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  1. Change Class

    Oh ok, I understand. So last question, is any posibility to change my base (Maestro) to another class? ofc paying 9500 adena. Maybe doing by you, when you can. Regards.
  2. Change Class

    Maybe i did not explain it in the right way, it said that u can not pay 9500a to change class if you are Maestro. The price is ok, but it just dont let me do it because im Maestro (if you are dominator dont let change the class too). My suggest is to allow any class to pay for change class. Again, I have nothing to say about the price, I want to pay 9500a for change class, but the system says that if you are Maestro or Dominator you can not do it. Regards.
  3. Change Class

    Hello, I wanted to ask if is it possible to change the limitation that we have if need to change class (by NPC 9500a) beeing Maestro as base. I dont see the diference between Maestro and Fortune Seeker in this feature. If it is possible to change it,I really thank you in advance. Best Regards.
  4. Trouble opening the game

    hello guys, same problem here, paste ovc patch again and nothing, how can i fix it?
  5. event

    Same happened to me. Need to be fixed.
  6. Hello, I dont know if it is intentionality, but critical power buffs does not affect critical skill dmg at tyrant class (as dagger class for example). So if you pick tyrant, you can not take benefit from death wishper, dance of fire, and also baium ring and ant queen crit power effect. Maybe I'm wrong but in interlude chronicle should work as dagger class. Thanks and best regards! ** I tested all before posted ofc. ***
  7. UNBAN mDmaa account -

    how i said before i can find another game for her, if u tell me to dont do this anymore, if u dont believe me is ok, u are the admin here. what kind or bot did i use? it was 2 computers, thats all, and one used by other person that help to me. in this case is my sister, if wasnt her, and is other person, whats the problem that he/she play for me?
  8. UNBAN mDmaa account -

    not really, i gear her player and he only knows how to tp using portal, nothing more... i dont think that is an illegal action
  9. Hello, my character is mDmaa. I tried to log in today and i couldn't. I suppose that i have been banned and also others accounts that i have. I always play with mDmaa and also i havemy little sister that take fun from his notebook touching the game withothers characters. She is only 5 years old and dont know how to play the game, but i let her play it and she gives to me box of luck for finished maps and some adena that she takes from achivimients. My question is why banned to me all the accounts? If i cannot do that, i wont do it anymore, and im going to find another game for her but, from my point of view i didnt do anything illegal. The only account that i care about is the main one (where i havemDmaa). Is it possible to take it back? Because i read all the rules and i didnt broke anyone. I just played the game and my sister was taking fun running at the l2 world with some characters to taking adena from achivimients. I played all the seasons from l2ovc and never have a problem like this. I hope your answer Emerald. Best regards.