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  1. about population / future steps

    So you keep trying on the same way and getting same results. I do not get the point. Is there a problem to open a votation about enchant system, so everyone can speak about that instead of move to denied section. I dont see the problem, it just a conversation about something in the forum to see what the ppl think. You dont have to change nothing if you dont want, but at least let us make a votation. Well I dont know why I keep trying to help the server because you are closed to new ideas. I asked to removed limitation to change base class on maestro and moved to denied section. Whats the problem with that, gonna hurt the server? All ideas or sug rejected. thanks!
  2. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    If you want to make it harder, increment kills needed on each stage (you can make longer as you need). If you block S grade first 2 weeks for example, when ppl get S wep, need to kill with the system posted: 0 to +7 = 700 kills + 8 to +14 = 1000 kills +14 to +16 = 800 kills ===>> TOTAL for S +16 = 2500 kills with 1 wep. Ofc you can scale it to need more kills or whatever. I think that is a wonderfull enchant system, and it delete luck factor as you said, but it means that noone gonna be sad and quit the server because waste 200k adena and still with AM+6 (as i read on one post somewhere). From my point of view, we have to start with C & B grade free. A grade with adena (10k set and 10k wep). S grade with mats and after 2 weeks unlock to craft it. I think that epics jewshould be only from boss. Not anymore from gmshop. And remove that zone farm. I tested it, if you create a new character and use the hour you can take 1k adena. You can full your account with chars only to use that hour, lets say 5 chars, 5000a plus enchants in 5 hours. I dont know, as i said before if you are open to make some radical changes we can continue with ideas. But if you prefer that we stop with this, because you already know what you are going to do, it's ok.
  3. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    yes it was me that i posted long time ago. I sug it by second time because I enjoy to play with this enchant system. Also I saw several bad faces about this, ppl throwing week trying to enchant an item. Let me be clear, ppl that buy and sell enchants beeing smart have a lot of benefit. With this you delete luck factor and also trading factor. For example. I donated at start and start buying enchants and aa at very low price. So is normal that achive S+16 before any ordinary player. If you introduce this system, you need to spend time enchanting each weapong at any grade. Is so much difficult to have many wep ++++. Because you need a lot of time to do it. It gives you a larger seasson and ppl know that if keep playing gonna have his wep+16 one day. Here you can play forever and maybe never achive it. It is your server and you can do what ever you think is better for it, but believe me that this posted enchant wep system gives to you and all the community so much benefit than the actual one. Try a votation about this topic if you can. Regards.
  4. Lagg

    Hello, anyone else have lag? I can not enter the server, just open it and frozen after login. I have 2 different net provider and the same problem with both.
  5. Hello, I really like to support this server and following it. I want to suggest for the following seasson a new enchant system, it is just to give you another option. It just for weapons (jew and armors can be stay at the current system). It is based on kills with every weapon that you use, I copy that from an old server that I used to played, ofc maybe you have to adaptto this server with some modification, but the important here is the idea. The numbers below means for ex: a "B" grade wep. needs 15 kills from 0 to +1, another 15 to +2 etc etc, 30 kills from +7 to +8 ...60 kills from +14 to +15. +Weapons++NG+0-7 = 18-14 = 214-18 = 4+D+0-7 = 58-14 = 1014-18 = 20+C+0-7 = 108-14 = 2014-18 = 40+B+0-7 = 158-14 = 3014-18 = 60+A+0-7 = 308-14 = 6014-18 = 120+S+0-7 = 1008-14 = 20014-18 = 400 I have other ideas coming from others servers that I played in all my life, If you agree I can share with you, but ofc If you are not open to this because you have another current way for the next seasson I ill understand. So I ask you before continue sharing ideas to dont make you lose your time reading my post. Regards.
  6. Change Class

    Ok, it just was a request, If you can do itwill be good. I didnt know that was so much extra work but I understand that the server has many other topics that are more important that thisone in this moment. Closed by my side, Regards!

    nvm zaka, server is dead, and nobody answer our request.... 26 days, I expected more about this server. 1st problem is how price lowered so fast. A lot of friend farm to take A grade and after 2 days there was free. So much ppl quit after that.Cant believe it. Very bad seasson. Hope that do better next time...
  8. Shackle Paladin

    Shackle need to be reworked. I was testing it (enchanted +10) on characters without mental shield and after 20 times 1 success. Maybe you can take a look on this.
  9. Change Class

    If you have notnothing good to say about this topic, do not say nothing. I dont understand the point about your answer.
  10. Change Class

    Hello again, can you help me with this plz. I really need to change my base from Maestro to Tyrant. I dont understand why all the classes are allowed to do that, less me and dominator classes. I think that is not fair. If anyonepays 9500a should be able to do the same in game (change his class). I always support this servers by many ways, I'm just asking some help with something ingame that is not equal to everyone. Thanks and regards.
  11. Change Class

    Oh ok, I understand. So last question, is any posibility to change my base (Maestro) to another class? ofc paying 9500 adena. Maybe doing by you, when you can. Regards.
  12. Change Class

    Maybe i did not explain it in the right way, it said that u can not pay 9500a to change class if you are Maestro. The price is ok, but it just dont let me do it because im Maestro (if you are dominator dont let change the class too). My suggest is to allow any class to pay for change class. Again, I have nothing to say about the price, I want to pay 9500a for change class, but the system says that if you are Maestro or Dominator you can not do it. Regards.
  13. Change Class

    Hello, I wanted to ask if is it possible to change the limitation that we have if need to change class (by NPC 9500a) beeing Maestro as base. I dont see the diference between Maestro and Fortune Seeker in this feature. If it is possible to change it,I really thank you in advance. Best Regards.
  14. Trouble opening the game

    hello guys, same problem here, paste ovc patch again and nothing, how can i fix it?
  15. event

    Same happened to me. Need to be fixed.