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  1. Archers?

    Accuracy and evasion
  2. Archers?

    Archers w/o epics are quite bad... 1/2 you miss to daggers all the time if you are not playing with acu/eva rebirth, Other shitty think is range, difference between mage ar archers are quite low, i had 192 speed, and when I hit mage (with magnus I guess) are able to come and put wortex on me.. and if you don't have good m def or full resist you are doom but still there is are good think, nice crits 2k+ all the time, and lots things to improve.
  3. re

    Archers crit from 1,8 (very good p def) to 3,6 (very low p def)
  4. Melee Maps

    - Catacombs - F sepulchers (IT down) - Adena town
  5. mmm so problem is that other players playing more then you? and get more adena?
  6. Challenge ?

    Nice GJ btw.... night BR time?
  7. toogle antiheal

    Its fine how it is now....
  8. crit error

    That mass error in frintezza room (last night) was painful - 30+ ppl got crit error when bos 20 procent left....
  9. Dude... tactics run away from spawn don't stand and try to kill all party solo
  10. Vote

    This is a real problem, I vote and get skill, everything is ok... but after 1 hour system asking me vote again.
  11. Vote

    Same problem with vote again... vote 2 hours ago, writing no vote for topnetwork and topzone
  12. Free faction change for clans

    +1 from me Good to see this kinda of players
  13. Mage server.

    In first days i see glads/ tyros/ daggers/archers/ tanks/ domies /wl/bs/ summoners/ even fucking spoilers y mages is bigest numbers because there is 4 mages classes.... wait for letter on daggers become OP, and there will be more and more archers

    try to go in your account (website) and select fix character.