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  1. Shelfish Question ^__^

    hahahahhahah like a champ
  2. I think i found a Dagger Server

    Youre not MiniMax since i speak with him on fb from time to time, and yes i am in touch with people from 4us since most of us know each other irl.
  3. I think i found a Dagger Server

    thats the fun part , i really believe it was better that half of the servers above , but due to hes greek community it was not well known to eu audience. Anyway you get my point pedal , he was non factor on elixir too . i can ask hes leader on facebook if he knows him or not if you like :D:D
  4. I think i found a Dagger Server

    l2elixir was really cool server , probably top greek ever 2 years + online i understand you probably never heard of him and it logical but since i played there for 1 and a half year i feel kinda bad that you call him random malakas server , cause i miss servers like him also OOC joined there kinda late tbh but we met them there and went as ally together on dex later
  5. I think i found a Dagger Server

    Since i was main factor on l2 elixir from day 1 to day X i can tell you that first of all elixir wasnt c4, was interlude and while it was interlude there was no dagger group available to test with ovc(items buffs skills ), after elixir updated to kamael we had the best dagger group on server by far (Aka weeh/sora cp ) but still it cant be compared to interlude so you cant tell if daggers need nerf or not. I cant talk about l2 cleaver cause i never played but judging you from elixir you wasnt top there either. NOWAY of 4usONLY clan , and if you wonder what im doing here its to have some fun until a worthy mid rate open to join with my top CP.
  6. I think i found a Dagger Server

    im really curius to see in what low/mid rate interlude server you played and saw a dagger group full geared full buffed and full epics so you compare it with here, cause from my experience you have to be mad to play dagger cp on interlude and you wont be able to get 1/3 of the epics and 1/4 of the buffs and 1/2 of the items you will have here. Just give us an example. If from all your playtime here you are worried about daggers and you believe that dagger is the class that threats the balance then* you obviously have less experience than you think
  7. Since its your last post. Bye ! You wont be missed since noone knows you . gl
  8. wts am +12 db +10 am +13

    First of all this am will go +0 and you will rage quit after failing, mark my words and feel free to rage on me after it happens. Abou the post now, you dont even sell this items since as far as i know the offers you got for am are literally insane and you keep refusing them, so this is just a show off that you could make it into the other thread with the screenshots from current season. You prefer playing with am +13 and doing 20 frags than having a decent char with dunno am +10 or something like that people offer you. Anyway, No hard feelings. hf
  9. db +11 and tezza +7(or zaken +7) and 35k adena , trade it to me before you make it +0 again : )

    I accept your decision even tho youre wrong aboutthe reason i replied to this topic. Im not looking for more advantage since i can get all my core members with full clan skills and resists even by choosing the dd's as royal leaders or just changing the royal leader based on activity . i already have advantage by making lvl8 clan early enough. Amount of members has nothing to do with skills, i was trying to say that you already had some customise staff on clans maybe you could customise skills too.Anyway, im not any kid youre used to talk with also im not here to win or to prove anything, im here to have fun so please next time be more neutral with your repsonses

    You also can customise it just letting all attacking skills free and keep resists for roayl leaders since its kinda unfair all people in server to have resist vs mage.

    I agree with that, you have already some clan restrictions about people, and the amount of adena you need to make clan lvl8 with full skills by just having arround 20 people in clan is HUGE. At least make it so every1 can take the buffs , people payed for them anyway. The way it is now you litterally ask from 6 people to get arround 80k-100k to get empo and some resists. Its pure pvp server just give the people buffs to fight with !! : )
  13. Server fcked up today.

    I loged in the morning (GMT+2) had huge lag spikes, now i loged again everything was fine since we went to Frintezza, since we won fightHuge lag spikes and mass dc , from 40 people killing it like 10 left trying. RR server or something i dunno the solution.