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  1. target

    seriasly need to fix target bots
  2. bp rank

    Make that bp could also rank up, because right now people who play only bishop can be 15 rank
  3. Events

    make event register 2 min, because some people are not fast inaf to change sub get buff and events already started thanks
  4. Healer PVPs

    Started to cry when online was insane and healer was on top, now when on is lower healers geting nothing lol
  5. Sumoners

    where i can found thous buffs and thous buff counts on me pet ?
  6. Sumoners

    is it worth to play summoner in this server, and are they strong
  7. last count down

    that`s gona be epic
  8. last count down

    is there gona belast count down when server starts ?
  9. Archer-Dmg Bug?!

    Fix this bugg or what is that, he have insane archer resist i was dueling vs him and me max crit was 200 ? Shot00033.bmp Shot00031.bmp
  10. Mouse seting

    who dont like mouse setings in game ?
  11. Archer-Dmg Bug?!

    agree whit that
  12. Certificate

    where i can get thous books from certificate ? for skills
  13. Certificate

    howCertificate working in this server
  14. dynasty crusher