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  1. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    Solution was easy: C grade for 1 week. B grade for 1 week. A grade for 1 week. S grade for 1 week. Once you get to a higher grade, the previous one becomes free. Of course people are angry they spent 6 days to buy gear that is now free, especially when it doesn't look like you let anyone know this was coming? Imagine the guy that wasted 8k buying his a weapon and set YESTERDAY, would you keep playing after that? It's like starting from zero lol.
  2. Next season

    Sorry, I should have been clearer. Everyone is playing L2 somewhere. The more announcement time you give people before a launch, the better the odds of you catching someone finishing a server and deciding to gather a couple people to play here. I think a month is the minimum for proper hype, maybe 3 weeks is fine but not during summer time. Also, the 28th is a Saturday, during this time period it's more common for someone to have their holidays split in weeks ending on Sunday, so a lot of people will miss the first 2 days;if you moved it a week ahead, you'd miss out on the guys that are going on holidays on the 30th, but they wouldn't be around to play for at least a week or 2 anyway. Personally, and this is a different topic I guess, I would have a season ending date from day 1and starting dates for the next season as soon as the previous finishes. You could run events with prizes for the next season during the last weeks of the season to keep people engaged. When I said you shot yourself in the foot again, it was because I think you gave a very short notice last time as well, maybe I'm wrong, nevermind that. All things aside, I've done my duty and shared the starting date on the L2 chats I hang around, I wish you the best of luck
  3. Next season

    So, 3 weeks notice, pretty much starting in August. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, again.
  4. Next season

    Please, don't announce it 2 weeks before launch.... You need AT LEAST 1 month of advance notice to get a good hype going. My opinion anyway. Edit: I know people waiting for servers opening in 3-4 months. If anything, the longer the announcement is from the launch, the better.
  5. Next season

    Why would you need to weaken everything? With level 80 sws song it's almost impossible (+90% resist) to debuff anyone, just add that to the npc buffer. Classic is perfect for OvC, the only changes you would have to do would be in terms of skill power/damage.
  6. H5 Recruitment

    Easiest way to balance H5 is to dumb it all down to interlude and then slowly buff chars, enable h5 skills, test, repeat. Not an easy job.
  7. H5 Recruitment

    You should check the Interlude Final files eglobal has at the moment (interlude + features from h5/classic) . So cool.
  8. H5 Recruitment

    And here you are (and me)on the forum of a L2 server that is closed. L2 is not dead and it won't die in the next couple of years for sure. I like big servers, there's something about having 3 sides of 8 parties fighting for epics that I can't find in any other game. I think most of the people playing here are also looking for that "kick", which is why the server dies so quickly when there's not enough people for more than 20vs20 in one event.
  9. H5 Recruitment

    The reason is always there. It's a matter of whether or not it's worth it in terms of money. If OvC did this, for example, you would only see real return in terms of money on the second season; the first one would set the tone for a new kind of server management where 2 sides are up and active no matter what, where people can invest/donate after the first weeks and not only on the first or second. Edit: One of Emerald's clan system proposals where everyone would be in the same clan is a way of trying to do this without having to pay anyone
  10. H5 Recruitment

    All big servers pay real money to at least 2 leaders so they keep the server interesting for longer/sure.
  11. Maybe it's the time to do it.

  12. Maybe it's the time to do it.

    Interlude is the best because of how much you can change it around. It's simple, which is what a faction server should be. To make H5 balanced for new and old players... I can't even begin to imagine all the changes and testing involved. I like the fact that there are still people around the forum discussing this. I don't like the fact this discussion is taking place after the server died. You have everything you need to make this a great server, but you can't listen to everyone. There's no processes in place for implementing changes, you do it pretty much at will. You need to run that part of the server like a company, with a development phase, testing phase, qa phase, release phase. But who am I to tell you how to run your server? I keep coming back here hoping for some exciting news,I'm sure a lot of people do that as well. If I see something is being changed or implemented because a couple guys bitched about it... it makes me think things are the same as before, there has to be solid evidence and facts for a change and they need to be public. It's hard to explain.
  13. Map Sizes

    This Zirconium guy is a cancer for any healthy discussion on this forum. I've lost count of how many good discussions he derailed or spammed the fuck out of. It's incredible that you let him keep posting, he adds ZERO value to the forum and to the community in-game. Also, you need to ask this shit when people are actually playing you server, not after the milk is spilled. How many times did we mention this?? This is a huge problem in your server and you ignored it until you couldn't anymore. If there's something in your server that makes people say "actually, nevermind, fuck that map, im just gonna go to bed or play dota for a while", you need to seriously think about who has fun playing it. Double frustrationjust reading this thread.
  14. Next hybrid map: Moba Arena

    This is cool but I agree with FBS. More town maps please and get rid of fellmere and all the other big maps.

    Love your logic. Not sure which is better, the assumption that "in general, people mock other ethnic groups" or that it's ok because "people in this server say truly bad words to greeks".