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  1. H5 Recruitment

    I like that idea, but like Emerald said, I'm afraid that it won't stop people from abusing anything possible to break that balance. It just needs one discord group to create a clan outside of the game and coordinate from there via voice. However you balance it, you just simply can't. There will always be some odds breaking the gameplay.
  2. H5 Recruitment

    Good point to test it in advance with trusted people, who are willing to help with the intention to make it a better H5 season Best of luck, I look forward to playing it again.
  3. Death Boost Bug?

    Thank you, it's much better now!
  4. Death Boost Bug?

    I actually noticed a a small increase in Atk. Speed and Casting Speed, but I don't really think that players benefit only from them. Without Death Boost: With Death Boost Lvl 1: With Death Boost Lvl 2: So it's intended that it only increases Atk. Speed and Casting Speed?
  5. Death Boost Bug?

    Nope I didn't. Basically I just ran into the party about six times, trying to kill something (but there weren't any noticeable chaos player at this time, so no assists). After then I gave up and left the event, there weren't any differences in between. I could try to join again and let me die few times to provide screenshots.
  6. Patk Arrow doesn't increase

    Tried it, relog with arrow and without, doesn't change anything.
  7. Patk Arrow doesn't increase

    First Picture with Arrow, Second Picture without Arrow.. Patk stays the same
  8. Patk Arrow doesn't increase

    Enhanced Orichalcum Arrow with 5% Patk Bonus doesn't increase P.atk, whether I have it equipped or unequipped it stays the same.
  9. Death Boost Bug?

    If I remember correctly, no. It was pretty empty, got literally gangraped by a party ^^
  10. Death Boost Bug?

    Seems not to work sometimes, died 6 times in a row and didn't get any stat increase. Does it have any requirements to be met in order to get stat increase like being new to the server or something like that?
  11. Idea

    Nevermind, didn't read "consecutive". Either way, I just found out that Death Boost seems not to work out sometimes. Just died 6 times (which is Death Boost Lvl 3) in a row and didn't get any stat increase.
  12. Idea

    Well now think about player's that have a top char and exploit this by sending their gear to new chars. gg
  13. Since I dropped in ELO yesterday, I don't meet the requirements anymore. But I definitely had them, I'll provide a screenshot the next time I get it.
  14. I was on dual class when I reached the requirements for Captain (Rank 5), but I didn't get it. So I tried switching to main class to get 1 assist/score, didn't work out. Edit: Main class is 95 tho, that's why it didn't work out. But since I don't play it any longer, I can't get Captain with dual class which is 97 already.
  15. Can you make it that not only mainclass, but also dual class can have that level requirement? Cause I'm playing the dual class most of the time now.