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  1. Next hybrid map: Moba Arena

    This is cool but I agree with FBS. More town maps please and get rid of fellmere and all the other big maps.

    Love your logic. Not sure which is better, the assumption that "in general, people mock other ethnic groups" or that it's ok because "people in this server say truly bad words to greeks".

    A+ for effort on the shitty excuse. You know pretty damn well why you say it and while it doesn't bother or affect me directly, I do care for all the new people that log in and see open race bashing in global chats.
  4. Vote Here: Clans

    What faction server did you play on official?

    This topic is funny because it highlights how greek cant read spanish and latinos cant read greek. Guess what happens when someone logs to check out the server and see greek 24/7 on hero chat? Fuck this, if I wanted to hear greek I'd go spend some nice holidays over there. Same goes for any other language. Also, is it ok to go full racist vs latinos now? Seems to be but I just want to be sure.... Little things here and there that make OvC good... but not great. @Emerald
  6. Implement kamaels

    The reason is the time and effort that has been put into this chronicle far outweighs whatever other chronicle you suggest, plain and simple. The only possible way I see this working is if Emerald decides to run 2 servers at the same time. One he can test new chronicles on and one stable "vanilla" interlude.
  7. Vote: healers

    Not exactly related to this topic but RIGHT now there are 2 rechargers and 2 bps on chaos vs 1 bp in order. In a 15vs15 max. It's just too op right now.
  8. Vote Here: Clans

    On the other hand, you have no problem with the "Yes" opinions.
  9. Vote Here: Clans

    No offense but what did you expect if you make a public poll? You get the public's opinion. It's very hard (in any aspect of society) to have the public's idea match the "ruler"/person in charge. You should have a group of people that actually play the server and that backup their opinions as your trusted counselors. Once something cool comes out of there, then bring it to the public to vote.
  10. Vote Here: Clans

    3 I guess. But the CRP cost needs to be much lower. That's pretty much how many people I dealt with this season and we struggled to level up the clan.
  11. Vote: clans #2

    NioMode I love you dude butyou and xVeilside should be the only 2 persons not allowed to have an opinion on this server. What you did this season is what got us where we are right now. xVeil openly admits he doesn't give a fuck about the server and he only wants to win. You on the other hand, I honestly don't understand why you allied the biggest clan being the 2nd biggest clan. Coming here now and talking about clans and skills is just silly, you don't give two shits about any of it, all you want is for it to stay relatively similar so you can do your little one trick again. Not saying it wouldn't have come to this either way, but definitely not as fast.
  12. Vote: healers

    Bots? What the fuck are you talking about...
  13. Progression too easy

    Also, for arguments sake, is there any way you can tell us what's within your reach in terms of tweaking? It's perfectly acceptable that there are certain tweaks that you need to outsource, meaning a money investment. If we know what falls under that category, maybe we can focus our suggestions in more feasible aspects?
  14. Progression too easy

    TheRev makes a lot of good points that I agree with. Maybe not so extreme as starting from 75. I also think you should have a season end date. Between 2 and 3 months. You could have events on the last 2 weeks that would reward players with stuff for the following season. You would eliminate the whole "server is dying" talk and youmight even get players returning for those last 2 weeks.
  15. Balancing

    The sad part about this is I probably would I like the idea to be honest, the sieges would be pretty epic. You'd have to make some changes to OLs and to your scammer policy tho.