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  1. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    With clarity augment or hero 1h mage it's possible yeah. Even with just magnus, clarity, meditation, toggle on.
  2. Glad I wasn't the only one noticing this. All the marriage skills should be disabled, period. No further witch hunting needed.

    I have rhaegar on my ignore list so this thread is very confusing. Nice siege! ahahah
  4. Stricken thinks they unbanned themselves and Emerald needs to come put them back in their cage AHAH
  5. Warlord skills

    I've been using a saint spear since day 2 lol.
  6. Warlord skills

    How many warlords did you bring to the siege guys? If they're so OP, why did you bring zero? That's right, they're not OP, you're just butthurt you're getting your ass handed to you. You're the clan that abuses all the "perfect" setups, please explain why you had no warlords on the castle siege.
  7. no reason to bann

    Also interfaces that show the HP of who you target. How is that fair? You know exactly if a warlord has 2k hp or 20k hp, which makes a big difference in deciding if you hit him or not.
  8. no reason to bann

    Please do it. No excuses there. It's so obvious it's disgusting.
  9. Warlord skills

    You can't outrun a warlord? Then you deserve to get stun locked. Stop playing greedy and move around.
  10. no reason to bann

    This seems to be "the" insult going around this season. Very happy to see someone banned for this.
  11. Warlord skills

    Hello all My opinion * class need some balance in reuse skills, every time can use *? * have more time reuse than * Is bored every time take *, need fix time reuse only, no % succes chance. Regards, Replace * by any random skill and it's ovc forum every new season.
  12. Well done Emerald

    Look who just joined a very restrict group!
  13. Well done Emerald

    In my humble opinion, the next thing you should look at is nerfing archer crit passives progressively until they're at respectable but not op state. The current dmg output is too much compared to any other good ranged dd. Also while we're in the topic of suggesting stuff, I would like to suggest a system where people are encouraged or at least alerted to the fact that there's a tank/warlord/cc class within 100 range of them or so. It would make life a lot harder for people cheesing these classes and it would bring a lot of awareness for how dangerous these classes actually are in mass pvp. I've played these classes long enough to know they are heavy"newbie killers". This season was cool, it was one of the most balanced ones in terms of classes that I've ever seen. I really appreciated the fact you closed the last season in a timely manner and quickly announced a new one; I strongly believe a pre-defined season schedule would bring this server A LOT more recurring players. You should also pay more attention (or have someone report to you periodically) to server balance, especially at the start of the server. A few small touches here and there, at the right time, will be really good for server balance and for your general reputation as a server owner that actually knows what's happening in-game.