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  1. Suggestion for Healers

    Who said I didn't want part on this discussion? I am contributing by showing everyone how retarded it is. Spark discussion on what subject? That healers heal? What the fuck.
  2. Suggestion for Healers

    It went off topic because it's ridiculous. And you're even more ridiculous for not seeing that and closing this straight away.
  3. Suggestion for Healers

    Maybe light elfs can only hit dark elfs?
  4. Estimated time in queue

    I know. I'm talking about the "estimated time" not actually estimating anything
  5. What's the point of this? It's even more annoying to look at when you're sitting in queue for 10 minutes +.
  6. Aden Siege

    Too bad Swiss allied Parody. Was really hoping for a 3 or 4 sided fun siege
  7. Vote: Ranks

    @Arthasmi hero
  8. Vote: Ranks

    Much better now.
  9. Frenzy reuse

    Yeah, as if fort isn't the most played type of map lol.
  10. Vote: Ranks

    Assists and top player are easy. Takedowns especiallyand killing sprees are really hard for healers....
  11. Vote: Ranks

    But what do they get out of ranking up like that? Nothing. This is a nice change for people that only play supports, my case for example. There's no way I'm getting max rank playing bishop.
  12. Rank system

    Heh, it would be if Emerald had made the auto rez feature OFF by default. Only my clan members actually stay on the ground long enough for me to rez them.
  13. Clarification on Expert Skills

    It's there, just saw it. 3rd one from the bottom.
  14. tanks

    Yes that's exactly what we did lol. Who abused OL? What was there to be abused? I made shit money before the nerf and even less after. I would love to know what clan/gear/ols you're talking about, give some examples so we can have an actual conversation. The only thing people could "abuse" was getting map score easier than other classes (who would've thought a class that heals the whole clan would get more assists than any other....? crazy ).
  15. Frenzy reuse

    Found the titan.