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  1. min 5 Dual Box

    you don't have friends? pm. Luffy i heard he good at keeping items
  2. BadHombres

    Good to see you bro
  3. [Event] Advertising Lottery! Nick name - Nerasistas
  4. Next season

    Prepare you ass puffy , you know who is coming for you
  5. Golem Stoneheart

    Look who s talking.... easy to enchant am+16? oh wait you scamm it Can't do a shit your self, then scamm ppl pathetic.
  6. Nice Try

    LOOOOOL Prevy <3 hoh.... i all server lol so hard
  7. First day Drac Bow? :D

    lol waist moneys for couple hours after 2-3 days most ppl have db
  8. Does Self buffs take slot?

    think again what did you just said.
  9. Does Self buffs take slot?

    yes, it takes
  10. ImmOrtaLs

    sad but its true

    @Emerald or @NOKIAcould you tell us about new patch downloading/click statistic? wanna check out how many people will play
  12. ImmOrtaLs

    puffy plyz go order

    aaa thx

    Remind me, who are you?

    Big update are coming, didin't play last season but there is lots of changes all ready as I know
  16. Next Season?

    relax, you can leave forum too, if you dont like it
  17. Next Season?

    y interlude good, but i think thous guys who said its F1 server, they didin t play in OVC.
  18. Coming up next...

    interlude i guess
  19. Coming up next...

    Many people doing that I'm personally can't plan long schedule because of Emerald
  20. Coming up next...

    wow, nice map, love this kind of edition, good job offer to make some test (maybe test week) before goes live with this kind of maps
  21. Statistics

    That nice, because in older seasons mages (lame) was quite weak from archer perspective
  22. Statistics

    I didin't play last season so I don't know, but my opinion if there is like 500 ppl online 55s weapons +16 is to much, but if there is like 1k+ then nvm it all depends on online, I liked old season enchanting but I have heard that ppl like this season if its ok for balance then nvm I believe daggers should be OP with drac set +10
  23. A happy new year

    OVC Vipes after 116 days, relax
  24. A happy new year

    And Emerald invest so much time in Interlude, editing maps, staff, classes and etc, if will be hard to change to other chronicle and be at the same level
  25. A happy new year

    Guys relax, it will be interlude again, history shows, that interlude is most stable chronicle waiting for interlude