's only K:D... lol.
  11. maze

    Balance on team

    Absolutely ridiculous balance atm @Emerald
  12. maze

    Balance on team

    Why is chaos elo so low though? Surely with so many wins it should be higher? It's not the end of the world but it's weird being so outnumbered, especially in Instances and Epics. 40/60 at peak times can mean 80 vs 120 or even 120 vs 180... that's a loss for sure. Also shouldn't the balance system move some orders over to chaos to make it fair?
  13. Nevermind. It's 5 pm IST Israel Standard Time - 3pm UK. Thanks @Rhaegar
  14. Is it really IST or is that a missclick? That's 11.30am UK time... @Emerald