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    Emerald read

    Or you can just do the chapter thing that many server do those days. Opening server X Date, server max B grade till X+7Days, server max A grade X+ 14 Days etc etc. We no lifers will have a cap on items and newcomers/low playtime people will not get 1shoted . 1st cyrcle only AQ/Core- 2nd Cyrcle baium orfen etc etc
  2. Since you are clanless why do you even waste money for items, you can stay with those that cost 0 adena since obviously you dont care to have extra stats
  3. I didnt vote cause i dont believe in any of 3 suggestions and i cant think one of my own, but the 3rd is kinda useless if i want and have 30 ppl ill just make 2 clans and switch castle each weak.
  4. Dude i dont want to offend you but people like you are the reason i dont share my opinions in this forum. you always miss the big picture cause your minds are still 10 years back. Ill try to give you an example on what you replied on my quote. First of all you compare the A grade free progression with clan skills progression, when some1 buys A grade he knows that in X day this item will be free so he decides that by getting it now he gets the advantage that is bigger than the Z money he gave to get the A item, also a grade is arround 5k adena to get, clan skill that matter are arround 40k adena . People will always quit server, either they broke their weapon for +10/ either they see some1 with +16 weapon and they decide to spam "donator donator" for 2 hours and then leave or will find another excuse to leave since they never been competitive and are casual players blaming anything.You and other people basically playing solo and always kinda blaming the more organized ppl that either they give no chance to newcomers on pvp or they are tryharding on a faction server, you dont fcking understand that those ppl give life to the server, when they are gone online population starts to drop. Every1 loves to hate, every1 wants to kill them by playing solo and trashtalk them , its an extra goal to play for newcomers and solo players. What really kills the server is the non existance of recycle and ill try to explain it So since the server has no clear goals beside pvp (Score-Siege-oly are irrelevant and useless in this server) people tend to get bored and leave without something going wrong with the server, at this point server has to recycle and it cant . Why? Cause we play interlude and the first players reached to the end game phase (db +10+ groups/geared healers hard to kill/solo daggers with proper equipment and solo mages that can 1 v 1 anyone) so new comers basically dont even want to compete. At this point your donation system is useless since to be able to be competitive with the current system you need arround 300-500 euros(i believe that 90% of the donations are on the server start or 10 days into server then almost no1 donates). Your advertising is also useless- The posts you made , the votes you made are lost under the 231231 servers that open every week -. What emerald has to do in my opinion about this?- Change the donation system, remove vote reward + scavenger expert skill and add both to a premium status that cost 5e for 2weeks/1 month and you get those as passive skills(in my opionion that trigger 100x5euro donates than 5x100 donates+ people feel they help server grow/exist with just 5e), hopezone and the other sites are so oldschool people that search there for servers stay in those server less time than i do (and i stay from 3 to 6 weeks).- Allow at least unofficialy l2traders to exist: market is big part of the game and traders want servers to keep up at least for a good period of time since every day they make profit , they literally care for your server even if they dont have the same reasons to do so with you.They donate at the start to get the advantage they need so they cash back later, so basically you take some of the money youll loose in the future from them and the most important they help with recycling since you dont need anymore 300-500 euros to start at end phase and you just need i suppose arround 100-300 ( not sure if the numbers are correct , but you get my point).-Twitch, you HAVE to buy or talk through a streamer to play your server for at least 3 weeks at the start, you have such a good online for the type of server you got and you waste it on screenshot and bullshit. STREAM is the basic adverisement in l2 and you can even get it by paying it with in game currency its like having 1 extra donator witch is not a donator and only idiots will complain about it (you had rapolas playing with avadon 6 days after server started, come on ). There are some more but for now i think its enough,this post is so off topic and so big that i have to stop . Before blaming me for anything, i have never in the past sold a single item on ovc (i can prove it with calling dozens of ppl i gave away my equipment for free when i left ), nor im a streamer that will try to get a deal from emerald.Those are some basics of the ideas i have for server to get better and i share them before im gone again. No Haterino por favor
  5. You are not in a position to judge as a player (low server experience-medium skill of game) not as a person either(scammer-cursing 24/7) anything on this server. This is the first and the last time i quote anything from you and i would really appreciate if you dont take part in conversation i do, i will do the same as part of this deal. gl in your life i really hope your persona is not same as in the game.
