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  1. State of summoners

    These are good suggestions. It would be nice if you could decrease the exp based on how far away the person got killed from the summoner. One other thing I see on maps at the moment is lots of people (mostly warlocks) hiding and sending their feline king after rank 1s in b grade, which is really frustrating for a new player.
  2. why not broooo

    We spent months discussing these limitations and alternative clan systems just for a few idiots to ruin it on purpose. You chose to ignore half of my previous post. You pretend you don't know what problems arise from having a 30 people clan instead of 15. My guess is you're probably in their clan?
  3. Where is the pride ?

    It's up to the admins to enforce some rules... They even named the ally "Above the system" lol. If it was me I'd simply move one of the clans to order, fixed. @emerald
  4. why not broooo

    Having 2 clans with same crest when the admins made obvious changes to have clans of 15 people max. In sieges they have double the people of any other clan. In oly they have double the people of any other clan. You see the problem?
  5. Fingers crossed for a Classic version. Would very gladly help with testing/balancing.
  6. reduce maps

    Totally agree with this. Some maps are just so stupidly boring. Talking Island anything (not village). Elven area lake anything other than the "fort" one. etc Any map set up in an area in the middle of nowherethat doesnt have an objective (like domination) is very discouraging to 90% of the people I play with.
  7. I saw some people proposing some changes to help new players catch up people that are playing since the start. My honest suggestion is to just go and help them yourself. Most of us are geared enough, spare your old a weapons and sets to a new guy you saw on stream or in game. Invite them to your party for a couple maps and help him sort out his buffs/gear. Essentially, don't count on a system to do what the community can do much better, help out new players by yourself and we'll end up with a much bigger and healthier community.
  8. Questions

    Only normal attacks for both questions
  9. Random Formula > Democracy

    People will start voting less since it's random. Also you will seeFellmere Lake and huge maps at 3-4am because all they need is 1 vote to be put in the array.
  10. I like the idea of having new skills but I dont like the fact that most of them seem pointed towards a lowerTTK. Imagine getting hit by almost 7k from a single arrow
  11. banned

    Emerald doesn't usually ban out of nowhere. What aren't you telling us?
  12. BadHombres

    Looking for new players on the server to come play with us in the academy!
  13. Clan shop / Aden Castle

    There was a lot of action on the first hour. Rest was boring.
  14. Weekly Tournaments

    It would be nice to have some sort of weekly pvp tournament where teams of 3, 5 or 9 could sign. You would have to have a GM organize it but it would be very motivating for everyone playing. You could give something meaningful but not OP as a reward, accessories, tattoos, scrolls etc.