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  1. when grand crusade?

    when open grand crusade?, are you working on its? It's not a lie?, im really want to play that chronicle
  2. Raid Boss

    I speak of the normal raid when there are 5 minutes left in the maps and the drop serious for all, I do not speak of the epics raid
  3. Raid Boss

    Bosses are not very interesting as before, many people prefer to follow pvp instead of going for the boss, could put something more of interest,As for example that drop blessed armor S 1-3 blessed weapon S 1-2 same with blessed grade A to all Players who hit the boss.
  4. re

    all classe are balanced w/o summons, stop cry, mages hit magic crtical for 5 k + archer 4 k + why noot duelist, daggers and tyrants?
  5. Balance The Faction PLS

    soon balance for 2 faction
  6. skill not work, dont change target enemy to attack summon
  7. Someone Alive Here???

  8. Too slow

    make system adena to all server every 1 hours give 100 adena all players online rewards, is good idea, and for votes give 500 adena
  9. WTF!!!!!

    OMG look damage to me, im tank IMPOSSIBLE
  10. Can Out ELO?

    Could you pull out this game system? Is the main difference in the game, I have been playing since I opened the server, and I can not pass ranking 3, it is impossible to kill me a lot and I lose everything, allowing this is not to reach high level players for their passive, Since they kill more because of this cause, new people do not advance because of this, it does not give them the opportunity to have all the certifications that are needed
  11. Event Stucks

    Specifically deathmatch
  12. Event Stucks

    When the mini event began, most of the players were invisible, could use skill but did not see anyone, after the event ended most were left with the names blank and the timer stopped
  13. Server Restarted Finally!

    or can implement one autorestart it is very easy
  14. Max lvl for all

    Emerald, also what you can do is like the previous version of interlude, a certain amount of adena to climb to the maximum level