  6. You are so unfair to me especially after i explained you the reason i even participated in siege (while i wasnt participating other seasons), and if you believe that i talk about skills for the reason you say youre even more unfair (btw i informed veil i wont participate in any upcoming siege i had to participate to previous cause i was involved now that i kept my world and gave castle back im done with this shit). And no my friend the reason this season droped faster is not because of siege, we both know 80% of people here dont ever care for siege even people that are involved in clans related to siege dont care. We had CC on both sieges i think 34 and 31 ppl i believe its fair to say that an ally could bring the same numbers , i understand how it looks but the fact that noone could make 30 ppl come to siege basically proves what i said about peoples mentallity on siege. Im not the "Boss" of the server to decide who gets the castle neither i want to be but ill remind you that previus season i suggested the castle siege to be removed and im not going to act like its removed when its not
  7. I understand but what makes you think that people that dont care about geting free stats now (literally just pming 1 leader and asking for clan) will care to play as a team or check the score so they get the skills after this change.Also skills- for our clan at least- wasnt free when server had good population i was taking money to invite people in order to raise the clan, i was trying to make ppl invest and care for a clan but thats not the point. You can try it but you have to understand that the core of the players here dont care for complicated staff, they just want to pvp and stay relevant in the progress part so i would suggest to keep things less complicated.With all those scores/mini games/Ranks etc etc you need to read 30 pages before playing to be able to understand whats going on if youre new.
  8. Btw 60% of you voted yes for free bonus stats ofc, why wouldnt you. Just ask yourself , if you have an item you farmed for like me and my clan did (we got lvl8 before taking castle) and suddenly there is a pole -for giving the same item you wasted some hours/days farming for free- would you still vote yes? I understand that maybe you want to test some things and lets not hide population droped so much that you maybe are in a position to test things on the server. On the other hand thats why servers have beta periods with some events to lure people actually testing the server . Anyway, ill say it again you make things too complicated while the game and the server are quite simple. Your problems are outside the game (Donation System , Stream twitch for the server, market of l2- those 3 are the main reason you cant recycle players in this server)
  9. But at this server , without epics- raids- organized team fights - exp spot to pvp for the only reason for someone to join a clan is the skills. By geting every1 full clan skills tho you make people stay in a clan and invest for it so they gain some extra stats. I miss some points of your post yes, basically you want to make factions as a "mother" clan for everyone and then the clans will be something like royals- dont know how to call it- but this way why would anyone join a clan at first place .
  10. How you came to the result that there is something wrong with clans i dont get it, no1 invests in clan in this server its day 30 and only 5 clans have lvl8, previous season i played was the same deal. I told you previous season if you want to change something add clan skills to all clan members maybe people will care this way.
  11. Holly Molly. 80% of you people should never public your opinion in any matter related to l2, democrasy is great but when you have no clue better keep your opinion for yourself and Emerald the major changes you have to do (since i suppose gd cant be changed anymore) are outside the game not inside (enchant system actually is the only "big" problem you have) and stop livng in 2008 its 2018 l2 has changed so is the community
  12. NioMode


    Hes point is that he scamed something that is not so precious as he thought so he has to blame someone
  13. He invited ChiChi to hes clan, scaming posts about db+16 incoming.
  14. Consider us even then, since you make me laugh every time you avoid hiting me ashamed of your dmg.
  15. Imagine how bad as a player you are, scaming people to get items you cant farm and still being non relevant to the server as a player. FeelsBadMan